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  1. Hi…. wow, i like your blog. those clothes and make up are really awesome. I am really curious!! Who took all those pix of yours? thos pix are really nice. They look like pix from magazine shots.

    I learned from your Aheeyah website that you learned korean language on your own. I am really inspired by that. I have only started getting interested in Koeran language. Could you give me guidance on which site i should visit or ‘hows’ to learn Korean on my own? I don’t have time on weekend to go for classes and of course, i would really want to save $$$..

    tks in advance…..


    • Thanks~! I take them all myself with a tripod and remote control ^^

      The very first site ever I learned Korean from was: http://langintro.com/

      However, it was a looooooooong time ago and you can see the site is really old-fashioned. I actually never learned Korean from any online websites. I learned everything from lyrics and variety shows myself before I took a Korean course in university for 6 semesters.

      If you do a quick search on Google, I’m sure you can find a Korean language learning site that fits you. There are so many nowadays, complete with pictures, videos, audio, and even quizzes.

      I personally learn best in a natural situation, where I am seeing and hearing the language being used. I’m not really the type to sit down and study. So if you are like me, I recommend downloading variety shows w/o subtitles to watch! It’s simple and enjoyable even if you can’t understand everything, and it’s great cuz it always has pop-up words and subtitles in Korean you can learn from~!

  2. Those pix, are really awesome. It looks like it was done professionally. Keep it up. I love Korean fashion and those make-up looks really nice on you :)

    I would like to say thank you for your advice. I really appreciate them. I am once again inspired and awed by how you managed to learn Korean language on your own with only 6 semesters of the lahguage course in uni. It is really amazing. I do believe what you said about being passionate. Tks for the encouragement.

    Once again, your blog is really nice. I love make-up and fashion too but i am a bit shy to express myself with different make-up and clothes…..

    have a great day ^_^

    • Oh, thank you! I wish I had a better background though! and I’d love to take some outdoor pics but it’s so awkward to be all made up like crazy and going outside w/ a tripod and ppl walking by as u pose and all! T_T it’d be better if someone was holding the camera ! XDD

      I really think language acquisition is a lot about how much u expose yourself to the language. Especially if you already have a basic foundation, you pick it up even faster.

      I think makeup and fashion is an expression of yourself, your personality and current mood, so it doesn’t always have to be so outrageous and flashy. You can still be conservatively fashionable ^^

  3. tks…it’s really true that i can still be conservative yet fashionable. It is an expression of myself, my personality and character.

    Those pix that you took are already really nice even if the background is plain. I know what you mean by taking pix outdoors especially you will be doing it on your own :)

    I have already started learning korean on my own. I went to some websites and even gotten some books. WHOA…. it’s really tough to learn on my own without any guidance from a teacher or mentor but i am inspired and encouraged whenever i thought about your testimony. i will try even harder. I have even started reading korean lyrics and translation just like what you mentioned.

    Could i ask, how long does it takes before you could translate korean lyrics into english and then, being able to speak and understand the language? I am curious because i feel that i am still so foreign with this language. The vocabs are killing me not to mention the sentence structures and honorifics used at the end of the verbs.
    I am also watching many kroean dramas but i have no idea what they were talking about ^_^

    I am gald to have found this blog. I wish you could post about your korean learning experience in the blog so that many will be inspired and encouraged to learn the language. I still can’t understand how you could manage to learn all of it on your own. you are absolutely amazing.

    take care and have a great day…..

    • Which text books did you get? How do you like them?

      It took me a LONG time to be able to understand and such, but once you hit that mark where you are beginning to understand reasonably on your own, it will all just peak uphill, and you will understand and speak more and more. Then you get to a point where you understand almost everything you hear, and then your learning starts to go downhill because from then on, it’s just about learning more new and advanced vocab (which is where I am, and am not doing T_T). It took me about… a year of living in Korea to finally reach the point where I started to really understand (with lots of exposure beforehand and university classes). However, all that understanding in Korea, I did naturally by myself (of course with a good foundation).

      So in total, from the moment I started to seriously study Korean, to when I hit the point where I understood, was about 5 years? It took about 6-7 to be able to fully translate lyrics by myself though (before that, I could only translate parts of songs, or needed help from a Korean to do a full song).

      Watching Korean dramas (with or without subs) was not very helpful for me. Variety shows are better, because the vocabulary they use are always very similar, and you don’t have to understand everything to enjoy it. Also, it’s so action packed, a lot of that action corresponds with what they say (ex: ‘run’, ‘jump’, ‘embarrassing’, ‘funny’, etc).

      You know, I have been getting these questions about learning Korean SO MUCH lately, I will make a post about it on my blog here soon. I’m sure it will answer any questions you have (and a lot of the ones you already asked in more detail).

      Good luck, and have fun~!

  4. hi..thank you for your reply. The text book (actually e-book) that i am currently using is ‘My Korean 1′ by Young-A Cho, In-Jung Cho and Douglas Ling. So far i enjoyed it because it’s not that tough and there are exercises at the end of each chapters.

    wow, it took you about 6-7 years to translate lyrics. That’s a long time and you really did persevere ^_^ All together, it was about 5-7 years to fully understand Korean. It’s not a short period of time. It’s really inspiring. Ok, i will try to watch more variety shows :)

    Yes, do blog about your korean language learning experiences. It will definitely help me (and of course, i am sure there are also many non-speaking Koreans who would benefit from it as well)

    Thank you. I am enjoying leanring Korean so far. I hope that i years to come, this will still be my passion and that i can come back to your blog to let you know “I made it!!!”

    Have a nice day :)

    • Where did you make your textbook purchase from? I know a lot of ppl have trouble buying Korean textbooks locally. Hope you don’t mind me asking all these questions about your books! I wanna collect as much information before making my ‘learning Korean’ post =p

      I hope you will be able to tell me good news one day too! I’ll try to make the post soon… but definitely within the month of August ^^


  5. No problem at all. You can go to http://arts.monash.edu.au/korean/klec/textbooks.php
    I stumbled upon this website while looking for Korean language materials.

    Thank you about making the ‘post’. You don’t need to rush. I really appreciate your help and kindness. kamsahamnida!!!


    • You mean you stumbled upon Aheeyah, since this blog has no Korean language related posts?

      That’s amazing they uploaded the whole textbook online! It’s a really great way to be able to access a textbook for free, because I know a lot of ppl cannot afford to or don’t have credit cards to buy it online. Thank you for sharing the link! I will mention it in my Korean learning post.

  6. Yup, i stumbled upon your website as well as the website that I provided while looking for Korean Language materials. That’s how I got to know about Aheeyah :)

    Yes, it’s very difficult to get proper Korean textbook online and most of the time, they are expensive and true, not many people are able to afford it or have the credit card to purchase it.

    Thank you and have a nice day :)

    • I’m actually considering just making a video on the self study tips instead of writing a huge long post on it.

      I will still review Korean textbooks on this blog though but I just realized I forgot to bring all the notes I took at the bookstore with me to Vancouver T_T actually I’m really kinda upset about this because I’m not sure if I will have much time to do it when I go back to Korea!

      I’m sorry everything might take a bit longer than I promised! T___T

  7. No worries about it. Just take your time. I truly appreciate your kind effort.
    The difficult part for me in learning hangul is all those different particles (object, subject, location, topic…) Another thing is the vocabulary. I am trying hard to watch korean variety shows to catch what they were saying but Oh Boy, it was not easy ^_^

    Looks like you are back to your hometown. May you have a good time with your family and friends :)

  8. hi… Happy belated birthday. I just saw your blog entree today. It was just so great to look at all the fabulous pix of food. I love dimsum and chinese food too, other than Korean and Japanese :)

    have a nice day :)

  9. Hi.

    I just took a peek at this blog and WOW! It is amazing with all those tips on clothes and make up. It somehow make me wanna try it but i’m not that confident with my appearance. Btw, I love your style, Frostedsnow. Its very Stylish~!!

    Oh, and thank you Ze for the Korean textbook link. It really help me in my Korean learning research project ^^ It is very hard to find Korean learning materials that’s not very expensive nowadays. Thanxx again~

    Enjoy your days guys =)

    • Thank you so much for your compliments. And if you are not so ready to try a really big change, just going with a small thing, like a new stylish accessory, or a nice lipstick color is a great start ^^

      haha I recognize your name! You are the girl asking me about the interview right? ^^

      • Yes, I’m that girl ^^ Thank you for accepting my interview request~

        Btw, just finish reading lookbook Princess Hour post. You look great! I follow the tip on how to braid hair & hold it without elastic, and it WORKS~!! My friend compliment me that day, hehe =) They even want to try it themselves, so I suggest your blog to them.

        Looking forward for another post~ Merry Christmas ^^

        • Omg, that is the best ever for me to hear that I helped you try something new. I’m so glad it worked out. It’s so easy, right? Did you have hairspray?

          Merry Christmas to you too, Munie ^^

  10. So my fiancee was looking for Korean fashion info for our wedding and pre-nup pictures in Feb and comes across this site. Wow! Nice blog and some great pics.

  11. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog as I’m trying to learn more about living in Korea because I’m planning to move there to teach English. I was wondering do you know of any good recruiters or schools in Seoul that I could apply to? I’ve applied to many recruiters but haven’t heard back from much. Any help would be much appreciated :)

  12. Hi frostedsnow! I’m not sure if you still remember me but I’m sukii from nOCTurnalfiles way back when. I stumbled upon your blog literally by mistake and was so surprised to find you here! If you don’t remember, you actually pointed me in all the right directions back when the hallyu wave hasn’t started yet and finding a cd in Vancouver meant going to the bookstore on kingsway. Anyways, I’m really thankful for it all – I never got to go to any of the lessons you held because back then I was still in high school and didn’t have the funds, but I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me when I was just starting out nocturnalfiles. Anyways, I’m actually planning a move to Korea this february for work/life and just wanted to see if you were interested in networking! Really interested to see what you have been doing there and getting some pointers! 

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