Lookbook: Nine: Leprechaun Casual

This look was inspired entirely from a pair of yellow and olive bangles I bought at Mango. I realized it matched a basic green tee I previously bought from Zara so well, I just love the colors together — yellow, gold, olive, and green.

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This is more of a casual look I would wear on a quick day out.

I also wear the shirt and bangles with a pair of skinny black pants and purple dr. martins as a work outfit (I know, not entirely your typical professional teacher outfit, but sometimes I get so bored of the ‘work look’).


Leprechaun outfit, Leprechaun clothes, Leprechaun fashion, Leprechaun style

Leprechuan outfit, Leprechuan clothes, Leprechuan fashion, Leprechuan style

I actually can’t remember the exactly, but…

Shirt: 29,000 won ($27USD) from Zara
Short Jeans: 40,000 won ($36 USD) from Zara
Bangles: 12,000 won ($11 USD) from Mango
Shoes: 10,000 won ($9 USD) at Express Bus Terminal (고속 버스터미널) underground shopping

I love the polka dot print/dye on the shorts and green is one of my favorite colors to wear!

The shoes are a good bargain, but they are very thin, kind of flimsy, and probably wouldn’t last long walking trips. I bought them as a cheap alternative for indoor work shoes, which I keep at work and change back into runners when I’m off.


Mango bangles

Don’t you love the tiny gold detail with ‘MNG’ imprinted on it?

I bought this pair of yellow and dark olive bangles at Mango, a “young and urban” international brand. It’s not a place I usually shop at, but it had a sale going on. I got these bangles for 12,000 won (originally 24,000 won) at half price!

I had been wanting some big bad bangles for a long time, and these plastic clunky ones were perfect. Like some accessories at H&M, these actually come in sizes, so be careful you check before buying.

Other than the bangles, the quality and style of Mango clothes were not that great, so I didn’t get anything else.

I was also really annoyed because the salesgirl said I can only try on like 5 items at a time, and I had 7. She said I can take in 5, and go in again with my 2 other items after. When I came out, there was a line up because they only had two changing rooms (so little!), and she wanted me to line up again to use the changing room again!

How does it make sense to make me change back into my own outfit, put on my shoes, take out my bag, and line up only to go back in again?? Trying clothes on is a pain already as it is.

I was super extremely pissed, but I also knew that if I started to sass her back and argue, I’d lose because her Korean is obviously better than mine.

Whatever the language, I usually don’t make a fuss of things unless my money is involved (ex: if they overcharge me or I’m trying to get a bargain), so I just screwed the other two items and bought the bangles and left.

Gosh!! Koreans…

I swear something like that would never happen in Canada -_-



Color Theme

Leprechaun color palette


As I was making the color palette for this outfit on Lookbook, I realized that the colors were very leprechuan-y! It made me laugh a little.

I think it’s kind of funny to associate this outfit with little green men ㅋ



Basic Tees

And guess what I found in a recent magazine article talking about basic tees as the perfect summer item?

basic tshirts, tshirts


Yea! That’s my exact same T-shirt featured on the first page! I was like ‘어!’ when I saw it and patting myself on the back for buying it =p

Okay, okay, so just because the magazine chose the same shirt I did to feature doesn’t necessarily make it great, but… it can’t be a bad thing, right? XD

Plain loose tees without any graphics or texts (stripes are good though!) are one of my favorite wardrobe items.

There are lots of cheap $5 tees on the streets of Korea, but it’s hard to find nice ones without some random picture or weird saying on it. They are also very low in quality and don’t fit right in a flattering way — they are always too small or too big!

I tend to buy most of my tees from Zara now. It’s more pricey, but made of better material, doesn’t look as cheap, and lasts through many washes.

Tees are also great casual work wear. My job doesn’t allow shirts with pictures or fonts, so formal tees are a great way to get away with the casual look at work!



The Makeup

brown eye makeup, natural brown eyeshadow

brown eye makeup, natural brown eyeshadow

brown eye makeup, natural brown eyeshadow

I wanted to do a very basic, classy, brown smokey eye but these pictures really don’t do any justice to it, esp my DSLR camera which kept washing out all the colors.

I think I could’ve used a bit more matte than the frosty shadows, and smoked it out more. But I still really liked how it looked in real life (just not so much on camera :/).

I went for plain eyes because I was going to do a coral red lip, but changed my mind last minute to something more natural (it’s not actually as pink in the full-shot as the close-up photos) because I wasn’t sure if I liked red lips with a casual look + green tshirt. I think I should’ve done it anyways, just with a lighter hand. Oh well!

Did you notice I changed contact lenses? For the past few years, I’ve always been using a grey-black lens with blue flecks. My new one is a very natural brown.

And I ended with a Korean picture ‘V’ pose because some ppl say I always look so grumpy in my photos, so there you go! A bright, cheerful and bubbly frosty for everyone!



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  1. Love ur make up as usual!!!!!!

  2. Okay im supposed to be studying for my exams since it starts tomorrow, but I saw that you posted a new look so I had to comment. Why can’t I have a professor like you T T

    Anyway, though im not much of a green person, but i do agree that zara’s basics are nice. Uniqlo’s basics’ quality are good too. And you inspired me to put up looks on lookbook (well, soon ke)

    I really love your pants why dont they have it at the Zara here > <

    • Omigosh I can understand not studying and roaming on the Internet. I used to do that but watching variety shows instead! However, I always justify it with the fact that I can speak Korean today! hahahah. Okay, maybe I’m not such a great example to young students after all T_T Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment anyways though!

      If you ever put some lookbook posts up, you must leave me a link and I’ll become your first fan! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any photos of you on your blog? Btw, I really love Shinee too!

      haha the pants I got at Zara was from quite a long time ago. I also go into that store every time I go shopping, trying to catch any nice items they release!

  3. I’ll describe you in one word onni: GORGEOUS! *0* lol =)) really! and I like your shorts too I wanna buy same shorts with polkadots but I haven’t seen them around here ==; stupid shopping stores at malls. and haha YOU ARE SO CUTE on the last picture :3 haha u do look grumpy on your other photos. you looked much younger with the peace sign ^^ keep being cheerful onni! ^__^ (but I also understand why ur serious in the other pictures…you’re a model duhh but still SMILING sometime isn’t that bad. :D kkk)

    • Thank you so much Michelle T_T Summer brings a lot of nice shorts, I’m sure you can find something else you like!

      haha I don’t mean to look grumpy but I’ve never been a big smil-er even in photos in regular life?

  4. I miss your Lookbook so much <3 <3 <3
    I love the make-up, simple yet it shows your real beauty~ <3
    The get-up is very ideal for summer. ^^v

    I think you should smile more often, unni :)))

    • I missed doing the Lookbook posts a lot too!

      Haha ok I’ll try to post more of those smiling pics but… doesn’t happen very often! T_T

      Thanks so much~ <3

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