NexCare Acne Patch / Blemish Clear Cover

Back to the promised reviews from my samples haul post!

I got some ‘circle stickers’ from the Korean skin clinic which healed my wounds really well after my freckle / age spot / mole laser removal. After some research, I found out similar products existed on the market.


NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, 블레미쉬 클리어 커버

1. NexCare Blemish Clear Cover (36: 12mm x12; 8mm x24); 6,500 won ($6 USD)
2. Himom Band (36: 10mm x36); 7,000 won ($7 USD)


Purchase: 1. Olive Young (general cosmetics store) in Myungdong 2. Pharmacy in Myungdong

What it is: Basically, they are just small hydrocolloid patches. A larger version was used in hospitals to treat wounds and injury, absorbing pus and preventing infections. These patches were made after it was found out that nurses used small patches to treat their own acne.

Usage: Place a patch over clean, dry skin. It works best to leave it on overnight, or longer. Remove it when the patch becomes white (this is the pus, oil, and secretion). Replace with a new one if necessary until the wound is closed.

How it works: The patches are clear or skin-colored, water-based dressing that absorbs and sucks out the pus, oil, and secretion from your acne or wounds. It is a waterproof yet breathable cover that prevents inflammation, infections, and your touching the acne or wound. At the same time, it helps open wounds and flesh heal more quickly.




I’ve been using these for the past month. It works for some types of acne but not others, but is definitely more effective for pimples with ‘heads’, extracted pimples, and laser spot removal wounds.


Acne, Pimples, Breakouts

-> may help slightly reduce the size, redness, and inflammation of growing pimples without heads
-> may significantly absorb the pus in pimples with heads (white pus filled acne)
-> may speed up the process of breakouts forming a head, calming down, and healing
-> does NOT magically get ride of pimples in one night

It really just has a 50/50 chance of working, depending on what stage and type of pimple you put it on, how long you leave it on, etc. It will either do little to absolutely nothing, or work absolute wonders.

For headless pimples, I recommend putting a light layer of tea tree oil on the skin before applying the patch. Even though you are recommended to apply it onto dry skin so it sticks better, I find keeping tea tree oil on the skin locked under the patch will at least help reduce the size, even if it doesn’t pull out the non-existent or deeply buried pus in the pimple.

For pus filled pimples, you can choose to put it on 1) after extracting the head, 2) after puncturing the headed skin with a sterile needle to create a hole for absorption, 3) as is.

If you apply the patch after 1) extracting the head (apply light pressure on both sides of the head with two q-tips), the wound will heal much faster and better with the patch. The skin will not be dry, flaky, and scabby as it heals. The healing time is also shorter.

If you apply the patch after 2) puncturing it or 3) as is, it will either do nothing but slightly reduce the size of the pimple, or it will absolutely suck out all the pus.

For pimples, it is best to leave the patch on at least overnight. A few hours will do nothing. Leaving it on for more than 24 hours may cause the patch to puncture your skin as it absorbs the pus, leaving you with an open wound as if you popped your pimple (this happened to me T_T). Overnight on pimples is your best option.


Acne and Spot Removal Wounds and Scars

-> 100% aids open, bleeding, infected, secreting wounds to heal faster than normal without dryness and scabbing, leaving the skin heal in much better condition
-> does NOT work on old acne scars — only fresh ones!

I’ve already posted pics in my age spot / mole laser removal post to show how well it worked for me.


-> clear or skin colored patch only noticeable up close
-> consider wearing a hat/cap or a pair of glasses (the funkier in color/pattern, or bigger in size, the better) to hide or divert attention away from the patch

Most people use the patches overnight and makeup on top of their acne during the day. I was not able to do that because I was instructed to keep it on for 5 days straight without taking it off after my laser removal.

When I changed to a new patch on the first morning, I was upset the clear patch didn’t hide the red wound. However, a white layer formed over the wound after an hour, hiding the red.

I wore a pair of big plastic rimmed glasses which slightly brought attention away from the patches near my eye area.

Some people complain that it’s SO visible from a MILE away, but that’s really an exaggeration. It’s just because you are so conscious of it.

It’s so common in Korea, no one even mentioned or asked about it. Thank goodness for me!


-> comes in a variety of sizes: 12mm, 10mm, 8mm

Unless you tend to get huge pimples, I recommend the 8mm in case you want something as discreet as possible to go out in public with.

They are offered by a variety of brands. I kind of think Nexcare might be better, but there’s probably no big difference.




$6-7 is not a bad price to pay for anything that has a chance of helping my break outs process and heal faster.

It’s a product I will keep buying and handy.



If you are still not convinced, I’ll let Taekyeon win you over.

NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, Taekyeon, 2pm

NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, Taekyeon, 2pm

I wonder if he got freckle removal as well? It’s in like the exact same spot as mine was!

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  1. i bought it in korea and it’s a miracle product ! :)
    When i will come in seoul, i will buy so much nexcare !!

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