Skincare + Cosmetics Samples Haul

I just realized I’ve collected a good bunch of skincare and cosmetics samples lately, mostly from magazine or store purchases.

I call this a ‘haul’ because I actually pay a bit extra ($1-2) and have a choice between which magazine and sample package I want to get (with varying prices). Every month, I usually order Sure Magazine, a Korean beauty/fashion magazine. To be honest, I mostly buy the magazine because of the samples ㅋ For just $6-7, I get a thick magazine and a bunch of really good samples!

If anyone ever visits a bookstore in Korea, consider purchasing a copy for yourself (samples provided at check-out counter). I’ve looked through a few titles and this is the only fashion/beauty Korean magazine I ever purchase.

I obviously haven’t had a chance to try all of these yet, so this is just a hauls + pictures and reviews-to-come post. I do hope to review many of them in August (as I’m back home in Vancouver on vacation for a month!), and hopefully all the rest in the near future. If you guys are especially curious about anything, let me know and I’ll try to get to that first!


skincare, cosmetics, samples haul



* All products are listed in number from left to right, top to bottom.
* Click the picture to zoom in
* All products are purchased with my own money or given as samples from purchases made with my own money


Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Phyto-Black Lift (radiance boosting lotion), Phyto-Black Lift (renewing firming night cream)

1. Cleansing Beauty Oil (premium A/O, advanced formula) 2. Phyto-Black Lift (radiance boosting lotion) 3. Phyto-Black Lift (renewing firming night cream) 4. Makeup Travel Pouch

Purchase: Free gift with $120+ USD duty free purchases from Lotte Department Store
Review: coming soon




Laneige emulsion, Laneige essence, Laneige eye gel

1. Moisture Power Essential Skin Refiner 2. Moisture Balancing Emulsion 3. Water Bank (eye gel) 4. Water Bank (essence)

Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
Review: coming soon




Bvlgari gem essence, Bvlgari cream, Bvlgari essence, Bvlgari eye cream

1. Gem Essence (intensive regenerating day cream – rich) 2. Gem Essence (intensive regenerating concentrate serum) 3. Gen Essence (anti-puffiness/dark circles eye contour cream)
Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
Review: coming soon




Clarins White Plus HP, Clarins UV Plus HP

1. White Plus HP (sea lily enriched, intensive whitening smoothing serum) 2. UV Plus HP (multi-protection, SPF 40, UVA-UVB/PA+++/oil-free/anti-pollution, day screen high protection)

Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
Review: 1. coming soon 2. Clarins Day Screen review here



Hanskin B.B Cream, etc

Hanskin BB Cream

1. Super 3 solution B.B 2. Glossy B.B 3. UV screen B.B 4. Acne Control B.B 5. Hyaluron Moisture B.B 6. Jelly Skins B.B 7. Collagen Lifting B.B 8. Smart Total B.B (#1 bright skin tone) 9. Super Perfect Man B.B (#1 bright skin tone) 10. Repair Contour B.B

Purchase: 19,000 won ($17~ USD) promotional package purchase from Hanskin in Myungdong. These are more like travel size products than samples, and was an actual purchase, not a freebie! It’s a pretty good deal considering all the different products you get to try. I bought it last Friday, so you may still be able to get your hands on it!
Review: coming in Dec (I need time to try out every single one!)




1. Cosme Hanskin (super aqua moisture gel) 2. Cosme Hanskin (Hyaluron Skin Lotion) 3. Cosme HanSkin (B.B scalp liquid) 4. Super 3 Solution B.B Cream (natural skin tone)

Purchase: Free with above purchase (I got two sets, so will probably give one set in the next giveaway)
Review: coming soon




Mamonde Total Solution BB, Mamonde Age Control Essence

1. Total Solution BB (mineral watery BB cream, SPF 35) 2. Total Solution BB (mineral moisture BB cream, SPF 20) 3. Age Control Essence 4. Total Solution (moisture cream)

Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
Review: coming in Nov – Dec (saving the B.B cream for winter season)



Pantene Clinicare

Pantene Clinicare

1.Hair Time Renewal (one wash treatment) 2. Hair Time Renewal (conditioner) 3. Hair Time Renewal (shampoo)

Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
Review: Do you want one?



NexCare / Blemish Clear Cover

NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover

1. NexCare Blemish Clear Cover (36: 12mm x12; 8mm x24) 2. Himom Band (36: 10mm x36)

Purchase: 1. Olive Young in Myungdong 2. Pharmacy in Myungdong
Review: Review here



I’m still on major jet lag coming from Korea to Vancouver, but I’ll be updating much more often in the month of August, with more detailed reviews on the above products! Remember, if there’s anything you’d like to see, just leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it first.

기대 해주세요 (Watch out for it)! ^^


Also, a quick thank you to amz for posting pictures of the giveaway prizes she received on her blog, amz blog! I’m glad they came to you (generally) in one piece! >.<


14 Responses to “Skincare + Cosmetics Samples Haul”

  1. it´s so great! i lov this system of “samples”. Is good for try something, without pay a lot, for find your ideal skincare ^^

    • Yea, I totally thought of what you said, Lissa, when I was making my purchase decision at Hanskin. They had 4 or 5 full sized BB cream package for $45, or 10 travel sizes for $20. The full sized seemed better deal because you get more product, but I thought about how you said samples are much better so you don’t end up with too much of something you don’t like, so I went for the travel sizes! I’m so glad XD

      and I used less money!!

  2. oh mooohh…so many BB creams :D i wish they give samples in philippines but apparently they dont huhu not even etude house :P
    will be waiting for ur reviews ;) specially the bb creams
    hehe dont worry they did arrive in one piece

    • That’s really too bad, because it’s so common here in Korea! Maybe because the competition is so fierce for cosmetics here. The stores are everywhere! They also give free samples for just entering and walking around the store, with no purchases! So sometimes, I need some cotton pads as makeup remover, I just make a round at the little cosmetics stores! =p but their marketing does work, because often I will end up making a purchase at at least one store T_T

      Eek! The BB cream reviews are going to come later because I wanted to try them all for at least 2 weeks each before reviewing. I’ll try to get it up asap ^^

  3. Wow!
    I wish I could get samples with beauty magazines here; I’d probably buy them more often! ^_^
    I look forward to your reviews.! There are so many BB creams.
    With so many out there, do you often find yourself trying new ones or is there a go-to cream that you’ll use when you need something you know gives you the right coverage and feel?

    • Japanese magazines give a lot of freebies too — but mostly like pouches or random cutsie items. I much more prefer samples though! =p

      Everyone seems to mention the many BB creams. I already tried one of them for the first time yesterday. So far, I like it!

      I must admit that only because I have started this blog have I become more adventurous with my skin-related purchases. I was only more of an eyeshadow junkie, which I always thought made more sense to try out so many because of all the different colors you need to make different looks. Before I made this blog, I always just stuck to skin79, so it’s still my fall-back-for-comfort BB cream XD However, I am really happy that I’ve started to explore, especially with samples, because there might always be something better suited for our skin and needs!

  4. So much beauty products! Nice! Ah, I miss having easy access to Asian cosmetics and beauty stuff. The magazines here are quite generous with freebies, too and often giveaway full-sized products, but then I don’t use much anyway and I really don’t read magazines that much, but if they sold more Japanese/Korean fashion magazines here, I would so buy them!

    In reply to your comment:
    No worries, I’m the same. Too many blogs being updated everyday that it’s hard to keep track of comments, sometimes. Also one of the reasons why I switched to the Disqus commenting system. I see ALL replies to me when I log in to my Disqus account (from other bloggers who also use the system)

    I hardly (like super rarely) wear falsies because I don’t have the make up skills for it and sometimes end up looking draggy. Also, I dislike the tugging and pulling of the skin as I’m sure that must be bad for the eyes. I once bought my perfect pair (on a trip to Bangkok) and that was my favourite pair, sadly I cannot find it sold any where any more :(

    I’m using Dolly Wink’s glue at the moment, but I don’t think it’s very good, tbh. I used to use another one called LashGrip? It used to be highly recommended by a lot of beauty gurus, but I’m not sure about now :)

  5. Hey…my Mom always tells me to try Asian products because supposedly they’re made for “Asian skin.” But anyway…if you find a product that helps with extremely, very oily skin let me know. :)

    And do BB Creams clog pores? I hear how it’s a very good alternative if you don’t want to bust out the make-up regimen. ..hahaha…but I have acne too, so I have to watch what I put on my skin-that-breaks-out-easily.

    And you know, where I live, Atlanta, GA, has a huge Korean population and mega stores. I see their beauty stores all the time in there, but I never go in. I wonder if they give out samples too…but I’m scared because they might get me to buy some products and I know for a fact they ain’t cheap. lol…

    • I think that Asian products that makes the biggest difference are skin colored products — as in foundations, BB creams, concealers, etc. However for anything else, I don’t think there is a difference in skin accommodation. It’s more about personal preference and whether that brand itself is good quality or not.

      You know the Hanskin BB cream samples I bought recently? One of those samples is an Acne BB cream, made especially for acne prone skin. It’s actually one of the first of the 10 samples I tried because lately my skin has been really haywire, especially when I go to another country. It hasn’t broken me out, and my skin has actually been a lot more calm (but I think this is due to my own diet). It’s quite matte and non-oily and has pretty decent coverage. Maybe you can consider it. I’m going to write more detailed reviews on all of those BB creams later. As for whether it clogs pores or not, to be honest, I think all colored cosmetics ‘clogs pores’ in that it doesn’t allow your skin to be in its natural condition. However, if you need something for coverage and don’t want to look blotchy by just applying concealer on acne spots, then BB cream is your best option.

      Not all Korean stores gives samples, even in Korea itself. You might want to go in and not be shy to ask whether they give samples with purchases. It won’t hurt! And you must use your own good judgement when you buy products and not let any salesperson to persuade you to buy something you wouldn’t normally!

      I DO know a really good brand for oily skin! I went with my friend when she was buying a refill for herself, and she gave me a free sample she got with her purchase of the toner, which I really liked. It’s actually next on my to buy list once I’m out of my own moisturizer. The brand is Japanese, called Orbis. Here’s a description:

      “Orbis is Japanese brand. All the skin care and make up products are 100% oil free and non-sensitive. Orbis’ theory is that if there is oil residual leave on the skin, it will cause dry lines, dehydration, dullness upon oxidation with sunray and air. Thus Orbis produces 100% oil cut skin products since 1980’s

      Aqua Force Moisture
      Aqua Force series contain pure aqua essence which make up by oceanic mineral, seaweed, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts

      Moisturiser. Has two formulas: (L) for normal to oily skin and (M) for normal to dry skin. ”

      They have two lines — one for hydration, one for acne (toner, moisturizer, cleanser, etc), and two types — one for oily and one for dry skin.

      I did a quick search online and found an international seller. I don’t know if they are good and am not associated with them, but this is where I found the info from. It’s a somewhat expensive product line though!

  6. Wow. This must have been the hugest cosmetic sample haul I’ve seen. You’re so lucky to have a chance to buy it. Look at the size of the Hanskin sample set! Well I will be awaiting for your in detailed reviews about each of these samples and probably will go buy some of my own if they are awesome reviews. :)

    • It looks like a lot, but its all very small or travel size products and lots of them free!

      Actually I kind of regret not buying another set of those Hanskin samples as a gift for a friend, or even to giveaway later on my blog! : /

      I’ll try to get a review up soon!

  7. does the ‘NexCare / Blemish Clear Cover’ really works? recently I had…japanese flag (LOL I’ll tell u about it on fb. this is so embarassing) when I had that thing I always get pimples and stuffs on my face and I hate it. and sometimes when I pop it it leaves a scar. I don’t really worry about it cuz I use mederma and it actually works. but it takes time. and I just hate them pimples. lol what am I talking about this. I’m so out of topic. and same thing as I used to say the BB cream seems awesome. and same to Laneige, I heard it is really good. :D I wish I could have that thing *hand reaching in front of the laptop* lolz.

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