Lookbook: Two

I was reading the newest April Issue of Sure (a Korean magazine) and it said that, ironically, for leopard prints, the brighter the color, the more wearable it is. I didn’t realize this, but it’s totally true. I would never wear anything of true leopard fur color unless I want to look like a real leopard!


Dutch Braid


The bangle and bracelets are actually a bit big for me, so I tend to wear them over long sleeved shirts, especially the bangle since it’s quite heavy and clunky. Also, the skull bracelets are from the Men’s section of H&M, so they are definitely a bit big!

I actually really love shopping for men’s clothing too. If I see anything nice, I will buy it for my younger brother. Sometimes, I even find something for myself!


I’m a sucker for sports bags. My favorites are Adidas, Puma, and EXR (Korea based sports brand). I also noticed that Adidas in Korea tends to carry bags I can’t find in other countries, which I tend to like more.

This is actually a laptop bag. It can fit my 13 inch Macbook perfectly. I usually just carry this bag to work ^^



This leopard print is everywhere in Korean street stores nowadays as a pullover sweater or cardigan in all sorts of color, as you can see below.

Yoo InNa (유인나)

New Good Sunday – Heroes (영웅호걸)

Son GaIn (손 가인) with JoKwon (조권)

We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요)
(Their last episode together so did not do justice to the end of their relationship! Too short!!)



But to be honest, the entire reason I bought this shirt was because of…


Shinee (샤이니)

JongHyun of Shinee (종현)

He’s actually not my favorite member at all (he’s a great singer, but I actually don’t really like him much) but I just loved his shirt when I saw it on their album booklet.

Not so much the pants though =p


And, yes. Big Bang is back. With a statement.

G-Dragon, always looking the freakiest of the bunch ^^

6 Responses to “Lookbook: Two”

  1. I’m so sad that you’ve closed aheeyah.com! It was definitely the only korean lyric site that did things RIGHT. BUT, I’m glad I checked out your blog! I didn’t know you were such a fashionista. I love that leopard pullover, leopard is definitely one of my favorite prints (other than stripes!). You look great (:

    • I’m really sad too but I don’t want to dwell on it too much either. What’s done is done! T_T

      I love stripes a lot too. Lately all the tops I’ve been getting at Zara are all stripes XD

      thank you for visiting and commenting ^^

  2. Not sure if you have TopMan in Korea but last time i checked their site they had what I think is a cool Leopard print long sleeved shirt.
    The korean labels seem cooler tho.
    I somtimes shop from yesstyle.com

    • AT first, I thought I read Topshop! Nope, we don’t have TopMan in Korea that I know of. I like their style ^^

      After making this post, I start to notice the leopard print more and it’s really everywhere! I’m sure it’s not very difficult to find something similar ^^

      I find yesstyle a bit overpriced, especially since they sell lots of things similar to Korean items! I think they cater more to ppl who cannot get a certain style and are willing to dish out a bit more cash for it ^^

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