Giveaway Winners~! ^^

I’m so so so sorry this is coming so late T_T Regular summer classes are over now, and I only have the camp to teach, but somehow even though I’m only teaching 3 hours a day now, I’ve become even more busy and tired. Gosh!!

Like yesterday, I cooked lasagna, made a simple semi-Greek salad (minus the feta cheese) and baked some pre-made bread for an office dinner for 5 ppl. It was super stressful because I was really short for time and realized at the last minute I didn’t have enough mozzarella cheese and then started to panic. I wish I took some pictures of the food! Today, I went to a Korean dermatologist (for the first time ever!) to do laser removal for some spots/freckles on my face. I will blog about this experience later. Then went to pick up some groceries, came home and napped, and now I gotta write the final exam for camp class tomorrow! T_T Although I really like the camp students I’m teaching, I can’t wait for it to all end on Friday!

I actually did the draw a good few days ago, but didn’t have time to post up the Giveaway results and email the winners till now.

*drum rolls*


And the winner for the Kpop CD Giveaway (CD (+ possible poster) + Skin79 sample) is…

#1 Kori Nash (out of 17 entries)


And the winner for the Cosmetics Giveaway (Skinfood BB Cream + Skin79 Glow Powder / BB Pact + Skin79 sample) is…

#8 amz (out of 9 entries)



I will email the two winners and if I don’t get a reply from them in the next 3-4 days, I will do another random draw for a different winner. I will take pictures of the prizes before I send them off.

Thank you everyone for joining. I was real happy to do a small giveaway for the frequent visitors to thank you everyone for their support and subscription. It was also really fun to read everyone’s stories! I know some people missed the announcement because I purposely kept it more low profile. For the next giveaway, I may do something bigger and more public, and hopefully you won’t miss it next time around!

I hope to do another giveaway in the near future. Please watch out for it ^^



All prizes are purchased with my own money.

7 Comments to “Giveaway Winners~! ^^”

  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    I know what you mean about being stressed when cooking for lotsa people. When I have friends over, I start preparing early in the morning and the night before, I keep going over my recipes and planning what to start with etc. haha
    Your food sounds delish! I can’t even make lagsana

  2. Im soooo happpy :D yayyyyyy!!! Thank u ^___^
    thanks Joey :)
    you sound sooo busy, i always lack sleep coz i do what i want in my little time before sleeping like blogging and watching anime, K-Drama, or movie..
    the thing is when im busy i hate it, when im not busy i hate it too lol
    Aja Fighting!

    • Congrats again!

      I know exactly what you mean about both those things! You should be sleeping but just don’t feel like it. If you are very busy it exhausts you, but if nothing to do you get bored!

  3. In reply to your comment:
    lol well, it was a good opportunity for your coworkers to get better acquainted then ;)

    Oh, really? Are you serious? Sure, I’d love to have the recipe, if you don’t mind. everydayoutfits11 at gmail dot com
    Thanks, again, hun!

    I usually make Chinese or Malaysian food as that’s what I’m better at. Not generally a good cook, but I’m okay,I hope. Well, no one’s had a tummy upset yet from eating my food lol

  4. Awwwww I guess it’s too late T_T Is there another contest onni? lol

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