Lookbook ‘우아’ Skirts Gallery

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I will take pictures of the exact prizes and announce the winner in the next few days!

For the giveaway, I asked to be fanned on Lookbook. Of course, everyone will think I just want another ‘fan’ on Lookbook, however, I also really wanted to introduce this really inspirational community to everyone.

Lookbook.nu is an open community for anyone and everyone around the world to post up pictures of their outfits online.

When I first heard of Lookbook, I thought, I don’t care what other people are wearing. If I want to see nice outfits, I can just look at celebrities or models. However, I realized that the Lookbook community holds a much larger variety of styles and characters from all over the world. Because our full pictures are displayed, it is also a much more interactive community, where you can put a face to the users you talk to.

For example, I personally really like outfits with exposed lingerie. I left a comment to a girl in Sweden about her corset being worn exposed as a top, and she told me it was really common and popular in her country. Afterwards, I started to notice that most of the girls who did this were from Europe. I learned something new!

Lately, there are certain looks that I’m really in to, and one of them is this very elegant skirt/dress look, which are very simple and classy, yet with a bit of flare or romance that makes me think ‘우아‘ (‘Woo wah’ or ‘wow’). These are also the inspiration of one of my recent looks, Disney Princess:





I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for quite a while. This is a compilation of looks that I hyped myself. Now that you have an account, you can hype these looks too by clicking on the HYPE button~! ^^

(I’ve numbered the looks in case anyone wants to comment or refer to them)


















I can spend an hour easily just roaming around and hyping looks on Lookbook (looks you hype are saved in your history)!

It’s really easy to make an account. Give it a try ^^

Which ones are your favorite? Mine are the first and last one (#1 and 17).

10 Comments to “Lookbook ‘우아’ Skirts Gallery”

  1. ooh, I will definitely take a look at that & make an account (: I love these styles! But I would have say that #5&#9 are my most favorite out of all of them. Keep up the interesting entries! :D

    Jaszy Woo

  2. Ooooooh. So this is where you got your inspirations. :3 I’mma try to create an account :3
    I want number 9 because the theme’s about Japan :3 And I like 16 the most, the look is really nice. :))

    • Well, it’s one of the places. I get some of my inspiration from Korean celebs as well and also simply from shopping — I think thats my biggest inspiration — seeing all the clothes on the racks!!

  3. I’ve heard of lookbook before, but I never thought about making an account.
    I really like #16. I also like #4. And I gotta mention the shoes. Aren’t some of them just gorgeous? (:

    • I love their shoes too!

      Well, you don’t have to make an account to enjoy it but being an active part of hyping the looks makes it much more fun. Also, I like having an archive of the looks I hyped!

  4. Lookbook has definitely given me a lot of inspiration. I’ve also learned not to be so shy in front of the camera.

    In reply to your comment:
    I didn’t use nail tape, but I did use a makeshift one from normal cello-tape.
    You suggested putting a layer of top coat after I painted my tips, but before I did the dots. Does that really help? Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely try it out next time.
    And yes, I did put one top coat over everything :)

    • Regular tape is even better — more economical! XD

      Clear top coating fades and softens whatever is beneath it. Sometimes, I will do a design and it will look very harsh and a bit sloppy after I”m done, but after the top coat, it always looks better because it smooths out the harsh lines. It only works though if you apply it shortly after the previous polish layer is dry enough, because it sort of … melts? the polish. I often do top coats in between my nail art design layers anyhow also so it lasts longer.

      Sometimes though, I actually dont want that softening effect, so I will wait until my nail art design is totally dry (the next day) before I put on the top coat.

      • I know what you meant by the polish melting. It happened to my dots and kind of smeared it a little.

        Btw, I replied to your comment on one of my old posts, but not sure if you saw it, so I’ll reply here, too:
        The Dolly Wink lashes cost USD $17.50 excluding shipping. As I bought a bunch of stuff, shipping was free :)
        I tried them on, but they are really long. Not suitable for everyday wear, I don’t think. Very pretty, though. Gyaru-style. It’s a very popular brand in Japan by Japanese model/singer Tsubasa Masuwaka. Her products are generally priced at the higher end, but so, SO cute!

        Also, just a quick note to thank you for the email. I’ll reply this weekend with my recipe

  5. gosh i love the coral skirt <3

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