Finally, the deed is done!

After having spent my whole life as a webmaster featuring faces of Kpop artists and never showing anyone my own (and for the longest time, even my own staff!), I must say it is extremely weird to have my own face all over a site. I spent the last year contemplating whether I really wanted to make myself public like this. It really took a lot of courage and while to get used to, but here it finally is!!

I already wrote about three essays on Aheeyah T_T, so I will keep it short here. My plans for this blog and my other accounts/sites are:

  • Sharing my own beauty, fashion, and health tips
  • Product Reviews from high to low end with a large focus on Korean products (ex: Skin79, Etude House, Missha, Innisfree, It’s Skin, Skinfood, Banila co., etc)
  • Cosmetic, clothing, and accessory haul photos, prices, and stores I purchased from
  • Taking pictures of and giving directions to both popular shopping areas and hidden gems in Seoul, South Korea, including less well known or easy to find stores such as: wholesale priced nail art and jewelry making supplies, good piercing/tattoo stores, places to go and avoid for the popular Korean circle/color lenses, etc.
  • Shopping tips specific to Korea: duty free shopping, translating, registering, buying, collecting points on Korean online shopping websites (ex:  Gmarket, Interpark, 11st, etc.)
  • Occasional travel, eating, and accommodation guide and recommendations in South Korea.
  • Youtube tutorials. I put this at the end because I want to focus on my Lookbook and blog first, but mostly because I have yet to play around with my new DSLR camera and find an appropriate video editing program because iSight and iMovie just doesn’t offer the quality that I want.
  • Anything that tickles my fancy, and maybe yours!

8 Comments to “Finally, the deed is done!”

  1. I look forward to your blog; especially since I’m heartbroken to find out Aheeyah has closed down when I was looking for a lyric today.
    Old habits to go back to something that works. :[

    I’m actually excited for the clothing/cosmetics haul. Most bloggers show the items,
    but never the price or store that they get it in. :P *clap hands*

    HWAITING. <3

    • I will definitely make sure to quote the prices and stores for my haul and review posts then. I haven’t been doing that for my Lookbook posts though… Maybe I should consider it?

  2. gosh.. i was so surprised with the closed down.. but it’s okay.. i do understand and appreicate your decission ~ I’ll still love aheeyah even though it’s closed and support you through facebook and twitter too ^^ fighting ! ^^

  3. just found this website after i re-open and found that website is already closed T__T

    oh but anyway, thanks for the efforts for the last 10 years XD i do really love aheeyah… :D i found many lyrics in there…. it really helped me to “understand” korean songs :)

    and i’m looking forward in this blog XD i do love your plans for this website :)

    ganbarre~~ hwating~! ♥

    • I’m always glad we were able to help. I hope you will be able to improve your understanding of Korean songs even after we’ve closed down T_T

      What of the plans for this blog did you like best? I’m just wondering what people want the most ^^

      Thank you for leaving a comment~!

      • i already read your writing about foundation & BB cream…. it really useful ^^ *although i must read it again and again because of my lack english /slapped/* xD

        if you don’t mind, maybe i need a help how to purchase items form korean ebay ‘_’a i really want to buy some old items in there T___T but i dunno how to buy it >.< or maybe you have another recommendation for online shop that sold some "rare" items? XD

        • I recognize your name from twitter! Where are you from? Your English looks good to me though! ^^

          I can try to help you with the Korean ebay. If you are having lots of trouble, shouldn’t Korean ebay be the same as English? The buttons and links should be the same so you can compare the two? You can post a link and I can try to help you with what you need ^^

          What are you trying to buy? I don’t know many Korean product sites because I usually just buy those in Korea T_T but it seems that ships internationally and they sell a lot of Asian products.

          Hope you can find what you are looking for! Let me know!

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