Lookbook: One

I shot my next few looks before making the blog, and up until 2 weeks ago, it was still snowing in Korea! That’s why they are going to be more winter-y feel even though it’s supposed to be spring. And today, I just caught a cold! Darn it! -_-

I was gonna put all the Lookbook posts into one, but since they only allow a new look post every 6 hours, I’ll have to post the rest in another post!

Unfortunately, Lookbook really kills the original quality and colors of the pictures.


Bought this bag on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, on a recent trip. They were all labeled “made by Phuket designers” and that caught my eyes because I always love unique items that aren’t mass produced. There was a huge variety of similar bags, all very colorful and fun in all shapes and sizes. I limited myself to buying just one and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the bold blue and yellow! Comes also with a yellow strap.


Once, my mom bought me a crystal ribbon pin but I never used it because I don’t like putting pins on my clothes. So instead, she pinned it on my favorite tuque. Since then, I’ve loved putting pins on my tuques!!


Simple makeup with coral lips.


When I bought this cardigan about 2 months ago, it was still a ‘rare item’, as in, you didn’t see it all over the street. I had seen it once at a street booth, but it was way overpriced, so I didn’t get it. I found it again in another boutique later on and bought it right away at a more reasonable price and was super happy with my purchase.

However, the last two weekends when I was shopping at Express Bus Terminal (고속 버스터미널) and MyungDong (명동), a cheaper, lower quality of this cardigan was everywhere (the material of mine is thicker and softer)! >.< The funny thing is, when I asked for the price, it was about the same as mine! The lady in the store kept saying to me, "It's a new item. It's really hit and lots of people are buying it." and I wanted to say, "Yes, I know, I bought one myself."


5 Responses to “Lookbook: One”

  1. Hey Love, guess who?
    Congrat on the opening of ur new site!
    *firework and champaign cracking*

    I love the bag! what other colors were there?
    And I’m a mama girl so I gotta say that’s such a nice touch from ur mom!!!

    • *uses cup to catch champaign*

      The bag comes in black as well but definitely doesn’t look as nice. I picked it up and quickly put it back down! (and hey, that info is already written on the blog! -_- haha) and also that bag is no longer available in the store =p

      my mum has good style! she buys a lot of my clothes for me too ^^

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