Lookbook: Seven: Dreaming of Disney

I always plan out my looks at least a few days before shooting it. I’d think of what goes best together, from my hair, accessories, outfit, bags, and shoes, and whether I need all of those things or not.

I’m going to share all the thoughts that go through my head as I put these outfits together to make these Lookbook posts more useful for when others plan what to wear, how to accessorize, and do their hair/makeup as well.

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For this look, I was thinking of something both chic and elegant. However, it turned out totally different from what I had planned — it looked so feminine! As I was staring at it, trying to figure out a title for the Lookbook post, I realized this picture reminded me a lot of…

Okay, so I’m not trying to say I look like a princess. I’ve just always dreamt of being one since I was a little girl and first laid my hands on Cinderella, the book. Also remember in my Joker Lookbook post, that I said Disney princesses are one of my character obsessions?

So, even though this look didn’t turn out as I planned, I’m still happy with it ^^

Can I be a Disney princess, please?



What I love the most about the top is the puffy / ruffled shoulders. It looks really chic with a pair of high waist slim straight cut pants and heels (which I have and hoping to do a look on some time), but with the skirt, this shirt looks so princess-y! (just let me dream on, okay? XD)

I had 3 different brown belts to choose from. A regular buckle belt seemed too casual. A thin bow/ribbon belt seemed to feminine. So, I went with this big one for the ‘chic’ look I was going for (but totally failed on T_T).


I took some static photos of this outfit at first, however I realized that the reason long skirts are so pretty is because of the way they flow and swoosh around as you walk (esp going down the stairs!). I really like the movement in these photos. It really shows the skirt at its best!

I actually had a small handbag to go with this look, but I wanted the attention to be 100% on the outfit, so decided not to use those photos.


Outfit From…:
Shirt: Zara Women, $80~ USD (really pricey for a top but I just loved it so much T_T)
Skirt: Purchased Online; B_Accordian skirt in peach (B_아코디언스커트_피치); 19,810 won
Belt: MyungDong (명동) street stand

Side Note: The skirt was purchased from the same online seller as my red chiffon skirt in my Joker Lookbook post.



At first, as I was planning to do a ‘chic’ look, I was going to put my hair up in a bun. However, as I put the outfit together, I realized it was more feminine than chic, so I decided to just loosely tie my hair back for a softer look and to make my earrings more visible.


Brown crease, purple under eye line, false top lashes, contoured/bronzed face, nude beige lipstick.

I really love the lipstick! It looks like my natural lip color but less red and more natural. I bought it a while ago — Etude LUCIDarling Fantastic Rough #3 Nude Beige.

Sorry, no product listing or pictures, or else I’ll never get this post up! T_T



Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

I love all of them it’s so hard to choose, but if I really had to go with one, it would probably be Cinderella, just because she’s a classic. However, I love Ariel a lot too — how cool is being a mermaid and living in the sea with a beautiful voice and luscious red hair you comb with a fork?



PS. Sorry it’s been a little bit longer since I updated. This is the last week of the school semester, so there’s a lot of work at school.

Also, I’ve been hooked on a new Korean drama, Try Lying to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) so I’m always really tired because of my messed up sleeping schedule from drama watching! T_T lol

As I mentioned before, I really love Yoon EunHye, my favorite Korean actress, and I was so happy to see her in a new drama. I don’t think it’s as good as her previous ones, but it’s still a fun watch. I normally like the 꽃미남 (pretty/flower boy) style more than the 아저씨 (ajusshi/older man/uncle) style, but I started to fall more and more for the male lead, Kang JiHwan as well after a few episodes!

Anyone else also watching this drama?

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  1. I really like this look, the shirt paired with the skirt was really chic. I also love how the make up isn’t overdone and looks natural – especially the lips. I really love how you put it all together! :)

    My favorite Disney princess is probably Belle, just because when Beauty & The Beast came out I was a bookworm and I loved that the lead girl was a bookworm herself and loved stories of fairy tales and ends up being thrust into one of her own.

    I wish I was up to date with Korean dramas. I only have KBS World and it’s about a month behind what’s shown on KBS. I just finished watching The Thorn Birds not long ago. But I will keep my eyes peeled for Try Lying to Me, I enjoy new dramas. And I totally know what you mean about sleep habits being out of whack from watching dramas! :D

    • Thank you so much, Deni ^^ I love the lipstick so much too! Normally I’m more of an eyeshadow fan than lipstick, so it’s very hard for me to be impressed with lipsticks, but I love this a lot for the color and everything else — finish, staying power, moisture. It’s such a wearable, everyday lipstick! I was really surprised, coming from a cheap Korean brand, too!

      Ooooo haha I was a TOTAL bookworm as well as a child! I knew most of Disney stories through books instead of movies~! that’s so cute though how you related to Belle =p

      You can download all Korean shows and dramas so easily! http://www.kpopella.com/ offers both megaupload and torrents, its very up to date. my fav download website!!

      • I’m going to look into that lipstick. It’s hard for me to find shades that I like and have a decent staying power.

        Haha, yeah I had so many Disney movies and books as a kid. When I would walk to or from school, I usually had one with me. Did you have a collection of Disney stories?

        Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out and I’m sure my computer will never be the same =p

        • Let me know if you find it, where you were able to buy it from, and how you like it! I’m really glad to hear other ppl will consider my suggestions ^^

          I didn’t have a collection of Disney stories because my family has always been more ‘library’ people (and save money) instead of buying books. Also, I would feel it’s such a waste to spend money on books with such short text. My absolute favorite books as a kid though were Goosebump books, so as a rare treat, my mom would sometimes buy them for me, but always only the newest ones, because I had already read most of the books in the series! So, it seems like we are both book dorks, because I always had a book with me too XD

  2. I really like your look! :D the way the skirt wooshes makes it princessy ^^ the up close look made you look like royalty, like a royal princess haha :) really do like the look ^^
    my favorite princess would be… Snow White ^^ I wanted to be a rebel compared to everyone else when I was younger because I wanted a princess who didn’t really look princessy (ball gown, etc) so she became my favorite ^^ yeah a bit of a tomboy in those days… (still is, cough)
    haha the Kdrama I’ve been watching recently is Boys Over Flowers xD it’s a bit old, I’m not really up to date with shows xO

    • OOoooo thank you so much ^^ I was surprised how the make up turned out to match the whole royalty theme I only thought of after I took the pictures quite well. I’m so glad you think so too!

      Snow white was one of the only Asian (I think? but her eyes are definitely not Asian at all! lol), or maybe somewhat Asian princesses I could relate to back then. O haha, if you wanted to be a rebel, you should like the Paper Bag Princess! =p but… she’s not a Disney character. But uno, I think Snow White looks very princess-y too because of her dress! However, she IS the only princess without long hair XD

      It’s okay to be a tomboy! I don’t like looking all feminine all the time either, esp cuz most of the girls in Korea are that way, it makes me kinda sick to be all girly all the time.

      Boys Over Flowers is great! Who’s your favorite? =p

      • Actually I think Snow White was German :O omygosh Paper Bag Princess! xDD I should draw that sometime xDD I do love/hate short hair though :O maybe thats why? xD;
        oh really? :o it should be bothersome to be girly all the time… haha I’m planning to cut my hair short sometime in the future too xD short hair is feminine right? xD (Snow White? lol)
        I admit I did like JiHoo (actor HyunJoong)… YiJung (Kim Bum) was pretty cute eventually too xD …never got over JoonPyo’s curly hair xDD JanDi was hilarious xD she was awesome haha

        • Oh, German! that would make total sense. I thought she couldn’t be Asian (or at least Chinese, since Jasmine has huge eyes but she’s Asian) after I wrote that comment because her eyes weren’t slanted like Mulan or Pocahontas.

          Haha, I love JoonPyo’s curly hair too! If I ever have a son, I want to perm his hair like young JoonPyo. Whenever I see boys in Korea with permed hair, I ALWAYS think I gotta do that for my own son!!

          I actually started watching the drama for Kim Bum and then started to like Lee MinHo more at the end =p

          • yeah even though when I was younger I wondered about that xD
            hahaha that’d be awesome! xD whether he’d like it or not is another question xDD

  3. AHHHH. I love the clothes, it really looks feminine~ )
    Right now, I’m watching Secret Garden. But with school days coming up, I might stop watching it for awhile T_T

    • Thank you so much. Glad you like~ ^^

      Do you like HyunBin? I hear lots of girls watch it for him, but he’s not my style and I saw it a few times as I was flipping through TV but didn’t like it that much so never got into it!

      • I just liked Hyunbin a bit (probably because TOP parodied his role), and havent finished watching yet because of school. T_T

        I forgot to mention that I so love the lipstick you chose. I saw the pictures and it just happens your lips got my attention. I’mma buy that kind of lipstick, I hope there’s one on Etude House here in Philippines tho~~

        • Oh, thanks for mentioning the lipstick! More ppl seem to like it than I thought, because it’s such a natural lipstick, but I guess nowadays, everyone likes natural!

          Etude House seems to have some branches in other parts of Asia. Tell me if you are able to find it and what you think of it! ^^

  4. i love this style. And, your hair always flawless!! i really like the color!
    i like so much Anastacia princess…Because she a princess, but can fight! kkkkk ~~
    I like 49 days, but don’t wacht more that few episodes :)

    • Oh, thank you. My hair has been dyed so many times, I have to keep a hair care routine on it so it doesn’t look like shoe strings! I hope to make a post on that one day.

      I didn’t know Anastacia, so I looked her up, and found out she actually is not a Disney princess! I think that’s why I don’t know her.

      I never heard of 49 days either XD it might not be my type of drama though because I tend to like romantic comedies. You should check out Palace or Boys Over Flowers, those are some of my favorites! ^^

  5. I love how the shoulders puff out giving that princess look along with your skirt flows, really gorgeous. Your make up looks really nice too. I really envy you. You learned Korean with passion, opened Aheeyah (but now closing), oh! teaching English in Korea, gorgeous beautiful face, and… I just envy you. Although I love Japan and learning Japanese right now, I just don’t have the passion for it. If there was a choice of learning Korean I would have chosen that without thinking twice about it. I would love to go to Japan and all but there isn’t much after that but then with Korea… >_< I love Korean Pop so much and Korean Dramas. The food seems good too. I don't know maybe it's just a childish high school girl dream? When I think about learning Korean it's so much harder than Japanese, but hey! what do I know? I haven't even tried to learn Korean. We'll see how college goes. My parents are really supportive with those kind of things, being a doctor is the only thing you can do, which of course I don't want to and not going to. My sister's friend learned Korean went to Korea and met Brain Joo! How lucky of him!! Well yeah.. don't even know how I ended up talking about myself, sorry! I will be awaiting more of your Lookbooks. I usually don't like looking at outfits more than make up but I just totally adore yours and I would love to hear stories about your life in Korea, if possible.

    • don’t be afraid of learning Korean :) there are several places that have lessons and such and you can always learn little by little :) I’ll be going to college later this year and I’m hoping to take Korean classes… my friend is planning to take Japanese and since she’s Chinese she wants to learn it too and we’ll learn together. if you really enjoy Korean, you should be able to find ways to learn it… don’t give up :D
      (Sorry if it seems out of place >.<)

    • @Lucy

      As long as your dream is not too crazy (and even then, it’s possible!), if you put your mind to it, you can do what you strive for, and going to Korea is definitely not that difficult of a task! I’m sure that one day, you will find a chance to visit Korea, even if its after having to save up the money for a while, wouldn’t it still be worth it?

      You gave me so many compliments I feel really flattered, but I’m definitely not as big and wonderful as you’ve blown me up to be! There’s downsides to everyone and everything, especially living in Korea, I miss my family, friends, and my Chinese culture the most.

      I also generally use to be more of an online makeup fan (especially watching youtube videos) more than fashion. Lookbook was what got me into the online fashion scene! I’m glad you still enjoy my blog entries though ^^

      Since this blog is still so new, I’m trying to keep it concentrated on just fashion/makeup related topics for now ^^ However, I do put up some photos on my facebook page of my life in Korea if you wanna check it out:



      It’s not out of place ^^ good luck on your Korean lessons! You should let me know how it goes and sometimes pop a Korean phrase or two that you learn out at me XD

      • @frostedsnow: haha thanks cx I will! xD it’ll definitely help :D I’ll be taking it next year though… want to see how college will be first :) it’s a bit scary though cuz I think they expect you to know some stuff already :O

        • but you already do because you’ve been watching videos and into kpop! you already know a lot more than you think ^^

  6. omg!! onni yibbeuda! jinjja!! >< you do look like one of the disney princesses. *0* like mulan. but not mulan u know. cuz mulan wores something else but u wore something classic(?) idk. but yeah I LIKE YOUR DRESS!! and…is that an orange ring i see?! o.o haha i want it lol jk.

    • Now that you mention it, I think my hair does look like Mulan!

      Oh, it’s not exactly orange but more sap color? It might be even one of those sap… stones. Haha I don’t know what you call them but like hardened tree sap that you get a full beetle caught in one (and many fake versions of?)

  7. :’) hi Frostie~ it’s me @aikosuru from twitter ^^,,
    your website has been updated so much since the last time i visit, it takes me quite an amount of time to keep now :))

    this lookbook is just so pretty and i have always liked it..
    the Etude’s nude beige lipstick looks perfectly fit too but i’m wondering if it suits a normal office life??
    i currently take like to orange too, do you think i should buy one~?? (OTL as you can see when we talked in twitter, i’m not a so fashionable girl ^^||)

    • haha hihi! I actually think I update so slowly =p need to do it more often!
      of course it can suit office life! It’s a really natural color that’s almost like your natural real lip color, just adds a little more shine and pinkish beige to your lips
      Well, I don’t think orange is exactly an office color, if you work in a strict office. But I like to go outside the box every now and then ^^ If you buy an orange lipstick, just don’t buy it from the Etude Miss Tangerine line. I know Dara looks awesome in it but it didn’t work out for me at all. The colors are not very well pigmented T_T
      and wearing a little lipstick doesn’t take a fashionable girl! ^^

      • hahah but when the non-fashionable girl needs to buy new lipstick she keeps cling to her old boring brand and color XDDDDD
        *taking notes* thanks dear ;”) i’ll keep away from Miss Tangerine~~~ ‘ve just gone there to have a look but Etude’s Vietnamese stie is temporarily unavailable ==+
        though i’m quite reluctant with anything shiny^^||,, will try to find other color among them~ Etude’s LUCIDarling sounds good to my ears now that you recommend it ;P

        do you update more often in FB~~?! i “liked” your page last week XDDD

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