Lookbook: Six: Pastel Blazer

I love this blazer for it’s fun pastel colors. Most of the blazers I own are very neutral colored — black, navy blue, grey, or beige.

There were two colors available in store, one in yellow (I forgot what the inner lining color was.. maybe vanilla). I chose the blue because the color is more concrete and bold.

A fun and colorful blazer on top of a work outfit makes it a lot less boring and much more eye-catching! (Obviously, I don’t mean the shorts are a work outfit).

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See the pink inner lining? It’s not just on the sleeves.

The pretty pink lining is my favorite part to the blazer.

The saleslady who was trying to persuade me to buy this blazer pointed out that it’s a ‘boxed blazer‘, which is quite the trend nowadays (well, she claims). See the way it cuts off in a straight square shape?

The necklace I’m wearing is handmade in Korea (well, basically just meaning it wasn’t assembled in a factory as I’m sure the beads and such are not handmade). I’ve been wanting a necklace that has two separate parts (the ‘JOY’ sign + cloud that comes about 3/4 down the necklace). I liked it so much and also happened to have my eyes peeled to buy a gift for an unnie, so I bought two of these.

I should’ve taken a photo of hers as well! It’s got a large pin with a dangle rabbit with a little red bow as a necktie (if I remember correctly). They had a few variety of this kind of vintage-type necklace.

*edit 06/01*: My unnie took some pictures of her necklace and I posted them on my Facebook page~!

I love my bangles too! One of my students said it reminded her of Egyptians =p


Outfit Source:
Blazer: store: bonita; location: Express Bus Terminal (고속버스 터미널); price: 48,000 won
White T-shirt & Shorts: Zara
Navy + Gold Heels: Ehwa Women’s University (이대)
Pink Kobo Bag: location: Night Bazzar, Chiangmai, Thailand
Gold Bangles: H&M
Necklace: Express Bus Terminal (고속버스 터미널)

I don’t remember the price of anything else because I usually don’t keep a record and throw away all my price tags. The blazer is brand new so I just cut the tag off before shooting.




Won’t do a product list since my makeup was just really simple, deep set brown eyes.



PS. If you’ve been wondering what’s happened to the Korean CD + Skin79 Giveaway at 100 Subscribers — it’s still waiting to happen!

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20 Responses to “Lookbook: Six: Pastel Blazer”

  1. pretty~^^ i love the pink lining too, even when i don’t really like pink…

    • I don’t usually buy pink clothes or anything either but I love this pink lining as well! I think cuz it’s just a bit of pink, but not too much~ XD

  2. yeah…the colour remind me of babies…

  3. hyped and fanned on lookbook =D

  4. wow, I really like that bright color of the blazer :D it’s really a nice color :)

  5. OMG LOVE THE NAILS!! it’s so freaking pretty! do it to mine! LOL. I’m not good at putting nail polish especially my right nails. T.T cuz I’m right handed.sorry i am so random.anyways….you look gorgeous as usual. you always do. ==; lol. and i love the pink and blue combination it’s so lovely <3 hehe

    • lol. it’s not often but i do do nails for my friends sometimes! if we lived in the same country and hung out, i would do urs too ^^

      and doing polish with ur left hand just takes practice~! ^^

      thanks so much michelle. glad u like XD

  6. Omg can I have that blazer, pleaseeeee? The colour is gorgeous and the pink lining is genius!
    I think that pose is fab. It’s great for showing off nails and other accessories on your hand, too.

    Re your comment on my blog: Haha, yes, their marketing gimmick totally worked on me, didn’t it? Even having a psychology degree and done a marketing module, I still fall for these things haha

    • Thank you! Haha, I wish I can give a blazer like that to every girl! The colors are just so fun but still on a conservative blazer, so anyone can still wear it, even for work! That’s what I love about it so much =p

      But uno, it makes total sense to order a few things from them if they are already shipping things to you. It’s such a great strategy and in the end, you still ‘benefit’ from it, right? XD

  7. So cute! I love that blazer… you rock it well! I look horrible in every blazer I’ve tried on so far. ): Also, you nails are so cute! XD

    • Really? That’s so strange because blazers are so basic and wearable! Maybe its the other clothes you had on when trying the blazer that didn’t match it?

      My nails aren’t as cute as yours!! =p

  8. Stumbled on your blog through looking for Shu Uemura illuminating moisture foundation reviews :) Love your m/u~ May I ask which one you used or was it just the mix of Hera & Shu?

    • For this particular makeup, I’m sorry I can’t really remember! It’s either just Hera or a mix, cuz I was still more tanned at that time. It’s definitely not just Shu by itself though, because it’s become too light for my skin since I’ve gotten tanned.

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