Lookbook: Four: My Black Mini Dress

Every girl needs two things: 1) a perfect pair of jeans, 2) a perfect black mini dress — and here’s mine!

I actually have two black mini dresses, but the other one is a bit too loose, and doesn’t flatter my body. When I say ‘perfect’, I mean, the moment you put it on, you know it’s the one!

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The makeup came out in all sort of different lightings, but none were the right one. Isight on my Mac ended up giving me the most accurate colors (third pic from last, end of post)!



This look is inspired from a million different places, but mainly I’ve been wanting to do it for the longest time as a tribute to Yoon EunHye, my absolute favorite Korean actress, who recently released a new movie “My Mini Black Dress“!



I love this picture so much! I love how they have no accessories on at all — all a girl needs is her mini black dress!

Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have went for the chic look instead of the natural happy-go-round look. XD

I quite like Yoo Ina (유인나; on left) too after watching Sunday Heroes (영웅호걸). I only knew about Hanbyul (right) from her interviews together with Yoon EunHye. She’s Seven’s girlfriend of 10 years! T_T I’ll have to accept it. I like Seven a lot but I’m not a huge fangirl type for him. They make a cute couple. ^^



Hair inspired from Yoon EunHye on April issue of Ceci.



The new orange trend is everywhere, in both fashion and make up, but for a long time, I never saw any orange makeup look that I really liked. Sandra Park’s orange eyeshadow + orange lipstick ads for Etude was just too much orange (I actually think orange eyes + orange lips are a terrible match!). Yoon EunHye’s orange shadow (pictures above) is nice but just doesn’t pop out enough.

I’ve seen a lot more looks but either the eyeshadow and orange lip color didn’t match, or the orange was just unflattering because it’s not an easy color for Asians to pull off. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to take a ride on the orange wagon.

I finally found the perfect orange makeup look when I saw Shin Mina on the April issue of Sure. I actually don’t really like Shin Mina, but I liked the natural rusty copper brown eye makeup, glossy eyelids, peach blush, and orange lipstick.


Makeup inspired from Shin Mina’s cover of Sure magazine, April.

The lighting in this picture is the most accurate to how the makeup looks!

As you can see, the lips were a complete fail! I bought the Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips (#4, miss tangerine tangerine) specifically to do this look and the pictures from Sandra Park’s ads are totally misleading! The lipstick is way too sheer. It’s even worse when I tried totally wiping out my lips with concealer and then applying this lipstick, I just look like a zombie with decaying lips. I don’t know how many layers she put on to get that look, but after about 3 coats, it looked very messy.

I bet no one noticed, but I also put lip gloss on my eyelids to get the gloss she has on her eyes (which is hard to notice, but it’s really glossy). However, it was way too sticky and melted away my eyeshadow and the top of my eyelashes kept sticking to it. Eventually the mascara from the top of my lashes smudged onto the lipgloss too!

I ended up using a Q-tip to remove some gloss closest to my eyelids. It would’ve been much better if I applied the lipgloss a bit above my eyelids, but I usually don’t try out these looks beforehand. I just do them right before I shoot, hence the mishaps here and there, but I really should’ve tried the lipstick out first, so I could’ve waited and gotten the right one instead! T_T

I remember the Etude Miss Tangerine line had 2 oranges, one sheer (which I bought probably thinking I can use it more for everyday) and one brighter and more pigmented. I’m gonna check it out again next time I go to Etude. I’m determined to find that perfect orange lipstick at a reasonable price!


Products used:

shu uemura UV under base mousse
It’s skin Sun Control green base (#1, green)
shu uemura face architect illuminating moisture fluid foundation (784 fair beige)
Hera HD foundation (21 natural beige)
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream (no. 1, salmon blooming)
Missha Perfect Concealer (light beige)
skin 79 Diamond UV Screen Beblesh Pact
shu uemura glow on blush (P peach 45)
NYX Blush (PB11 taupe)

NYX Triple Eyeshadow (TS 21 Rust / Copper / Bronze)
Missha Silk Shadow Duo (#7, sand blow/샌드불로우)
Missha Eyeshadow (GL202)
Missha Eyeshadow (matte white; WH201)
L’oreal Waterproof Panoramic Curl (260 black)
Missha Lucid Berry Lips (lost the color #, sorry!)
Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil (brown/갈색)

Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips (#4, miss tangerine tangerine)

Sorry the lighting is a bit green T_T


I wish I can see everyone else’s perfect black mini dress!



12 Responses to “Lookbook: Four: My Black Mini Dress”

  1. Wow, such a pretty dress! I love the little dots on the bow too ^^
    Yoon EunHye is also my favorite actress :D I first saw her in the series on Coffee Prince and the movie is something I would watch with my friends :o I’ll wait for the subs :)
    good luck with finding the right orange! colors can be misleading

    • Thank you ^^
      I first saw her on… whatever her first drama was, Goong, I think, and just fell in love with both her character and her! Have you seen any of her other dramas? You totally should.

      If I find that orange, I will definitely do another look with it, because I was so disappointed with this one!

  2. Umm I haven’t seen really seen her other dramas, just because I don’t know what to look for…
    yeah, good luck :)

  3. Girl, I love that u share all these make up experiment!
    lip gloss on eyelids? gotta try that sometimes~
    but I’m totally loving the orange make up! Can’t wait to hear your update on it!!!
    And I gotta see u in person in this dress. On the close up, I thought the dress is too cute… I think a more mature/sexy dress suit u best because u r a very sexy girl.. but on the wider shot.. I thought that’s the perfect black dress???
    It’s the lighting.
    Anywayz, my little black dress at this moment. Haha~

    *sending u my heart from home*

    • Have no idea how to post my pic.. here’s the link =P

      • AND THIS TOTALLY MADE ME SMILE! i love how u are so posing for it!! love love love
        was this the same dress u wore to the xmas party? u already showed me a pic of it plus ur makeup and accessories, remember??

        but it totally made me smile
        thanks babes ^^

    • haha glad u like. i quite like the gloss on eyelid effect actually cuz the gloss/shine shows up really well on camera and gives overall such glowing look ^^ and i didnt think u’d like the orange!

      hahah in real life the dress is a lot more fun/sexy than i think and depends what u wear w/ it and how u do ur make up and hair lor. but thanks for thinking i’m sexy. i prefer that over cute any day XD

  4. OMG whas cookin gooood lookin?! ;) you look gorgeous with that black mini dress onni!!! =)))) no kidding. I wish I can wear one similar to that in my prom..lolol in 2 years xD moving on..Idk if u know yet that I love ORANGE?!! >< Like, this person right here has an obsession with orange (remember my profile picture on fb? SO ORANGE.) LOL just saying. I WANT YOUR ETUDE TANGERINE…YEAH. xD idk. i feel lazy to go back up…but yeah…and why do you hate Shin Min ah? :O I'm not a big fan or something but I LIKE HER!! She's so pretty *0* but oh well, we have diff. opinions. nyahaha =))) but Yoon Eun Hye is a real cutie :3 we both agree and I like her too! kkkk and yeah thats all..I really like the ORANGE theme(?) of this. :-bd

    • Thanks so much michelle~ I’m sure you will look super cute in one too! I love looking at prom photos — girls all dressed up and prettified ^^ You should totally show me when you get to your prom!

      haha no, I didn’t know that you loved orange! and that etude tangerine is horrible, you shouldn’t want it T_T I think they sell another orange color thats much better than the one I have. I am finding orange makeup a lot of fun lately though =p

      I don’t know why I dislike Shin Mina, but it seems like my girlfriends do as well! =p What do you think of Yoo Ina (also in photo with Yoon Eunhye and HanByul)? I like her too. I think I like girls who have a different / unique personality. I find Shin Mina too… typical Korean actress!

      • LOL. I think its because of her face. u know how it looks tough and kinda mean…it has this attitude like…when u see her. I HATE HER! but i think she’s really cool. lol. she’s pretty tho. esp. at the Gumiho drama. :D
        You’re welcome ;D awwww nahhh. lol. YEAH XD I’m so excited to prom..in 2 yrs. so closeeee! haha. kk. ill do upload photos when I get to prom. Gidaryo! ^^
        I love orange bcuz of this certain carrotguy :””> hehehe. and btw. u havent replied on our message on fb yet..i think. :/
        Hmm..well all I can say is I think they’re all gorgeous! I wish I can be like them one day *0* dreamingggggg to be one of em. and I like their dress :D

        • I don’t think its that Michelle, but I just really don’t like her cuz to put it honestly I think she seems really fake! >.< but that’s just my own opinion and I really don’t know that much about her but I have an eye for celebs.

          You mean you like orange cuz of that emoticon?? or there’s a carrot guy character?

          our msg??? we still have a msg going on? oh!! i’ll go take a look kk.

          You are gorgeous yourself, Michelle. You don’t need to be like anyone else!

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