Back to Blonde

A while ago, I had to touch up on my roots, and thought I might as well rebleach all my hair to bring it a level lighter.

I realized that Manic Panic retains the color a lot better on the lightest parts of my hair (the ends). So, I didn’t apply any bleach to the ends of my hair where there was still some purple. It turned into a gradient pink and purple effect. This is my favorite hair color ever so far!

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst
Outfit from Lookbook: Six: Pastel Blazer

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst
Before clubbing in Hongdae. Hat from April 명동 Accessories Haul

My hair has been getting really dry after touching up almost weekly with Manic Panic so often. I found that applying deep conditioner for about 10 minutes on the driest ends of my hair before washing helped a lot. It looks less frizzy : )



The Blonde Icon: Key <3

I missed my blonde hair a lot actually. Whenever I look at Key (Shinee), I’m like, I want his blonde hair! I think he’s the longest going idol who chooses to keep his blonde hair.

On SHINee’s Wonderful Day, he said he likes to dye his hair to express his personal style. It’s only temporary and he wonders why more people don’t dye their hair. However, because it’s very expensive to do at the salon, he does it himself. In fact, it’s very easy.

I totally agree! (Does that make me wifey potential?? XD)

shinee key hair dye, shinee's wonderful day
Captures from Shinee’s Wonderful Day Episode 8


Here’s more blonde Key fangirling =p I’m just so absolutely in love with him. Did you guys see him teaching Taemin on We Got Married how to put on a seatbelt for a girl in the car?

“You don’t look at her but she will be looking at you.” Lady’s man! *ahemplayerahem*

shinee key blonde hair

shinee key blonde hair

shinee key blonde hair
All pictures are from Key’s Facebook Fanpage.


But in fact, behind all the styling and glamor, Key’s hair is actually very damaged as well. It’s really just unavoidable with bleaching.

shinee key blonde hair

shinee key blonde hair

Love him anyways <3


My posts have all been very hair centered, because I’ve just been having lots of fun experimenting with it nowadays. Also, the video I filmed (but still have not had time to edit yet, argh!) is hair related too. I’ll get on some other posts soon!

On a side personal note, remember I told you guys I was studying for the TOPIK test? I passed the advanced test! I was soooooo happy it was crazy. Please call me TOPIK level 5 =pp Actually, level 6 is the highest level, and I might have to try to get that in the future. Shortly after that, I had to study for a placement test to try to get into the highest level of a Korean program I have to take to finish it ASAP, and I got into the level I wanted! So, lots of good news on the Korean testing end of things.

This coming weekend, I’m going to Pusan simply to lie on the beach! Haha. I’ll probably bring my laptop to edit my next video on the 4 hour bus ride… there and back T_T

I also bought an outfit and accessories that happened to go together so absolutely well yesterday at Gunguk University (건대역). It was so weird how everything I bought just so happened to match! I really want to either shoot a look or video with that (or both!). Try my best!

Enjoy the summer everyone, and thank you for always being patient with me <3

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  1. I haven’t commented in so long T_______T For manic panic, must your hair be of a really light color for it to show up (not true color, just for it to show up) and what conditioner do you use?
    Ah I had an obsession with Key too a few years back heh. Have you seen Teen Top’s Chunji’s hair a while ago? It was purplish pink (some say it’s sakura colored?) and I thought it was the perfect color~


  2. Oh my gosh your haircolor looks so pretty! <3 I really like the effect of the pastel pink and purple in it ^^

    And I always love Key's hair. He pulls off blonde hair so well!


  3. i really like your hair! the pink and purple goes really well with the blonde near the ends. loved the shameless key fangirling XD he is quite the blonde diva haha. do you feel like your hair is really damaged from all the bleaching?? i’ve always wanted to try a more ‘bold’ hair colour but can’t deny that i love soft silky smooth hair XD lol but your hair doesn’t look damaged in the pictures ^^

    congrats on your korean tests!!

    • hahahah thaaanks <3
      my hair is totally damaged, and I felt like in the end manic panic did make it worse cuz i had to touch up with it like weekly T_T I just work really hard to keep it in as decent a condition as possible. u could always just dye/bleach your tips or inner layer of hair, so u get both sides of the coin!

  4. Nice hair unnie! :)))) Hahahaha. It’s okay to fangirl about diva Key~ xD I have to admit he looks awesome with blonde n_n And chukahae on your tests! :Dv

  5. Hi, I found your post while I was looking up lavender hair. I really like your color. I was wondering how many time you bleached your hair to get that very light blond. Did you go to a salon for it? I bleached my hair 3 times, toned it twice already and there’re still yellow parts left.

    • I bleach and redo my tips so many times now, but probably you will need to do at least 3-4 times with a 30 developer (less times with a 40 developer but I hear it’s really crazy strong so I never tried it). I did it at home. Using some kind of toner (I tried Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow and didn’t like it much, but it did take out lots of yellow, but made my hair seem very dull) or purple toning shampoo/conditioner (gotta make sure u find a good one though) can also help take out the yellow.

      • wow, you did it so well! Yeah, I only dared to use 30 and I had my sister do it for me. I dyed it purple w/o bleaching it the 4th time so the result was disappointing.. oh well. Thanks for the tips =)

  6. Eee, love your hair! @__@ <3 Why so pretty?~

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