Lavender Grey Hair + Manic Panic Review (part 1)

I always wanted to play around with my hair color. Once you bleach it, you can get your hair to be any color of the rainbow.

It was soooo weird to see myself in the mirror with purple hair. I kept squealing and appalling at myself “Omg, I have purple hair! Gaaah!” It was my first time doing an ‘unnatural’ hair color. I know I’ve been blonde, but at least that is still a natural color (even if it’s not on me).

I was happier with the color after a few washes, as it was too purple on the first day.

I also had a really interesting time matching outfits and makeup with purple hair.

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst

I find safe and neutral colors like white, grey, and black will work well with any hair color, especially grey because there is a lot of silver-grey in my hair.

Also, a nice splash of bright color like my bright blue pants or multi-colored neon bracelet helps my hair stand out.

On the opposite end of the wheel chart, yellows, golds, and greens are supposed to go well with purple. I have a pair of bright yellow neon stud earrings (thank you unnie!) that didn’t go well with my blonde hair (yellow on yellow), but looks so awesome with my purple hair.



How to

I recently stumbled upon the brand, Manic Panic, a semi-permanent vegan hair dye. After a lot of careful consideration and picture searching, I chose Electric Amethyst. Lots of people mixed it with conditioner to get a lavender color.

I also knew the purple on top of dark blonde, especially once it washes out, will give a silver grey color. It was exactly what I wanted because I didn’t want completely purple hair. I wanted some sort of gradient between white, silver, grey, lavender, and purple.

I didn’t even do a streak test (no time!) and just went with it. I started with my hairline and the top of my hair, with 70% conditioner, 30% Electric Amethyst. As I got to the underlying and darker layers, it was about 50/50. Because my bleached hair is naturally uneven (darker roots and lighter ends), the grey and purple mix came out unevenly in a very nice way. Future video for this.

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst
Manic Panic, Electric Amethyst, 9,000 won ($8 USD), (smcglobal), Korean seller, 4 day shipping. Also available on Gmarket and Amazon.

– very well known and accessible product
– easy to use
– conditions hair and not damaging at all (especially if you mix it with conditioner, my bleached hair is SO soft now)
– can control the color outcome by mixing with conditioner or other Manic Panic colors
– strongly pigmented and results are true to the original color
– semi-permanent for people testing out colors
– no need to mix with or purchase a developer (damaging, costs money, knowledge of use required)
– apply straight from the jar without a mixing bowl (unless you are diluting or mixing colors)
– reasonably priced
– vegan product (no animal testing)

– almost completely washes out after 5 washes (and stains your hair a different color)
– requires bleaching beforehand for true color results
– small bottle, little product
– need to use a lot of conditioner to dilute the color
– does not recommend application to scalp (I did to some parts and it felt fine)
– doesn’t offer much variety in natural colors like blacks and browns


I mixed Electric Amethyst with a few different conditioners and a hair retaining mask product because I didn’t have enough of any one product. It was a terrible idea because my hair smelled so weird after. Also, I’m not sure which product caused it, but my hair started smoking up when I was drying it! I probably would’ve set my head on fire if I wasn’t watching carefully.

Once I started using just one conditioner, it’s been fine.

The parts of my hair I burned, though, turned pink, so it actually looked kind of nice. However, that eventually washed out as well.

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst

See the pink streaks from the burn?




This was the very first photo that set in my mind, I gotta have purple hair.

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst


I was literally looking at these photos again and again, working out in my mind how I would mix and apply it on my head. I would have been happy with any color similar to these, and I think it worked out pretty well?

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst
JunHyung from Beast

purple hair, lavender hair, silver hair, manic panic electric amethyst
N from VIXX
*insert absolute fangirl squeal even though I’m a Leo bias (the redhead in the back)* All my friends know I’m in love with their 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 vampire concept

In part two, I’ll show you guys how I touch up my hair after it washes out and some pictures from my upcoming hair styling video ^^



P.S. I actually already filmed a hair styling video, but I don’t have much time to edit it as I have to study for my TOPIK test next Sunday. Eeek! I’m trying to go for Level 5. Wish me luck~^^

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  1. Its lovely! I loooooove purple so I would have preferred more purple, but the gray is a nice! It would have been cool if the pink parts stayed.
    I bleached the bottom half of my hair (not the tips, but the portion of hair that’s left loose when putting your hair in a half ponytail) & used the manic panic dye. The Ricky’s I went to didn’t have Electric Amethyst so I settled for mystic heather – which looked soooooo beautiful (its like a pink lavender). But after a few washes, it started to fade. Then I put Atomic Turoquoise, which was awesome, but after wash #2, it was an ugly green (then i rebleached to completely remove it). I kept switching colors till this January. Its now April & all the colors still haven’t completely come off. It fades fast, but stains. =/

    • Good luck on the exam!! :D

    • Thanks so much! Purple is actually my favorite color though I never imagined it on my head XD I’m buying more Manic Panic, including a pink, so maybe can deliberately work some pink in there this time.

      I totally understood what you meant about the bottom half of your hair, cuz I thought once I get a job where I cannot color my hair, I would do it like that too! Plus, it’s much less damaging than coloring your whole head. Did you go to the salon w/ specifically Electric Amethyst in mind? ooooooomy freakin god!! I ordered like a big batch of Manic Panic recently and Mystic Heather is one of them!! Great!! I can’t wait to try it. I’ll post pics for sure. It does wash out really fast, huh? But I think permanent dye doesn’t that last much longer either.

      I also heard that MP stains, but it’s okay since I plan to just keep putting color over it. Like maybe next I can try a blue over the purple…. so glad to see another MP user here! Thank you for sharing your experience ^^

      (and thank you for your well wishes for the exam. gotta study all day today T_T)

  2. Love the outcome very inspired look.. Which one is the conditioner you’re applying on your hair??

    • I used Aussie’s 3 minute miracle (deep treatment), Herbal Essence ‘hello hydration’, which you can see the two bottles in the photo, but I also used a hair color retaining mask from L’oreal. I only used it cuz I needed something thick to mix the purple with, but it’s normally useless and I think it’s what made my hair burn under the dyer T_T

  3. I’m in love with your hair onni! AHHHH~ I wanna dye my hair purple now!

  4. love the white shoes

  5. O______O

    UNNIE <3 You look awesome with the purple hair *^* It really looks pretty on you~ Keke. Especially the one with the slight pink on it. ^^ The first time you said you'll have purple hair, I thought it would be the same as Minzy's. And purple – Hoya~ *insert fangirl screams LOL*

    I really miss your posts here! Haha. Hope you will post soon~~ Fighting on your TOPIK! :D

    • Thanks so much Rielle dear! Haha, I know Minzy has very very deep purple hair all over her head, but it’s a little much for me! OMG I didn’t even know Hoya had purple hair!! when was this?? I just looked up his images. Looks so great on him ooooooo *swoons* but he looks good any hair color haha

      I miss it too always. I’m trying to post more regularly! <3

      • Yeah. I didn’t like it on her though >__> Hoya likes purple, that’s what I mean. 8Dv Kekeke. As in he’s very happy when he sees purple stuff. I’m sure he would love you cuz of that. Wahahahaha. *ships you and Hoya already LOL*

        Yay! More Lookbook posts to come! <3

        • ooo really. I just don’t like that color in particular. Haha does he?? I didn’t know! Please, do ship me off to him!! I’ll close the box myself huhu

          I’m trying to move a little bit more from Lookbook posts to videos. I still have to edit what I filmed T_T

          • Hahahahahahaha. Why would you do thaaaaaat~ Hahahahaha :D I would try not to ship you again to him then o u o

            Editing videos is really hard. .__. Fighting unnie! :D

  6. how did you get your gray/white hair? i lost all of my hair getting my hair professionally done and they melted all of it off and now i have no hair.

    • Oh no, that’s terrible! I did do it myself. I hope to do a video or blog post about it in the future. Maybe your hair is very thin or the developer was too strong. You have to keep checking and checking the condition of your hair while you bleach to make sure it’s not melting and turning into gel T_T I hope it works out for you in the future!

  7. and if you bleached it yourself, can you tell me exactly how you did it?

  8. I love your hair colours :) How long did you let your color mixture sit in your hair? I’m hoping to attempt lavender and silver as well. How light should my hair be from bleaching to attempt this and should I use Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow after bleaching as well?

    • Aw thanks! It took about 3 bleaches for my black hair to become a decent blonde (but still kind of yellow).

      I basically just followed the instructions on the Manic Panic bottle, which says to leave it on for 30 minutes. I probably did it just a tad longer, like 35-40 minutes haha.

      Lavender only shows with pretty light hair. Some parts of my hair that were not bleached light enough just turned grey, because purple turns bleached hair grey. So it kind of works out perfectly. The parts of your hair that are light enough will turn lavender, and the parts that aren’t will be grey/silver. So, you don’t actually need to use Virgin Snow. Virgin Snow is only if you don’t want any lavender and just want to take out the yellow/orange from your bleached hair.

      Also, I didn’t really like Manic Panic that much. Once I finish all my bottles, I will go for something permanent, because Manic Panic washes out with about 5-6 washes and it’s annoying to keep redoing it. It was good to start out with and see what colors I liked on myself.

      I hope this helps! Good luck!

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