Two Haircuts Later + Headband

I’ve been growing my hair out since my short boy cut. Even though my hair was long and shaggy, I was afraid to cut it for fear that the stylist will go too short. I usually kept it tied up and clipped on the side.

When my mom visited me in Korea, she asked, “When are you going to cut your hair? You look like a homeless.

seoul shopping, shopping haul

One of the few days I let my hair free. Pretty homeless.


Thanks to my mom’s discrete remark, I lifted up the courage to brave yet another battle with another stylist who pretends to listen and then cuts my hair completely different from what I ask.

When I went to cut my hair in January, I was put in the hands of a middle aged lady. She was the first stylist ever who actually listened to what I said, did what I asked for, and even took initiative to find pictures in the middle of my haircut to confirm what I wanted. She never looked annoyed as I watched her cut my hair and asked to her fix certain parts.

I finally found a stylist who I want to go back to!


Last Saturday, I made an appointment with her. I told her my hair has grown out a lot, is too thick, and all I wanted was a light trim without cutting off too much because I want to grow my hair long.

Then, I pretty much dozed off and let her do all the work. She always asks me after she cuts my bangs whether I want to go shorter. I usually do, because she is usually careful not to cut it too short.

The only thing small criticism I had was she did not blow dry my hair after the cut since I didn’t wash it, but my hair was all flat from her spraying water on it before cutting. I had to ask her to blow dry and put some volume into my hair for me, which she did very nicely.

I walked out a happy (and less homeless) lady!

seoul shopping, shopping haul

seoul shopping, shopping haul

seoul shopping, shopping haul


*edit 2014, Oct 12: Aka Hair is now closed (I went recently!). I will make a new post for a large hair salon area very soon.
The name of my stylist is RaKyung.

seoul shopping, shopping haul

15,000won ($14 USD) cut only. 3,000won ($3) wash and dry. 3,000won to curl or style.


After my haircut, I quickly shopped around before drinks with my friend and bought a hairband. I love buying hairbands even though I don’t end up wearing most of them T_T I’m gonna work hard on wearing this one as often as possible!

seoul shopping, shopping haul

Small, delicate, and subtle. Nothing too crazy.

seoul shopping, shopping haul

5,000won ($5) Kangnam station (강남역) underground shopping


I think the gold leaves go really well with my hair color.

seoul shopping, shopping haul


Finally, just to put you off the hook, instead of always showing you all my made up photos, here’s me after washing, blow drying, and waking up the next morning with my new hair cut.

No makeup look. Don’t be scared!

seoul shopping, shopping haul

Even though I watched her blow dry my hair, it’s really hard to get it as perfect. I’ll work on it!



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  1. I love your new cut! It’s so cute! O(≧∇≦)O
    I’m glad you were able to find someone that actually listened to you. It sounds and looks like she took good care of you and your hair
    ♡ Deni

  2. I know all too well the feeling of getting a hair cut that’s totally different from what you asked for. My last haircut was so bad I had to go elsewhere to fix it up. I’m glad you found a good hairdresser. Your new haircut looks really nice especially when it’s loose like in the video. Though there’s a charm to that “homeless” look too… Kind of like Joan Jett if she was British.

    • I always get it fixed on the spot. I will not leave the place unhappy because I paid for it. They are usually okay with fixing it as long as you tell them early on, not when they are pulling the towel off you and ready for you to leave.

      Haha, well, I’m glad at least you found the ‘homeless’ look charming! XDD I had to look up Joan Jett, and it did kinda look like that! omigosh lol

      • I probably should have said something as soon as I noticed, but I have trouble being assertive. I asked towards the latter half, but it just got increasingly worse so I left before it became unfixable. Last time I’m going there needless to say. And no problem~! I dig laid back roll n’ roll kinda looks.

  3. Sorry,

    This is so unrelated, but I have always relied on aheeyah for lyrics. I have never wrote you or donated.. I used it as a teen and like you said about the site, I kind of grew out of putting all my time into just being in love with kpop. I have my own life I’m working on and I still love kpop. Last time I was on it was when I was 14… Now I’m 20. I have just recently looked it up. I was surprised I even still remembered the website name. I clicked on it and found out you were closing it. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You played a precious part in my life and I hope you succeed in everything you do now!

    Sorry I posted on your blog.. I didn’t know where else to post that would e fast and easy. Also sorry I didn’t donated, I didn’t have any money…

    • It’s really amazing you still remembered the name of Aheeyah. It’s okay if you wrote here. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a nice message ^^ It means a lot to hear that Aheeyah’s staff and I were able to be a precious part of someone’s life!

  4. Wow! Who took that amazing photo (the top one)? XD
    What was ur Mom’s exact word? Haha! I LOLed when u said homeless! XD wow! U look so girly there! *thumb’s up*

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