Belated Xmas Haul Youtube Video

I went on a shopping spree for Christmas as a treat for myself, to buy gifts for others, and catch the winter sales. Here’s a video of the clothes, accessories, beauty products, and nail polishes I bought. I also included an Outfit of the Day to model and style what I bought for you guys ^^

I am also doing a mini giveaway of these super cute socks in the video as well. Please check out the video for details.

After a lot of thought on how I was going to 1) take beautiful pictures of all the many items I hauled, including the clothes and 2) how I was going to model all of them without making a big project out of turning it into a Look post instead of a Haul post, I finally decided it would be just much easier to make a haul video. Also, I have had requests from you guys to do haul videos from the comments you gave me in my last giveaway, so it works out nicely.

I found that I enjoyed making the video a lot more than I did shooting looks just because I don’t have to move the furniture around my tiny apartment to make room for a full body shoot and it seems a lot more dynamic and relatable to be talking in a video rather than just have you look at my pictures.

As a result, I decided to move more of what I do on my blog to the form of Youtube videos — hauls, reviews, beauty tips and advice, and of course, makeup tutorials. It doesn’t mean I won’t be updating my blog anymore, but more that the two will complement each other.

What do you guys think?


Here are some photos from my weekend, taken on my new phone. Ipod picture quality totally loses!

seoul shopping, shopping haul

01 Most people don’t realize I live in a city outside of Seoul. I stay at a hostel when I visit Seoul for the weekend 02 My total Christmas shopping haul bags 03 Back of my “new” vintage denim jacket (see video) 04 Club stamp from Club Cocoon in Hongdae (great club!)


seoul shopping, shopping haul

05 Outfit on display at Zara Men. Was debating whether to buy the vest or not for Gary 06 Sweat shirt on sale at Giordana 15,000 won ($15 USD) 07 Choosing a scarf for the little brother 08 Gary wearing his shirt and scarf Christmas gift

Check out the video for the rest of the haul.


Hope you guys enjoyed! The video came from a lot of hard work and late night editing T__T

6 Comments to “Belated Xmas Haul Youtube Video”

  1. Great items.. It’s been a Long time for you to update your blog…. ~ how to win the socks anyway,, lol

  2. I’m glad to see you updating again! Those socks look super cute. I’m a sucker for kitschy things.

    • Hi Amy. Thanks for being patient and sticking around through the hiatus. They are super cute, aren’t they XDD

      • You’re welcome, but I really do like reading your blog because it seems very genuine. A lot of fashion related blogs usually just consist of photos and lists of brand names which is kind of cold.

        And yes, they are! The leopard one amuses me greatly. I have a pair of a cat with ears too. I also have this scary black and red Minnie Mouse one that has a face likes this -> ◉_◉ Always a great conversation starter when I’m visiting someone’s home, haha.

        • Aw, thank you ^^ I’m glad you feel it’s genuine. That really means a lot. Well, these socks are so common in Korea now that it’s almost normal, but to people who aren’t used to it, it IS a great conversation piece =p

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