“Skinny Skin” Sticker Phone Covers

samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

My first smartphone ever!

Purchased as a result of the Korean drama 신사의 품격, A Gentleman’s Dignity, where I was wondering if the all the characters were not holding the biggest phone ever or what.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

Purchased from: 11st.co.kr. Includes: front sticker, back sticker with customized name, star, and crystal deco, 2 screen protector films (low quality), a clear film sticker applicator, instructions sheet, etc. Also available at: english.gmarket.co.kr (english + international shipping), search ‘skinny skin’ or skinnyskin.co.kr

I don’t usually believe in covering my electronics, especially if I own a $700 phone, I’m going to flash it around! Unfortunately, I have buttery fingers (or so my unnie called it) as my hobby seems to be dropping my phone on the ground everyday, so I had to get some sort of cover.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

To Match your Screen & Border: Before removing the sticker skin, take pictures of it on your phone in various sizes and closeness. Set as your home and lock screen. Crop and adjust to fit your phone border. Play around!

Skinny Skins are custom made by order for most popular phones. They are not a clip on cover, just two sheets of stickers, stamp cut to fit the shape of your phone.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

Customizable option available on 11st.co.kr only. Available in three options: 1) writing, 2) various decorations, and 3) crystal. Details and screenshot below.

My order was name + deco + crystal with the instructions “Please write ‘Sharon’ in silver with star deco” (은색으로 영문 “Sharon” 별데코 부탁 드려요).

The writing is glossed over and the crystal applied with glue and heat. After 2 months of heavy usage, it still looks the same (in fact, I took these pictures all just yesterday, and the cover still looks new!).


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover


  • lightweight
  • unique artwork designs
  • matching screen and border picture
  • customizable name, design, color, and crystal decoration
  • high quality, durable, and stays in place
  • Cons

  • very difficult and time consuming self application
  • doesn’t provide fall protection
  • sticker allows only 1-3 times of reapplication
  • regular film protectors need to be cut to match the front screen
  • My first reaction when I received the skinny skin was, “Wadda heck, I gotta stick it on myself??” It took, no joke, 1.5 hours of intense concentration, removal, reapplication, and lots of hair pulling before I finally got both sides on and gave up on the screen protector film (which I tried and failed). You do get a few tries if you mess up, but in the reviews on their website, some people said they had to throw theirs away after too many failed attempts. I wish this were sold at an on-site store where I can buy the skin and ask them to put it on for me.

    Once it was on, I was in love. The moment I had seen the unearthly, evil-ish, vampire-y looking, slightly Victorian dressed little girl with the cold expression, fiery red hair, and a freaky bunny peaking from behind (a rabbit is on my pet wish list!), I knew the design was for me. Whenever I’m teaching, I always check out my student’s phones and covers, and they are all the same stuff you see on the streets. So far, I’ve not had any clashing.

    There are many designs, suit for the boys as well. Here are other ones I like:

    samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover



    Q & A

    Last time I posted about Those Animal Pajamas all the Kpop Idols Wear, lots of people asked me these questions…

    1) How do I place the order? Does it ship overseas?

  • Screenshot + Instructions to Order from English Gmarket
  • Screenshot + Instructions to Order from 11st.co.kr.
  • If you live overseas, order it from Gmarket. To give you an idea of shipping costs, it’s $14 USD to ship to Canada. If you live in Korea or have a friend who can ship it to you, order it from 11st.co.kr.

    I ordered from 11st.co.kr. Skinny Skins are also available on english.gmarket.co.kr (no custom deco option). You can also buy from other shopping sites by searching ‘skinny skin’ or the original skinnyskin.co.kr.

    2) How do I make an account with Gmarket or 11st.co.kr?
    Gmarket has an English language option. You can make an account even as a foreigner living overseas and most of the registration is done in English.

    As for 11st.co.kr, I don’t think they ship overseas. If you are a registered foreigner living in Korea, but you have very little Korean language skills, I suggest asking a Korean friend to help you. Even if I translate the registration page for you, you need to type your information in Korean, and there are lots of picky glitches. Get a Korean to help you! Once you’ve made an account, ordering stuff by yourself is a lot easier.

    3) Can you buy it from a US dealer?
    I didn’t find any, but if you do, please share in the comments with us.

    Note: All products were purchased with my own money.



    PS. I keep apologizing for being so slow on updates. I’ve been working crazy overtime hours (to make up for this $700 phone I bought T_T), got the flu, had my parents over for a week, and studying Korean everyday like crazy to prepare for the TOPIK (I’m aim for level 5! >.<) in April. Thanks to my friend for finally one day calling me, investigating my schedule, asking me why I cannot both study Korean and blog as well, and demanding that I go make an update right away, that I am here... but really, these posts take a lot longer than you think! Anyways, I needed a break from studying.

    I made a huge haul for Christmas (old, I know!) that I've been meaning to post. I'll try my best to be back with that soon! <3

    9 Responses to ““Skinny Skin” Sticker Phone Covers”

    1. Nice phone, and the cover is cute…
      I seem to have the same problem with you. I keep on dropping my electronic stuff, including my phone. 
      So far I broke my nokia, and I cracked my iphone screen after dropping it a few times T_T
      So I finally decided to get a shockproof skin for my iphone, along with a replacement screen. 
      I really love your Skinny Skin, but it’s too expensive >_<

      • It seems like the iphone is not very sturdy. I’ve seen so many ppl carrying around iphones with cracked screens. I’ve dropped my Note 2 a few times now. Pretty heavy falls, one which really dent the bumper thing around the phone, but everything else was ok *phew*

        I had a jelly protector for my ipod too but I can’t stand to have one or my phone T_T

        I thought it was quite expensive too, but just the skin itself without deco or shipping is $15, which is not so bad if you don’t change it often.

        • This is the first time I have a phone with cracked screen. Not only that, the screen is coming off to. The only thing that is holding it now is the digitizer T_T I had an ipod before and dropped it a number of time, but the screen show no sign of crack. Only the ipod finally went crazy and well, I had to say goodbye to it.
          $15 without the shipping is expensive for me, and since I live in Malaysia, I think the shipping might be expensive too. 

    2. Nice!!!!!

      Good job: )

    3. It really is soooo cute! I really love the design! ♥ But it’s just expensive :( 

    4. so awesome! :D love the design omoh~ :* 

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