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Sorry I’m late! I feel like that’s all I’m saying nowadays but I really can’t help it much. For the last three and a half weeks I’ve been doing overtime at school. Literally when I go home, all I have energy for is to stare into my TV. I hardly even use the computer!

After tomorrow, I will have a whole week off. Hopefully I’ll be able to write and pre-write lots of posts, especially because I am going to Thailand soon for 5 weeks for a teacher training certification course. Can’t wait for that! But don’t worry, I’ll pre-write and maybe even shoot a video before I go so the blog won’t be too lonely.


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I would like to thank everyone for your awesome and some very detailed suggestions. I actually printed all of them out and made an ordered list of the most common ones:

– cosmetic reviews, esp Korean brands
– makeup tutorials
– hair styling
– hair care or routine
– videos videos videos!!
– korean life and culture
– food and restaurant reviews
– kpop music reviews
– current kpop styles and inspiration
– my daily and special occasions outfits and makeup

I will try my absolute best to stick to this list for future posts, especially more product reviews and video tutorials. I also didn’t know you guys were so interested in my hair, so the next time I make a video will most likely be a hair related video.

After I come back from Thailand, I’ll start on makeup videos as well. I actually really want to shift the focus of this blog back to more beauty and makeup, because that was my original goal but somehow it became more fashion related. I love styling looks but makeup is a lot more my expertise, if you can call it that ^^

The only thing I can’t promise are food and kpop reviews. It’s just so far away from the focus of this blog. However, I can still post food and restaurant photos on my Facebook page and do Kpop inspired looks and makeup (which I’ve always been doing anyways).


I’d also like to quickly answer some of the questions made in your suggestions.

Who are your favourite Kpop groups?
I’ve favorited nearly every decent looking or talented idol group from old school to new, but mainly — H.O.T, Shinhwa, F2TS, DBSK, Rain, SS501, Shinee, 2pm, BigBang. I also like for talents — GOD, SG Wannabe, Sung ShiKyung, Park HyoShin, and Epik High. In passing, I’ve liked — UN, Seven, Wheesung, Suju, Beast, Ukiss, and Mblaq. Currently I’m into — Infinite, Nu’est, and Cross Gene. Finally, the only female singer I am a fan of is Lyn (I saw her in concert and own all of her albums!). There’s probably a lot more I forgot to list!

Where can bigger people shop in Korea?
Online, Dongdaemun or maybe Itaewon and department stores for Korean made clothing. If you don’t mind international products, then most big brand names like Zara or H&M are most available in Myungdong.

Where can you buy accessories in Korea and where would you recommend?
Literally anywhere and everywhere there is shopping to do. For unique stuff, visit Hongdae and some hidden little stores of Eedae for handmade one-of-a-kind accessories.

What is your take in the fashion trend of the Korean fashion industry?
I don’t follow the high end names of the fashion industry. I find most of my inspiration from what I see on on the street, in stores, TV and mostly Kpop idols.


And now, finally, what you’ve all been waiting for. The giveaway winners are:


Skin79 and Other Cosmetics Winner: kitsura (#3)

Kpop CD Winner: Shaa Micha (#32)


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Actually, the first number that came up for the Kpop CD was 11 (Ezra Augusto), but they didn’t write a contest entry, so I had to choose another one! Also, I let everyone have a number in the draw, but if you didn’t follow the instructions properly, I would’ve chosen another name! >.<

Congratulations to you two ladies! I will be emailing you shortly.

If one of the winners do not reply my email in 3 days, I will choose another winner, and so on. If that happens, I will come back to edit this post and announce that a new winner was chosen on my Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you to everyone who took part. Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t win. I do these giveaways every now and then, so just watch out for them on my blog and other social platforms ^^


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  1. Congrats !!!!

  2. I won?? I won?? I won?? I still can’t believe my rotten luck actually favours me. :O I’m still shocked to see my name. And first time ever winning anything! Thank you soooooo much! I couldn’t be more happier.

    • XDDD congrats kitsura
      I have rotten luck too and only ever one something once in my life. Hopefully, you will have more chances after this once!!
      You are welcome and will email you back soon ^^

      oh and dont worry ur entry details were all jumbled up but i was able to get ur email from your comment profile info ^^

  3. And My entry details were jumble up somehow.
    My lookbook:
    My email:

  4. Aw I didn’t win :( LOL It’s okay. Onni: “I do these giveaways every now and then” I’ll be always here waiting for those.. >:D LOL Congratulations to the winners! Make sure you thank frosty onni or else! haha

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