My First Street Fashion Experience!

After a few months of winter hibernation, I finally went out to do some shopping in Myungdong, my favorite shopping area in Seoul. As I was walking up a slightly deserted street, I saw this ajusshi (uncle/older man) holding this real big and nice camera looking at me and approaching to talk…

He turned out to be a street fashion photographer!

I wasn’t really that dressed up, since I was prepared for a busy day of heavy shopping, so I was a little surprised. He gave me his business card and asked for permission to take some photos. It was totally awkward for me. I know I take a lot of photos of myself for this blog, but having a stranger with a huge camera take photos of you on his knees and a bunch of different angles on the street and people passing by is… just a little different, you know?

I wanted to bolt and run away as quickly as possible!

He asked me a few questions about myself, where I was from, my everyday style, and to explain what I was wearing that day. I told him my usual style was “편하면서 화려하게” (bright/flashy/dressed up but comfortable). Then he showed me on his iPad the website he was photographing for, where I can find my own photos, and promoted it a little to me.


Here are some of the photos:

seoul street fashion, korea street fashion, street fashion photos, myungdong street fashion

seoul street fashion, korea street fashion, street fashion photos, myungdong street fashion

seoul street fashion, korea street fashion, street fashion photos, myungdong street fashion

seoul street fashion, korea street fashion, street fashion photos, myungdong street fashion


White V-neck Tshirt: 7,900 won ($7 USD) online from
Teal Graphic Print Cardigan: 30,000~ won ($27) from Express Bus Terminal underground shopping
Polka Dot Denim Shorts: $30~ from Zara (also worn in Nine: Leprechaun Casual)
White Canvas Shoes: $18 from H&M
Silver Shoulder Bag: gift from my mum from Ebase in HongKong (because I love silver/gold bags and shoes!)


To me, white is the absolute summer color. I have like a bajillion variety of white summer T-shirts. With my bleached hair, I actually look better in black, but I hate walking around in the sun in black clothes. I don’t want to be a walking sunlight magnet!

I’ve been wanting a white deep V-neck T-shirt ever since I saw Mary Kate Olsen in this effortless but stunning outfit.


mary kate olsen, v neck tshirt, white tshirt

mary kate olsen, v neck tshirt, white tshirt
(and an extra picture for good measure just because she’s so pretty)


ARGH!! I just always love the Olsen twins’ style and makeup. Well, I loved them since they were babies in Full House!



Close Ups + Accessories


You know how sometimes, you will buy something perfect which you absolutely love, but just never quite find the chance to use it, until one day, it happens to match an outfit perfectly?

Well, that was what happened here…


korean accessories, korean earrings, korean wrisetlets, korean bracelets

korean accessories, korean earrings, korean wrisetlets, korean bracelets

korean accessories, korean earrings, korean wrisetlets, korean bracelets

korean accessories, korean earrings, korean wrisetlets, korean bracelets

Rainbow Double Wrap Around Wristlet: 7,9000 won ($7 USD) online from
Jamaican Wooden Bead Bracelet: free with above purchase!
Zipper Earrings: 13,000 won ($12) from Hongdae
Teal Circle and Black Mini Star Earring: 1,000 won ($1) from street accessory stores (Ehwa and Myungdong)


The cardigan really matches the description I gave the ajusshi about my style that day “flashy but comfortable”. The bright teal is summery and fun with some colorful comic-like graphic prints.

You can’t see the accessories well in the photos he took, but aren’t the rainbow + white and Jamaican wristlets like an absolutely perfect color match to the white T-shirt and cardigan comic prints?

I wore the earrings to be visible with and match my hair: the long zipper earring where my bangs are long, and the studs where my hair is pinned behind my ears. Unbalanced and mistmatched earrings are an easy way to put a unique twist to your accessorizing.

I didn’t wear the teal zipper because two teal earrings matching the teal cardigan is a bit overkill.


What is your summer must have item? ^^


  • fun

    Your hair colour looks so good under the sunlight, and you look really pretty! ^^

    I really like reading your blog~ Hope you will blog more, I like reading fashion posts like this haha ^^

    • frostedsnow

      Thank you so much! I was wondering if it didn’t look TOO white under the sun!

  • pockiexx

    Love your hair color! :) Those zipper earrings look so cute <3

    • frostedsnow

      Thank you so much. They are so much fun, I bought two more pairs recently! haha

  • Offly ~ hi~ have a nice day~

  • Soulgirl

    FINALLY some good taste photographer! Geez! It’s about time! (long ovedue). Someone should have shot you a long time ago!

    Nice earrings! The zippers are quite creative!

    And I thought your superb blond hair and white shirt really makes ur skin look even paler (is paler skin more the trend in Korea these days or darker skins? anywayz, I gotta make a mental note about that for myself~)

    • frostedsnow

      thank you so much dear <3
      and yes, pale skin is the thing in korea.. just think, whatever is more feminine, that is the thing!

  • Christina Heo

    I’ve been waiting for a post like this since forever omg *3* I love your outfit in the pictures – I’ve been looking for that cardigan everywhere. I think Taeyeon wore it before too or something ^^

    Your outfit is really cool but I think your accessories (especially the beaded bracelet) seems slightly bohemian chic?
    I think I should start investing in plain shirts too -nod- ^^

    • frostedsnow

      Oh thank you so much Christina! Long time no see : ) That graphic/comic like print was really common when I first found it.. I think there are always these small trends that come and go, so lately, I don’t see it as much.

      Bohemian chic! That’s cool. I was thinking Jamaican when I wore it XD

  • L0v3xmu51c

    You really look kinda like 2NE1′s CL! haha
    I LOVE your earrings and your outfit!! :]

    • frostedsnow

      Glad you like. Thank you ^^

  • GM

    Hey, you already have those zippers ear rings? lol – G

    • frostedsnow

      Nooooo these ones are LONG..

  • tomoko

    hi, i’ve kinda been a “silent reader” for a while, but i really like your style and how versatile it is… so i was wondering if you could suggest as a few closet staples. like, a few items that are necessary to use as basics to build various outfits from or something like that.

    • frostedsnow

      Thank you so much ^^
      That is a great idea for a post! I started forming in my mind what I’d post right after I read your suggestion. I can’t promise exactly when, but I will do it for sure! Since it’s summer, I think a summer closet staples will be good : ) Thank you for your suggestion ^^

  • Eugi

    Haha Sharon didn’t I buy that cardigan with you? Or we saw it together?

    • frostedsnow

      Did we? I can’t remember.. XD too much shopping

  • Glenda Blanco Lee

    love it 

  • fatfatgirl90 fatfatgirl90

    HI! May I know where’s the Express Bus Terminal? Is it still operating??

    • frostedsnow

      It’s a subway station in Korea called 고속버스터미널 and you must find your way to the underground shopping. However, it’s been under renovations for the past year or so. I went just very recently with my family, but it’s STILL closed! It looked almost ready to open though…,_Seoul