Eyebrow Bleaching

Since I started bleaching my hair, I finally had to do something about my brows.

I used to think that eyebrow bleaching can only be done at salons. How do you even bleach your own eyebrows? Can’t I just use hair dye (NO!! You’ll go blind!)? How do I get the color I want? But the only ‘hard’ part about it was actually just finding the product. Once you get your hands on something available locally or online, it’s actually real easy to do.

Warning: If you have very sensitive skin that irritates, burns, and reddens easily, DO NOT use bleach on your skin. If you absolutely must do it, at least do a patch test on your inner arms first!




The first place I looked was my local supermarket and drugstore (Superstore in Vancouver). I only found facial hair bleach, but no ‘eyebrow’ bleach. I wasn’t sure if they were the same thing, so I wrote down the names of all the facial bleaches available in-store, and did some research online.

To my relief, one of the facial bleaches could be used as eyebrow bleach as well.


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrowseyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

JOLEN creme bleach, 1 OZ (28g), $10~ USD

JOLEN creme bleach is a mild bleach which can be used to lighten eyebrows, upper lip, arm, or body hair. It comes in two sizes, 1 oz. for facial hair, or 4 oz for body hair. As you can see above, the product includes a jar of bleach creme, a tube of bleach powder, a plastic spatula and flat ‘tray’, and instructions.

This product is sold at major drugstores and online.



How to Bleach

There are very clear instructions included, however here are some personal tips and photos.


Before Bleaching Tips

– DO NOT pluck your brows. Plucking can cause open pores or wounds. Pluck your brows a day before or after bleaching.
– DO NOT trim or shape your brows. Bleached brows are significantly lighter in color and looks much softer, like you have less eyebrow hair. You may not need to trim it as much as you usually do. It is wiser to do the shaping once you see how much hair you have ‘lost’.
– DO NOT wash your face or brows before bleaching. This is opposite of what the instructions tell you, but what I learned from bleaching my hair is that oil helps protect your skin from sensitivity and redness.
DO NOT ever in your life use hair dye or bleach to lighten your brows. Hair dye and bleach are very strong and potent products. Even using it on my hair can irritate and burn my eyes. Using it on your brows will cause blindness!
– DO NOT use a metal tray to mix the product. It will react with the bleach. Use a flat plastic tray or lid. The one they provide because it is tiny and will spill everywhere (but is good for travel).


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

Product Instructions: With a spatula, measure about one quarter teaspoon powder and place on tray. Clean spatula. Measure about one half tea-spoon creme. Blend powder and creme well. Apply mixture with spatula covering hair completely. Keep mixture on for about ten minutes. Remove with spatula. If hair is not completely bleached, reapply the mixture for another five to ten minutes.


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows



Bleaching Tips

Apply enough to cover all of the hair, so that there is nothing sticking out. Hairs that are sticking out will not be bleached. If you want to be cheap, do one eyebrow at a time. The bleach does not ‘work less’ the more you use it.

Reapply and rework the mixture onto your brows every 5 minutes. The creme hardens very quickly and separates itself from your skin, so the inner hairs will not be bleached. Reapply in different directions to cover all hairs.

Check the color after ten minutes. Continue to check every 5 minutes until you are happy with the color. It should not take any longer than 20 minutes, maximum.

Remove the mixture with the spatula slowly, a little at a time to prevent dripping or dropping the product onto your eyes. Wipe off the leftover with a wet tissue. Wash your face with cleanser. DO NOT wash the mixture off your face in the shower — it will get into your eyes!

DO NOT keep the bleach mixture for another day. Discard after use.


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

(I’m sorry you have to look at my messy brows, but like I said, I don’t trim it before bleaching.)

It may not look much lighter, but it’s really blonde in real life.

I usually re-bleach my brows once a week, every Sunday night. Do not bleach your brows right before you plan to go out. Your skin will be red and you don’t want to put makeup onto sensitive skin.

The inner parts of my brow has more hair than the outter, so sometimes I will just ‘spot bleach’, bleaching only the inner part of my brow.

Here’s my current brow and hair situation. I bleached my hair again since the Joker look. Since I took this pic, I bleached my brows again so it’s pretty blonde (eek!), but never shows up that way in photos.


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows



Product Review

At $10~ for 1oz, the JOLEN bleach powder and creme will me at least a year for only eyebrow bleaching, which is reasonable. During bleaching, there is a tingly or itchy feeling, but no burning. Your skin will be slightly red after bleaching, but it goes away in an hour or so.

The only downside of this bleach is that the color of your brows come out very brassy. Instead of a nice natural light yellow blonde color, you get a very shiny, metallic rusty orangey gold color (as you can see in the ‘2nd bleach’ picture above).

When I run out of JOLEN, I will definitely be looking into other facial bleaches.

You can read more personal reviews of this product on Makeup Alley.



Other Solutions

If you colored your hair, but can’t or don’t want to bleach your brows, it’s okay!

You could just get a haircut with bangs that cover your brows.

Another solution is trimming your eyebrow hair very thin, and then filling it in with a lighter brow color. Don’t confuse ‘trimming’ with ‘shaping’ though. I don’t mean pluck all of your eyebrow hair out! Just trim the hair with a brush and scissors.



Hair + Brow Color Combo

How light you bleach your brows really depends on your hair and skin color. Generally, you bleach it 3 shades darker than your hair color.

Bleached hair and brows usually look better on those with whiter skin. Asians with darker skin tend to look better with darker hair.

Finally, dying or bleaching your hair does not absolutely mean having to bleach your brows as well. Asians who bleach and dye their hair other exotic colors (red, blue, green, pink, etc) tend to leave their brows black, as no one will expect you to dye your brows the same color.

Let’s look at some examples while we end off with some fan boy photos ^^


eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

Key (Shinee) dark hair + light brows (looks like brow mascara)

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

blonde hair + slightly bleached (but overall black) brows

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

G-dragon (Big Bang) blonde hair + brown brows

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

same blonde hair + thick black brows (probably want to avoid this)

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

Zelo (B.A.P) blonde hair + thin black brows (very like G-dragon, except this works cuz his bangs hide a lot of his brows, and his brows are trimmed very thin)

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

Daesung (BigBang) blonde hair on darker skin (as I mentioned, not really a good combination; I never thought this look suit Daesung very well)

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

Junho (2pm) red hair + black brows

eyebrow bleach, bleaching eyebrows, how to bleach your own eyebrows

T.O.P (Big Bang) fluorescent blue hair + wide black brows


There’s really no hard and fast rules, as you can see. In the end, just do what you think looks good on you, and what you feel comfortable with.

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  1. I’ve seen Jolen creme bleach in stores before. Hmm, maybe I’ll pick up a box next time I go buy necessities though the brassiness of it is somewhat offputting. Thanks for all the tips though! I think Palty or Prettia also makes some sorta eyebrow dye or cover up? I saw it at an Asian mall but since I can’t make out a word of the packaging, I’ve never tried it.

    BTW, your hair looks really soft and shiny even after you bleached it. Do you do anything to keep it so nice after dying it? I’ve dyed and bleached my hair twice now and it’s still in pretty good condition. I wanted to try a new colour for summertime, but my family and friends have been warning me that doing it again might fry it. (Third time’s the curse???)

    Also, Zelo’s hair reminds me of popcorn shrimp… :Q__

    • I heard only of the Nair face bleach and some people say they like it much better than Jolen. However, I have never seen it in my local stores, so I’m stuck with Jolen for now!

      I definitely use a lot of products to repair my hair. I have conditioners, deep treatment, heat protectant spray, and essence oil. It is on my to-do list to post about it >.< But just briefly, I think deep treatment is really the best. All the other stuff are just side kicks. I use the 'Aussie' deep treatment, and you can think of it as just a really strong conditioner! It's really great.

      It is true that the more you bleach it, the more damaged it will be. I almost agree that the 3rd bleach will totally kill it… but it really depends on your hair and the quality of your bleach!

      good luck!
      (and I super duper love zelo's hair!! =p)

  2. OOOOH eyebrow bleaching. kkk~ I never thought there is such a thing as that. Hahahaha. :D

    You look like CL, really. You really look alike! ^O^
    And I’m seeing lots of handsome boys on this post =w= Especially the first and last one. Haha. 8D Maybe I’ll go and try to do this soon. ^^”

  3. yo man, his red hair and red backpack is pretty matching and cool

    • Yea, it IS pretty cool. You don’t like dying your hair though right? If you ever want, I can do it for you super easily.

  4. OMG I really love this! I must bookmark this one. I’ve been thinking of what to do with my brows bt then I bought an eyebrow mascare very recent.a LIGHT BROWN one but I like urs more! I live in the Philippines, do u think there is one here? :/ Thanks! U can visit my site to see how blonde I am. hehe


    • I recognize you from Lookbook! haha.
      I think using a brow mascara is fine too. Lots of the celebs use it too, it’s just that it’ll only get to the top layer of the hair unless you go really deep with applying it, but it’s fine!

      I’m not sure how it’s like in the Phillipines, but I’m sure you can order it online. I would visit Amazon to check for it : )

      and i like ur hair color! u look good w/ it ^^ it still looks at the yellow stage. how many times did u bleach it? did u do it urself?

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