Joker’s Back + Bleached Hair (Shinee inspired look)

Yes, this is the same Joker design shirt as my Lookbook Five: Joker look (argh, looking back, I kinda miss my old long red hair!! T_T).

I was going to buy the same T-shirt because I cut off the sleeves to my old one, but they weren’t selling the T-shirt version anymore. Instead, they made a sweatshirt version. All the better! I also found out later this shirt is actually a ripe off of a Givency T-shirt design. And the real one retails for like $200, which I can’t afford either way!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter have already seen, but yes, I bleached my own hair too!


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goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair


Most of my outfit was purchased online! Click on links for product details

3 pom-pom beanie: 13,900 won ($13 USD) from limps0up at
Joker Sweatshirt: 14,900 won ($14) from daejineya at
Black Shorts with White Fluffy Pocket Lining; Black Tights: 6,900 won ($6.50) each from nolluwa2011 at
Black studded Converse Shoes: 159,000 won ($147) from April 명동 Accessories Haul
Black Front and Back Patch Studded Shoulder Back: $35~ from H&M in Myungdong
White Spiked Punk Wristlet: 15,900 won ($15) from limps0up at
Rusty Bronze and Gold Wristlet: 2,600 won ($2.50) from limps0up at
Rings: All old from various places — Vancouver jewelry stores and inherited from my mum

I totally love shopping online nowadays. It’s convenient, specific to your search, and free of tired shoulders and back from a day’s of walking around.

Especially within Korea, shipping is super fast. You usually get everything you order within 2-3 days of payment!

I buy most of my stuff from because they are a relatively new, less established, and therefore cheaper seller.

In North America, all you get are eBay (which I absolutely hate for its inconvenience) and Amazon. In Korea, there are Interpark, Gmarket, Auction, 11st, and many more. More competition = better service = better shopping experience.


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair


To me, tights are the most comfortable kind of ‘pants’ to wear and so easy to match with anything. The only problem is that while you may have a nice bottom, you might not want your tight booties exposed if your shirt is not long enough to cover your bum.

The solution? Same color and material shorts on top. I recently bought a bunch of tights, shorts, and tights + shorts one piece combination from nolluwa2011 at

I really love everything I bought and wear them all the time, except for one $2.50 pair of black tights that I thought were a steal, but turned out ridiculously short and small! Skip out on the cheap stuff. You get what you pay for : /


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

I’m a sucker for studs.




goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

The kinds of eye makeup that can go with glasses is actually really versatile and doesn’t always have to be natural.

In my Dorky Rocker Chic look, I am wearing heavy metallic gunmetal and black eyeshadow and liner.

Here, I am wearing a less heavy red, orange, and brown shadow combination (all from the NYX 21 rust/copper/bronze 3 shadow palette) and a thin line of brown eyeliner (Urban Decay’s Corrupt) on the top lids with no mascara.

Your glasses eye makeup should vary depending on the color, size, and shape of your glasses, hair, and outfit. Don’t think that just because you are wearing glasses, your makeup needs to be natural — it doesn’t!




Okay, so I bleached my own hair and it’s a controversial topic. I am planning to write a post on how to bleach your own hair and some of the problems and issues I have as an Asian with blonde hair.

For now, I just want to say two things. One: colored hair is colored hair, whether it’s brown, green, or blonde. I don’t understand why brown hair is acceptable on Asians, while everyone has to make a fuss once an Asian goes a little out-of-the-box with their hair. Brown is not any more ‘natural’ on an Asian as blonde is. And an Asian who dyes their hair blonde is not trying to be ‘white’ anymore than a white person who dyes their hair black is trying to be Asian -_-

Two: everything is still a work in progress. I’m actually planning to go lighter with my hair. And yes, I did already bleach my eyebrows (which I would like to do a review of the eye brow bleach some time), but only once because I just got the product before shooting this. I didn’t want to bleach it any more in one day, so I know my brows are a little darker than they should be!

There are just so many issues with this whole blonde hair on Asians thing that bothers me. I even get strange and dirty looks from older generations of Asian people. Personally, I think it’s just hair and everyone needs to relax, but I’ll refrain from rambling anymore about it!


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hairgoth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

Left: lighter with more flash; Right: more orange in low light

Depending on the lighting, my hair will be either very yellow-blonde or orangey-yellow. It’s not exactly where I want it yet, but for now, I’m very happy with it ^^




The makeup for this look has two inspiration sources.

One, was a student who came to class one day with dark green hair. She had a really unique, slightly rock/gothic style (just very slightly), which I thought was really admirable because most Korean girl’s style is just very feminine and conservative. But more than her green hair, I loved the way she always did her makeup. It was a very vampire-y dark reddish undereye, and it was absolutely perfect with her green hair and gothic-ish look.

Personally, I think that if you are going to dye your hair a really different color, then your makeup should be just as unique. Leave the natural makeup for the natural hair.

My second inspiration is actually Taemin, the maknae of Shinee. I could never put myself to really ‘liking’ Taemin since he is freakin’ young T_T, but I admire seeing him growing up into a fine, handsome young man XD Blond hair seems to suit him really well, and I always notice the way they do his makeup.


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair


The second inspiration to this overall look is my current, absolute, top-of-the-list, squeal-and-melt-every-time-I-see-him beloved bias, Key from Shinee.


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

Source: Key Facebook fanpage

I saw this picture and realized that I could put together a similar look. And, it’s a secret, but you know I will use any chance to fangirl on my blog XD Can I insert too that I saw him perform in person before, and loved him even more after? He looks EXACTLY the same in real life as on screen, if not more beautiful! ARgh!!


Now, please don’t go off the track and think I’m a freaky stalker type fan trying to BE Key. I’m not. I just loved how he looked in this photo and wanted to take a similar photo myself, especially since we have the same hair color now XDD (and NO, I did NOT dye my hair just be BE Key ok -_- I’ve always wanted blonde hair but never had a job that would allow it).

Somehow, one photo just turned into a whole look, because, well, might as well, right? ^^


goth fashion, gothic fashion, gothic, korean fashion, korean style, bleach hair

How is it? Similar look, similar feel? Fangirl mission accomplished? XDD


13 Comments to “Joker’s Back + Bleached Hair (Shinee inspired look)”

  1. Oh, you were really spot on with the make up! Especially for the eyes. I admit I’m guilty of doing the natural make up for eyes cause of my glasses. Maybe I’ll try experimenting with colours in the future. :d I’m looking forward to your post on bleached hair and eyebrow dye~ I dyed my hair blond around Christmas but I didn’t know what to do with my eyebrows. Luckily my bangs cover them most of the time but when the wind blows it’s like WOOOSH~does not match. :< And finally ditto on your first point for the Asians with blonde hair thing. People tend to make all kinds of assumptions just cause of it. :/ Ugh!

    • Ohhhh thank you so much!! So glad you think so. I think it was more choosing the right colors though, cuz the makeup itself is really easy!

      Oh my gosh, I know what you mean because before I could get my hands on eyebrow bleach, I also thought of just getting bangs so I can cover them up! But it’s great if you do that too cuz it’s much more convenient. I have to bleach my brows like every week T_T

      Thank you always for your comments!!

  2. AHHHH! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LOOK!!! <33333333333333333

    I can't wait for your tutorial on bleaching hair because I want this really vibrant RED toned hair SO VERY BADLY. Right now, I've got dark Korean hair but ehhhhh, I colored it red … but still, it's not VIBRANT enough :P

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment and tell you that I think this look is positively GORGEOUS. <3


    • Oh hi Youngsoon ^^ It’s the first time I’ve seen your name here. Thank you for leaving a comment!

      I’m so glad you like the look. I’ll make sure to make my next post on hair or eyebrow bleaching since some of you guys seem interested in it ^^

      I also want to do a really vibrant red too once I get bored of blonde!!

    I was surprised to see it at first, but then I realized it suits you a loooot~ Reminds me of CL. LOL ^O^

    The whole look reminds me of Key, and when you said you were inspired because of him, the smile on my face widen up. Hahaha 8D You should do more posts inspired by your biases more. /ehemKEYandHOYA~/ :))))))

    I've always wanted to have beanies because they all look cute =w= And your beanie is an exception unnie~ It's really cute and it suits the whole look a lot~ :3

    and for some random reason, i feel like having key again on my bias list because of this post you did, unnieee~ x.x

    • Thank you so so much Rielle dear~

      Oh, did it remind you of Key even before I said it was inspired by him? If so, that’s totally great! haha. I wish I can do more bias inspired posts but it’s not so easy always having similar items as those boys! =pp But I will try.

      Girls look great in beanies. You should totally get one! (but maybe for you it will not be so cold in your country to wear one?)

      • Haha. Yeah, it did. And I don’t even know why. LOL 8D You shouuuld~ Maybe next time you can do a Seungri inspired one =w= kkk~

        I don’t think beanies would really work that much with the hot climate here. >__> But it’s gonna be so cool having even one *w*

  4. I love shopping online! I agree with you, I like that I can just search for something using specific keywords and I get a whole list of choices. It’s terrible, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by the among of clothes in certain stores.

    I love your look. Very edgy. Nice joker sweater.

    Nice job on the bleach, awesome colour! I’m with you whole-heartedly about the hair thing. I think people need to stop living in the 60s. Coloured contacts, coloured hair watever…it’s just a form of fashion. Diff colours to suit diff looks. Really no big deal.

    • It’s really becoming more and more convenient nowadays (though I think no where will compare to Korea! their shipping service is absolutely amazing!).

      Joey, I totally agree with everything you said, especially about the colored contacts too, as it’s become so common nowadays. Would you ever consider coloring your hair a bright-ish color? I wonder how you would look!

      • I have always wanted to die my hair red haha fiery, I know.
        I don’t think blonde would suit me, but I did think about going very light brown. However, the reason I’ve only ever coloured my hair once in my lifetime is due to the fact that I worry it will damage my hair. I know there’s plenty of products out there where people claim it won’t hurt our hair, but I’m just paranoid, ya know? I’m back in Malaysia no where it’s hot and humid and my hair is frizzy enough without it drying out more :|

        • I totally understand! I think light brown would look great on you. Dying your hair will definitely damage it, but it’s not that bad as long as you do it once in a while. It’s definitely not as bad as bleaching it though!

  5. Hey luv:
    As always, loved ur style review!
    The joker comes in sweater!? Nice! Does it come in any other color?
    And the eyeball ring!!! Kyaaaa~ I’ve seen them when I was in TW but it was freaking $$ (saw it in nightmarket) so didn’t get it! ~>_<~
    Dirty look!? No la! Speaking of which, I was thinking the girl who was staring at you that night, maybe she recognized u from here!
    Instead of asking for ur signature, she's thinking if it's u or not (which her sour face~)
    Miss ya!!! Keep updating your fab blog yo!

    • Hey, I wore this one of the days we met yo!! It only comes in black =p Yess those eyeball rings can be freaking expensive but I also seen cheaper versions before on the streets!! Want me to get you one in Korea if I see it?

      No way she recognized me from here! Not many Korean ppl would know of this site I think! No way no way… I think she just thought I was Korean or something… and Koreans really take notice of each other overseas…


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