Those Animal Pajamas all the Kpop Idols Wear

So you know those crazy cute and ridiculous looking animal pajamas that all the Kpop idols are running around in? the ones that you always thought would be fun to have, but can’t find anywhere?

I’m sure that if you are even faintly acquainted with Korean media, especially the Kpop idols, you will know what I mean by “animal pajamas”, but just in case…


animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
Shinee members on Hello Baby

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
Song JoongKi at a grocery store

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
Z:ea members KwangHee and DongJun at a radio show
Source & Photo: Star News via Nate

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
Infinite member Hoya on Sesame Player



Online Sellers

I’ve been wanting to buy one for myself since forever, but never saw them on the streets or stores of Korea. As I was doing some online shopping a while ago, I stumbled upon these and decided to buy one as a Christmas gift.


animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


These animal pajamas sell for about 25,000 won ($23 USD) by Sweet Holic at Interpark. I’m sure Gmarket and other major online Korean shopping websites will carry them as well.

Click on the specific animal pajama you want for more pictures and a sizing chart. I’m about 162 cm (5’4) and I just fit into a S (small). Medium will probably work for me but be a bit big. Expect these to be a little baggy, as they are PJs after all!


animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


Be aware of buying something in the $10+ range, because those are very likely “fakes”. Although I don’t think there is a specific brand name for these pajamas, I would stick to the $20+ range for better quality.

Sweet Holic claims that “fakes” are of lower quality, less durable, and forms fluffs/lint easily and can’t survive the washing machine. When I compare the photos of the cheaper and more expensive stuff, you can at least see that on the Sweet Holic pajamas, the eyes and facial features are actually sewn on, whereas the cheaper one looks glued on.

Sweet Holic also boasts elastic strewn sleeves and ankle legging, a string/rope adjustable hoodie neckline, and pockets on all of their PJs.



Quality + Review

I bought the kangaroo one because the baby kangaroo in the big pocket is just too cute. I’ve seen a chicken one before (though not sold by Sweet Holic) with a little baby chicken in the breast pocket and thought it was absolutely adorable as well. The miniature matching babies are just too much fun!


animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


As usual of Korean sellers, these arrived within a few days of payment. I was surprised how thick and heavy the material was, and had to scrap my original idea of sending it by post because of the size and weight. However, it is not that heavy that you would feel like it was dragging you down.

The PJs are a one piece slip on to wear around the house, to sleep in, and keep warm (or wear out if you fancy!). If you are like the Kpop idols, you can wear the hoodie to hide your messy bed head =p

The kangaroo has a pretty big tail, but I recommend you getting something without so you might actually be able to sleep in it. Lots of pajamas have something on the back (wings or tails) you should be aware of!


Finally, instead of writing a normal letter, I wrote this instead for my friend =p

animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


If I ever get one for myself, I would get the black pig (top row, 4th in screenshot) because my nickname at home is ‘pig’ since I love sleeping and eating (and I’m pretty lazy too) XD

Which one would you get for yourself?



PS. I posted on Facebook recently my new hair color. I know it’s time for a look post, but I’m leaving Vancouver this Tuesday, so I’ll try to post it asap when I get back to Korea! I have a good few days to rest before I start work on Monday ^^ I’ll also post some pics of my trip back in Van. soon (it’ll mostly be a lot of food porn though, like last time XD).

PPS. I wasn’t originally planning to make this animal pajama post, or else I would’ve screen capped all the many times I’ve seen idols in these PJs. However, I searched and searched for the episode and moment where they caught Hoya (from Infinite) sleeping in them in Sesame Player Episode 3 @ 34:50. It took forever cuz my player skips or rewinds in large chunks T_T, but I was soooo happy I could somehow find an excuse to include him in my blog post since he is my most recent bias =p Haha!!

30 Responses to “Those Animal Pajamas all the Kpop Idols Wear”

  1. I’M SEEING HOYAAAA. Hahahaha 8D
    Those pajamas are really adorable and cute =w=

    • Oh, and take care in Vancouver, unnie ^o^
      I want to see more posts with Hoya on it. kkkk~ XDD

      • Hahhaha it’s going to be hard to find another excuse to fit him in another post! I actually tried to think if there’s anyway since you mentioned it… but even if not Hoya, I’ll find another way to enter some of my biases into her! =pp

        Thanks so much Rielle. I’m actually at China airport now, waiting to transfer back to Korea T_T so tired!!

        • Hahaha. But seriously, I really liked the outfit a lot with him. It’s just too cute =w=
          Aigooo~ You should rest when you come back, unnie~

  2. Omfg, it’s the cutest thing ever!!!!!!

    I have to get one when I go to Korea!!!!
    It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I can’t believe I miss out your entry till now.

    • ooooomfg you are the last person I would expect to like something like this Jo! but ok, next time you are here, tell me before u come which you want cuz we gotta order it early online to give to you!

  3. How do you buy them? I’m confused because it won’t let me choose what design I want. Could you post a tutorial?

    • You can just choose from the very first pair of scrollbar that says “상품옵션 (필수)”. The first scrollbar, just choose design (디자인) and that will open up the options in the second scrollbar under it and you can choose the designs and sizes : )

  4. is it possible to order from US? if yes, how do i sign up to order the things? Super confusing…

    • I don’t think you can order from the US from 11st (even if you can, you wouldn’t want to pay the shipping I think), but you may be able to find it on the English version of Gmarket. The shipping is more reasonable there I think. Just search ‘animal pajamas’.

      The korean is 동물잠옷

  5. This reminds of DBSK’s Song “Baloon”. I miss them <3

  6. I want to order, but it is so confusing. NEED HELP. 

  7. i want it . how can i buy it ? please ~

    • I provided the link to the website I bought it from in the post, but it seems like the product no longer exists.

      If you live in Korea and are buying from a Korean site, search the words ‘animal pajamas’ (동물잠옷).

      You could try buying from the English version of Gmarket which ships overseas (of course more expensive) or just do a general search online for animal pajamas.

    • You could register to gmarket in English for foreigners and try to find it. 

  8. There isn’t any animal pajamas sold in Korea? You can only buy it online? 

  9. does this ship to different places other than korean such as america?

  10. I know this is an old post but… these animal pajamas were originally worn by girls in Japan waaay back in the early 2000s, and they are called “Kigurumi”. Search it up in Google and you’ll find a bunch of sellers from the US. It’s so much easier than navigating Gmarket. :) 

  11. Hi, I know this was a long time ago, but how accurate are the sizes?

  12. Do you know about any places that sell frog ones like Minho is wearing in the picture from hello baby???

  13. omg, they are so cute! I really want one! But how do you wash this? :o

    • I gave it to my friend, so I haven’t tried washing it, but the lazy and cheap way is probably just fold it inside out, put it into a laundry net and into the washing machine! T_T it might wear it down a bit, but it’s a PJ!

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