The Green Parka

There was a time when these green parkas were super popular in Korea. If you walked down the street, there would be at least one girl in one of these long canvas jackets. These are less of a hype now, but you can still see a lot of girls in one.

I never ended up buying one for myself because I don’t like wearing things everyone has, but my mom bought me something similar from her last trip to Hong Kong.


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green parka, canvas jacket

green parka, canvas jacket

Green Parka: Ebase from HongKong
Checkered Ankle Socks: Myungdong street sock stand, $3 USD
Brown Suede Heels: Shoesone from $45 USD

My favorite part to this outfit is actually the socks! I just think it’s fun to have a small splash of color to a neutral earthy colored outfit. The beige pairs really well with the brown suede heels.

I found a really good Korean online shoes seller. They sell all kinds of really fashionable heels, boots, sandals, and even rip-off of designer brands you may not be able to afford at the original price tag.

green parka, canvas jacket
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I know that most of my readers are not in Korea, but if you have friends there, or ever even just travel or do exchange there and are somewhat proficient in Korean or have a helpful friend, then you could consider some online shopping! They usually ship super fast and you get your stuff within 3-4 days of paying for it (though all sellers vary, they tell you the predicted time).

These shoes were very decent for the price and made in China. They had a really strong smell, but I’m sure that will go away with time. They are a little hard to walk in, but just so pretty I’m glad I bought them.

I bought two pairs and will show you the other pair in a future look!


green parka, canvas jacket

green parka, canvas jacket

green parka, canvas jacket

I’m wearing a thin frilly scarf to match the lace rimming the jacket.

Did you notice the puffy sleeves? It’s very princess like. That’s more of my mum’s style than mine. She loves feminine girly princess stuff!


corset back, green parka, canvas jacket

The corset back is my favorite thing about this jacket. I just love anything corset, lingerie, or Victorian!

It reminds me so much of corset back piercings, which I’ve always admired and actually looked into. However, I found out that you cannot keep the back piercings in because you have to sit down or lay down on your back, and the constant pressure cannot allow the wound to heal. So it’s often done for temporary purposes.

green parka, canvas jacket

Isn’t it soooo pretty though?



The Green Parka

green parka, canvas jacket
Shin Minah (Korean actress)

green parka, canvas jacket
Son GaIn (from Brown Eyed Girls)

I wish I could do a better capture of Gain in this jacket (I couldn’t find the episode on my hard drive T_T), but I loved her jacket and the way she wore it. It’s from We Got Married, episode 51.

What do you guys think of the green parkas? Would you buy one for yourself?



PS. Sorry so long time no see. I’ve been caught up with being a lazy slug in Vancouver — eating, playing Starcraft, and watching Kpop videos everyday T_T

As a result, I’ve officially fallen in love with Infinite My biases are Hoya (just cuz I’m a sucker for the innocent, quiet type and he’s a crazy dancer!) and L (he’s just too good looking T_T), but I generally like all of them =p

How many boybands can I handle!?? ARgh!

Actually, I’ve always known of them because my friend looooves them, but I only became interested after watching them in Weekly Idol. Then my friend recommended me to watch Sesame Player (running away from their managers) and Family Ties(raising puppies). You guys should check those shows out! It’s so much easier to fall in love w/ boybands watching them in their ‘natural environment’ XD

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  1. Nice outfit! It feels both tough and feminine. I wish I could wear heels in the winter time… way too clumsy though. I guess I need more practice. As for green parkas, even though I love green, I wouldn’t wear a green parka… combined with my normal wardrobe I’d look like I was going mountaineering or hiking;;;

    Speaking of trends, Canada Goose jackets are trendy now in Toronto. They are everywhere. I see couples sometimes wearing matching ones. I can’t help but laugh since these are jackets made for harsh Arctic conditions yet people are wearing them when it’s like 10 degrees outside. Gotta admit it looks nice but still…SMH.

    • Thank you so much dear!

      If I ever wear heels in the winter, it’s usually when I change into them after getting to work. I usually have like 5 pairs of shoes under my office desk! =p

      Is your regular wardrobe kind of in all greens, browns, etc? =pp

      I’ve actually never heard of Canada Goose, mostly just North Face is everywhere (even in Korea). I totally understand what you mean though, it’s like the girls in Korea busting out the rainboots becoming popular nowadays over there when there was only a morning drizzle =p

      • My favourite colour is green and nearly all my wardrobe is made up of neutrals (lots of denim and leather in there) so you are correct. XD

        I didn’t hear about it until this winter either. It’s impossible to go outside without seeing one now! I see North Face backpacks a lot, not as much of their clothing, and rainboots are somewhat popular here too. I see people wearing it no matter what the weather is like but being Canada the chances of randomly raining are pretty high.

        • Lots of male high school students wear North Face to school =p I saw a lot of it when I taught there.

          Of all places, Vancouver probably rains the most!

  2. OMG you look amazing! Love your look & hyped!

    New follower here and looking forward to your future posts! xx

  3. Omfg, I love your short hair so much!!!!!!

    I’m so proud of you, brave girl :)
    I just love it

  4. The first thing I noticed about this were the shoes because EEEEEPPPPPSSSS I LOVE BOOTIES. Ahem, even though I have no where to wear them and the weather is always so warm T_T. I saw something similar when I was in Hong Kong, but I didn’t have time and I guess green isn’t really my color, so I didn’t get it. Oh well ;_;

    I thought the scarf was a sweater at first, but I love the whole color combination :D
    ~o3o~ — my reaction every time.

    • Thank you so much Rielle dear ^^

      Ooooh well maybe you could at least wear them when you travel to a cooler country?

      And ooooomfg yess Infinite is like my most top current gaga-and-drool over group right now!! I just love Hoya’s kind innocent quiet kind of personality, you know? AAarrrgh! *fangirl spasm*


    They’re so cuuuuuute~ :3 Although my mom will just tell me I’ll look taller than usual @_@

    I like jackets a lot, and the one you’re wearing now is my favorite *w*
    It’s just too beautiful, and for sure that would really keep me warm~ <3

    And the very first thing I noticed on this post is INFINITE. HAHAHA 8D I used to like Hoya, but now I like Gyu better. kkk~ My friends' have been pimping me on their group since last year, and I just got myself into them last month. LOL and I'm watching Sesame Player. And Hoya for me is a ninja. LOL~ XDD We should flail about INFINITE sometime, unnie! ^O^

    • You will look super tall and your legs super long too! That’s the great thing about heels minus the discomfort T_T

      Thank you so much Rielle dear. I’m always so grateful for all your wonderful comments <3

      I like Gyu too but sometimes he just bullies the other guys cuz he’s younger, like not cleaning on Sesame Player! You are watching it!! tell me what you think =p Gyu is really funny on Weekday Idol. He’s always the highlight of that show!

      • EXACTLYYY~ Tis just a bit painful but it’s worth it~ ^-^

        And thank you also for always posting such wonderful things here on your blog, unnie =w= At least I’m learning more about fashion little by little and this blog of yours is a very big help ^O^

        Actually I’m really torn between Namu, Sungyeol and Gyu~ OH THAT IS WHERE I LAST WATCHED~ kkk. He just nags Sungjong the whole time ;~; Poor maknae. But he’s cute that way anyway =w= My favorite part so far would be the Rappers Got Married part. Dongwoo and Hoya looks super cute to each other <3 HAHAHAHA B) OOOH weekday idol? I'll go and try to search for that soon :3

        • Rielle, thank you thank you thank you T____T

          Oh hahaha are you? No need to be torn, you can like all of them =p Ohhhh gosh I felt so sad for poor sungjong! He always has to do all the terrible stuff, like in Birth of a Family (did you watch this?). Haha, to be honest I don’t think Hoya and Dongwoo matches so well =p but I thought it’s really sweet and cute when Hoya chooses to run off with only Dongwoo with his $10 and ride away on a bicycle (are you to this part?)..

          I kinda liked watching leader and L together when they were in the house w/ no aircon =p cuz you never get to see L talk very much haha! and I think they are kinda cute together too!!! =p

          • Anytime, unnie! ^___^

            Haha. I can, really. But I don’t think my heart can handle the seven of them @____@ How come they treat their maknae like that @_@ And no, I haven’t watched that one yet. T^T But that’s the one with the dog, right? ^^ They are just too adorable to me. kkk~ I watched that part already and gosh, it’s too cuuute! =w= Haha.

            Hahaha. YEAAAAH~ L and his talkative side. Haha. It’s really cute too! Like how they ended up sleeping together not even knowing that the aircon is fixed already~ LOL. :))) And that lucky bamboo pillow! ;~;

  6. the back piercings are really….i can’t describe it. it’s an amazing idea that looks really artistic and sexy but…OUCH! :P

  7. “corset back piercings”
    u’ve looked into it!? REALLI?
    it looked sexy in the picture but for once, i have a fear feeling!
    it’s so scary! i can’t imagine having someone pierced so many holes on my back!

    and that parka looks awesome! i love the lace? on the front by the zippers!
    when i go out nowaday, i’ve keep my eyes out on real parkas~ (although i still love the thin one i got from forever21 which was on sale! hohoho!)
    i first saw it in the movie: Finding Mr. Destiny and totally fall for it!
    the ones that i saw that r really hot…they’re for men!

    • Yes babes, I did. Especially at the time when I was a little addicted to piercings.

      Did I ever see your forever21 parka? Hmm… Was it green?

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