Cozy Indoors + Zombie Blue Matte Polish

Throwing on a simple tee, long scarf, and Dr. Martens to make for cozy and comfortable indoor wear.

Sometimes, there are some looks that don’t turn out to my satisfaction. I wasn’t intending to post this one, but decided to at least put it up on Lookbook because it feels like such a waste otherwise!


Instead, I will share with you the nail polish I am wearing here, which is also one of my favorite go-to polishes. Whenever I’m bored and not sure what color to choose, I usually find myself pulling this one out.

Missha matte blue nail polish, mblo1, lucid polish

no flash

Missha matte blue nail polish, mblo1, lucid polish
with flash

Missha Lucid Nail Polish (mblo1, matte), $2~ USD

This polish reminds me of zombies and… well, death. Doesn’t the blue look like the way a zombie’s finger nails might look like after being buried for a long time?

Okay, maybe not technically.

It’s a very unique, opaque, matte blue. Coverage is very good, one coat being sufficient to finish. Wear is decent, chipping in 2~ days without a top coat (sometimes I’m lazy!).

Once I was editing a student’s script in class, and he pointed out that my nail color was the exact same as the blue pen I was using. It’s true!

Zombies or blue pens, you make your pick! Either way, this is a very unique color for a low price. Plus, I’m a total sucker for matte polishes.


Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year. I wish everyone lots of luck and good fortune and hope you collected lots of red pockets! XD

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  1. Love the look and the nails~ <3

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