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Fashion & Beauty Photography + Poetry + Quotes

The very first post writes:

Open your eyes and see the world
Look through the mirror into yourself
Walk over the bridge to the other side
Look past time into the future
Close your eyes and see my dream

Flip the page and
Close your eyes


If this scrapbook had a front cover, rather than a picture or title, these instructions would be written.

Now, make your click, close your eyes, open your heart, and see my dream…


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I had so much fun making this! It really felt like I was putting a real scrapbook together.

I actually really love reading and writing, especially poetry, and have always wanted to share them online, but felt it was a little out of place here.

Out of the blue, I suddenly remembered how I’ve always been wanting to make a tumblr page. Their themes are sooo pretty. I haven’t felt this inspired since long ago when I made layouts for Aheeyah.

I really felt like I was putting a real scrapbook together!

Asides from my writing, I will also try to include some photos you have not already seen on this blog as well.

Hope you guys like ^^

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  1. *thumb’s up*
    nicely done! i love the poems as well!
    wow! i haven’t written one since english 12 or something!
    so is this like an ‘add on’ to this blog!?
    i can’t wait to see more!

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