Light Holiday Glam in Checker + Black and Gold

Maybe because I feel like reading classics lately, even my title is overly long and descriptive =p

The title of the first chapter of Oliver Twist is “CHAPTER I Treats of the Place where Oliver Twist was Born, and of the Circumstances attending his Birth.” I just found that real amusing =p

Light Holiday Glam in Checker + Black and Gold — casual and slightly festive with a checkered collar, warm in a light shawl, and glam in black and gold accessories.


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Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Checkered shirt: Mom’s purchase from Hong Kong
Black shawl: Mom’s purchase from Hong Kong
Black shirts: street shopping in Seoul; $15
Glitter blue-grey pantyhose: street shopping in Seoul; $4-5
Heels: Ehwa Women’s University; $35
Black star earrings: Ehwa or Hongdae?; $5 (or less! It was a total steal!)
Gold Wristband: ssfw accessories in Myungdong; $22
Handbag: Ehwa (best place for cheap and decent handbags); $10

A nice outfit put together at a low cost. That’s what I like!


Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Gain makeup


I’m really into collars lately, especially showing under a shirt it can 1) give an extra layer 2) look dressier 3) seems like you put more effort into your outfit.

Shawls are also great winter items. This outfit here is obviously an indoors outfit, but when you are out in the cold and you need more than your winter jacket, a shawl can go over anything for extra warmth (especially in Korea, it’s freaking cold right now!!).



Makeup, Hair, Accessories

This is a GaIn inspired makeup look from this exact photo:

Gain makeup


Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Gain makeup

This look was really simple. I just used Urban Decay’s Perversion 24/7 black eyeliner to draw most of the line, and then E.L.F’s angled eyeliner brush to draw a straight and clean edge with NYX’s black eyeshadow.

Using an eyeshadow instead of a liner to draw the end of your liner gives a softer and more foolproof edge.

I am also wearing a half sized false lash on the edge of my eyes to give noticeable lashes that don’t take attention away from the liner.

I really like how this look turned out. Also, I think GaIn’s makeup turned out well because I have a similar eye shape.

I’ve always admired her makeup and would love to do more in the future!


Gain makeup

Eek! It’s a bit messy but some asked to see the back of my hair. It’s a lot shorter than the front.


I did a small cosmetics duty free haul before coming to Vancouver. I’ll share those items with you guys in an upcoming post!

9 Responses to “Light Holiday Glam in Checker + Black and Gold”

  1. You look GORGEOUS in black and gold!! and I love the accessories and the makeup! ^_^

  2. Hey baby!
    I love the look! But u look so mean! This look doesn’t go with a smile!? Keke!
    And I have the same green plaid shirt! (not the pink or the neon one u just saw) <– geez, how many do I own? HAHAHHAHAH!
    And I was gonna ask, did you REDYED ur hair?
    The color here looks orange but when I saw you, u were more blond!

    • A smile on the side for you, miss? with your next order? =pp it’s cus most of the time I shoot these I’m very tired and have gone through a lot of work already T_T

      haha u love those plaid shirts, I know

      Yes, I did bleach my hair again a week before I left for Van. YOu are obviously looking at the most updated me! =p

  3. Wow! I love your blog! Definitely coming back for more posts after my first visit!! :)


  4. Unnie looks fierce and mature on this one ^-^
    And I love the make-up, especially the one on your eyes~ ^_^
    I wonder how you did that~ LOL ^-^

    More lookbook posts please ^o^

    • I really want to do some more new Youtube tutorials soon, and include this one definitely.

      “More lookbook posts please ^o^”
      Ahhhh thank you Rielle for saying this, I will try to post something soon!

  5. wow i don’t how i got here but you are very gorgeous

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