New Haircut

I was going to do a post on hair salons in Seoul, but maybe that can come as a part 2. I’m going back to Vancouver in 2 days (and so freaking excited!), so I only have time for a quick post!


I’ve been playing around with the idea of cutting my hair, which I’ve been growing out for around 2 years now.

Finally, I set my heart on doing it since winter is here. I just hate the look of long drapes of hair over layers of thick clothes, scarves, and hats.


These were the exact photos I showed the stylist:


gain short hair

gain short hair

sunny short hair

I fell in love with GaIn’s hair cut since the day she debut with Abracadabra. I heard it’s a wig but it’s beautiful anyways.

I later stumbled on Sunny from SNSD’s haircut (which I heard, is also a wig… >.<) and quite liked it as well.


A really annoying thing I can’t understand about hair stylists is every time I show them pictures of what I want, they always just quickly glance at it and say “Okay, I got it.”

Then, they always do something totally wrong. I mean, just because you take a longer look at the photo doesn’t mean I will think you are unprofessional.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Why do they always have to act like a know-it-all??


After a lot of confusion, the woman giving me a totally different and wrong and ugly hair cut, me having to show her the pictures again and ask her to ‘look clearly’, me having to explain the exact details, and her admitting she ‘misunderstood and didn’t see clearly’ (or just didn’t look at all in the first place -_-), I finally got something similar to what I wanted.


short hair

short hair

(um please excuse my messy room >.<)

When I walked out of the salon, I totally loved it (and the color). Then I got home and got a closer look, and was totally disappointed because it wasn't what I had in mind. Now, it's kind of grown on me.

It's more like an A-line bob. Bobs are pretty and all, but it was exactly what I didn't want. A bob. I think I got Gain's bangs, but Sunny's side/back hair bob.

I'm sorry the pictures are not so clear. I took them intending to show the makeup more than the hair (it's an upcoming lookbook post ^^).

What do you guys think? Short or long hair?


Here are more hairstyles I considered or may consider next. Any suggestions?

short haircut

short haircut

Top: Myolie Wu (Hong Kong actress). Maybe when I feel like going girly.
Bottom: T-ara. Really, really, really love this cut.


Next time I got to the salon, I might trim the front and sides and have a more boyish hair, but for now I’m happy with my cut.

The good thing too is if I clip the sides of my hair behind my ears, it looks like a boy cut when I’m feeling tomboy.


Next time I write will be from Vancouver! I can’t wait to pig out, sleep, and play computer games all day (hey, I work hard during the semester =p)!

And I haven’t been doing Lookbook posts not because I’m lazy (well, I am…) but I’ve been using what time I have to shoot the photos instead. Lookbook post will be coming soon!

20 Comments to “New Haircut”

  1. I like it! I think you look great!

    I’m super jealous of those that can pull off short hairstyles. I always want to try a short style, but I look horrible with short hair -.-‘

    And I know what you mean about how they just glance at the photo and then get it completely wrong. That was like my worst haircutting experience, guh.

    Have fun in Vancouver!! ♥♥

    • Thaaaank you!!! I really think anyone can pull off short hair, but I think just different styles of short hair to compliment their face. Maybe you can find one to suit yourself?

      Always thank you so so much for your comments Kori! <33

  2. Hey bb ^__^ your hairrrrrrrrrrr~~ so so so perfect! But it´s not suit for me…
    i have think about cut my, but like YoonJi.
    Please, show more, show back too, and i think u can use this a bit messy too
    it´s cool, mainly now, at winter!

    • Lissa, thank you so much~!!

      Who is Yoonji?

      Oh yes, I will show some more pics in lookbook post but I haven’t many good back photos! I’ll try to post something!

    Iono why but I do see her in you. Trolol~

    But it looks so good on you ^^v
    I was having doubts as well before whether I’ll have short hair or not, but at least people around me thinks it looks a lot more better :3

    When I had my recent haircut, I just told the hairstylist that she can do whatever she wants with my hair. LOL. But it does feel bad when the haircut they gave you doesn’t suit your taste at all x.x

    Have fun in Canada unnie~ ^^v

    • I know what you mean. Minji always has these kinds of short hair cuts.

      I think esp for the younger ladies, short haircuts can look really cute on you. I wonder what kind of short haircut you have?

      I thought about telling the stylist to do whatever she wants too but these are not those personal professional beauty stylists, I think, who will really consider your face shape and feature to do what best suits you? There is no stylist I trust and like enough to do that! I used to have one but he left the salon and I couldn’t find him anymore T_T

      Thanks so much, Rielle. I’m back already!

      • YEAH~ But it really looks good on you ^^v

        I actually don’t know how to describe my hair. LOL. But for me, it’s one of the best haircuts that I have ^^

        When I had my haircut, it was my first time to tell the hairstylist to do what she wants. Usually I’m the one who tells what kind of hairstyle I want. AWWWW. He left already? That is sad. T^T I do hope unnie can find a new hairstylist that she can trust~

        • Thank you so much~!!

          How short is your hair, Rielle?

          You must really trust your stylist (or were really out of ideas XD)!

  4. Ah, Ga-In’s hair is so cool. Your haircut turned out nice! But yea I can see what you mean when you say the back is somewhat longer. I’ve had some really terrible haircuts and have only recently returned to going to a hair salon. Careless hairdressers are really annoying.

    • What did you do before then? Cut your own hair or let it grow?
      Good salons and hairdressers are so hard to find T_T I haven’t found one since the one I liked left his job.

  5. I like your new hair….it make you look younger ^^ and you look so cute with short hair!! haha…

    • Awww thank you~ That is so sweet of you. I kinda felt like it made me look more mature but it’s good to hear otherwise from you! XD

  6. OHHH MAYYY GAAAHHDD!!! *0* It’s so pretty on you onni! I remember I tried this hairstyle once. when was it..umm 2008. (I think I still have a picture on my phone XD I’ll show u sometime) And it look alright but my mom said it did not suit me and I looked fat. I don’t really care about that cuz I have dreamt to be called fat. Although, it somewhat bothers me so I never really cut my hair after that. Longer hair suits me more. I was actually shocked that you would cut your Rapunzel-y Beautiful long hair! BUT then it made you even prettier which made me jealous haha jk. Okayyy I’ll stop now gotta do my homework haha bye! and enjoy your new hairstyleee :D

    • Haha your posts always makes me smile Michelle.

      You dreamt to be called fat? Anyways, when you are young, it’s all baby fat! I had really chubby cheeks too when I was younger, but I still loved short hair anyways because I thought long hair was too girly and cutesy. haha. Rapenzel-y hair! Well this was the first time since I was like 10 years old that I’ve had such long hair. It was nice but I just got so sick and bored of it!

      I really think you could look just as great with short hair, maybe you just have the find the right style that suits you ^^

      • LOL I just saw this now. well thank u :D I hope I can find the right hairstyle for me soon. maybe this year…hopefully. The thing is the haircuttery here in america is so bad…I prefer those asian hair salon over there. even though I ask an asian lady to cut my hair here there still so bad at it. so I always cut my hair for the last 2 yrs. BUT I really like this: @0:34 kkkk okay gtg. I need to sleep now so many things to do tmrw. T_T schoool gives me headache 2-6? more yrs and I can follow u there to s.korea! :D wait for me onni!! haha

        • I know what you mean! It’s overpriced and only so-so for American salons… although I live in a city with lots of Asians, so I can pay even more and go to a Japanese place, but it costs too much! I always cut my hair in Korea now, and my mom does hers in Hong Kong. That’s great if you can cut your own hair though. I”m too scared to do that T_T

          I think the hair at 0:34 would look very nice on you, but it seems kind of similar to what you already have? XD anyways it’s not a short cut for sure! =p

          • Well I would love to have my hair cut by an expert there in Korea lol. My mom usually cuts my hair when it gets too long and when it has too much split ends(which I have most of the time) my hair’s kind of shorter than the one at 0:34 but I really love it though I’ll make my hair grow longer and try to go to a GOOD salon hopefully to have that perfect hairstylee:D

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