New Years Surprise + Black Jewelry Collection

A few days ago, as I was in a very late rush (as usual) to choose an outfit for work, I pulled out from my drawers a pair of pants I haven’t touched for a long time and from it, this fell out onto my lap:


black jewelry

It was a ring I bought YEARS ago but lost immediately on the same day T_T

I had tossed it into a huge shopping bag with a bunch of other things. Once I pulled all my clothes, I threw that plastic bag away.

I thought that the ring was too small for me to see and went in the garbage with that bag.

I never expected to see it again. I’ve been looking to re-purchase this ring but never found anything even close to this pretty little treasure.

I was so surprised and delighted!

I take this as a good omen for the coming new year. Great things are coming my way!! Yeay! =p



But since this post can’t just be about one ring, I thought I’d share some of my other black jewelry.

Instead of the regular gold and silver, consider black for your next jewelry purchase. It can be just as elegant, spunky, slightly goth, or all at the same time! ^^

I mostly took pictures of the black ones, but I also like to buy a white/silver counterparts to my black accessories as well.

black jewelry

black jewelry

black jewelry

black jewelry

Most of the above were purchased in Korea — the paradise for pretty and cheap jewelry. It’s sold everywhere from $1-$20.

Any favorites? Please share! ^^


I hope everyone will have as much of the same luck and fortune I am leading off the new year with.

May great things be waiting ahead for you in the year 2012! <3

18 Comments to “New Years Surprise + Black Jewelry Collection”

  1. Happy New Year, dearie! xx

  2. Black jewelry, Love it~!! I also have that black bangle ^^

  3. I haven’t been here in a while but here I am~~~
    Have a wonderful 2012!! <3

  4. Happy New Year!

    I definitely agree that black jewellery is really versatile. Ah~ I’m envious of how cheap fashion jewellery in Asia is as well as the smaller sizing (pretty much all my fashion jewellery is from Asia.) Even the smallest size for fashion rings in American retailers just fly off my fingers. Same goes for bracelets and my wrists. :/

    • Thank you so much and hope you are having a wonderful 2012 as well ^^

      The big sizes apply to clothing too. I remember when I tried to buy your typical prom dress, I pulled one up over myself, and when I let go, the dress fell right off my body! T_T I ended up wearing an old dress from my mom’s closet =p

      • Shopping in general is a nightmare but prom dress shopping almost reduced me to tears. After like weeks I finally found a dress that fit, but it was really quirky and not a very versatile dress so I haven’t gotten another use out of it since….

        • Oh that’s too bad. I always thought it’d be great to buy a non-puffy prom dress so you can wear it to like formal occasions or weddings.

  5. you have so many stars accessories…~starry eyes~ i LOVE stars…..

    • MMEEEE too I love stars (well, that’s why I bought so many! =p), but only star earrings and nothing else. I find star necklaces/rings, etc kinda a little too kiddy?

      • i don’t wear earring or ring….so i only buy necklaces and bangles…i don’t think star necklace look kiddy, if you could find the right one…i’m still looking for the right one though T_T

        • It’s true if you can find the right one star necklaces (esp small ones), it doesn’t have to look kiddy but that’s how I felt about most of the star ones I saw =p

          And I’m just opposite of you! I don’t wear necklaces or bangles often XD

          • Haha…I tried to have my ear pierce when I was little, but I freaked out at the last minute, and never want tor try again…and I don’t really like the feel of the ring on my finger, so I don’t wear them, but now, seeing all the cute star earrings you have, I think I want to have my ears pierce…

          • Maybe you can try again now that you are older.. and go with a friend or family member to help ease your nerves =p

            I love wearing rings because they are so much easier to put on when you are in a rush to get out of the house in the morning!

  6. omgahh I love those star earrings so mucho. thats it :P lol 

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