Season’s Greetings + Mini Christmas Haul

I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Holidays. May the year of 2012 be filled with whatever your heart may desire~ ^^


I went on a quick day of shopping a few days before Christmas. It was literally a dash-and-run because I had only a day out in Seoul to 1) cut my hair, 2) shop and buy gifts, 3) meet people and friends.

And yes, I cut my hair — REALLY SHORT!! Haha. Pics to come later ^^

I think I’ll do a post on visiting the hair salon in Korea, because some people have asked me which salon I go to and how to say certain things in Korean…




ssfw accessory

Gold Studded Bangles: ssfw Accessories in Myungdong; 24,000 won ($22 USD)

I have a thing for these kinda wrist strap bangles. You’ve seen 3 from ssfw Accessories before in the October Accessories Haul (part 1) and one used in my Dorky Rocker Chic look.

The bangles are pricey, but ssfw has the best quality for the price.

A friend pointed out that I like anything with studs. I guess it’s true. And, in gold? With a mini swinging hoop in the center?

It was a sure buy.

Merry Christmas to me! XDD



Beauty Products


Too Cool For School is a relatively new Korean makeup brand. They have a very urban city chic style to their packaging and store interior.


Here’s a capture from their website:

too cool for school


I’ve always had my eyes on their makeup line, but was never impressed enough to buy anything, until I noticed their spoof of the Beauty Blender:

beauty blender

Beauty Blender: “the first ergonomically designed non-disposable sponge applicator that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup”; $20 USD (official site; Sephora)


I’ve always been curious about the Beauty Blender, but $20 was just too much for a ball of sponge.

I was happy to find a $5 version at Too Cool For School!


too cool for school, marshmallow puff

Marshmallow Puff: Too Cool For School in Myungdong; 5,000 won ($5 USD)


This $5 version of the Beauty Blender comes in two sizes and colors — small and large, pink and white. Their sample of the white puff looked dirty and gross, so I went for the pink.

I used it once (in an upcoming lookbook shoot) and wasn’t extremely impressed.

The sponge is very dense and not very flexible. It doesn’t bend to your facial curves so you are doing a lot of dabbing to blend out your foundation.

It does offer a pointed tip for the smaller curves of your face (around your nose, etc), but I don’t find myself wanting to use all parts of the sponge to apply my foundation, cuz it soaks up and wastes my product.

It’s also annoying to clean it every time after use. I obviously thought about this before purchase, but when you are looking at the pretty pink ball in the store, you think that you will be diligent with cleaning it. Then you get home and are just too lazy to.

In conclusion, I think I prefer the softer, more bendable, disposable sponges.



royal nail polish, missha matte top coat

Royal Polishes in #122 Neon Pink (현광핑크) and #702 Bikini Pink (비키니 핑크): general makeup store in Myungdong, 700 won (70 cents each)
Missha Matte Top Coat: $2~


I bought a nude Royal polish before and it was terrible — runny, muddy colored, didn’t go on smooth.

These neon polishes are the exact opposite — very pigmented, applies smoothly, dries quickly, true to color.

It also doesn’t chip for a good 4~ days without a top coat, unlike most Etude, Face Shop, or Missha polishes.

Cheap polishes tend to give better quality with darker colors. I’m so looking for more next time!

Also, everyone has been recommending me to buy a matte top coat to make a shiny colored polish become matte. I actually already own this exact top coat, and bought another one for my friend.

In the picture above, the matte top coat is applied over the same neon pink on my middle finger.

It works to make it matte, but not completely? It still has a bit of a lustre.

I think original matte polishes are better, but it’s a good solution if you don’t wanna buy two sets of shiny and matte polishes!




ssfw accessory

Bought 2 pairs of black pantyhose — one thick for winter, one thin for summer and more Nexcare acne patches (my review here) for backup (I swear by this product now!!) because it’s cheaper at Olive Young in Myungdong than online.


ssfw accessory

Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’ album LP version: Youngpoong Book Store in Myungdong; 19,000 won ($17 USD)

Okay, this is not a beauty/fashion product, but freakin heck I am proud of this CD — Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ album — in the LP sized version OF HEECHUL!!

Heechul is not really my absolute fav in Suju (I keep switching back and forth because there’s just too many of them T_T), but I saw his version of the album cover sitting in the bookstore when it first came out and I just wanted it.

I go home to buy it online because its cheaper, to find out it’s only shipped out randomly — you don’t get to choose the member on the cover!! So freaking heck, I had to wait to go back to the bookstore, pay more for it, and hope that Mr. Heechul was still there.

I practically ran for the bookstore the moment I stepped into Myungdong. I’m so glad he was still there *fangirl moment*.



I also bought some gifts for friends that I so want to share with you guys, but in case they stop by my blog, I won’t be able to until I give it to them when I return to Vancouver in a few weeks! I’m also picking up a few duty free items when I go back, so I’ll share those with you guys later too ^^


How was everyone’s Christmas shopping? What did you get? What did you buy for others? Did you spoil yourself a little this year?

4 Comments to “Season’s Greetings + Mini Christmas Haul”

  1. Hey my love:
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
    Can’t wait to see you and what you got for me! hohoho!
    And the matte coating looks real good, I have no complaint.
    OMG! I can picture you running into the store and race to the shelf to get the copy you wanted! Hahahahhaha!
    I’m usually MORE COOL about it. When my baby’s CD is out, I usually go into the store nonchalantly and PRETEND to check out other new releases before going to the front desk and DEMAND for my copieS (which I have already called a week before to have my copieS on hold!)
    Fangirls! HOHOHOHO!

    Alright, I’m going to go and see if I can get some useful office supplies (me still worrying about ‘my work’ during holiday! Geez!) and see if I’ll get lucky finding my crazy looking pantyhoses!~

    love ya!

    • haha since u’ve been soooo fickle w/ the shopping sites, i’m afraid of what ur gonna get!! o well… thought that counts? >.<

      hahah pretending to be cool but already pre-ordered? =p i rarely pre order cds. i just check my usual site for what's out and new and buy it. i dont even know most of the time that my artists are releasing something new! the only time i was sooooo rushed to get something was SS501, i actually walked into a store to buy it in person!!

      *fangirl love*

  2. Gosh, I’m late…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Girl…
    I see that you’re now in Vancouver (?)~ Ahh.. family reunion is always awesome.
    I hope you have a good time home ^^

    I love the nailpolishes you posted here. Electric color, awesome. And the best thing is, it doesn’t cost much~ They look pretty on your nails, really! Great buys!!

    And that Heechul CD!! I have mine as well. I bought Yesung and Heechul covers. I need one Sungmin for my sister but can’t find it anywhere (in Seoul). Limited edition, it is :((

    As usual, looking forward to your next post~ ^^


    Gonna check out ssfw since you’re so into their accessories XDD

    • Not too late for new years greetings~ ^^ Happy holidays and Happy new years to you too!!

      I’m going to Vancouver in 2 weeks, so I’m not there yet =p I wish I was though!!

      Did you buy yours in store as well? Check Youngpoong Book Store in Myungdong for Sungmin! I think I saw his there.. he’s one of my faves and I considered getting his… but I dunno why Heechul’s just really stood out to me.

      yes yes! check ssfw out and share with me if you get anything ^^

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