April 명동 Accessories Haul

명동 (MyungDong, subway stn. blue line #4) is my favorite place to shop! It has everything you could want in one area — Korean street stores and brand names, cosmetic stores, boutiques, sports brands, major American brand names, street foods and restaurants — you name it!

From March-April, I bought a few basic T-shirts for work from Zara, 4 Etude House lipsticks (planning to review these too), and a variety of things here and there from 명동.

However, included in my April shopping haul, I ended up with more accessories than I expected, and here are my favorite four:

(from left to right, top to bottom)

  1. New York Yankees New Era MLB Flat Brimmed Hologram Fitted Cap
  2. New York Yankees Watch with Gold Head and White Rubber Straps
  3. Vintage Boxed Shoulder (Camera) Bag
  4. Metal Spike Studded All Black Converse Shoes




New York Yankees New Era MLB Flat Brimmed Hologram Fitted Cap
Purcahsed Offline from: Hatson (MyungDong branch)
Price: 59,000 won ($55 USD)
Size: 7 1/4 (58)
Availability: In stock (as of April 23)
Online Store: Hatson.co.kr; Product Link



This cap is bad-ass. Hologram effect on brim, logo (front), button (top) and MLB logo (back). When you move around or go under different lighting, the hat’s color and brightness will change!

I was debating between a variety of New Era and Yankees hats — all black, all black with gold embellished logo, or all black with hologram effect — and the hologram was just so unique I had to get it. This cap is so sick!!


My size: 7 1/4 (58) // 7.25 inches (58 centimetres)


Size Chart

When choosing a hat size for yourself, your hat should fit snuggly on your head and not fall off even if you shake it lightly or lower your head. You should be able to fit one finger comfortably between the hat and your head. The brim of the hat should sit just above your eyebrows.


In picture: T.O.P., TaeYang, and G-dragon of BigBang; Park JaeBum (former 2pm member)

Sandra Park (2ne1)


Hats On, offline store, Myungdong Branch

Offline Store Addresses (click to enlarge; click Hat’s on Blog > Hat’s on STORE > page 2 > 약도보기 to view maps)
MyungDong Branch: first floor, 14-55 Myungdong 2ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (near Myungdong and Eulji-ro 1ga subway stn. on green line #2)
Hongdae Branch: first floor, 346-51 SeoGyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (near Hongdae subway stn. on green line #2)
COEX Branch: #159, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul (inside COEX mall, Samsung subway stn. on green line #2)




New York Yankees Watch with Gold Head and White Rubber Straps
Purcahsed Online: 11st.co.kr; Product Link; or search keywords “금 시계” (gold watch) on 11st.co.kr
Price: 24,700 won + 2,500 won shipping ($23 + $2.50 USD)
Size: Unisex (I buckle it at the last hole and it’s still a bit big for me, so should fit men as well)
Colors: Gold with White Strap, Silver with Black strap, all Silver, and all Gold
Availability: In stock (as of April 23)


With original packaging — great as a gift.

You will see me say this over and over again, but I love unisex or men’s clothing/accessories. What’s even more weird is, I find it even more flattering when a guy truly compliments one of my clothing/accessory item in a way that they would want to wear it for themselves — how cool is it for a girl to wear something that even a guy would want to wear?

I don’t get these kinds of compliments often. Actually, I can count them all on one hand, but a while ago, I wore this watch to class, and at the end of class, one of my male students said to me, “Sharon, I REALLY love your watch — gold and white — really good.”

Success! ^^


CL (2ne1)

I’m actually trying to build a hip hop outfit — not 2ne1 style, but true original hip hop (I want to do a post of this eventually, because lots of people don’t know what this actually is!). I didn’t want to get a fully gold watch because that’s just too much for me, so I decided I want something that was gold and white — and found this perfect match!


I would totally get the Superman watch, which comes in two sizes for Women and Men (or couple watch), but I can’t find one with a plastic strap. I don’t mind the gold steel strap but sizing is less flexible compared to a plastic strap with holes, and I’m afraid it might not fit T_T







Vintage Boxed Shoulder (Camera) Bag
Purcahsed Offline from: SSFW (Seoul Special Fashion Week)
Price: 52,000 won ($48 USD)
Colors: Brown and Black
Availability: Out of Stock (as of April 23)
Online Store: SSFW.co.kr

SSFW has sooo many nice bags. I finally settled on this one (also after my ‘go-and-come-back’ shopping tactic the next day) because I’ve been wanting a box-shaped bag (I know, everything I see is something I’ve ‘always been wanting’ T_T but it’s true! That’s also how I always end up spending so much money ㅠ.ㅠ).



It’s a lot like camera bags for vintage box-shaped cameras.

My bag wouldn’t be able to fit my DSLR though : / (unless I took it apart to carry)


SSFW sells mostly vintage items. They also have a SSFW Accessories branch that sells only accessories.

Offline Store Addresses (click picture to enlarge; SSFW.co.kr > scroll to bottom of page > OFFLINE SHOP)
Branches available in Myungdong (subway stn. blue line #4) and Shinsa (subway stn. orange line #3)




Metal Spike Studded All Black Converse Shoes
Brand: gunt (my9unt.com)
Purcahsed Offline from: Aland (MyungDong branch)
Price: 159,000 won ($147 USD)
Size: 140
Colors: All Black, Classic Vintage Black and White (more colors available online than in stores)
Availability: In Stock (as of April 23)
gunt Online Store: my9unt.com, Product Link: click my9unt.com > shoes > Basic Stud Converse Hi All Black
Aland Online Store: A-land.co.kr; Brand (gunt) Link

I have been wanting a pair of shoes like these since FOREVER and forever — probably for 3 years — a pair of black, comfy, high ankle, Converse-style (but didn’t have to be) shoes with a twist and edge to it.

However, any out of the ordinary Converse-style shoes (with sequins, extreme shoelaces, or whatever) are usually quite expensive. I could just never find a pair that was nice enough for me to justify the costs — until I saw these (and even then I still had to make myself leave the store and go back another day to buy it to make sure I really wanted it — that’s my shopping tactic now to make sure I don’t buy things I don’t really need or want that much T_T).


I was hesitant to buy these shoes at first because I thought the studs were cheaply glued on, but my friend opened up the insides of the shoe and pointed out that they were actually stapled on.

The next time I went to try the shoes on and they are CRAZY comfortable. You don’t even feel like you are wearing shoes!

So all things considered, justified my purchase a lot more! XD


The only colors available in store are the All Black and Black & White ones. I would’ve went with the all black silver studs either way.

I only held up the Big Size Stud ones and they are REALLY heavy. I didn’t even try them on and wouldn’t recommend it to girls unless you don’t mind a lot of extra weight on your feet.

The Black & White ones just looked too normal — it looked cheaper and more everyday (although it’s actually more expensive!).


Lee Jung Shin (이정신) from CN Blue

Seo InYoung (서인영) on Sunday Heroes (영웅호걸)


Aland sells a lot of quirky and vintage items.

Offline Store Addresses (click picture to enlarge; Aland Offline Stores available in Myungdong, Hongdae, Kangnam, COEX Mall, etc.


Aland and SSFW are not stores I usually go into myself — I’m not so into the vintage scene. However, I was shopping with a girlfriend that day, and she loooves vintage.

That’s one of the reasons why I like shopping with girlfriends — they always bring me into stores I would normally never step into myself, and even get me to appreciate different styles and items that I may not normally consider for myself! ^^



PS. I added a product list to my Lookbook: Three makeup look. I had actually meant to do it but forgot T_T What’s the point of seeing a makeup look without at least knowing the products right?

Next time, I’ll take a picture of all the products I used as well.


FTC: All products in this post were purchased with my own money.

24 Responses to “April 명동 Accessories Haul”

  1. I love those shoes!!

    I like wearing Converse brand anyway, but I’ve never seen a style like that in the States. I’m off to go search and see if I can find them anywhere

    • Thank you~! I love them to bits and pieces too =p Converse are such comfortable shoes, they really should expand more out of their regular classic style.

      I had a friend in Canada who was looking for these shoes, but she didn’t have much luck finding them and asked me about whether I had seen them in Korea before, and I hadn’t at that time!

      Let me know if you find anything in the States! It’d be interesting to see what colors and prices they have to offer ^^

      (Are you Kori of facebook? XD)

      • Converse really are comfy shoes. My favorite ones are plaid and they’re blue, white, and pink. A great look with jeans or khakis and a spring-inspired top :)

        If I find anything I will definitely let you know
        (and yes, that’s me! lol XD)

      • Am I that friend you are talking about?

        Well, unfortunately, I have to put that wishlist on hold.
        I’m shopping for sleeping bag and pots and hiking shoes for my backpacking trip!

        But of course, I was so excited that you found them!
        And as a once-a-die-hard-Seattle-Mariner’s fan… New York Yanks? *thumb’s down*

        • you totally are. when i saw those shoes i thought of you lah.

          wow! um… are u sleeping in the forest on your trip???

          and I usually hate ppl who buy stuff they don’t actually know/like , and I don’t like baseball much or know anything about the Yankees, but what am I gonna do? thats the symbol on that beautiful hologram hat! haha. but actually I also liked the yankee symbol more than any other ones =p

  2. I’ve been looking for the subscribe button on this site for the longest time (or, since the first post) ke.

    I think it’d be nice if you did a review on nice cafes around the place you live? Just a suggestion, really.

    Well, I live in Singapore currently and it’s impossible to find those editions of converse hitops unless you go to those shops that only sell those. It’s priced around S$250? I’m not sure. Heh. I was just going to give up the idea of buying this pair of red/white striped hitops with stars on the tongue when I read this. Now I want it again T_____T

    • Oh! Maybe I didn’t place them very well then. I thought people usually look at the corners of a blog to find the subscribe/follow button? So it’s under ‘Follow Me Home’ on the top right hand corner =p

      I’m not a huge cafe-go-er but there IS one cafe I love in Myungdong — it has a green tea theme! Would you be interested in seeing that? I think I will take some pictures of it there next time I’m in the area as a ‘to-go-after-shopping’ thing XDD

      $250! Wow. actually I was quite happy mine were only around $150 USD. At first I thought it was really expensive, but I went to look at normal converse high tops and they were about $70! So I’m paying double but those pairs are way much more unique. Eek! >.<

      Aw. Well I think you should never give up on a shopping item! Just keep your eyes out on it. It took me 3 years to find my perfect pair of unique black converse hi tops, and when I finally did, I almost screamed! ^^

  3. the shoes are awesome…! i hope i can find one like that in my country…it hard to order online since i don’t have a credit card of my own :(

    • You should consider Paypal. You can buy things online by transferring money from your bank account to your online Paypal account. It’s free to make an account but they charge a fee to outgoing payments you make : /

  4. I am so in love with that box shaped bag. It’s simple and clean, yet so gorgeous. I need it!

    • Thanks so much! I’m sure those kinds of vintage bags are not too extremely hard to come by? It’s definitely not a new idea/type of bag.

      I love your nail blog! left you a comment ^^

      • I see them online, but finding them in retail stores in the U.S. isn’t that easy for some reason! :P Also, I left to you a reply on my blog post about Zoya’s matte polishes, but I’ll post it here too. XD

        I think wearing matte polishes as they are is the best way to go about, even though it can chip within a day. That’s how I prefer and usually go about with my mattes. However, I’ve never actually tried putting a matte top coat on top. Some that own (namely elf’s) changes the texture to a different type of matte, but I also have cnd’s and china glaze’s which I haven’t tested out yet. I’ll get back to you when I do! :D I’m thinking about using the matte for a manicure soon anyway ^^

  5. u know what? all I can say is:..I WANT EM ALL! LOL jk xD
    I LIKE THOSE CONVERSE!! I wear converse a lot btw. like its attached to my feet all the time! >< haha. and those watch. I wear white watches all the time :D (I only have 2…yeah don't think I have like 10 watches..) and THE HAT IS COOOOL~ it's sick man! haha thats all. I wish I can just take it from the internet like a magic or something =.=

    • hahahahha you are the first one to like everything there! lots of ppl love those converse cuz they are so easy to wear / match and comfy too i think ^^

      lol. internet magic! u are still saying things like a young girl! but i like that ^^ how old are you now michelle? last time i remember u were like 13/14? so now 15/16?

      • YUP XD what are friends for? LOL
        ….=__= yeah I still act like a kid. I’m sorry, I can’t help it.. and lol my age is a secret. I’ll tell u on fb xD

    I <3 SHARON!!!! =D

    and also: I <3 KOREAN HOTTIES XD

    Love from the Netherlands!! =D

    • OMFG mandy!!!!
      u just totally cracked me up!!
      actually i saw that comment on my admin dashboard and it just comes out in one single line and it looked so crazy XDD i was like… omfg! mandy! lol

      i love all of those things above u listed too =p

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