Green & Silver Hexagon Nail Art

Did these nails a few days ago.


Green and Silver Hexagon Nail Art

Green and Silver Hexagon Nail Art

What’d you think? ^^




Green and Silver Hexagon Nail Art

The hexagon flakes were applied with the dotter tool and top coat.

I did the curved tips directly with the nail polish brush. If you have shaky hands, try using tape, or French manicure tip tapes.

The stars I painted with the narrow tipped art brush freehand. It’s not great, but I tried my best T_T

I actually have this like mental disfunction — I can’t draw a star. Even with a pencil on paper, I’m just unable to draw a proper star. I think I can’t comprehend the line connections or something in my head.

So, I drew these stars real thin first, tip by tip, and expanded it outward slowly until it looks proper =p Strange, huh.




Green and Silver Hexagon Nail Art

I went shopping at a nail art supplies store with my unnie from Singapore a while ago and took this picture of the cashier girl. I loved how she did her nails and thought, I must do it too some time!

The funny thing was, she only had her left hand done (I’m guessing cuz it’s easiest to do your left hand with your right =p)

I was trying to figure out if she used a stencil for her stars, cuz you gotta be REAL pro to do them so straight and clean! (or… I just suck??)



PS. I’m gonna try to shoot a look soon! T_T I got caught up reading like crazy over the weekend. I just finished the last two books of the Percy Jackson series, read the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and thinking of starting How to Train Your Dragon book #2 soon =p (and yes, I love reading children’s books, especially fantasy!)

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  1. I really like the hexagon flakes!!! And the green polish, just cause I don’t see it much :)

    • I inherited that polish from a coworker moving away. It was my first time trying the color out. It’s so unique, I really love it too!

  2. PRETTY! :O
    Did a take a long time to do? I would never have the patience. lol.

    • Thank you~!

      Maybe 2 hours? It can take a long time because it gets clumsy trying to paint with your left hand, while your nails are all wet, trying not to smudge them!

  3. AWESOME! I wish I can afford all those materials too… haha

    • You can buy all the stuff here for under $10 total in Korea! Nail art supplies are sooooooo cheap compared to North America. Every single thing here is just $1-2 except for the art brush. That’s why I never buy nail stuff back home!

  4. i can’t believe how long since i last visited this page…too busy or too lazy i guess… :p

    you must have spent a lot of times doing your nail…especially to apply on th ehexagon flakes…i would like to try doing something like that, but cos i’m too lazy, i don’t think i will haha…

    and…i thought i’m the only one who love reading fantasy children books…seem like i’ve met someone who share my interest… \(^_^)/

    • It does take a while but it’s real easy and u can just do it as you watch TV and stuff!

      Yes yes, I’m reading Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes right now and quite liking it. What are you reading and any favorites?

  5. I just finish the first Nicholas Flamel series and I like it, and before that I read Magyk, the first book of Septimus Heap series…and Harry Potter and Narnia, and I like books by Diana Wynne Jones a lot…especially the Chronicles of Chrestomanci . I don’t think I have any favourite…cos I love them ALL!

    • OOOOOOOOOmg yesss I read all the Nicholas Flamel series except for the newest one. I bought it and started it but am just so annoyed at… well a certain character but don’t wanna put in any spoilers.

      I absolutely love the Septimus Heap series as well (much more than the Flamel one, which is a nice read for the storyline but missing the quirk a child. lit. should have) and own and read all the books!!

      I have not heard of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci but I will keep my eyes peeled for that one. I read a little of the blurb and it looks like a possible read, but I always have to make my reading decisions by holding the book and reading a bit of the first page! =p

      I finished Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes and I quite like it… it’s a blend of The Mysterious Benedict Society (highly recommended!) and Roald Dahl. You should give it a try if you get a chance! It’s my current recommendation to everyone XD

      • I still haven’t buy the 2nd book of Septimus Heap series…but I have the 3rd and 4th book…I really want to read it but i don’t want to skip one whole book…quite frustrating because I found it before but didn’t have the money, but now when I do have the money I can’t find the time to buy it…

        I like Roald Dahl (especially Matilda), but I’ve never heard of The Mysterious Benedict Society, so I’m going to find that book and also Peter Nimbles and his Fantastic Eyes…looks like I need to make a list of books I want to buy soon…

        Do you read any other children books, other than fantasy? Like action? and what kind of adult lit. do you read? I’m curious to know, because the only people I really tell about the books I read is my mom, cos other than that not many of my friend like to read, and even though I do have a brother who loves books, we don’t really share much in common (anyway, it’ll feels kind of weird if he read the kind of book I read, but not the other way araound, haha)

        • I’m very particular about having to read from the first book too =p Of course, you should wait!

          If you ever get a chance to read those books, let me know if you liked them or not kk ^^

          I think 80% of the books I read are children’s fantasy. All the other books I read are usually knowledge or self-help books for things I find interesting or when I’m struggling with something. I read 3 or 4 of Malcolm Gladwell’s books (ex: The Tipping Point, etc) and enjoyed Dan Millman’s ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’. Lately I kind of feel like reading some classics and I’m reading ‘Oliver Twist’ (also just because I read many people said Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes is very similar to it =p).

          How about you? ^^

          • Apart from fantasy, I also read children’s action, like Cherub and Hendeson’s Boys series by Robert Muchamore and Alex Rider series and some other books written by Anthony Horowitz …when I was younger I always dream of being a secret agent…so the Cherub, Henderson’s Boys and Alex Rider series really caught my interest haha…

            I also read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, a mixture of science fiction/fantasy/action which had been inspired by When The Wind Blow and The Lake House, also by James Patterson…I’d read all of them, and still waiting for the release of the last book of the series.

            One more fantasy series I find interesting is the Faerie Wars series by Herbie Brennan, but I only read the first book so far, because I borrow it in my college library and couldn’t find the second one…

            As for adult lit., I read books by Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and currently hooked on the In Death series by J.D. Robb and also other books that titles and authors I don’t remember haha…

          • I can’t really find myself interested in other genres of children’s books besides fantasy =p

            But your recommendation for Faerie Wars seems interesting, looking at the book cover. I will check that out next time I’m looking for something new to read!

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