Lookbook: Thirteen: Loose Knit + Mesh Skirt

Shopping online used to be about finding items cheaper than in stores. However, that’s not always true anymore in Korea.

Lots of clothing from Korean online stores are actually more expensive than in stores — the models and photography make up for the store rent and salesperson wages you normally think you are saving on when shopping online.

Basically, the better the clothes and models look, the more overpriced it’s going to be. Which is absolutely terrible because the better it looks, the more you’re going to want it.


A while ago, I found an interesting magazine called nnonn in Korea — a collection of outfit photos from Korean online shopping malls. I have the Feb 2011 issue and super loved one of their outfits — loose fit sweater and long mesh skirt (pics at end of post). One look at their prices though, and I knew they were over charging.

In general, I believe there are two kinds of clothing purchases — impulse buy and treasure hunt. Impulse buy, you see something, love it, and buy it. Treasure hunt, you have something in mind and patiently search and wait until you come upon the perfect item and cost.

This outfit is the result of a successful treasure hunt!



mesh skirt, loose sweater, Korean style, Korean fashion

mesh skirt, loose sweater, Korean style, Korean fashion

Sweater: mom’s closet
Mesh Skirt: 19,000 won/$18 USD, online (seller: moundew80 @ 11st.co.kr; product link)
Silver Flats: $70; Aldo, Vancouver

I packed a full mini suitcase full of clothes from my mom last time I went back to Vancouver, so you will see them popping up from time to time. She buys them all from Hong Kong, so I’m sorry I cannot give more info!

For the skirt, I just wanted anything that was NOT pink, vanilla, white, or black, because that is ALL the colors Korean stores sell! It’s so annoying, but it’s all the safe, neutral, girly, boring colors. I wanted something that was a little different and found this mint colored long mesh skirt.

This skirt is also great with a loose plain white t-shirt tucked in, finished with a long pendant necklace. That’s how I wear it in warmer weathers, without the sweater.

Do you guys remember me mentioning I love gold/silver shoes/bags? The silver flats are one of my go-to work shoes — it goes well with a lot more outfits than you may think!

I know this outfit is so much girly overflow, but sometimes, I like looking girly too XD


mesh skirt, loose sweater, Korean style, Korean fashion

Plastic Hair Pin: 10,000~ won ($9 USD)

Plastic accessories are really on the loose nowadays.

I used to buy the cloth material hair clips, but they often fall apart and wear out a lot faster. These plastic ones are bold, fun, durable, and really give off a bit of a ‘lego’ feel, and you know the whole lego thing is becoming quite a common sight as an accessory item in Korea.




mesh skirt, loose sweater, Korean style, Korean fashion

Just wanted to keep it all simple.




mesh skirt, loose sweater, Korean style, Korean fashion

Winter is here and so is knitwear. Consider matching it with a mesh fabric skirt for that pretty and girly look.

If it’s just too gag-me-please girly for you, then just go with a pair of skinny pants!

Here’s the price listing for the first picture sweater + skirt outfit and you will see why I did not make a purchase from funfungirl.biz:

Loose fit lemon color waffle knit: 49,800 won ($45 USD)
Inner layer white shirt: 18,000 won ($17)
Puffy purple navy mesh skirt: 64,800 won ($60)

I don’t know about my sweater, but while their skirt was $60, mine was only $18, both bought in Korea, both online stores, totally different price. I really doubt it’s because the quality is much different.

The reason is, funfungirl.biz has pretty models against sweet cutesy background and a good photographer and website. The site I bought from doesn’t even show the face of their models.

So, if you wanna save money, you gotta use your imagination and patience instead of splurging on these pretty websites!



P.S. I’ve been caught up re-watching 궁 (Princess Hours) drama and drooling over Joo JiHoon on the weekends, so haven’t had time to post or shoot until recently T_T

Sorry it’s been quite a while!

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  1. I LOVE the color of your skirt!!! And the grey knit sweater goes very well with it. I think the look is totally adorable! :D

  2. …I’m gonna hunt for sweaters when I head to Hong Kong at the end of this year. /clap clap clap/
    I really, really love sweaters. My mom has a similar skirt, cept of a lighter shade. Um, blue grey?
    I really love sweaters, hence the reason I hate the weather in Singapore.
    Oh well.
    Brb hyping.

    • oooo are u going for xmas break? eat lots of egg tarts while you are there! haha

      blue grey sounds like a nice color for a mesh skirt.

      Well, it was not a fun day with the totally cold weather today, but I must admit it’s nice to get to have a bit of variety summer/winter in what you can wear. Personally, I love winter clothes more than summer clothes. You can wear it in HK! the weather can get quite chilly there at the end of the year T_T

  3. Love the hair clip! I noticed that first thing!!!!!!

  4. lovee your sweater! I’ve been looking for a sweater and maxi skirt.. and your maxi skirt color is nice :)

    • Thank you! You’d think it’s easy to look for right, but it took me quite a long time to find the exact perfect items!
      I’m so glad you guys like the color though ^^

  5. Hey hun
    Love this outfit! So cute and laid-back-princessy. Love the colour of the skirt. You’re right about the boring colours, but I did buy a pink one like this. I totally thought of wearing it with a sweater, too! But would you believe that the sewing was horrible and there was a defect on that skirt (bought it online) so that’s now useless. Bah!

    • Darnit, that’s the risk with buying things online. That’s why I like those public purchasing websites where buyers can review sellers… Well I guess the international version would be Ebay, but who really buys clothes off of ebay!

  6. Another lookbook post. <3 YAAAAY~
    You look so beautiful on this outfit~ ^^ I've been wanting sweaters like that~ ^o^
    And the color of the skirt blends beautifully with it :D

    I suddenly miss Joo Jihoon~ TT

    • Thanks so much rielle~! I’m sure you can find a similar sweater if you look a bit! ^^

      Joo Jihoon is out of the army now. I hope he has a new project soon T__T and… I hope it’s a drama!! haha

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