October Etude House Haul (part 2) — many nail polishes

A while ago, Etude House had an all-store 30% off!

Since I actually live in Korea and am not in a rush, I always wait for sales and discounts before I buy these street brand cosmetics because most of them always eventually has some sales or promotion (big gifts w/ a certain amount of purchase), especially Missha and Etude.



Beauty Tools + Cosmetics

Etude eyelashes, eyeshadow, haul

Etude House (에뛰드)
1. Eyelash #13 Side end Long $2.50
2. Hair Pin Set $0.70
3. Look at My Eyes Sand Gold GD03 $2.50

I super duper love these eyelashes. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but I saw them in the collection before but they never had them in stock.

They are super dense and long side lashes, great for those dolly eyes.

Will definitely try to use them for a look.

I used the eyeshadow in my Work Outfit #1 look.



Nail Polishes

My unnie who came down to Seoul is the one who got me into nail art. I mentioned this before, but it’s because she showed me some of her nail art pictures that made me realize you can do it at home.

Since I was with her, and we gloated over and discussed all nail related supplies we saw, I think I was feeling really inspired and bought a lot more polishes than I normally would.

It’s so much more fun (and inspiring!) to have a physical nail art buddy! T_T


Etude nail polish swatch review, Etude House Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling, Etude House Petit Darling Nails MATTE

Etude House $1.50-$2.50
Glitter Polishes
Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling (에뛰드하우스 디어달링 네일즈 블링블링)
1) WH020
Lucid Darling Fantastic Nails (에뛰드하우스 루씨달링 파타스틱 네일스)
2) 05 Dazzling Pink (스팽글 05 대즐링 핑크)
3) 06 Dazzling Purple (스팽글 06 대즐링 핑크)
4) 07 Dazzling Blue (스팽글 07 대즐링 블루)
5) 09 Dazzling Gold (스팽글 09 대즐링 골드)
6) 03 Silver Dia (스팽글 03 실버다이아)

Matte Pastel Polishes
Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
7) 08 Mint Cookie (08 민트 쿠키)
8 ) 09 Snow Flower Shaved Ice (09 눈꽃빙수)
9) 11 Berry Bubble (11 베리버블)
10) 10 Strawberry Yogurt (10 딸기요거트)
11) 07 Lemon Cheese (07 레몬치즈)

Royal Manicure (from a general beauty store)
12) 515 Nail Top Shine (손톱빛)

Matte Brown Polishes
Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
13) 02 Latte Brown (02 라떼브라운)
14) 03 Milky Way Purple (03 밀키웨이퍼플)
15) 01 Ceylon? Tea (01 실몬티베이지)
16) 06 Orange Muffin (오렌지머핀)



Glitter Polishes (#1-6)

Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

– Very shiny, flashy, bright glitters
– Can mix and match glitters to create your own color combo
– Durable and lasts well over a week
– Takes at least 5 coats to fully cover nails with glitter
– Difficult to remove (needs a bit of scrapping and scratching)


Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

I actually bought the glitter nails intending to apply them all as one color.

I even applied a coat of each glitter on my nails, went around the store browsing, went back to apply a 2nd coat, and so on until I had all 5 coats on my nails =p

I am seriously a shameless shopper. I had to make sure it looked good before buying, and I really liked it!


I didn’t really realize that BIG glitter nails is the ‘in’ thing nowadays until I got this email from Urban Decay in my inbox and also realized lots of my female students were wearing glitter polishes as well:

Urban Decay Ziggy

I like how it says “Our fave: ZIGGY. Concentrated multi-colored glitter… not a wimpy clear coat,” and it’s totally true!

Most BIG glitter nail polishes give very sparse glitters. However, now that I look at this Urban Decay Ziggy, it seems to be small, not BIG glitters (like #1).



#1 polish (Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling WH020) gives very good dense coat of polish, as expected of a small glitter polish.

However, #2-6, the bigger glitter polishes, is much more sparse.

It’s okay though if you plan to mix and match all the colors anyways, because once you have all 5 coats of different colors on, your nails are fully covered.

It’s a really pretty combination. More interesting than single colored glitter. Highly recommended! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it ^^


Extra Tip: Use #6 on the bottom and top of the big glitter polish to finish up and fill in any left over gaps or spaces between the big glitters. It gives a nice final gloss.

However, if you want to keep the original strong shine of the big glitters, you can skip this step.

It’s hard to see but I didn’t do it on the index finger of both my hands and the shine is a lot stronger, while the others have a softer gloss.



Matte Pastel Polishes (#7-11)

Pictures go from 1 coat, 2 coats, to 3 coats.

Etude matte pastel nail polish swatch, review

– Pretty pastel colors in MATTE (hard to find)
– Cheap
– Lighter colors crack after application (it’s not a cracking polish!!)
– Lighter and brighter colors don’t go on as smoothly as darker colors (even with a base)
– Wears off easily (very chipped by 5th day)

Even though the application is terrible, I don’t regret buying these.

They look very pretty all together, and remind me of Barbie fingernails, because Barbie’s nails are usually matte =p

Especially #10, the pastel pink, is SUCH a Barbie color!



Matte Brown + Neutral Polishes (#12-16)

Etude matte brown nail polish swatch, review

I super love these colors — very unique matte browns. Matte colors are generally harder to find, and it’s not common to see such a range of matte browns.

My unnie said the dark brown (#13 on my pinky) reminded her of chocolate, and I totally agree!

When I was young, I used to have this thing for a yellow pencil crayon that looked super like lemon. It made me want to eat it. This dark brown polish is the same, except it’s like chocolate! It’d be great for drawing chocolate nail art designs. That is SO on my to-do list!


All the pastel and brown matte polishes are from the same line, so the pros and cons are all the same except the browns don’t crack and go on as unevenly. This problem only seems to occur with the lighter colors.


#12 was from a general beauty store. I used to have a friend who wanted to color her nails, but didn’t want anything too noticeable. I honestly couldn’t understand what the heck she was talking about, because I think if you don’t want your nails to stand out, then just don’t do them at all.

When I saw #12, I thought it would be the perfect color for her — a very nude, skin colored polish.

It looked like it would be real nice when I just tried on one coat. However, three coats gives it a kind of murky, dirty nude pink, which I don’t really like.

I think it would be best to wear just one coat of #12 when your nails are short and you don’t need have that awkward look — colored nails with both the nail and nail bed difference still showing.



OPI vs. the Cheap Stuff

Another friend of mine and I were discussing whether OPI polishes are worth it or not.

She said cheap polishes make her nails yellow. I suggested it may actually be her nail polish remover, which can dry and damage nails. It may also be due to the amount of breathing time you allow your nails to have without nail polish over it.

I use a gel type remover from Faceshop which is supposed to be more gentle on the nails. I also usually wait at least 2 weeks in between nail jobs, because I’m usually too lazy to do it often. So, I haven’t had problems with my nails turning yellow.

This may come as a surprise from someone who does quite a bit of nail art, but I don’t own any OPI polishes.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on my nail art supplies, but can’t justify it on OPI polishes. I’m always curious and contemplating it, but I can never end up spending $11 on one polish when I can buy 8-9 polishes with the same money.

Unlike in North America, where even drugstore polishes cost $4-5 a bottle, many polishes cost $1-2 (#12 was just 70 cents!), in which case, I prefer having a larger collection of the cheap stuff than just a few OPI polishes.


What do you guys think? Are OPI polishes worth it? Are they really that much better?

24 Comments to “October Etude House Haul (part 2) — many nail polishes”

  1. Oooohhh I love haul posts! Look at all those pretty nail polishes! I think Etude’s nail polishes have really pretty bottles. I like the matte pastel colours you got, but not too keen on the cracks and difficult application. I’ve some nail polishes from Etude House and I find that they aren’t consistent. Some are so smooth and opaque, but some needs like 4 coats!
    I like how you layered 5 of the glitters on top of each other. Brill idea! Haha I’d totally do something like you (walk around the store while waiting for the layers to dry)
    Can’t wait to see the lashes on you!

    Re OPI, I don’t own any either and I so agree with you that nail polishes are so cheap in Asia. In Sasa, they have like baskets full of no-brand nail polishes! That said, I’d like to try some out just to see what the hype is all about :D

    • I think the Etude polishes aren’t very consistent just because they are so cheap.

      I’m glad there is another young shameless shopper like me! I’m proud anyways!!

  2. I love nail polish! And doing nail art!

    I really like some of the colors you found (9, 14 & 15 specifically) – even the cheap ones that chip very easily. But I find that it’s okay, especially if you want something cute only for a specific occasion.

    I thought that I would’ve liked 8 more, from the bottle the color looked really pretty, but seeing it on the nail… I was like “hmmm…. not how I imagined” Does that happen to you sometimes? When you see a polish color and think it’s gorgeous but then you buy it and use it and are kind of disappointed? I hate that -.-‘

    I wish I could answer your question about the polishes, but I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on polish (9 dollars for a bottle 13 dollars for a pen?!?!). Here in the States, I like using the Sinful polish brand. They’re 2 dollars a piece and the dark colors go on great, the brighter colors take about 2-3 coats, and they have a nice variety of shades. They last a few days without cracking or chipping and they come off pretty easily.

    • What kind of nail art do you like to do? I really love doing crystals and creating patterns/pictures. My unnie likes using the dotter a lot. How about you? ^^

      Oh, yeah! #8 is a nice pastel baby blue, to be it looked the same on my nail as the bottle. The one that didn’t match up is #12. It actually doesn’t happen to me too often cuz I’m pretty lax with however the colors turn out (more often, it’s the other way around and I like it more on my nails than in the bottle!), but #12 on my nails after 3 coats was really kinda ugly : ( but it’s ok if I keep it to jus tone!

      I haven’t heard of Sinful. $2 is a great price though and looking at some google images, it looks like a good polish!

      • I like all kinds of nail art: from nail tattoos, gems, glitter to crystals and water marbling (even though marbling takes some time and can be a little messy and it’s difficult to get a uniform look). I want to invest in some nail pens but they’re so expensive >.> But I know I could make some cute designs with them *sigh*
        What’s one of the most complex patterns/pictures you’ve done before?

        Hehe. I’ve been trying to find a nude-pink color and haven’t had much luck… though I’ve got some nice shades of pink now.

        It is a really good polish. I haven’t had any complaints with it so far :)

        • I absolutely cannot get marbling right, even after ppl told me to try some diff polishes and see what works well. So I think it’s really cool the ppl who can do it! Instead of nail pens, I think that buying one good nail brush you can use many polish colors with is a better investment?

          I posted some of my old nail art here: http://frostedsnow.com/?p=317. I think my fav one is maybe the blue checkered one?

  3. Wow! Love all of these polishes!
    Especially 1-6 :) Never thought about glitter polishes much but your haul’s made me want some! Now, if only I can find some like that here in England hehe!
    I’ve never tried OPI nail polish, normally I just go for colour in contrast to brand and, hey, the cheaper the better ^_^ Gotta hate when you pick a nail polish you love the colour of, but then chips really easily ><
    For that reason, I could consider OPI polish, but most of the time I take the polish off after even a few days (I'm generally someone who just goes off colours or gets bored with them quickly XD)
    Your haul posts are awesome! They always make me think of considering new looks :)

    • I’m sure there are other brands selling glitter too, but I personally like those BIG glitter, and not the dusty stuff! And you’re from England! Where abouts?

      Haha, well I don’t take the color off after a few days, but I never ever get through even half a bottle of any color polish except maybe for black and white, so I feel its such a waste of money!

      Glad you like the posts ^^ Hope you end up getting some new things you like!

  4. You. Live. In. Korea?!? OMG. Jeaaalouuus. Is it like anything dramas show it to be? LOL
    awesome you’re a canadian too :)
    Glitter nail polish looks reall nice but it’s such a bish to take off :(
    I don’t own any OPI either. It’s good because it’s long lasting but I don’t usually keep it on for that long, plus the colour looks the same as any cheap brand. So Yay for cheap brands!

  5. When I first saw the colors, I thought 7 and 8 were the same (on your nails in the first picture). The matte colors are so pretty! Especially 9 and 10, they seem to cover better than the lighter matte colors. Or maybe it’s just the picture?

    I haven’t bought anything from Etude House yet, since it’s so overrated (?) in Singapore right now because “OMG LOOK LEE MINHO!” and the amount of Etude chains here is popping up like weeds. WEEDS. It seems as if a new one opens every 3 weeks or something. Yeah. But I went in and tried their polishes once. I think. I buy nail polishes from The Face Shop usually, and my remover’s from there too. Cept I don’t even use nail polish frequently because of school. Now I have to go to Etude to get that pretty matte polish. Oh my pocket.

    (You need more haul posts. Keke. Is this my way of telling you to shop more O.O)

    • #9 and 10, you like the really Barbie colors! haha =p and they are a bit better than the lighter pastel colors. but in the end, they all chipped pretty easily : (

      lee minho is still the face of etude in singapore? (oh and ur from sing! I have 2 good friends over there too =pp) it’s switched to sandra looong time here in korea! but i remember i did feel very happy to get some leeminho folders from etude hahaha. he’s cute!!

      wow so etude is really expanding. i know there is skinfood in hongkong but never saw etude over there. it’s good that they are expanding so i’m not always posting about all these products ppl can’t get!

      my remover is from faceshop too ^^ I think their polish is generally better than etude.

      haha and i can only make haul posts now and then cuz I’m trying not to buy so much stuff!! T__T

      • Sandara is the face of Etude House now, along with lee minho. Well, they used to have this lifesize lee minho standup board thing and it looked really freaky so I could never step into the shop. But I was at vivocity the other day and the etude house was 30% off as well, so I got 5 polishes. Damn the matte polishes are like 6 dollars normal price. Okay 5.90, but still. I got 3 in matte, the chocolate, pink, and one of the blue. The pretty purple was out of stock. T__T Oh well. I got a base too, but does it actually do anything to apply it first before the polish itself?
        Korean products feel so over priced here. Or maybe it’s just me? There’s like so many new make up stores from korea here now, one with cn blue endorsing, etude house, skinfood (I love their samples lol so now my mom’s a member). I’m not sure where dr. wu is from but I saw their products in watsons. thefaceshop’s polishes are cheaper than etude house too. xD

        and oh! do you have any recommendations for eyeliners?

        • Haha you think the standup boards are freaky? If I like the artist, then I like those boards! =p

          Oh, yea! Actually I was gonna say I saw your Etude polish pics u posted on twitter. You bought the matte black! I dont know why but for some reason, I didn’t get that one. Is it any good? Since its just the lighter colors that kinda suck, I’m guessing the black is probably better! That’s awesome you guys had 30% off of Etude too. I wish the other makeup stores would follow suit T_T But $6 a bottle is very expensive! I think it’s like $1.5 here for the matte ones…

          The base protects your real nails. I guess it’s not as harmful and some nails have protecting qualities. Also, a base coat helps the color polish ‘stick’, stay longer, and apply better. I always apply base first, esp those strengthening bases, cuz my nails are a bit weak.

          wow you guys have the cn blue endorsing makeup store too? I believe that is holika holika. I haven’t tried any of their products, though I’ve taken a look, cuz I’m a bit wary to venture into a very new (and sorta cheap?) looking brand.

          I found Dr. Wu in Hong Kong, recommended by my best friend. STrangely, I’ve never seen it in Korea before, but it actually said ‘made in Korea’ on the product!

          If you want a cheap and decent drugstore liner, the one I used when I was younger was Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil.. the roll out one (http://www.shopping.com/Revlon-Revlon-ColorStay-Eyeliner-Pencil-Charcoal-204-01-oz-28-g-Revlon/info). However, the bad thing is the lead inside can split, in which case you can still keep using it but it might slide out. I didn’t like that, so I later got the more pricey Urban Decay and Make up For ever black liners. UD is creamier, glides on easily. MUFE is harder so you can get a more precise and thinner line, but I find it a little bit dry and tugs my skin. All these liners are best used over a primer so it doesn’t smudge if you have oily lids ^^

          As for Korean eyeliners, I don’t think much of the ones I tried. I do love the Tony Moly gel liner though, but that’s not a pencil liner.

  6. Have you ever heard about essie Matte About You? It’s a matte top coat so you can have matte nails with whatever color you want without having to buy separate polish! It’s awesome!

    • oh! I haven’t heard of it, but I do have a matte top coat from Missha. I never thought of using it to make my shiny polishes matte though. I wonder if it will work! It would be awesome not having to buy separate matte polishes though!


    I like the neutral colors a lot~ ^^ Although the pastel polishes looks cute with those bright colors and such~ ^o^

    I barely have nail polish on~ (maybe because I'm not used to it T^T) I'll go and search for some of those nail polishes at Etude House's branch in the Phils ^^

  8. Long time lurker, first time poster~ I’d just like to say that with nail polish as it is with a lot of things is you get what you paid for. I use to use cheap nail polish (Sally Hansen, some shady Asian brands, etc.) but after using OPI and some higher end polishes (Essie, CND, etc.), I’ve never looked back. The higher end polishes eliminated a lot of the problems I was having before mainly with streakiness and dry time. Yes they are more expensive, but they are so much more worth it and plus I feel like I got my money’s worth. If you like big glitter you can check out Lippmann (now these are expensive!) or for a cheaper alternative Essie’s newly released Luxeffects. However, I have to say cheap polish is great for nail art because it’s hard to tell what the quality of a polish is like when it’s just applied in small quantities. As for the yellowing problem, I’d recommend using a base coat especially for dark colours. (It looks like you aren’t from the photos so I’m just assuming here.) If it’s still yellow, try soaking it in lemon juice and warm water periodically. That’s about it~ I hope it helps.

    • Thank you for your first comment ^^

      I guess the question is whether I want to fork over that money for that last step up in my nail polish. Also, since I do a lot of nail art, like you said, I sometimes use just a dab for color, and it’s so hard to justify buying expensive polish for that dab of color!

      Thank you for your recommendations though! I will keep those names on my mental checklist and keep my eyes peeled for them, though a lot of them sounds like they are in the States, but not Canada?

      I don’t have problems personally with my nails streaking, but I’ll relay your advice to my friend! Thanks a lot ^^

      • All of the brands I listed can be found in Canada cept Lippmann (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough?) Try going to old salons instead of chains like Trade Secrets for better prices. As for buying expensive nail polish, I’d say hold back until you see a colour you really like and read some reviews because sometimes the formula varies. If it’s just nail art then I wouldn’t shell out the money either. Anyway, I look forward to seeing any nail related posts in the future and it was nothing. :)

        • Are you Canadian as well? I’ve actually… never heard of Trade Secrets T_T

          I didn’t know formulas vary for expensive brand polish! That’s good to know cuz I always just assumed it’s all good stuff =p

          There will always be nail posts for sure, though while I’m in Vancouver, I can’t really do any special nail art! =p

    • i totally agree with you!!

  9. @frostedsnow , i think you should try OPI or some higher end polishes, so you’ll know how much it worth.

    i have some ORLY and OPI polishes, they’ve been in my storage for 4years (orly) and 2 years (opi) and they’re all still doin’ awesome! while etude/other cheap stuff get dries in only 3-6 months.. :)

    • Someone told me though that not all OPI polishes are of the same good quality, like it’s kind of inconsistent?

      I only started buying Etude polishes recently, but all of my other cheap no name, Faceshop, or Missah polishes have been fine even after a few years. I’m surprised you say yours have dried up! I think I’ve had all of mine for 5+ years!

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