Lookbook: Three

The past two days I am still going to work in my winter jacket, scarf, and gloves. When is the spring weather coming? I don’t know, but that is how I’m going to justify my last winter look ㅋ

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Every time I wear this sweater, people ask me, “Are you wearing it the wrong way?”

PRODUCT LIST*April 23 edit*
Tony Moly Primer + Biotherm Aquasource Superserum (mixed)
Shu Uemura Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid Foundation (784 fair beige)
Missha Perfect Concealer (light beige)
Skin 79 Diamond Collection UV Screen Beblesh Pact
Shu Uemura Blush (P peach 45)
Skin 79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Ball Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
The FaceShop Liquid Eyeliner (01 black)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (mildew)
NARS Single Eyeshadow (night porter)
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (graffiti) (can’t remember exactly if this was it >.<)
Missha Powder Eyes (WH01 (white loose powder))
Quo Full Eyelash Adhesive (clear/transparent)
Darkness False Eyelashes (ZO, VO (top); 8mm individual lashes (lower))
Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil (갈색 (brown))

Deserving Thyme Lip Balm
Missha Perfect Concealer (light beige)
Missha Lucid Berry Lips (lost the number to the product! >.<)

I know this kind of make up is not for everyone, but I wanted to do a really crazy, Japanese dolly eyes with this look, so I flipped through my Japanese “Doll Snaps” book and this is the doll this look was inspired from! I chose green to go with the beige/grey outfit.

What do you guys think? Fun? Too crazy?

I used a total of 3 different false lashes! The two top lashes are the same ones that I am giving away.

Also, I am a bit worried about whether I am doing the Makeup Contest too soon. I realize most of my followers are more Kpop fans than makeup junkies. I will definitely still do the Kpop CD Giveaway, as promised, and I could do a small Skin79 giveaway (a travel size BB cream + face masks + Korean cosmetics samples) once I hit the 100 mark, but I am considering delaying the Makeup Contest because I don’t want to hold it without enough people joining.

Is anyone here interested in the Skin79 prizes?

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  1. I really like your style and although, it is not what you are trying to show here…i really like your boot hehe…i’m interested in the skin79 prizes, especially the bb cream.. i really want to try that.

    • Oh! I am getting more compliments on those boots than I expected! They were only like $23 at a random subway station store — very cheap but not great for long walking =p

      Okay, one more count for skin 79 bbcream interest

  2. I love your eyemake so much ;___; The double wing style and in a forest green/dark yellow E/S (as seen from my screen, lol)…. I can’t pull those colors off. I would definitely try it with brown and pink though~

    Haha, I’m a KPOP fan and a makeup junkie :3 So I’m definitely interested in the Skin79 prizes <3 So count me in.

    • Thank you! You are the first to comment on the eye makeup XDDD You are right about the forest green (NARS’s Night Porter Single Shadow) but the other color is more of an… emerald green? Pink and brown is a great color combo but I don’t seem to pull of pink very well. Maybe I just haven’t found the right pink. Anyways, I edited in a product list to that post ^^

      And since you mentioned liking to see prices and stores, I made sure to include that in my new haul post~! ^^

      As for the skin79 prizes, I’m still not sure how I’m gonna do it yet, but probably start with a smaller giveaway first. There’s just not enough makeup junkies here to do a contest yet!

  3. seriously…the boots just caught my interest that i forgot to comment on your eye make…
    the eye make look great on you, especially in the first n the 2nd close up pics i don’t think i can pull off that kind of eye make as well as you did T_T.

    • I’m sure there’s some similar eye make up in form of color or style that can suit your own eyes and skin tone! Play around with colors and such~ ^^

  4. Hon’ “are you wearing it the wrong way”?
    Baby, I love your contact lense but especially the tree/fur scarfy!
    How much is it!?
    Cause it’s so HOOOOT and I could use one over here!
    It’s freaking cold still! Argh~

    • I think I’ve worn that lense before in Van when we met! You didn’t notice it then huh? =p
      tree/fur scarf was from Zara so not cheap. around $45 USD? there’s cheaper versions that are plain white. Joyce got I think a white one with zippers on the side when she was in Korea for like $10.

      It’s STILL cold? same for korea T_T
      thanks babes for all ur comments <3

  5. you know what? you kind of look like park bom! >w< u look like a bunny,.but a better one lol. YOU'RE SO PRETTYYYYYY ~.~ I like your hair btw- like how its tied. I wish I can go to Korea and buy those things. unfortunately, I'm just a highschool student who works ==; but yeah I LIKEEEEYYY ^^ 드레즈는 넘이쁘네용~!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • omg! i totally dont’ look like Bom in real life! it’s just that picture XD but that is really a compliment. thanks so much michelle!
      and im sure you can visit korea one day, esp after you start working more and making more money ^^
      when u do, contact me and we can meet the way I did with patricia ^^

      but thats not a dress michelle! just a very long tank top =p

  6. OMGD. I love the look~ Seriously! Especially the make up and the scarf. <3 I wanna pull off that look someday :))

    • Thank you~! I’m sure you could find something similar! Infinity scarves are very common in the winter. I also found a really nice and long one at H&M a while ago for only $20 USD!

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