October Accessories Haul (part 1)

I haven’t done a haul post for a long time!

A few weeks ago I went shopping literally 4 days straight with my unnie who came to visit from Singapore with her family, bringing them around to all the good shopping areas. I told myself that in those 4 days, I am absolutely not allowed to buy any clothes, better not step into Zara, and even considered bringing no cash so that I’m limited to just using my debit card.

Lo and behold, I did end up buying quite a few things here and there, but I didn’t buy even one piece of clothing (except for a few tank tops for my brother… so that doesn’t count!!).

I bought mostly accessories and nail polishes and spent below $200ish on accessories, which is pretty good because that is how much I usually spend in Zara alone T_T

Plus, a lot of the more expensive pieces were things on my ‘wish list’ for a long time, but couldn’t find. I really think shopping is like a long-term treasure hunt. Even if you know exactly what you want to buy, it could take up to a few years to find that item in the perfect color, style, and price. Then, once you find that item, it is like finding a little treasure.

This is part 1 of the haul post. Part 2 is all the things I bought from Etude. This post was getting real long, so I’ll finish the rest next time!




Korea accessories haul

SSFW Accessories in Myeongdong (명동)
1. Paper clip wristband bracelet $20
2. Gold chain black wristband bracelet $12
3. Silver and gold Star Earrings $6 each
4. Gold bracelet $10

I’ve been wanting some clip on wristbands for a long time but couldn’t find anything nice for a reasonable price.

The paper clip ones also came in a black band with silver paperclips. My unnie pointed out that black paper clips were a lot more unique, so I got those ones.

I saw the exact same ones before at Aland (in Myeongdong) for $40 before!

I wore two of these in my Dorky Rocker Chic look.


Korea accessories haul

1. Black spots on translucent plastic glasses $10 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)
2. White and blue polka dot ribbon hair tie $5 from Myeongdong (명동)
3. Big hoop gold earrings $3 from Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널)
4. Brown mini belt headband $5~ from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)

I super love big hoop earrings. The bigger the better!

You might not be able to tell, but these hoops are HUGE. They are like 3/4 the size of the headband!

I also have 2 other huge ones — one silver, one crystal studded. They aren’t as popular nowadays, but I still love them anyways.


Korea accessories haul

Long plastic chain robot necklace $25 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)


A Big Bang and 2ne1 style necklace — bright, colorful, flashy, and fun.

AND it’s lightweight! The most important thing when buying long large size pendant necklaces is that it doesn’t feel like you are lugging metal chains around your neck.

2ne1 necklace

Big Bang necklace

I’ve been wanting one for a loooong time but you don’t find these kinda things easily, at a reasonable prices.

This necklace was from a little store on the streets of Eedae. They had a bunch of Superman, big kissing lips, mechanical looking big plastic pendant necklaces.

A girl who walked into the store with her friend was like ‘Hey, this store is so YG!’ (Big Bang and 2ne1 are both from YG).

The owner said he hand makes all of his pieces, though I’m sure that means he just assembles the pieces. I doubt he made that robot himself!

This is my favorite item from my haul!


Hopefully I’ll be able to use many of these in upcoming looks ^^




Korea accessories haul

I saw these hats in Myungdong and went totally crazy. They were in their own individual display cases at the window. There were only one, no price tags, and I was guessing it wasn’t even on sale, but I was drooling outside the window like a child looking into a candy store T__T

If I could own both of these hats, I would put them up on a display case next to my bed and fall asleep admiring them every night T____T



Seoul desserts

I was roaming around the Lotte Department store food section and saw this yummy looking chocolate tart. It reminded me a lot of Chinese egg tarts — which I miss a lot! T_T

Also had a cookies and cream cake from Paris Baguette with my unnie and her family for her bday ^^

Just love sweets and desserts!



PS. I really want to thank you those of you who leave comments for me, especially my regular readers.

I’m used to working together with a staff team for Aheeyah, where it was very interactive with a lot of us, really like family and friends.

Now that I’m doing this blog by myself now, it just gets kind of lonely sometimes T_T I’m sorry if I sound a bit like a needy child in my last post asking for comments T__T

Your comments remind me there are people I’m doing this with, so thank you very much always for your read and support~!! <3

18 Responses to “October Accessories Haul (part 1)”

  1. I like the glasses, robot necklace and the star earrings 8D
    And the dessert looks so yummy ;_____; I’ll wait for part two ^^v

    • The robot necklace would be lots of fun for you younger ladies~!
      Wish I had the money to buy that kinda stuff when I was a teenager T_T

  2. Thanks for your reply :) It took me awhile to find your blog again haha. I adore your style! It’s so edgy in a…kpopy way? lol
    Are you korean?

  3. I love that paperclip wristband! You’ve got some really cool finds! ^_^
    I also love hoop earrings! I want to wear them more often, but my kid likes to pull on things and doesn’t quite grasp the idea of piercings yet lol >.<

    • I’m really glad I found something like that too! Nowadays these daily supplies like, paperclips, zippers, and legos seem to be the popular accessories thing, which I find so weird and interesting! I’m sure there are things your kids play with you can probably turn into accessories too. Keeps make me thinking I want to go through my old toys and my brother’s lego pieces =ppp

      Gosh yea! When I taught young children, I always had to be careful of them pulling on long necklaces and earrings — they always found it so fascinating!

    this just told me where I should go when I’m in Korea keke
    I love the robot necklace. Love it so much T T have you ever bought anything from
    Asmama before? (just wondering heh)

    • Yeay finally!! lol.

      Yea! there’s really only a few places to shop in Korea that if you did a little looking up before your trip, I’m sure you’d cover the places you want. It’s so easy and convenient here in Korea!

      oooo I’m glad you like the robot necklace! The place might take a bit of wandering around to find though cuz its SUPER tiny in the midst of a lot of other stores. I’ve been to Eedae so many times but it was the first time I’ve ever seen it! (though it could also just be new…)

      I’ve never shopped at Asmama before! haha. It’s just an online store right? The stuff looks super cute, but it also looks like stuff they sell at the street accessories store in Korea! Their prices seem surprisingly reasonable though, except paying for shipping always sucks, esp when I don’t live in the States T__T everything always only ships to the US!!

      good luck on your exams christina!! ^^ thanks for stopping by to write a few words during your busy study time!!!

  5. Been silent reader, now it’s about the time to comment! :D
    Your taste is kinda unique~ I must say…
    Kinda fun with all those colors~ ^^
    Anyway, I’m still looking forward to your R&B look with that new Yankees 59fifty

    Have a nice day!

    • Oh, thank you for ‘stepping out’! =p I didn’t really think I had any silent readers, I thought just the regular few who comment!
      I really just love colorful stuff. I think wearing colorful and fun clothes makes you feel a lot more… happy? haha

      I know!! I am always wanting to do a look with that hat but haven’t had the chance to. I’ve only worn it out a few times and just feel like it’s too nice to wear all the time! eek! but I’m happy you remember that hat. I love it tonssss.

      Thank you for dropping a line, Hyebin ^^
      Are you Korean?

      • Hyaaaa… you’re so nice ><!!! No problem~ Thanks to you who make this awesome blog :D

        Hmm… honestly after swarming around your blog, I begin to drool on some cutey stuffs.. ㅋㅋㅋ

        The reason why I am waiting for your R&B look is because I wanna see how you're gonna wear your 59fifty. I love hats but so far I only buy 39thirty bcos I think 59fifty would never suit me… But since I saw your post about it, dang… I wanna buy one too now XDDD

        Btw… I'm not Korean :P

        뿅!! ^^

        • R&B? you mean hip hop look? =p I totally know what you mean about 59fifty vs 39thirty hats!! 39thirty is much more everyday, but 59fifty is wearable too. You just gotta wear it with BIG clothes/shoes — sweatshirts, oversized tshirts, skater shoes. It looks a little weird to wear a 59fifty and then all skinny clothes — at least you will be missing that hip hop feel.

          I saw a student wear a beautiful 39thirty navy blue with silver crystals. I loved how it looked so much I’m opposite of you and considering getting one of those! The problem with 59fifty is it kinda brings attention to your face and I often wear hats when I’m out and about with no makeup or need to cover up.

          and haha 뿅 뿅~! =pp

  6. I’ve been a silent reader for a while, time for me to comment! ^_^
    LOVE your Lookbook and Haul entries!
    *Or just all of your entries in general :’)*
    You have an awesome sense of style! Those hats are just :O … Especially that second one! Studs + Black peaked hat = love!
    Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Oh you are the second silent reader to leave a comment for the first time. Thank you so much~!! I hope there will be more showing their… faces? =p

      Thank you thank you for all your kind compliments. I’m really glad you like everything. Those hats are freaking awesome, aren’t they? That black studded one reminds me so much of Taeyang from Bigbang. It just says him ALL over it!!

  7. I love the star earrings! :] and the cakes look so good O_O I loveee Paris Baguette. Yummmm~

    • seems like everyone loves star earrings!

      and omg that cake is absolutely delicious but probably also full of calories T_T haha

  8. Hello, I’ve been in tune with korean style for a while, Im wondering if you know any websites that sell them online, or if you could be any help in providing me with fashion items I can bring back to my country.

    Please help,

    Kuwaiti Fashionista

    • I buy all my ‘Korean style’ clothes from local Korean websites, especially http://www.11st.co.kr/ It’s quite a popular site nowadays in Korea.

      If you are not in Korea, I hear that Gmarket allows foreigners to create an account and they ship internationally. I’ve read about and seen some ppl buy from them at what seems to be reasonable item and shipping prices.

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