Lookbook: Twelve: Dorky Rocker Chic

The glasses and buttoned up collar shirt make gives this a slightly dorky feel. The oversized, untucked shirt over black spandex tights, purple Dr. Martens and big, clunky bangles and heavy makeup give it a more rocker look. Finally, I pulled my hair completely back from my face and up in a bun and overall simple (but bold) pieces to keep it clean, pulled together, and chic.

That’s my take on this outfit!

I always love the dorky + chic looks. What about you guys?


Please be generous with hyping, sharing, and retweeting this look~! Thank you very much ^^


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

Shirt: My mom’s closet

Tights: Hong Kong shopping mall (some… where…) find with my best friend

Dr. Martens: Hong Kong Mong Kok shoe store street (I jumped on this when I saw it in HK because this one has slight dots all over, which gives it more texture. In Korea, only the all smooth Dr. Martens are available… and honestly I find those kinda ugly)

Bangles: ssfw in Myeongdong, Seoul (A recent buy. argh! I still gotta do that haul post!!)

Glasses: Ray Ban imitation — randomly stole from home when I went back to Vancouver. I ended up loving it so much I bought myself a pair of real Ray Ban prescription. Will show you guys that one day!
I didn’t realize just how many ppl are wearing these nowadays though because now I can’t wear them to class cuz I feel weird having the exact same style glasses as my male students (you don’t see the girls wearing them)!
I love wearing things that boys wear but it’s strange for the teacher to be sporting the same thing as their students? No?



Makeup + Accessories

dorky chic fashion

I started off with an orange lipstick (Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips (#4, miss tangerine tangerine); also in my Lookbook Four: Mini Black Dress post).

After doing my hair and makeup and taking the portrait shots, I took a break and ate lunch before continuing to shoot, and decided to change my lipstick to hot pink. I’m actually more of an eyeshadow than lipstick girl, so with my eyeshadow, I can be really confident and happy with what I do, but I’m never satisfied with my lipstick colors!

The next two colors I took at the very end of the shoot with the hot pink lipstick. I ended up liking the orange better with this look T__T lol


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

I actually love heavy makeup + glasses looks. It may not seem to work if you just think about it, but I really love it.

The reason I think it works is because of big glasses. You don’t do heavy makeup like this with small, narrow or rectangular glasses — just the big, square, or circle glasses because the big frames and shape put more emphasis and attention on your eyes. If you have small eyes framed by big glasses, it can make your eyes look even smaller. Solve this by elongating and enlarging your eyes with makeup.

Also, certain glasses colors, sizes, and thickness will call for more or less makeup. I realized this as I try on the variety of plastic ‘fashion glasses’ I have. For example, usually black framed glasses look nicer with heavier makeup, while lighter/softer colors like light brown go well with more natural looks.

I used to do the glasses + heavy makeup look quite often when I had time before going out. Nowadays, I’ve gotten quite lazy but I still really love the look.



Swatches + Review

nyx caribbean collection, dream of barbados, dream of antigua, missha multi-shadow case, missha metallic shadow GA01, urban decay 24/7 liner perversion gunmetal binge, swatches and review


If I weren’t wearing glasses, I think false lashes (at least even side ones) are a must with this makeup, because I practically re-drew my eyes (bigger, elongated, higher crease) and need longer lashes to match it.

NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Pros: Dark, bold, glistening black. Good thickness to spread as eyeshadow base. Cheap.
Cons: Creased within a minute of putting it on!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil
Pros: Waterproof, long lasting, minimal smudging. Beautiful and diverse color selections.
Cons: Pricey

NYX Carribean Collection
Pros: Decent quality, diverse color selection, cheap.
Cons: Not very pigmented alone, must wear over base for best color

Missha Multi-Shadow Case + Single Metallic Shadows
This is only for the GA01 shadow color because all of the shadows vary in quality, pigmentation, and finish.
GA01 Pros: Beautiful, pigmented, metallic and glittery finish (even without base). Can choose your own shadows to place into empty Missha shadow palette case. Cheap price ($3~ USD) for good quality.
GA01 Cons: None, really… You have to use it over a base for the best pigmentation? Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Gunmetal is the best base match with it!




I always listen to music when I shoot my looks and was almost finished as G-Dragon and T.O.P‘s album started playing on my iTunes. I was literally dancing to it as I was shooting, and it ended up just working as this look has a bit of GD feel to it, I think. I always love the way he dresses!

Somehow, as I was looking up their pics to show a bit of their similar style and feel, I also found GD in a really similar look!


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

He looks so tired in this last photo! XD


I think the big plastic frame glasses is usually a love or hate thing. I know lots of people who say they hate it (my best friend), think it’s unfashionable (my white male coworker), or can’t understand why people would wear glasses when they don’t need it (my dad).

I don’t think it’s as hit as it used to be, but you can see all the Korean celebs are still wearing it. Personally, I really love these big, dorky glasses and own quite a few pairs myself. I also got my brother who hated it to wear it as well =p It’s an accessory, like necklaces, rings, or earrings. You don’t need things hanging all over your body either, right?

What do you guys think? ^^ I miss reading everyone’s comments! Where did those all go? T__T

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  1. Perfect make up! i lov your eyes… and this look is really interestant. Not my style, but i think a boot high tops i think is better! :)

  2. OH MY LIFE I LOVE YOUR EYE MAKEUP. I’ve always wondered how to get that shape without smudging everything. I’m considering this for my prom night xD Have I ever mentioned that I love your face shape? Okay, maybe not, but still, I love your face shape. There, said it.

    DO THE HAUL POST. (And include good shopping districts in Korea. Non touristy ones)

    Okay I’ll be back to comment in half a month when my exams ends. I haven’t commented for so long TT_TT

    (I can’t stop laughing at gd’s hair though. It doesn’t matter if he’s wearing balmain or galliano or whatever. The electrocuted style needs to go.)

    • OH YOUR LIFE! omg haha I know a girl online who talks like that too! I think it’s the younger generation ‘cool talk’? =p It wasn’t long ago when I learned what ‘fml’ stood for and my younger brother had to teach me that T_T lol

      anyways! i’m so happy to hear you are considering it for your prom! but it really depends on the color of your dress too I think? If it’s already dark / black, I think it would be nicer to go with a brighter color eyeshadow?

      yea!! i still gotta do that haul post T_T i had plans to do a shopping guide in korea but gosh i have like a bajillion plans I don’t know where to start T_T but I swear, it’s touristy, but Myungdong is still the best shopping area in Seoul cuz it has absolutely everything you need in one place — and most ppl who visit Korea don’t have time to go here and there to shop. Otherwise, Hongdae and Eedae (both universities with subway station stop) are great!! Even after almost 4 years in Korea, I still always make my stop in Myungdong whenever I need anything =p

      haha and I’m okay with GD’s hair! =p but TOP’s is definitely better =p

      haha thanks for stopping by even during exam times! <3

    SRSLY. You look like her 8DDDDDDDDDDDD I'll tweet you the pic :3

    Love the look~ I actually want to try to go to school and wear those glasses on~ LOL I dunno XD Every piece looks awesome and it perfectly suits the look :3

    The makeup is daebak, as always~ ^^ It really suits the outfit too :3

    Seeing GD in this lookbook post makes me miss him a lot~ TT

    • rielle I am so super flattered you say that about looking like dara, not because I think I really do look like her, but cuz I was looking at dara’s makeup in m/v before doing my own makeup to give myself an idea of what I want, and I was gonna post it as an inspired makeup but after it became so different I thought it no longer looked like it. but since you say I look like her, then I succeeded more than I thought! so i’m really happy!! yeay!!

      and OMFG that picture of dara!! i also looked and found that online looking like ‘korean glasses fashion’ or SOMETHING like that trying to find inspiration for glasses makeup and i found that EXACT pic! i was gonna do a post on all the korean celeb and glasses pics i found but later thought the gd ones actually matched my outfit more. but i was also thinking the close up pics i took has similar feel to hers but i’m so surprised you thought of the EXACT picture!! gosh that is so crazy!

      and you can totally sport those glasses to school — dorky student look! where else would it fit better? =p

      why do you miss gd a lot? cuz they are not active nowadays? yea u quite like him don’t you? u had his post on your blog too!

      • HAHAHAHA. Seriously, when I first saw the picture, I almost shouted “DARA!” here at school. :3 You did it pretty well and you really look like her a lot :3 :3 :3

        I just love ppl who wear glasses. <3 Reminded me of my DP at Twitter. XD Yeah, GD's pic really fits it the most~ ^^

        Yeah, because they're not active now TT Oh no no no~ Hahaha 8D Most ppl thought that GD is my bias, but it's actually TOP :) I just admire GD so much~ :3 Which post are you pertaining to, unni?

        Lotsa love <3 <3

  4. Love the makeup and your posing look so cute <3

  5. I just recently found your blog. I love love love it! I think I might have spent about an hour and half just reading through your old posts… hehe~ I love your eye makeup in this one! Also, loving your earrings. I love star anything. :] I live in the states in the middle of nowhere. It’s too bad that Korean products are so out of reach for me. I went to Korea about two years ago and brought back tons of stuff.. in particular a lot of makeup from Missha. Missha is so expensive here in the states! I regret not bringing back more skincare stuff though. I wanna go back!! :] Anyhoo~ I love your blog. Thanks for sharing :]

    • I think stars nowadays is the popular thing~!

      Missha is like one of the ‘street’ brands here, kind of like drugstore brands in North America and really nothing special! I always hear how expensive it is elsewhere and only experienced this once as I was curious how much the stuff would cost back home in Vancouver. A nail polish for $1 here costed $4!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed roaming around here reading posts ^^ I followed your blog on bloglovin’. It’s a lot of work starting up a blog, so Hwaiting~!

      • For some reason I feel like the Korean street brands are so much nicer than the drugstore brands here.. and they give you tons of samples.. hehe :] I remember buying a thing of toner in Korea for like.. 10 bucks?? and then I came to the states and it was… 30$.. O_O i was like.. what the heck!

        Thanks for following!! I’m really enjoying it though~ it’s so much fun ^__^~~ and thank youu!!

        Btw, what do you do in Korea??

  6. LOVE IT! It’s so kpop <3 I adore all your outfits. great blog :)

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