Lookbook: Eleven: Work Outfit #1: Pinky Ribbon Bow + Mr. Rabbit

Hello lookbook post! Long time no see! XD

This is the first chance I’ve had since I’ve been back in Korea to shoot a look in my regular settings.

I did quite miss doing these posts!


This is actually one of my exact work outfits, from head-to-toe (minus the bag cuz it’s too nice to carry to work). All my past looks have had some pieces I wear to work, but never exactly so.

I used to work in academies and a high school in Korea, where I never felt the need to really have a separate work wardrobe. After I started working in a university though, I felt more of a need to have at least a few more professional looking outfits. This is not exactly a formal suit and high heels, but it’s still a lot more… teacher-like than what I normally might wear.

…except maybe for the shoes XD

Anyways, I’m not breaking any dress codes! *hmph*

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work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

The ribbon and shirt were a set bought at a Korean street store for only like $10 USD.

I really love the pants — puffy on the top and slim at the ends. The pockets are slightly baggy and puff out (as you can see with my hands in my pocket) and the length ends perfectly at the ankle to wear a pair of heels or low cut sneakers. It’s rare to find a pair of formal dress pants without needing tailoring! It was about $40~ish. I bought it at a Korean franchise name like ‘the clige’ or ‘cliche’ or something (can’t remember exactly >.<). You can find branches in Myungdong and Ewha Woman's University (subway stations). It is a little on the pricier side as a street store, but it has a lot of more sophisticated and chic clothing.

The shoes are from H&M and they can pass for work shoes because the shoe laces ends are hidden so it looks less like casual sneakers (finding all possible loopholes in the dress code =p).

The square camera bag is from my April 명동 Accessories Haul.


work outfit lookbook

I really love the ribbon — it’s pink, patterned, cute and pretty XDD I just pull it up and over my head each time instead of re-tying it.

I’m quite in love with my glitter nails lately. I did a crazy haul a while ago and bought a bunch of stuff including nail polishes — more pics and swatches on that in upcoming haul post!



Makeup + Accessories

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

A very simple, natural and ‘pretty’ makeup to go with the outfit.

I curled my hair with a 1.5 inch (or was it 1 inch?) curler which I bought at Superstore (drugstore) in Vancouver but was never able to use it in Korea because it didn’t match any of my converters T_T I finally inherited a converter from a coworker who was leaving so I was super happy ^^ It takes twice the time and is never as nice when I do it with a straightener -_-

I tried to go for the popular Korean loose and natural curls looks.

Oh, and did you notice my hair color is different? I bleached it a while ago myself with a L’oreal box dye and quite like the color. My hair is a work in process as I’m planning to overall bleach it again once my roots grow out, then either bleach it again or dye it a light ash blonde myself. OR I’m kind of contemplating cutting it really short… Not sure yet!


work outfit lookbook

I bought a new shadow from Etude house and super love it. I’ve been looking for an orangey-gold frosty but not too glittery shadow that’s a few shades brighter than my skin and this is real close to what I want!

I’ll swatch it in my upcoming haul post as well.


work outfit lookbook

I love to pair this rabbit earring with this outfit because I think the rabbit’s color and even clothing kind of matches mine? I just think it goes really well together — simple, cute, and pretty =p

13 Responses to “Lookbook: Eleven: Work Outfit #1: Pinky Ribbon Bow + Mr. Rabbit”

  1. Sharon.
    I love your hair. Nice color and how come I can never curl my hair successfully??? It’s always too puff up….
    Good job ^^

    • I’m glad you like it! I was scared you won’t like the color.
      If it’s too puffed up (you mean on the top or bottom? or the curls are just too small and curly?) just use a lower heat setting and curl each strand a shorter time!
      I think curling hair just takes practice ^^ do it a few times and you’ll start to get what you like

  2. UNNIE~ I seriously squealed when I saw this 8D

    I love this look <3 It does make you look more professional with a fashion sense ^^ And the shoes are fine too XD I don't think you'll break a rule just because of that 8D

    I love the bag and the earrings so much ;__; PLUS YOUR HAIR REALLY SUITS YOU A LOT <3 I love the way it's curled plus the color too. :3 Though I'm trying to imagine how unnie looks like with a short hair *starts to imagine*

    And I see you smiled a lot here too :3 I really love it when you smile at pics, you look younger ^^v And the make-up really compliments your face :D

    I shall wait for more of these plus your other posts~
    More than that, I'm so happy on this one! ^^v

    • Thank you so very much for all the love you show my lookbook posts rielle.

      I’m so glad you think the shoes are fine! After I made the post and looked at the pics, I was wondering if it wasn’t too casual for me to post and call a ‘work outfit’ haha

      I’m really considering the short hair suddenly! I was gonna keep it long for one more year but… ionno!!! T_T I’ve always had short hair since I was a teenager though.

      haha I smiled for these pics cuz the outfit is more cute/pretty look, but I realized that comparing it to all my old lookbook pics, I look sooo grumpy in all the old ones! but I also realized it’s cuz I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with doing these shoots – the camera, setting, lighting, etc. Before, it took a lot longer and I was always grumpy, tired, and hungry as it took hours to shoot. Now, it’s just become more of a routine. Hopefully I will look less grumpy in the next posts!

      And everyone says that I look younger smiling! gesh! haha

      thank you thank you tons for all your wonderful compliments rielle~!!! <333

  3. No problem unnie~ I always love reading your posts and such <3

    Oh really? Hmm, well if you want to cut it short then it's okay :D It's your choice anyway~ ^^ I think it would look nice on you~ ^^v

    Yeah, I do notice that @_@ I'll wait for those :D Glad to know that unnie is enjoying doing the shoots now :3

    And yes, you really look younger when you smile ^^

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