Queen Elizabeth Park Trip

As I was surfing through Lookbook, my mom randomly walked by and started looking with me. I pointed out a pair of maxi pants and said I wanted a pair — and she said, “I have one for you!!”

“Is it black?”

“It’s black!”

And so, it was mine.

Haha. My mom is actually quite a shopaholic herself and buys so much clothes for me I don’t even know what she has. I don’t always like everything she buys because her taste is a bit different, but sometimes she’ll have a few things that I absolutely love. When there is something that I want, I usually ask if she has it before I buy it. She’s my clothing bank!

My mum even has a bulletin board of magazine outfit cutouts. I always said to her, she should’ve been a fashion designer. I would never be able to do it cuz I just don’t have that inclination for sewing and handiwork, but she can do all that type of stuff!

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Slim fit tank top, maxi pants, flip flops, in all black with a yellow wallet as a stand out point. Just threw on a pair of big sunglasses and wood carving like ring for casual accessorizing.

Super comfy and easy!

I feel like this outfit would be perfect for a quick errand run down the streets of downtown Vancouver… except, well, I was at a park. Add a doggie on a leash or a cup of coffee in your hands if you fancy! XD ㅋ

Before I left Vancouver, we went on a family trip to the park especially for the purpose of taking pics with my new DSLR camera.


maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants



Some more pictures for fun XD

maxi pants

queen elizabeth park

Symbol of Canada — maple leaf.

maxi pants



A few pictures of similar pants on my mum’s bulletin board! I really love these outfits!!

maxi pants






P.S. On a totally off note, lately I’ve gotten super into watching Starcraft again. I’ve liked SC since I was in high school and I always go through these crazy phases with it, where I will either play or watch it on TV like crazy.

I mentioned this on Aheeyah already, but I used to sit in front of my computer watching it for 8 hours on the weekends and even went to the stadium to watch the games live. I also almost didn’t get into university because of SC >.<, which was also the main reason I stopped playing it after high school.

The scene for SC is still very strong in Korea. I could talk forever about it (and actually made an entire forum post for Aheeyah before which I was considering updating and posting here T_T), but lately, I like this new pro-gamer and I'm going crazy because I have no one to share my craze with. Like even for Kpop I could go online and fangirl to my online kpop fan friends, but I don't really know any SC fans I can fan-craze to T__T Arrgghh!

My favorite gamer actually used to be 이윤열. I still like him a lot, but he retired a while ago and I was left with a bit of a hole for a really long time. I wanted to follow another gamer, but I am more of an oldie fan and not so into any of the younger new gamers nowadays.

Only recently I started to like another semi old gamer, 허영무, and he just made it into the finals of Starleague yesterday, which is a HUGE achievement. No one is going to care or understand, but he is the last protoss in the league and every single protoss fan is cheering for him because it's been 3 years since any protoss has won the league in autumn. Autumn is the protoss 'autumn legend' as protoss gamers has had a history of winning the leagues especially in autumn (and it's autumn now!!!).

I can keep talking about how significant this is and how well he did going into the finals but I would just bore you T__T

I need a Korean SC buddy!!

Just to cheer him on in hopes of winning the finals and the much deserved Starleague champion title, I just felt like posting a pic from his very last quarter final game.

Everyone says my gamer boys aren't as good looking as I hype them to be, but I find them absolutely adorable. And yes, I find boys who play SC really well extremely hot. So sue me. Haha.


Name: Heo YoungMoo
Team: Samsung Khan
Race: Protoss

Heo Young Moo

허영무선수 우승 꼭꼭! 가을의 전설 한번 더 나타나게 해 주세요~! 화이팅~! <3

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  1. I wish my mom would be a shopaholic… :p You look so glam even wearing a simple dress like this one ;)

    • But it’s also really bad cuz she spends waaaay too much money sometimes T_T and buys a lot of things she doesn’t need!

      Thanks so much ^^ It’s actually a pair of pants though! XD

  2. I love the outfit. I wish I can see more clear pics though~ ^^
    I kinda like the guy on the pic, he looks cute. Hahaha. Could you explain to me the Korean SC? O_O

    • Thanks! I think I should’ve used flash even though I was outside cuz all the pics came out very dark. T_T

      hahahah do you??? awww yeay!! I’m so happy someone thinks so! I think he’s so adorable I love those round cute bear type faces =ppp
      unw, one day I shall post on my blog here all about SC in Korea!! It’s something I love as much (if not more!) than makeup and fashion!! T_T

  3. Oh a fellow starcraft BW fan. Come join TeamLiquid! There’s a small tight knit community dedicated to BW and although SC2 has cannibalised alot of the site, the remaining BW fans are still going strong.

    It is a shame that MBCGame is shutting down and alot of the teams (MBC, Hwaseung and WeMade) need to find new sponsors but hopefully BW will pull through.

    Heo Young Moo HWAITING!!! (Though i think Fantasy’s Bo5 preparation might just be able to pull him through)

    And Kim Taek Yong is sexier, just sayin’ =P

    • I’ve known of TeamLiquid but I just never felt like it was quite the thing for me. I guess cuz I’m more on the Korean perspective of the SC scene, if that makes any sense at all. For example, all the foreign fans call gamers by their nicknames, but as is in Korea, I only know them all by their real names. It’s too bad SC2 has taken up much of the site, because in Korea, SC2 is no where near SC1! I think BW is still the main highlight of online gaming in Korea, but I have heard that teams are cutting down on players and such.

      Kim TaekYong is good looking too, but Heo YoungMoo is more my cup of tea! XD

      Who’s your favorite player?

      • That’s a shame. Its not necessarily about the perspectives but rather the fact that the whole international community can join into one thread and all enjoy some good games of BW (Live report thread). The enthusiasm in those epic moments (from LR threads and chat on the streams) really make it feel epic, not just the games. Then again you can read korean so that helps alot. Don’t need to rely on translators to get the latest news.

        And yes it is a shame SC2 has pretty much taken over. Whenever i tune in to watch some random SC2 tourney i find the games so much more stale and dull. The fact SC2 doesn’t have LAN and you can still see the lag window when the players are metres apart is quite fucking sad.

        My favourite player has to be Kim Taek Yong. I think it was his games that actually got me into BW when i saw some on youtube fighting Jaedong. His PvZ is just godly.

        • I totally understand what you’re saying. See it’s just for me, I watch all the games on TV or go onto the Korean sites to watch it streaming.. I used to go watch it live at the stadium A LOT too. but you’re right it’s awesome watching and sharing it w/ someone. When I was back home in Vancouver, I liked when my brother had spare moments to watch a few games with me.

          I tried to watch a few SC2 games on the recent WCG tournament, mainly just cuz Lee YoonYeol was in it… but he lost 2 games straight and didn’t make it to top 18 so that was quite sad T_T and I just couldn’t get into the game either.

          Kim TaekYong’s PvZ was really epic and at the top when he won Ma JaeYoon 3-0 against everyone’s expectations (though I don’t know if that was MJY losing deliberately cuz of the game betting thing he got caught in) but nowadays I don’t see that its much more diff than other toss players? but to be honest I haven’t seen many of his games either. I had stopped watching sc for a good few months until just recently after becoming a fan of Heo YoungMoo and started watching again. I have it on TV as I’m typing right now! but it’s one of those variety SC shows =p

          • SC2 *yawn*. ‘Nuff Said.

            Well they don’t call him the Revolutionist for nothing =P. Actually Ma Jae Yoon’s implication in the Match fixing scandal wasn’t actually throwing games but acting like a mediator/broker/recruiter-esque person. I don’t think there were any documented games of Ma Bonjwa actually throwing. At least that’s what i got from the translators over at TL from the articles.

            Actually ever since zergs started taking their third/fourth and going into sunken defense, KTY has been using mid game timing attacks using sair/zealot/goon/HT to break the turtling. That was mid 10-11 PL season but nowadays zergs have already figured out how to get around it (unless they get too greedy). He still has the upper hand when it comes to PvZ, sure other players copy his Forge FE build and playstyle but no-one can do it better than Beesuit when it comes to PvZ. Modern PvZ is mostly thanks to KTY (Hence why it all seems the same) otherwise we’d still be stuck with 2 gate zealot builds or something.

            I really wish i could understand korean and be able to watch those variety shows (MBC Bnet Attack, Late night with Shin Ae (mmm she’s cute) etc). Lucky there are some shows that have subs.

          • None of the SC1 gamers who switched to SC2 are in the WCG top 18, so now I’m done for watching SC2 : (

            I don’t actually know much about it cuz I don’t really actively follow news or anything, I just watch what I see on TV, but I heard and read some of the Koreans say “No wonder he lost 3 – nothing to Kim TaekYoung” and “I was wondering why he’s been doing so badly” and such. I thought being a middleman was a secondary role, but either way, I think I’m not the only one to say I lost all respect for him as an Esports fan. It was quite a big issue here when it first came out and they even did like clips of ‘love esports’ kinda stuff interviewing old gamers and showing the old times and how much effort and passion was put into esports by the old gamer to make it what it is today.

            I haven’t watched many KimTaekyoung vs zerg games lately, but it is always a little bit more of a treat to watch than other PvZ. Hey, there is nothing wrong w/ the 2 gate build =p I’m all for old school builds, and happy to see some of the older gamers using it now and then. I also miss the corsair + reaver build. It was just so much more fun to watch cuz it requires so much more attention and multi-tasking. I also just miss KangMin. I think the older gamers put a lot more thought into their games, whereas nowadays the gamers just do what is the conventional ‘best way’ to win.

            Haha, I know lots of the gamers as well like Shinae, but personally I can’t think much of someone as a host of an SC show who doesn’t even play SC herself and honestly has no passion for the game. She hosted the show for so long (a year?) and barely knows all the names of the units, abilities, upgrade, etc. I think that’s pretty sad.

            It’s too bad that SeoJiSoo, the female gamer, is not more outgoing or else I’d love to watch her hosting a show much more. I think she’s better looking than Shinae (and… probably more natural) and she actually plays the game. I also think it’s a shame she is not able to make it big as a gamer and would love to still see her in the SC scene elsewhere.

            I personally really like the show ‘양민이 뿔났다’ (newbies grow horns?) where these comedian plays SC it’s hilarious. I also like Bnet attack but only if gamers I like or of my race are on the show =p

          • The reply button is broken on our little conversation.

            I just recently went to a barcraft (Watching starcraft in a bar) and i quickly got bored of the SC2 games and just went with my friends somewhere else. It was nice to see all the emotion and enthusiasm though, along with the $6 pints =)

            Yeah the whole matchfixing scandal really took a toll on BW but it was bound to occur with the way the matches were structured in Proleague. The change in PL structure is alot better now since it adds more excitement and it seems BW is still going along fairly well (all things considered). I also saw a subbed episode of ‘After Talk’ with the OGN commentators and it was amazing to see how passionate they were and also the amount of hate generated towards the match fixers (and rightly so).

            Problem with Sair/Reaver is that you really need to execute it right as well as doing enough damage. I like Sair/Reaver too but the amount of micro, multitasking required and with the average zerg actually decent at defending against it nowadays makes it rare to see; not to mention the price of failing is high.

            The thing is the game has really matured and is starting to plateau in terms of innovation and what not. Also the maps influence what sort of builds and this year the maps were rather standard macro maps so pretty much all the gamers just did basic builds. There have been some subtle innovations though and i could go into more detail if you want. Also if you didn’t see Jaedong vs Reality Game 2 of the ABCMart MSL Ro16, watch it now. Game was absolutely sick.

            Really? ShinAe is that bad? I don’t understand anything so i guess i can’t say. I just thought they would at least hire someone competent. Yeah its unfortunate SeoJiSoo isn’t better and hasn’t really broken out of the B team for STX. I think if she did retire she probably would get a job hosting an SC related show, or at least i hope so.

  4. aw ur mom is so sweet and nice. I wish my mom was a shopaholic too. but she always buys bags for herself. when she buys clothing she returns it the next day -___-;; seriously. thats why I’m gonna save my money so that I’ll be able to buy my own. hehehe. (even though she has my debit card T_T gaaaahd. why is my teenage life like this?)
    BUT anyways, I love ur black outfit! ^^ although in my opinion the wallet doesnt match with the whole outfit. just an opinion. YOU STILL LOOK GORGEOUS ONNI!
    lastly, the guy Heo Young Moo..his 2nd picture with him biting his tounge (kinda). did u…LOL u kinda did the same thing above the symbol of canda – maple leaf. (or ur picture on facebook) :D:D just saying. haha It kind of seems that you two are meant to be? hmm? ya right xD jkjk. I LIKEEEE! :”>

    • Well, I’m sure if you asked, your mom will be willing to share some of her things with you?

      That’s too bad you think the wallet doesn’t match! And don’t worry, I appreciate your honesty and feedback ^^

      o hahahah michelle I know I replied late but I did read your comment after you posted it and it totally made me smile and made my day! XD those little things that girls can be happy about when put with the boy they like XDD

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