Vancouver Trip + Sept 4th Bday

I’m back in Korea from my Vancouver trip. All I did was literally eat, sleep, and just spend time with family and friends, which was all exactly what I wanted to do.

I didn’t go anywhere special this time around, because last year when I went back I spent way too much money, so this year’s trip was very low budget. I actually spent LESS than I brought back and had extra cash left over — it’s literally a miracle!


I spent my high school and university years — around 10 years — in Vancouver. To be honest, I always really hated it and only wanted to be in Asia, especially Korea. I thought it was so boring and dull, and didn’t have any of the things I enjoyed doing and loved. I just never felt like I fit in. It just wasn’t me.

Only this time going back did I come to appreciate a lot of the things Vancouver has to offer — the multiculturalism, the relaxed pace of life, the variety of cuisines and restaurants, the feeling of grass under my feet, the beautiful and clear skies, and strangers smiling and saying hi to you on the streets.

I still haven’t changed my mind that Vancouver is not the place for me to spend my 20s in, but it’d be a great place to raise a family or retire in though! Vancouver also has great post-retirement senior financial support — there were so many seniors going to dimsum and hanging out w/ other elderlies! It’s not uncommon to see seniors selling stuff on the streets or subway stations in Korea, and picking up tin cans and cardboard paper in Hong Kong. In this sense, I’m really glad to be a Canadian ^^


And yes, it is my birthday today — Sept 4th. One year older! Eeek ㅠ.ㅠ

And yes, I appreciate all the virtual birthday hugs and kisses I can get, please and thank you! XDDD



Here and There

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

I went shopping at the mall with my brother, visited Chapters, and decided on some new books I was going to buy after returning to Korea. I bought some drugstore bleach and hairdye and bleached my hair just two days ago. You guys will see the color later! I also went to Waterfront Station for the first time and realized I liked it a lot more than the Granville or Burrard Stn areas, even though it’s all in downtown.

The rest of the time, I literally just stayed at home, ate out, or went to my friend’s house. Nothing too adventurous!


Eating at Home

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

Fruits are really expensive in Korea, so I loaded up in Vancouver. The strawberries were from our own little garden! My parents really spoiled me since I don’t go back often and saved all the nice, ripe and red ones for me XD

I ate so much my mom actually told me to watch out for my bulging stomach. Thanks mom for always being so… honest -_-

That’s why I started going back to the gym, hopefully more often T_T Even as I write this post, I am doing some pseudo chair crunches T__T

And yes, that is my birthday cake there with my Chinese name wiped out. Maxim Bakery in Vancouver makes the best Asian cakes!


frostedsnow Vancouver trip

We had a BBQ in our own little back yard. My mom kept buying lobster cuz she knew a store that sold it cheap and I kept complaining when I saw pictures of them eating it in Van. without me.


Eating Out

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

As you can see, I absolutely love dimsum and Chinese food!

My close friend took me to an Indian/Afghan restaurant as a coming-back treat. The food and service were absolutely splendid. I really recommend this place. My brother also took me out to a Greek restaurant for my bday. The food was great and plentiful. I wrote a quick review below!



Vancouver Restaurant Recommendations

Someone asked before for me to recommend places to go and eat out in Vancouver. I don’t have the names and addresses of all the restaurants I went to (especially the local Chinese ones I often went to for dimsum and dinner), but here are a few good places:

Congee Noodle King — Hong Kong Tea House — best wonton noodles ever with large wonton made with real shrimp, shrimp egg noodles where you can actually taste the shrimp eggs. The ‘yau ja gwai’ or ‘salty Chinese donut’ is fresh and great. Most of the stuff on their menu is quite good, although I find their congee a bit too salty for my tastes. Very popular with local Chinese.

East is East — Indian / Afghanistan — great food and service. I especially recommend the all-you-can-eat ‘feast’ for $20 per person. You get a salad, soup, 2 kinds of rice, 2 kinds of bread, and a dozen side dishes to choose from. You can refill any and all of these things until you are full. The waitresses are very nice and very ready to refill your dishes without making you feel bad for asking and asking for more. The interior is also very interesting, with tiny chairs and tables (though it may be a bit uncomfortable for taller guys). There are also live performances if you go during peak hours.

Aristos Greek Taverna — Greek — big portions, good food. The Souvlaki menu — choice of meat/seafood, rice, salad, potato, and bread — serves very generous portions for $17 and is two meals worth of food for me! The calamari appetizer was good and my favorite was their awesome sauce with the calamari and Souvlaki and the bread (with a coating of honey and garlic? not sure). My brother’s coworker’s husband is a butcher and said the store uses really good quality fresh meat and especially recommended the roasted lamb Souvlaki. My brother said it was a bit too tough/chewy for him, but it was pretty tender and good to me — the strange thing being my brother likes lamb and I don’t. I ordered the shrimp/scallop Souvlaki and enjoyed it.

Pho Hoa — Vietnamese — best pho I’ve had at reasonable price. The broth is good, soup is hot, and meat and is plenty. I like the sides of bean sprouts, basil, pepper, and lime. Service is poor but I go there for the pho. The special menu of large pho + spring roll for under $10 is a great deal. A few of my friends also prefer this place for pho.



PS. Lately, I’ve kinda gotten into Taeyang from BigBang. He’s not usually my style of boy, but I’ve been listening to my old music and heard his 나만 바라봐 again and realized how great it was. I really like the intro of this performance (after performance interview available as well).

His eyes are just absolutely shooting sexy lasers at me! I love the lyrics too — just so simply bad boy mixed with good — a lot like Taeyang’s gentle personality mixed with his black hip-hop style and dance. And he has such a cute, adorable, puppy-melt-me smile… *faints*

If you are a fan, I also recommend this 4 part special feature of his comeback — Real Sound by Taeyang! I know I’m a bit behind, but I’m always re-discovering and re-loving Kpop =p That’s what I love about it!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again onni! from your 2 years fan :D lol. Comment…lets see all I can say is I wish u could’ve shared those food with me they all look so yummy! gaahhh. I’ll just imagine I’m eating/ate? them with u *nom nom nom* kkkk. and lastly my gift for u…a hug..and I don’t know to do it here. it will erase some things I wrote anyways, more years to come~ YAY! 생일축하해요! :D love love love, who else but 아이야 막내! ^^

    • Do you like Chinese food, Michelle? Can you remind me what your ethnic background is again?

      haha thank you for your wishes and virtual hug. And yes, you will always be the Aheeyah magnae since are no more future staff so no one can be younger than u! lol 부럽다!

      • LOLOL. btw sorry for replying late. and YUP YUP! very much. =) I was born in the Philippines. kkkk. why do you envy me? we’re both young in our minds ^^ so I won’t ask you how old you turned recently :P hehe but if you wanna tell me suree~

  2. HAPPY (late?) BIRTHDAY! My eyebrows actually raised when I saw that it was the 4th of September (long story). Man, I still remember when Aheeyah had the layout that changed with pages. Oh I remember se7en on one of the headers. That’s probably when I found your site. I totally agree with the Taeyang recc. Well, I still think Big Bang’s previous music were all better than what they have now. They weren’t so…pimpish. I LOVE THE LYRICS TO LOOK ONLY AT ME /jumps around/

    Looking at all these food just makes me hate myself for not being in Beijing T_T are those fried yams? Omo golden pillow with condensed milk. I miss those. okay now I’m hungry. T_T

    I side tracked so much, but again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (And in Korea you’d be another year older too)

    • Actually, even Aheeyah’s very last layout had different graphics with each page (though a few repeats), except it was all Park HyoShin XD The Seven one… gosh I can’t really even remember which one that is!

      I totally absolutely agree that their old music was MUCH better — a lot more hip hop. Their music got too mainstream (I dunno about pimpish though! haha) and that was one of the reasons why I stopped following them so intensely (though still bought their albums just cuz their Big Bang T_T).

      There’s no fried yams =p It’s fried mini ‘man tau’ (bread?) with condensed milk =p No Chinese food where you live?

      For some reason I just lol-ed when you reminded me that I am two years older T__T lol!! o well, it’s okay. I try never to count myself by Korean age anyways! It’s a terrible system!!!! haha

      Thank you for your birthday wishes ^^

      ps. i was gonna comment on your blog post of 10 facts? but the commenting system… T_T

      but from your stats and picture, you are plenty skinny enough! Actually, from your height and weight, you are more skinny than me!!

      • LOL Golden pillow aka 金枕头 is friend mantou where I’m from xD

        I still insist those fried things beside the youtiao are fried yams because they look like them (even though you’re the one who…ate…them…hmmm)

        It was the layout with uh, BoA, Se7en, a few other artists. Actually i don’t remember much cept that it was akin to a scrapbookish, comic? Okay. Forget I said it. I’ve always wanted to tell you that your BoA links didn’t work since it’s seperated in Jap and Korean ke. And if I wasn’t searching for Epik High’s hangul lyrics then, I probably wouldn’t even know Aheeyah’s gone T_T (so I am lucky that I went there again). I stay in Singapore, so there’s a lot of chinese food. But I don’t really like them, since I was born in Beijing and lived in Boston. So yeah, China Town. LOL. Okay I’m hungry.

        • OOoh, haha I never heard it called that before! Golden pillow!

          oh beside the youtiao! I thought you meant beside… I can’t even remember. To be honest, I’m absolutely confused. lol. And it’s because I suck at Chinese and I can’t type or pinyin it very well so we are working off of describing the pictures

          But beside the youtiao (the salty chinese donut right?), is called um ‘woo tao gok’ (in canto) so its actually made with ‘woo tao’ which I have no idea what it is in english but I dont think its yam because yam is sweet potato? although… im honestly not sure. i just eat it!! lol

          and I would never ever put Boa on Aheeyah because … I really dislike her! T_T haha. and yes I remember there was one or two boa links that didnt work but I was too lazy to fix it because there was always a hundred and one things to do w/ Aheeyah T__T and I thought not many ppl will be looking there anyways =p

          So you don’t really like Chinese food??

  3. Ohh I am glad you actually had fun.
    Happy belated birthday!
    Going back to the gym is not so bad, good luck! (I am starting the gym on Sept. 16) :D
    Love your updates :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Sounds like you had a great time! Looking at all those pictures of food made me really hungry! lol XD I bet the lobster was yummy
    I recently moved and I miss Fu’s and Edo’s already!

    Taeyang *melts* He definitely knows how to give that look ^_^

    • Lobster is always absolutely yummy! I ate them almost every week as a kid cuz they were super cheap in Montreal. After moving, it became a luxury and absolutely unaffordable and unavailable in Korea!

      Thank you for your birthday wishes ^^

  5. happy birthday whoo hoo!!

    that food looks amazing. i have no idea what any of it is but i’d try it. lol
    i also love taeyang! gald u like him too. ^^

    • Thank you ^^
      The food is mostly all Chinese dim sum or dinner side dishes ^^ It’s really good! I always recommend dimsum to anyone who’s never tried it ^^

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, hun!!
    omg this post is like food porn. Look at all those amazing food! And sounds like you had a lovely time back home. I miss good, authentic Asian food.
    I’m not into K-pop, but I agree Taeyang is SO hot!
    Where were you originally from before you went to Vancouver? I always assumed you were born and grew up there.

    • Thanks so much Joey! haha
      btw, if you aren’t into Kpop, how did you find my blog? I always assumed anyone who came here were directed from, my old kpop site

      I was actually born in Hong Kong. I immigrated to Canada when I was about 6, but even then I moved around within Canada a lot as a kid. T__T

      • Dyou know, I have no idea! Oh wait…I think it was through Lookbook? I liked one of your outfits and decided to check your blog out. Yeah, I think that’s right :D

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