My Kpop History: Fan Art (part 1)

A while ago, a German Kpop fan in university asked whether I’d be willing to answer some questions for her Korean studies paper.

I thought I’d share the answers I gave her, because lots of people knew me as a Kpop fan first from Aheeyah and I have lots of Kpop fan readers as well.

I’ll also share some of my old fan graphics ^^

Because this post is becoming longer and longer (cuz I’m a chatty old granny), I’ll post the fanart first and the Q&A in part two ^^



Fan Art

In my ‘Kpop career’, I actually didn’t make that many fanart. Most of the graphics I did were for more ‘technical’ reasons for Aheeyah — layout, banners, avatar, etc. I really prized Aheeyah’s layouts for always being very pretty and unique, and always using a different header graphic on each page.

I didn’t make fanart often for the sake of fanart itself, but here were the few that I did make.


All single pieces are original artwork by frostedsnow. Do not repost.
All compilation pieces were created by various artists (listed below) for Aheeyah’s graphic battle. Do not repost.

Click to enlarge in new window.


Vector Art

Kpop fanart

Kpop fanart

Kpop fanart

This was my first time trying out vector art. I had always admired it and wondered how ppl did it, and finally went to find a tutorial to do it myself.

Basically, to create vector art, you trace with your mouse all the portions of the picture that are of the same color, and fill it in, usually starting with the lightest color of the skin and then working out.

The more shades of color you use, the more detailed your picture (and of course, the longer it takes).

It’s basically drawing out and filling in the gradations of the picture. Actually, a lot of times when I do my makeup, I think in terms of photoshop — except in real life on my face. When I apply BB cream before liquid concealer, and liquid concealer before spot concealer, I am creating gradation, exactly like vector art =p


‘Battle of the Artists’

Aheeyah forums ran a graphic battle contest — except in elimination rounds with one artist eliminated and a new theme for each round. I ran the contest, created the themes for each round, and took part myself as well.

Kpop fanart

Theme: pink


Kpop fanart

Theme: stock images

I couldn’t find an open fantasy story book, so I found stock images of an open book and placed fantasy story images and wrote lines in an olden day fairy-tale type font to make it!

I usually like to let graphics speak for itself, but since this is not an artwork blog, I’ll explain: it’s basically a scene from a fairy tale coming to reality — prince YoungSaeng stepping out into real life! The girl vs dragon is a reflection of the left page of the storybook (the girl on the horse is the exact same image of the girl in the storybook, flipped).

I also wanted to have a female heroine riding a white horse saving the prince — it doesn’t always have to be the other way around!


Kpop fanart

theme: drawing on paper


Kpop fanart

theme: create your own graphic that will be combined with your team’s as a ‘mural’

Kpop fanart

artist credits (left to right): chibibaka, debbii, Hikaru Shidou, Ama-Chan, frostedsnow

My team’s mural was a horizontal one.


Kpop fanart

artist credits (top to bottom): kahel, JustINtroverted, thesnowcrane, yoohoo84, Rai

The other team we were up against had to do a vertical mural (which I think was much more difficult as there’s more of the picture to combine!)



It’s moments like these, as I flip through old Aheeyah forum pages, reading and looking through all the activities we held, the staff who helped me out, the interactions, that makes me feel really nostalgic and kind of sad T_T

Those were really some good ol’ days.

Nowadays, I don’t make fan art much anymore, but I still really admire the arts and creation side of Kpop. It’s basically a fan’s expression of their love and passion for Kpop.



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  1. This just reminds me of the time when I used to make posters (graphcis) for people’s fanfiction. /insert yoobin’s rap in nobody/ T_T

  2. I AM NOT DONE YET WHY DID FF POST MY COMMENT. HMMMPPPHHH. Okay. I don’t really have much to say cept I miss the old(er) kpop and and and the drawing is so cute why can’t I draw like that i’m supposed to be from art okay bye.

    • Christina you should show me some of your old fanart! I do remember ppl creating or asking for artists to make posters for their fanfics! I think it’s an awesome fan get together compilation kind of thing. It’s almost like in the real book publishing world – finding an illustrator for your books and cover!

      And the drawing is like chibi style because actually I cannot draw real proportions of human faces and hands! I wish I can but it always looks incredibly deformed (like my vector’s eyes T_T) so I always have to go for chibi style! T_T I’m sure you can do it too though if you try! ^^ I think I can draw like that too cuz I loved all the big-eyed anime as a child! esp like Sailor moon and Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru ! haha

  3. May I ask who is the chibi one there? :3 That drawing is cute ^^

    I always admire those banners back at Aheeyah because it’s beautifully made and the artists used there are handsome. LOL~ ^O^

    • It’s HeoYoungSaeng as well! from SS501. I used him in all of my graphics for the battle cuz I was super in love with him at the time (and still like him lots!). You can see he is wearing the same jacket as the stock photo graphic above the chibi drawing! so it’s him in that outfit =ppp

      haha yes, I only wanted to use the handsome artists on Aheeyah’s banner and no girls, cuz I figured, I am the one who will be looking at the website the most anyways, so might as well satisfy myself! haha =pp

      • OHHHH~ He is handsome~ ^o^ I think he is the one I’m always seeing before at Aheeyah~ XD Aside from him, who are the other artist that you used? ^^

        And yes that is true ^^ Well I think everyone liked it anyway~ ^^;

        • Well the graphics I posted here are actually ALL of youngsaeng.. lol.. cuz I made them all at about the same time for the graphic battle so I decided to use him for all

          If you mean other artists I’ve had on Aheeyah, there has been so many, but mostly the pretty boys! The very last one was Park HyoShin, but I’ve also used … Fly to the Sky, Kangta, etc…


  4. Old times :’)) I miss aheeyah.. it’s gonna be my 3rd year in Aheeyah in January :D hehe anyways, I really wanted to make one of these a long time ago. I think I made one with Eunhyuk but idk where I put it :/ and the other one’s not really a fanart but they said it was pretty cool cuz I wrote his name a million times (I’m such a Hyukie addict T_T but not anymore, I like someone else now puahahaha xD) Okiie comment on this, I really liked the “theme: drawing on paper” cuz its soooo cute. I’ve always liked those kinds of drawings and who else could’ve done that but you (“Fs”? doesnt ring abell? duh lol) Oh wait I remember u made me one of Eunhyuk too! i forgot how it looks like though..uhh and the rest are H.O.T guys. haha k thats all I’m going my mom’s yelling at me…she wants me to review for the driving test huhu =(((

    • lol I love how you are always counting your Aheeyah time, Michelle. I’ve lost count of my own Aheeyah days…

      I can’t remember if I ended up making you the Eunhyuk one michelle! Did I? I remember I kept having it on my to-do list but eventually never got around to it T__T Sorry again about that! eek.

      Good luck on your driving test!!

  5. wow you have crazy art talent, I could never pull that off.

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