Kpop CD Giveaway + Skin79 Contest at 100 Subscribers

In memory of, I will occasionally do a Free Kpop CD + Poster Giveaway every time I hit a certain number of subscribers. You are allowed to choose which CD you want. Posters will only come with newly released CDs, as they are free with purchase in Korea.

It’s real easy. To enter, just reply to a post I make. I will announce where it is here on my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube account once the time comes.

I will be doing this giveaway once I hit 100 subscribers/followers/likes on all three of my Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

I would be very grateful for your support by subscribing and spreading the word by 1) telling others 2) ‘Liking’ this post (button above) or 3) using one of those ‘Sharing is Caring’ Icons below~!

So, it’s up to you guys to make this happen! If you have friends, a little brother, or grandmother interested in Kpop, makeup, or fashion, suggest that they subscribe XD They might even be the one to win!

I am also going to hold a Makeup Contest once I hit the 100 mark, with a bundle of Korean cosmetics as prizes, consisting mostly of Skin79 products — a very popular brand in Korea famous for their BB Cream, which I like so much, I’m going on my 3rd bottle soon!


From left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Etude Pouch (silver sequin exterior under pink lining, silver interior)
  2. Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream (Full Size, 40g; SPF 37 PA+++)
  3. Skinfood Mushroom MultiCare BB Cream (Color #1, 50g; SPF 20 PA+)
  4. Skin79 Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact (13g; SPF 30 PA+++)
  5. Skin79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder (14g)
  6. Two Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm (Travel Size; SPF 25 PA++)
  7. Skin79 Diamond Prestige Beblesh Balm (Travel Size; SPF 25 PA++)
  8. Three Darkness False Eyelashes (ZO, VO, Under1 for lower lashline; includes 2 mini eyelash glues)
  9. +More Korean cosmetic samples and face masks (not in picture)

I may throw in one or two more things in there, but for now, those are the main prizes. The prizes will be split into two, a 1st place bundle and 2nd place bundle. Details will be given at the time of contest.

I actually own all of the Skin79 products and have been using them for a long time myself. I will be doing swatches and reviews on them later in a foundations and BB Cream swatch + review post!

PS. Haha, I didn’t realize when I was taking that picture how pink everything is! Most cosmetics aren’t even pink in color. Total coincidence =p


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  1. I’ve like your post at facebook..
    And I’ve leave a comment like this..
    Then, I’ll share your post on my facebook, and also my twitter account, probably..
    Wish I can get free K-Pop CD (I wanna SHINee)..

    But realize, I’m so sad if I remember

    Hope can find the other best sites like to find K-Pop Lyrics..

  2. I’ll probably be making a bloglovin’ just to get your updates =)
    Jaszy Woo

  3. I’ve shared it on twitter.
    It would be awesome if I can get some H.O.T. stuff :)

  4. @Don’t Cry Chilla

    Thank you for spreading the word. I just wanted to let you girls know though that it’s not happening yet on this post! I will make a post that says ‘post below to enter’ after I hit 100 subbies.

    Just letting you know cuz seems like might be thinking you are entering now XD and it’s going to be only one cd given away as a random draw.

    Good luck everyone!

  5. I’ve liked this post on facebook and shared the link with some friends :)

    I was so sad to see you close down aheeyah, but I understand your reasons and I’m so happy to see you still about and working on blogs – especially this! I love beauty and make up as I’ve recently been getting into more of it myself.

    I’m very curious about the Skin79 products and I’ve been tempted to buy them before. So I take you really like them?

    • Thank you so much for helping to spread the word and understanding about Aheeyah. I know it’s not easy to take it positively when I site you relied on closes down.

      Yes, yes!! I love Skin79’s BB Cream. That is why of all things I could’ve bought with my own money as a prize, I chose the Skin79 line without a thought. I also bought it as a gift to my best friend for her birthday XD

      I will do a review + swatch on it soon! Hope that will be able to help you a bit to make a purchase decision ^^

      What kinds of brands do you like? I’m always open to recommendations ^^

      • Ooh, I’m very much looking forward to the review!
        I’ve heard and read so many good things about Skin79, I think I’ll have to buy some anyway :)

        Living in the States, I find the market for make up and products to be too saturated with so many different brands claiming to do the same thing. I’ve been fairly disappointed with many of them. I do like Maybelline though, their pure mineral concealer is pretty good.

        There’s also a Japanese line that I like, the blushes are really nice, called Sofina AUBE Coutour. I haven’t tried much else from them, because as I mentioned, I live in the US so it’s really expensive (I can’t pay 30 dollars for lip gloss, lol).

        • I’m hoping to get the review done soon but it will take some time T_T What kinds of things do you personally most look for in a review? When I ‘read’ reviews, I honestly just scroll to look at all the pictures~ XD

          Yea, if you can get your hands on Skin79, I would definitely give it a try. So far though, I think I like the older version (light pink) of the Diamond collection rather than the new one (hot pink). But of course, everyone’s skin and preferences are different..

          I’ve heard some ppl favoring Maybelline’s mineral concealer before! I just looked it up to see the picture to make sure, and it is that one for sure. What do you like about it? I find it hard to try lots of different concealers though I can’t even finish one in a year! I usually end up using new ones not because I finished my old one, but because of shelf life =p My favorite drugstore products are definitely mascaras though ^^

          I haven’t heard of Sonfina AUBE but will put it on my radar now XDD

          • I love pictures too! lol XD

            I think a fair balance of what was liked and disliked is also really good for a review. If it goes on thin and neat, that’s great! If it feels oily, that’s good to know too. And of course, even with the things that could be considered “bad” with the product, if you would still recommend it to someone. It’s nice to know if the good qualities outweigh the bad.

            I heard that the Diamond collection was pretty good. Have you tried the gold one?

            Out of the different concealers I’ve tried – from liquid to stick to powder – I really like that one because the application is easy and the overall look of my skin after is smoother. It blended better also. Hehe, I totally know what you mean! The shelf life runs out before I get even half way done with the product.

            AUBE Coutour is worth a look. I like the blush that was released.And for the summer release, I’m looking forward to the Rose harmony compact. Maybe you can see this site:

            Also, do you ever shop at
            I have to shop online a lot for some products. There aren’t many Asian friendly shops here where I live so it’s hard to find a make up that’s good for me.

          • Eek! I pressed something and it erased my whole reply!!

            I really liked your tips! will keep those in mind when I lay out and write my very first review!

            I didn’t try the gold bbcream cuz the sales lady told me its for older skin, meaning more dry skin, which I am the exact opposite of. My skin is quite oily, so I didn’t get it. I have a sample/travel size of it though. I will have to consider whether to include that in the review or not, cuz I generally want to keep reviews to full sized products?

            looking at their models, I liked the rose harmony one the most too! the other ones are either too much color or not enough =p

            I never shop at but I loved shopping at Sasa the offline store whenever I went back to Hongkong when I was younger! Nowadays though, I don’t know why, I kinda lost interest in sasa.
            but uno when I’m back home in Van, I have the opposite problem from you , is that I think most make up brands in North America, especially skin cosmeticcs, are not made for Asians, so I have real trouble finding something natural and right for my skin tone. I have to try and test a lot of products before I find a few that works. But here in Korea, I can buy almost anything and 99% of the time it suits my skin tone!

            I will give that maybelline concealer a try next time I stock on concealer ^^ Plus i think it should be quite cheap anyways!

  6. had been one of the top sites i always go to to get lyrics
    it helped me understand the kpop songs better
    it saddens me that you had to close it down but i totally understand
    not everyone has the time to do eveything

    thank you for making it :)

  7. I’ve posted at my Twitter..^v^
    And right now, I’ll like your post at Facebook.
    Although it was a sad news to hear that will close down officially, it has been a great website of kpop lyrics! There are no other sites as awesome as…! And of course, I respect your decision.
    I’ve been following for years…thank you for making it. It helped a lot since I’m not good in korean myself. ^v^

    p/s: It would be great if I can lay my hands on BEAST/B2ST album, since I can’t find it available at my nearest shop..! Kamsahamnida! >w<

  8. i’ve followed your twitter ^^ hehehe ~ btw, i don’t understand with this contest.. how do we now if we’re win, ect ?? ^^”

    • I will make a post that says “post something here to enter”.

      Then, I will assign numbers to each name, and do an online random number draw.

      I will announce who the winner is on my blog/facebook/twitter accounts and the winner must contact me with their address and cd choice within a time limit (probably 3 days). If they don’t reply within 3 days, I will choose another name.

      Hope that clears things up ^^

  9. Not sure how else to write to you, just wanted to thank you for all your work on, and the kpop lyrics that are probably what I find all over the net. I too am now trying to learn Korean (wow, difficult but not impossible), for the same reason; I love the music (without even having a clue as to what they’re saying) and want to know more. If it helps you to have more people subscribe to your pages, let me know how and I will. Best of luck in all you do. And again, thanks.

  10. I liked and shared it on my facebook =D

    I really like how compassionate and supportive you are towards your fans and followers of aheeyah! Your Korean learning experience is truly an inspiration! Also, remind me to never come across you in starcraft =D haha

    • I am really also so grateful to how supportive everyone else has been to me as well. It’s been just really touching and I feel so blessed to have been able to do what I did T_T

      And I don’t play SC as much as I used to! and I’m definitely nothing compared to the Korean guys who play! They are so crazy good!

  11. OMG! how come I just saw this right now? I’m at school btw-itouch. kk. ONNI~ I want the korean products so freaking bad! wth we are like so similar to each other cuz I’m into beauty too! *0* I’m taking cosmetology in my senior yr. (I just realized I’m makin this fb. =|) I wanna join the Make-up Contest! =)))) pls inform me about it thanks ;D
    (now, I’ll comment on every posts. cuz my Spanish teacher is so boring T__T)

    • haha michelle! i can’t believe u wrote all those things on your itouch! lol. thank you for leaving me so much comments ^^

      and I didnt know u were taking cosmetology or into cosmetics! you mentioned languages to me before, but not this!

      oh i’m not sure when i will do the make up contest anymore but I will do a small skin 79 giveaway at the same time as the kpop cd ^^

      • sure thing~ lol I’m still into languages. I’m taking Japanese 2 and Spanish 2 at school and all my friends thinks its hard ==; I really like it :D but Spanish is startong to get confusing and boring. T^T mucho no me gusta pero muy bien. LOL

        I just started to be interested in it. but I decided to take it Senior yr cuz I think its fun~ =))) and my friends are kind of influencing ya know =.=
        sureee~ I’ll still want the small skin 79 whatever that is >:DD mwahaha xD

        • oh michelle i don’t know any spanish at all, so u will have to translate that line for me this time! XD
          haha michelle! u don’t really know what it is? =p that’s ok. you are so young u really don’t need to put make up on, your skin is at it’s best!

  12. Hi Sharon!!!

    I liked your fb as Tina Lane and I also shared about this giveaway
    I am following you on twitter as KrispyTinCan and I shared about this giveaway on twitter as well
    I am a subscriber on youtube as ktuna
    I also am following your bloglovin’ under

    Thanks Sharon. I hope I win. I absolutely adore kpop for the last 3 years. It’s my obsession. I love Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Beast, IU, and MANY MANY MORE!!!

    • Hi Tina, thank you for all your subs/likes/tweets/follows!! I just want to let you know though that this thread is not yet the thread to enter for the giveaway. The giveaway will happen once I hit 100 for youtube/facebook/twitter and then I will make a post and you can enter there. I hope my instructions weren’t confusing T_T Good luck to you when the giveaway starts~!!

  13. Everyone seems to be eager to join here :) LOL. I will spread this one around too. :)) And I’m going to follow you on your accounts too :) I was just wondering… what is your work in SKorea? I’ve been wanting to work there someday, that’s why I’ve been trying my very best to learn Hangeul~ :)

    • Thank you for spreading the word and following ^^ I work in Korea as an English teacher, it’s my 4th year here.

  14. Retweeted the news! ^^

    Hope you’ll gain many subscribers in the coming days!

  15. Hello!
    I was just wondering if the giveaway was still open?

    • I am still waiting to do it once my Twitter and Youtube account hits 100 followers/subscribers (Facebook is already above 100). Right now, Twitter has 89 and Youtube has 36. Please help spread the word and hopefully we can have the giveaway soon! ^^

  16. i really want to try this products!

    • There will be similar giveaways in the future. You can follow this blog on bloglovin’, or subscribe on facebook or twitter to get updates when it happens!

  17. I love your sense of fashion. It’s cute but at the same time badass. I love it. Your make up is great. You should totally make a make up tutorials on youtube. I bet you would be great :D
    I’m a Total K-pop fan, but I don’t think I have a favorite. I just love them all <3

    • Oh thank you so much! Cute but badass! that is such a compliment T_T
      I did make a tutorial on Youtube but it’s definitely not up to my standard. I’ll work on a better one in the future! Thank you!
      and well there are so many cute idols.. it’s hard to choose =p

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