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January 25th, 2012

Cozy Indoors + Zombie Blue Matte Polish

Throwing on a simple tee, long scarf, and Dr. Martens to make for cozy and comfortable indoor wear.

Sometimes, there are some looks that don’t turn out to my satisfaction. I wasn’t intending to post this one, but decided to at least put it up on Lookbook because it feels like such a waste otherwise!


Instead, I will share with you the nail polish I am wearing here, which is also one of my favorite go-to polishes. Whenever I’m bored and not sure what color to choose, I usually find myself pulling this one out.

Missha matte blue nail polish, mblo1, lucid polish

no flash

Missha matte blue nail polish, mblo1, lucid polish
with flash

Missha Lucid Nail Polish (mblo1, matte), $2~ USD

This polish reminds me of zombies and… well, death. Doesn’t the blue look like the way a zombie’s finger nails might look like after being buried for a long time?

Okay, maybe not technically.

It’s a very unique, opaque, matte blue. Coverage is very good, one coat being sufficient to finish. Wear is decent, chipping in 2~ days without a top coat (sometimes I’m lazy!).

Once I was editing a student’s script in class, and he pointed out that my nail color was the exact same as the blue pen I was using. It’s true!

Zombies or blue pens, you make your pick! Either way, this is a very unique color for a low price. Plus, I’m a total sucker for matte polishes.


Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year. I wish everyone lots of luck and good fortune and hope you collected lots of red pockets! XD

January 22nd, 2012

New Tumblr Page

Page One of One Page
One Page Scrapbook extension of
Fashion & Beauty Photography + Poetry + Quotes

The very first post writes:

Open your eyes and see the world
Look through the mirror into yourself
Walk over the bridge to the other side
Look past time into the future
Close your eyes and see my dream

Flip the page and
Close your eyes


If this scrapbook had a front cover, rather than a picture or title, these instructions would be written.

Now, make your click, close your eyes, open your heart, and see my dream…


frostedsnow tumblr sharon kwan



I had so much fun making this! It really felt like I was putting a real scrapbook together.

I actually really love reading and writing, especially poetry, and have always wanted to share them online, but felt it was a little out of place here.

Out of the blue, I suddenly remembered how I’ve always been wanting to make a tumblr page. Their themes are sooo pretty. I haven’t felt this inspired since long ago when I made layouts for Aheeyah.

I really felt like I was putting a real scrapbook together!

Asides from my writing, I will also try to include some photos you have not already seen on this blog as well.

Hope you guys like ^^

January 19th, 2012

Light Holiday Glam in Checker + Black and Gold

Maybe because I feel like reading classics lately, even my title is overly long and descriptive =p

The title of the first chapter of Oliver Twist is “CHAPTER I Treats of the Place where Oliver Twist was Born, and of the Circumstances attending his Birth.” I just found that real amusing =p

Light Holiday Glam in Checker + Black and Gold — casual and slightly festive with a checkered collar, warm in a light shawl, and glam in black and gold accessories.


Please be generous with hyping, liking, and retweeting this look~! Thank you ^^


Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Checkered shirt: Mom’s purchase from Hong Kong
Black shawl: Mom’s purchase from Hong Kong
Black shirts: street shopping in Seoul; $15
Glitter blue-grey pantyhose: street shopping in Seoul; $4-5
Heels: Ehwa Women’s University; $35
Black star earrings: Ehwa or Hongdae?; $5 (or less! It was a total steal!)
Gold Wristband: ssfw accessories in Myungdong; $22
Handbag: Ehwa (best place for cheap and decent handbags); $10

A nice outfit put together at a low cost. That’s what I like!


Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Gain makeup


I’m really into collars lately, especially showing under a shirt it can 1) give an extra layer 2) look dressier 3) seems like you put more effort into your outfit.

Shawls are also great winter items. This outfit here is obviously an indoors outfit, but when you are out in the cold and you need more than your winter jacket, a shawl can go over anything for extra warmth (especially in Korea, it’s freaking cold right now!!).



Makeup, Hair, Accessories

This is a GaIn inspired makeup look from this exact photo:

Gain makeup


Gain makeup

Gain makeup

Gain makeup

This look was really simple. I just used Urban Decay’s Perversion 24/7 black eyeliner to draw most of the line, and then E.L.F’s angled eyeliner brush to draw a straight and clean edge with NYX’s black eyeshadow.

Using an eyeshadow instead of a liner to draw the end of your liner gives a softer and more foolproof edge.

I am also wearing a half sized false lash on the edge of my eyes to give noticeable lashes that don’t take attention away from the liner.

I really like how this look turned out. Also, I think GaIn’s makeup turned out well because I have a similar eye shape.

I’ve always admired her makeup and would love to do more in the future!


Gain makeup

Eek! It’s a bit messy but some asked to see the back of my hair. It’s a lot shorter than the front.


I did a small cosmetics duty free haul before coming to Vancouver. I’ll share those items with you guys in an upcoming post!

January 12th, 2012

New Haircut

I was going to do a post on hair salons in Seoul, but maybe that can come as a part 2. I’m going back to Vancouver in 2 days (and so freaking excited!), so I only have time for a quick post!


I’ve been playing around with the idea of cutting my hair, which I’ve been growing out for around 2 years now.

Finally, I set my heart on doing it since winter is here. I just hate the look of long drapes of hair over layers of thick clothes, scarves, and hats.


These were the exact photos I showed the stylist:


gain short hair

gain short hair

sunny short hair

I fell in love with GaIn’s hair cut since the day she debut with Abracadabra. I heard it’s a wig but it’s beautiful anyways.

I later stumbled on Sunny from SNSD’s haircut (which I heard, is also a wig… >.<) and quite liked it as well.


A really annoying thing I can’t understand about hair stylists is every time I show them pictures of what I want, they always just quickly glance at it and say “Okay, I got it.”

Then, they always do something totally wrong. I mean, just because you take a longer look at the photo doesn’t mean I will think you are unprofessional.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Why do they always have to act like a know-it-all??


After a lot of confusion, the woman giving me a totally different and wrong and ugly hair cut, me having to show her the pictures again and ask her to ‘look clearly’, me having to explain the exact details, and her admitting she ‘misunderstood and didn’t see clearly’ (or just didn’t look at all in the first place -_-), I finally got something similar to what I wanted.


short hair

short hair

(um please excuse my messy room >.<)

When I walked out of the salon, I totally loved it (and the color). Then I got home and got a closer look, and was totally disappointed because it wasn't what I had in mind. Now, it's kind of grown on me.

It's more like an A-line bob. Bobs are pretty and all, but it was exactly what I didn't want. A bob. I think I got Gain's bangs, but Sunny's side/back hair bob.

I'm sorry the pictures are not so clear. I took them intending to show the makeup more than the hair (it's an upcoming lookbook post ^^).

What do you guys think? Short or long hair?


Here are more hairstyles I considered or may consider next. Any suggestions?

short haircut

short haircut

Top: Myolie Wu (Hong Kong actress). Maybe when I feel like going girly.
Bottom: T-ara. Really, really, really love this cut.


Next time I got to the salon, I might trim the front and sides and have a more boyish hair, but for now I’m happy with my cut.

The good thing too is if I clip the sides of my hair behind my ears, it looks like a boy cut when I’m feeling tomboy.


Next time I write will be from Vancouver! I can’t wait to pig out, sleep, and play computer games all day (hey, I work hard during the semester =p)!

And I haven’t been doing Lookbook posts not because I’m lazy (well, I am…) but I’ve been using what time I have to shoot the photos instead. Lookbook post will be coming soon!

January 1st, 2012

New Years Surprise + Black Jewelry Collection

A few days ago, as I was in a very late rush (as usual) to choose an outfit for work, I pulled out from my drawers a pair of pants I haven’t touched for a long time and from it, this fell out onto my lap:


black jewelry

It was a ring I bought YEARS ago but lost immediately on the same day T_T

I had tossed it into a huge shopping bag with a bunch of other things. Once I pulled all my clothes, I threw that plastic bag away.

I thought that the ring was too small for me to see and went in the garbage with that bag.

I never expected to see it again. I’ve been looking to re-purchase this ring but never found anything even close to this pretty little treasure.

I was so surprised and delighted!

I take this as a good omen for the coming new year. Great things are coming my way!! Yeay! =p



But since this post can’t just be about one ring, I thought I’d share some of my other black jewelry.

Instead of the regular gold and silver, consider black for your next jewelry purchase. It can be just as elegant, spunky, slightly goth, or all at the same time! ^^

I mostly took pictures of the black ones, but I also like to buy a white/silver counterparts to my black accessories as well.

black jewelry

black jewelry

black jewelry

black jewelry

Most of the above were purchased in Korea — the paradise for pretty and cheap jewelry. It’s sold everywhere from $1-$20.

Any favorites? Please share! ^^


I hope everyone will have as much of the same luck and fortune I am leading off the new year with.

May great things be waiting ahead for you in the year 2012! <3