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October 31st, 2011

My Kpop History: Fan Art (part 1)

A while ago, a German Kpop fan in university asked whether I’d be willing to answer some questions for her Korean studies paper.

I thought I’d share the answers I gave her, because lots of people knew me as a Kpop fan first from Aheeyah and I have lots of Kpop fan readers as well.

I’ll also share some of my old fan graphics ^^

Because this post is becoming longer and longer (cuz I’m a chatty old granny), I’ll post the fanart first and the Q&A in part two ^^



Fan Art

In my ‘Kpop career’, I actually didn’t make that many fanart. Most of the graphics I did were for more ‘technical’ reasons for Aheeyah — layout, banners, avatar, etc. I really prized Aheeyah’s layouts for always being very pretty and unique, and always using a different header graphic on each page.

I didn’t make fanart often for the sake of fanart itself, but here were the few that I did make.


All single pieces are original artwork by frostedsnow. Do not repost.
All compilation pieces were created by various artists (listed below) for Aheeyah’s graphic battle. Do not repost.

Click to enlarge in new window.


Vector Art

Kpop fanart

Kpop fanart

Kpop fanart

This was my first time trying out vector art. I had always admired it and wondered how ppl did it, and finally went to find a tutorial to do it myself.

Basically, to create vector art, you trace with your mouse all the portions of the picture that are of the same color, and fill it in, usually starting with the lightest color of the skin and then working out.

The more shades of color you use, the more detailed your picture (and of course, the longer it takes).

It’s basically drawing out and filling in the gradations of the picture. Actually, a lot of times when I do my makeup, I think in terms of photoshop — except in real life on my face. When I apply BB cream before liquid concealer, and liquid concealer before spot concealer, I am creating gradation, exactly like vector art =p


‘Battle of the Artists’

Aheeyah forums ran a graphic battle contest — except in elimination rounds with one artist eliminated and a new theme for each round. I ran the contest, created the themes for each round, and took part myself as well.

Kpop fanart

Theme: pink


Kpop fanart

Theme: stock images

I couldn’t find an open fantasy story book, so I found stock images of an open book and placed fantasy story images and wrote lines in an olden day fairy-tale type font to make it!

I usually like to let graphics speak for itself, but since this is not an artwork blog, I’ll explain: it’s basically a scene from a fairy tale coming to reality — prince YoungSaeng stepping out into real life! The girl vs dragon is a reflection of the left page of the storybook (the girl on the horse is the exact same image of the girl in the storybook, flipped).

I also wanted to have a female heroine riding a white horse saving the prince — it doesn’t always have to be the other way around!


Kpop fanart

theme: drawing on paper


Kpop fanart

theme: create your own graphic that will be combined with your team’s as a ‘mural’

Kpop fanart

artist credits (left to right): chibibaka, debbii, Hikaru Shidou, Ama-Chan, frostedsnow

My team’s mural was a horizontal one.


Kpop fanart

artist credits (top to bottom): kahel, JustINtroverted, thesnowcrane, yoohoo84, Rai

The other team we were up against had to do a vertical mural (which I think was much more difficult as there’s more of the picture to combine!)



It’s moments like these, as I flip through old Aheeyah forum pages, reading and looking through all the activities we held, the staff who helped me out, the interactions, that makes me feel really nostalgic and kind of sad T_T

Those were really some good ol’ days.

Nowadays, I don’t make fan art much anymore, but I still really admire the arts and creation side of Kpop. It’s basically a fan’s expression of their love and passion for Kpop.



October 25th, 2011

October Etude House Haul (part 2) — many nail polishes

A while ago, Etude House had an all-store 30% off!

Since I actually live in Korea and am not in a rush, I always wait for sales and discounts before I buy these street brand cosmetics because most of them always eventually has some sales or promotion (big gifts w/ a certain amount of purchase), especially Missha and Etude.



Beauty Tools + Cosmetics

Etude eyelashes, eyeshadow, haul

Etude House (에뛰드)
1. Eyelash #13 Side end Long $2.50
2. Hair Pin Set $0.70
3. Look at My Eyes Sand Gold GD03 $2.50

I super duper love these eyelashes. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but I saw them in the collection before but they never had them in stock.

They are super dense and long side lashes, great for those dolly eyes.

Will definitely try to use them for a look.

I used the eyeshadow in my Work Outfit #1 look.



Nail Polishes

My unnie who came down to Seoul is the one who got me into nail art. I mentioned this before, but it’s because she showed me some of her nail art pictures that made me realize you can do it at home.

Since I was with her, and we gloated over and discussed all nail related supplies we saw, I think I was feeling really inspired and bought a lot more polishes than I normally would.

It’s so much more fun (and inspiring!) to have a physical nail art buddy! T_T


Etude nail polish swatch review, Etude House Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling, Etude House Petit Darling Nails MATTE

Etude House $1.50-$2.50
Glitter Polishes
Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling (에뛰드하우스 디어달링 네일즈 블링블링)
1) WH020
Lucid Darling Fantastic Nails (에뛰드하우스 루씨달링 파타스틱 네일스)
2) 05 Dazzling Pink (스팽글 05 대즐링 핑크)
3) 06 Dazzling Purple (스팽글 06 대즐링 핑크)
4) 07 Dazzling Blue (스팽글 07 대즐링 블루)
5) 09 Dazzling Gold (스팽글 09 대즐링 골드)
6) 03 Silver Dia (스팽글 03 실버다이아)

Matte Pastel Polishes
Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
7) 08 Mint Cookie (08 민트 쿠키)
8 ) 09 Snow Flower Shaved Ice (09 눈꽃빙수)
9) 11 Berry Bubble (11 베리버블)
10) 10 Strawberry Yogurt (10 딸기요거트)
11) 07 Lemon Cheese (07 레몬치즈)

Royal Manicure (from a general beauty store)
12) 515 Nail Top Shine (손톱빛)

Matte Brown Polishes
Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
13) 02 Latte Brown (02 라떼브라운)
14) 03 Milky Way Purple (03 밀키웨이퍼플)
15) 01 Ceylon? Tea (01 실몬티베이지)
16) 06 Orange Muffin (오렌지머핀)



Glitter Polishes (#1-6)

Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

– Very shiny, flashy, bright glitters
– Can mix and match glitters to create your own color combo
– Durable and lasts well over a week
– Takes at least 5 coats to fully cover nails with glitter
– Difficult to remove (needs a bit of scrapping and scratching)


Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

I actually bought the glitter nails intending to apply them all as one color.

I even applied a coat of each glitter on my nails, went around the store browsing, went back to apply a 2nd coat, and so on until I had all 5 coats on my nails =p

I am seriously a shameless shopper. I had to make sure it looked good before buying, and I really liked it!


I didn’t really realize that BIG glitter nails is the ‘in’ thing nowadays until I got this email from Urban Decay in my inbox and also realized lots of my female students were wearing glitter polishes as well:

Urban Decay Ziggy

I like how it says “Our fave: ZIGGY. Concentrated multi-colored glitter… not a wimpy clear coat,” and it’s totally true!

Most BIG glitter nail polishes give very sparse glitters. However, now that I look at this Urban Decay Ziggy, it seems to be small, not BIG glitters (like #1).



#1 polish (Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling WH020) gives very good dense coat of polish, as expected of a small glitter polish.

However, #2-6, the bigger glitter polishes, is much more sparse.

It’s okay though if you plan to mix and match all the colors anyways, because once you have all 5 coats of different colors on, your nails are fully covered.

It’s a really pretty combination. More interesting than single colored glitter. Highly recommended! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it ^^


Extra Tip: Use #6 on the bottom and top of the big glitter polish to finish up and fill in any left over gaps or spaces between the big glitters. It gives a nice final gloss.

However, if you want to keep the original strong shine of the big glitters, you can skip this step.

It’s hard to see but I didn’t do it on the index finger of both my hands and the shine is a lot stronger, while the others have a softer gloss.



Matte Pastel Polishes (#7-11)

Pictures go from 1 coat, 2 coats, to 3 coats.

Etude matte pastel nail polish swatch, review

– Pretty pastel colors in MATTE (hard to find)
– Cheap
– Lighter colors crack after application (it’s not a cracking polish!!)
– Lighter and brighter colors don’t go on as smoothly as darker colors (even with a base)
– Wears off easily (very chipped by 5th day)

Even though the application is terrible, I don’t regret buying these.

They look very pretty all together, and remind me of Barbie fingernails, because Barbie’s nails are usually matte =p

Especially #10, the pastel pink, is SUCH a Barbie color!



Matte Brown + Neutral Polishes (#12-16)

Etude matte brown nail polish swatch, review

I super love these colors — very unique matte browns. Matte colors are generally harder to find, and it’s not common to see such a range of matte browns.

My unnie said the dark brown (#13 on my pinky) reminded her of chocolate, and I totally agree!

When I was young, I used to have this thing for a yellow pencil crayon that looked super like lemon. It made me want to eat it. This dark brown polish is the same, except it’s like chocolate! It’d be great for drawing chocolate nail art designs. That is SO on my to-do list!


All the pastel and brown matte polishes are from the same line, so the pros and cons are all the same except the browns don’t crack and go on as unevenly. This problem only seems to occur with the lighter colors.


#12 was from a general beauty store. I used to have a friend who wanted to color her nails, but didn’t want anything too noticeable. I honestly couldn’t understand what the heck she was talking about, because I think if you don’t want your nails to stand out, then just don’t do them at all.

When I saw #12, I thought it would be the perfect color for her — a very nude, skin colored polish.

It looked like it would be real nice when I just tried on one coat. However, three coats gives it a kind of murky, dirty nude pink, which I don’t really like.

I think it would be best to wear just one coat of #12 when your nails are short and you don’t need have that awkward look — colored nails with both the nail and nail bed difference still showing.



OPI vs. the Cheap Stuff

Another friend of mine and I were discussing whether OPI polishes are worth it or not.

She said cheap polishes make her nails yellow. I suggested it may actually be her nail polish remover, which can dry and damage nails. It may also be due to the amount of breathing time you allow your nails to have without nail polish over it.

I use a gel type remover from Faceshop which is supposed to be more gentle on the nails. I also usually wait at least 2 weeks in between nail jobs, because I’m usually too lazy to do it often. So, I haven’t had problems with my nails turning yellow.

This may come as a surprise from someone who does quite a bit of nail art, but I don’t own any OPI polishes.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on my nail art supplies, but can’t justify it on OPI polishes. I’m always curious and contemplating it, but I can never end up spending $11 on one polish when I can buy 8-9 polishes with the same money.

Unlike in North America, where even drugstore polishes cost $4-5 a bottle, many polishes cost $1-2 (#12 was just 70 cents!), in which case, I prefer having a larger collection of the cheap stuff than just a few OPI polishes.


What do you guys think? Are OPI polishes worth it? Are they really that much better?

October 23rd, 2011

October Accessories Haul (part 1)

I haven’t done a haul post for a long time!

A few weeks ago I went shopping literally 4 days straight with my unnie who came to visit from Singapore with her family, bringing them around to all the good shopping areas. I told myself that in those 4 days, I am absolutely not allowed to buy any clothes, better not step into Zara, and even considered bringing no cash so that I’m limited to just using my debit card.

Lo and behold, I did end up buying quite a few things here and there, but I didn’t buy even one piece of clothing (except for a few tank tops for my brother… so that doesn’t count!!).

I bought mostly accessories and nail polishes and spent below $200ish on accessories, which is pretty good because that is how much I usually spend in Zara alone T_T

Plus, a lot of the more expensive pieces were things on my ‘wish list’ for a long time, but couldn’t find. I really think shopping is like a long-term treasure hunt. Even if you know exactly what you want to buy, it could take up to a few years to find that item in the perfect color, style, and price. Then, once you find that item, it is like finding a little treasure.

This is part 1 of the haul post. Part 2 is all the things I bought from Etude. This post was getting real long, so I’ll finish the rest next time!




Korea accessories haul

SSFW Accessories in Myeongdong (명동)
1. Paper clip wristband bracelet $20
2. Gold chain black wristband bracelet $12
3. Silver and gold Star Earrings $6 each
4. Gold bracelet $10

I’ve been wanting some clip on wristbands for a long time but couldn’t find anything nice for a reasonable price.

The paper clip ones also came in a black band with silver paperclips. My unnie pointed out that black paper clips were a lot more unique, so I got those ones.

I saw the exact same ones before at Aland (in Myeongdong) for $40 before!

I wore two of these in my Dorky Rocker Chic look.


Korea accessories haul

1. Black spots on translucent plastic glasses $10 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)
2. White and blue polka dot ribbon hair tie $5 from Myeongdong (명동)
3. Big hoop gold earrings $3 from Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널)
4. Brown mini belt headband $5~ from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)

I super love big hoop earrings. The bigger the better!

You might not be able to tell, but these hoops are HUGE. They are like 3/4 the size of the headband!

I also have 2 other huge ones — one silver, one crystal studded. They aren’t as popular nowadays, but I still love them anyways.


Korea accessories haul

Long plastic chain robot necklace $25 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)


A Big Bang and 2ne1 style necklace — bright, colorful, flashy, and fun.

AND it’s lightweight! The most important thing when buying long large size pendant necklaces is that it doesn’t feel like you are lugging metal chains around your neck.

2ne1 necklace

Big Bang necklace

I’ve been wanting one for a loooong time but you don’t find these kinda things easily, at a reasonable prices.

This necklace was from a little store on the streets of Eedae. They had a bunch of Superman, big kissing lips, mechanical looking big plastic pendant necklaces.

A girl who walked into the store with her friend was like ‘Hey, this store is so YG!’ (Big Bang and 2ne1 are both from YG).

The owner said he hand makes all of his pieces, though I’m sure that means he just assembles the pieces. I doubt he made that robot himself!

This is my favorite item from my haul!


Hopefully I’ll be able to use many of these in upcoming looks ^^




Korea accessories haul

I saw these hats in Myungdong and went totally crazy. They were in their own individual display cases at the window. There were only one, no price tags, and I was guessing it wasn’t even on sale, but I was drooling outside the window like a child looking into a candy store T__T

If I could own both of these hats, I would put them up on a display case next to my bed and fall asleep admiring them every night T____T



Seoul desserts

I was roaming around the Lotte Department store food section and saw this yummy looking chocolate tart. It reminded me a lot of Chinese egg tarts — which I miss a lot! T_T

Also had a cookies and cream cake from Paris Baguette with my unnie and her family for her bday ^^

Just love sweets and desserts!



PS. I really want to thank you those of you who leave comments for me, especially my regular readers.

I’m used to working together with a staff team for Aheeyah, where it was very interactive with a lot of us, really like family and friends.

Now that I’m doing this blog by myself now, it just gets kind of lonely sometimes T_T I’m sorry if I sound a bit like a needy child in my last post asking for comments T__T

Your comments remind me there are people I’m doing this with, so thank you very much always for your read and support~!! <3

October 18th, 2011

Lookbook: Twelve: Dorky Rocker Chic

The glasses and buttoned up collar shirt make gives this a slightly dorky feel. The oversized, untucked shirt over black spandex tights, purple Dr. Martens and big, clunky bangles and heavy makeup give it a more rocker look. Finally, I pulled my hair completely back from my face and up in a bun and overall simple (but bold) pieces to keep it clean, pulled together, and chic.

That’s my take on this outfit!

I always love the dorky + chic looks. What about you guys?


Please be generous with hyping, sharing, and retweeting this look~! Thank you very much ^^


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

Shirt: My mom’s closet

Tights: Hong Kong shopping mall (some… where…) find with my best friend

Dr. Martens: Hong Kong Mong Kok shoe store street (I jumped on this when I saw it in HK because this one has slight dots all over, which gives it more texture. In Korea, only the all smooth Dr. Martens are available… and honestly I find those kinda ugly)

Bangles: ssfw in Myeongdong, Seoul (A recent buy. argh! I still gotta do that haul post!!)

Glasses: Ray Ban imitation — randomly stole from home when I went back to Vancouver. I ended up loving it so much I bought myself a pair of real Ray Ban prescription. Will show you guys that one day!
I didn’t realize just how many ppl are wearing these nowadays though because now I can’t wear them to class cuz I feel weird having the exact same style glasses as my male students (you don’t see the girls wearing them)!
I love wearing things that boys wear but it’s strange for the teacher to be sporting the same thing as their students? No?



Makeup + Accessories

dorky chic fashion

I started off with an orange lipstick (Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips (#4, miss tangerine tangerine); also in my Lookbook Four: Mini Black Dress post).

After doing my hair and makeup and taking the portrait shots, I took a break and ate lunch before continuing to shoot, and decided to change my lipstick to hot pink. I’m actually more of an eyeshadow than lipstick girl, so with my eyeshadow, I can be really confident and happy with what I do, but I’m never satisfied with my lipstick colors!

The next two colors I took at the very end of the shoot with the hot pink lipstick. I ended up liking the orange better with this look T__T lol


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

I actually love heavy makeup + glasses looks. It may not seem to work if you just think about it, but I really love it.

The reason I think it works is because of big glasses. You don’t do heavy makeup like this with small, narrow or rectangular glasses — just the big, square, or circle glasses because the big frames and shape put more emphasis and attention on your eyes. If you have small eyes framed by big glasses, it can make your eyes look even smaller. Solve this by elongating and enlarging your eyes with makeup.

Also, certain glasses colors, sizes, and thickness will call for more or less makeup. I realized this as I try on the variety of plastic ‘fashion glasses’ I have. For example, usually black framed glasses look nicer with heavier makeup, while lighter/softer colors like light brown go well with more natural looks.

I used to do the glasses + heavy makeup look quite often when I had time before going out. Nowadays, I’ve gotten quite lazy but I still really love the look.



Swatches + Review

nyx caribbean collection, dream of barbados, dream of antigua, missha multi-shadow case, missha metallic shadow GA01, urban decay 24/7 liner perversion gunmetal binge, swatches and review


If I weren’t wearing glasses, I think false lashes (at least even side ones) are a must with this makeup, because I practically re-drew my eyes (bigger, elongated, higher crease) and need longer lashes to match it.

NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Pros: Dark, bold, glistening black. Good thickness to spread as eyeshadow base. Cheap.
Cons: Creased within a minute of putting it on!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil
Pros: Waterproof, long lasting, minimal smudging. Beautiful and diverse color selections.
Cons: Pricey

NYX Carribean Collection
Pros: Decent quality, diverse color selection, cheap.
Cons: Not very pigmented alone, must wear over base for best color

Missha Multi-Shadow Case + Single Metallic Shadows
This is only for the GA01 shadow color because all of the shadows vary in quality, pigmentation, and finish.
GA01 Pros: Beautiful, pigmented, metallic and glittery finish (even without base). Can choose your own shadows to place into empty Missha shadow palette case. Cheap price ($3~ USD) for good quality.
GA01 Cons: None, really… You have to use it over a base for the best pigmentation? Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Gunmetal is the best base match with it!




I always listen to music when I shoot my looks and was almost finished as G-Dragon and T.O.P‘s album started playing on my iTunes. I was literally dancing to it as I was shooting, and it ended up just working as this look has a bit of GD feel to it, I think. I always love the way he dresses!

Somehow, as I was looking up their pics to show a bit of their similar style and feel, I also found GD in a really similar look!


dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

dorky chic fashion

He looks so tired in this last photo! XD


I think the big plastic frame glasses is usually a love or hate thing. I know lots of people who say they hate it (my best friend), think it’s unfashionable (my white male coworker), or can’t understand why people would wear glasses when they don’t need it (my dad).

I don’t think it’s as hit as it used to be, but you can see all the Korean celebs are still wearing it. Personally, I really love these big, dorky glasses and own quite a few pairs myself. I also got my brother who hated it to wear it as well =p It’s an accessory, like necklaces, rings, or earrings. You don’t need things hanging all over your body either, right?

What do you guys think? ^^ I miss reading everyone’s comments! Where did those all go? T__T

October 10th, 2011

Lookbook: Eleven: Work Outfit #1: Pinky Ribbon Bow + Mr. Rabbit

Hello lookbook post! Long time no see! XD

This is the first chance I’ve had since I’ve been back in Korea to shoot a look in my regular settings.

I did quite miss doing these posts!


This is actually one of my exact work outfits, from head-to-toe (minus the bag cuz it’s too nice to carry to work). All my past looks have had some pieces I wear to work, but never exactly so.

I used to work in academies and a high school in Korea, where I never felt the need to really have a separate work wardrobe. After I started working in a university though, I felt more of a need to have at least a few more professional looking outfits. This is not exactly a formal suit and high heels, but it’s still a lot more… teacher-like than what I normally might wear.

…except maybe for the shoes XD

Anyways, I’m not breaking any dress codes! *hmph*

Please be generous with liking, hyping, and re-tweeting this look. Thank you!


work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

The ribbon and shirt were a set bought at a Korean street store for only like $10 USD.

I really love the pants — puffy on the top and slim at the ends. The pockets are slightly baggy and puff out (as you can see with my hands in my pocket) and the length ends perfectly at the ankle to wear a pair of heels or low cut sneakers. It’s rare to find a pair of formal dress pants without needing tailoring! It was about $40~ish. I bought it at a Korean franchise name like ‘the clige’ or ‘cliche’ or something (can’t remember exactly >.<). You can find branches in Myungdong and Ewha Woman's University (subway stations). It is a little on the pricier side as a street store, but it has a lot of more sophisticated and chic clothing.

The shoes are from H&M and they can pass for work shoes because the shoe laces ends are hidden so it looks less like casual sneakers (finding all possible loopholes in the dress code =p).

The square camera bag is from my April 명동 Accessories Haul.


work outfit lookbook

I really love the ribbon — it’s pink, patterned, cute and pretty XDD I just pull it up and over my head each time instead of re-tying it.

I’m quite in love with my glitter nails lately. I did a crazy haul a while ago and bought a bunch of stuff including nail polishes — more pics and swatches on that in upcoming haul post!



Makeup + Accessories

work outfit lookbook

work outfit lookbook

A very simple, natural and ‘pretty’ makeup to go with the outfit.

I curled my hair with a 1.5 inch (or was it 1 inch?) curler which I bought at Superstore (drugstore) in Vancouver but was never able to use it in Korea because it didn’t match any of my converters T_T I finally inherited a converter from a coworker who was leaving so I was super happy ^^ It takes twice the time and is never as nice when I do it with a straightener -_-

I tried to go for the popular Korean loose and natural curls looks.

Oh, and did you notice my hair color is different? I bleached it a while ago myself with a L’oreal box dye and quite like the color. My hair is a work in process as I’m planning to overall bleach it again once my roots grow out, then either bleach it again or dye it a light ash blonde myself. OR I’m kind of contemplating cutting it really short… Not sure yet!


work outfit lookbook

I bought a new shadow from Etude house and super love it. I’ve been looking for an orangey-gold frosty but not too glittery shadow that’s a few shades brighter than my skin and this is real close to what I want!

I’ll swatch it in my upcoming haul post as well.


work outfit lookbook

I love to pair this rabbit earring with this outfit because I think the rabbit’s color and even clothing kind of matches mine? I just think it goes really well together — simple, cute, and pretty =p

October 8th, 2011

Plum Purple Smokey Makeup Tutorial

There are about five hundred reasons why I took forever to update with this video — I kept having to transfer the data from my 4GB SD card to my computer every 10ish minutes as I was shooting (I have a new 16GB SD card now though!), had to re-shoot it because the first shooting had a really bad angle and I kept blocking the lens with my mirror, had problems with music copyright issues, and just could not mute the SOUND of the original clip after 2 days of unsuccessful experimenting with iMovie.

My head is about to blow right now.

Anyways, it was a lot of work, but here it finally is. At first I was really excited to finally make my first Youtube video, because even before wanting to do a beauty/fashion blog and Lookbook shoots, I had wanted to do Youtube videos because it was one of my main inspirations into makeup. However, I realize there is a lot of room for improvement, and I even considered just scrapping this video completely.

Actually, I’m still wondering if I shouldn’t have done so at this moment.

I realized though that this is my first try and as I’m quite unfamiliar with video shooting and editing, I shouldn’t expect perfect on the first try T__T Make it a learning process!

Your comments, ratings, and subscriptions will be much appreciated. Thank you~! ^^



Plum Purple Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Plum Purple Smokey Makeup Tutorial

(The lighting made my lips look real pink. The color is more of a natural beige.)

This is one of my favorite eyeshadow looks to do for clubbing or just a night out. The main point is using the gel liner as an eyeshadow base as it is waterproof and longer lasting than regular cream shadow bases. The three steps of eyelining — eyeliner, gel liner, and shadow lining is to ensure your liner stays there all night.

It may look like a lot of work, but once you’ve done it a few times, it’s actually really easy!


Product Listing:

Shu Uemura 18 goat
Elf Small Precision Studio Brush
Elf Complexion Studio Brush
Elf Small Angled Studio Brush
Elf Contour Studio Brush
Elf Fan Studio Brush
Elf professional Blending Eye Brush
Innisfree Sponge/Smudge Brush
Elf professional Concealer Brush

Tony Moly Velvet Touch Primer
Shu Uemura Illuminating Moisture Foundation 784
Hera HD Foundation 21
It’s Skin Brightening Perfect Hide Concealer Nude Beige #21
Missha Perfect Concealer Light Beige
Skin79 UV Screen Beblesh Pact
NYX Blush Taupe
Shu Uemura M PINK 32E

Tony Moly Party Lover Gel Eyeliner Pearl Violet #5
D.te (디.떼) Celebrity Eyes Deep Wine WN535
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box Ransom
Missha Powder Eyes WH01
Skinfood Sugar Bloom Shadow Box Cappuccino Bloom #3
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 0L
Tony Moly Party Lover Gel Eyeliner Black #1
NYX Single Shadow 01 Black
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
L’oreal Panoramic Curl Waterproof Mascara Black
Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil Brown (갈색)

Etude House Lucid Darling Nude Beige #3
Missha Lucide Berry Lips



Product Feature

I personally really like and recommend these two products: 1) Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner Black #1 and Pearl Violet #5; 2) D.te (디.떼) Celebrity Eyes Deep Wine WN535


Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner Black and Pearl Violet

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner Black #1 and Pearl Violet #5; $7~ USD

Some say that this liner is comparable to Bobbi Brown’s gel liner, except at 1/3 the price! A friend said her Bobbi Brown liner dried out a few months after she bought it. I’ve used the Tony Moly Black liner for almost 2 years and it’s still like when I first bought it.

It’s waterproof and lasts all day. However, on the waterline or after a night of clubbing as a liner, it does fade and smudge (but so does everything else I’ve tried on the waterline).

The Pearl Violet liner is not as pigmented and dark as the Black as a liner (it took two applications to get the line in the swatch picture), but I bought it to use as an eyeshadow base, which it works great as. After clubbing, even if all my eyeshadow is gone and waterproof mascara has smudged, the gel liner is still in place looking like my eyeshadow.

Tony Moly is a widespread makeup brand in Korea and has stores in all major shopping areas in Korea.



d.te Celebrity Eyes Deep Wine WN535

D.te (디.떼) Celebrity Eyes Deep Wine WN535; $5~ USD

I picked this shadow up randomly on a whim and absolutely love the color. It is a deep, glittery and metallic plum purple. I get a lot of compliments on my eyeshadow whenever I wear this.

However, this particular shadow color breaks really easily. I bought it for a friend who said she liked the color, and saw that the store sample was broken too, while most of the other shadows were just fine. I think it just has a really loose build and breaks easily. You just have to be careful with fallouts, use a fan brush under your eyes, or apply the shadow first and clean up fallouts before your skin makeup.

Paired on top of Tony Moly’s Pearl Violet Gel Liner as a base, it makes a beautiful purple.

You can purchase this at general cosmetics stores in Korea, where a variety of Korean brands like VOV and Cathy Cat are sold.



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