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September 16th, 2011

NexCare Acne Patch / Blemish Clear Cover

Back to the promised reviews from my samples haul post!

I got some ‘circle stickers’ from the Korean skin clinic which healed my wounds really well after my freckle / age spot / mole laser removal. After some research, I found out similar products existed on the market.


NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, 블레미쉬 클리어 커버

1. NexCare Blemish Clear Cover (36: 12mm x12; 8mm x24); 6,500 won ($6 USD)
2. Himom Band (36: 10mm x36); 7,000 won ($7 USD)


Purchase: 1. Olive Young (general cosmetics store) in Myungdong 2. Pharmacy in Myungdong

What it is: Basically, they are just small hydrocolloid patches. A larger version was used in hospitals to treat wounds and injury, absorbing pus and preventing infections. These patches were made after it was found out that nurses used small patches to treat their own acne.

Usage: Place a patch over clean, dry skin. It works best to leave it on overnight, or longer. Remove it when the patch becomes white (this is the pus, oil, and secretion). Replace with a new one if necessary until the wound is closed.

How it works: The patches are clear or skin-colored, water-based dressing that absorbs and sucks out the pus, oil, and secretion from your acne or wounds. It is a waterproof yet breathable cover that prevents inflammation, infections, and your touching the acne or wound. At the same time, it helps open wounds and flesh heal more quickly.




I’ve been using these for the past month. It works for some types of acne but not others, but is definitely more effective for pimples with ‘heads’, extracted pimples, and laser spot removal wounds.


Acne, Pimples, Breakouts

-> may help slightly reduce the size, redness, and inflammation of growing pimples without heads
-> may significantly absorb the pus in pimples with heads (white pus filled acne)
-> may speed up the process of breakouts forming a head, calming down, and healing
-> does NOT magically get ride of pimples in one night

It really just has a 50/50 chance of working, depending on what stage and type of pimple you put it on, how long you leave it on, etc. It will either do little to absolutely nothing, or work absolute wonders.

For headless pimples, I recommend putting a light layer of tea tree oil on the skin before applying the patch. Even though you are recommended to apply it onto dry skin so it sticks better, I find keeping tea tree oil on the skin locked under the patch will at least help reduce the size, even if it doesn’t pull out the non-existent or deeply buried pus in the pimple.

For pus filled pimples, you can choose to put it on 1) after extracting the head, 2) after puncturing the headed skin with a sterile needle to create a hole for absorption, 3) as is.

If you apply the patch after 1) extracting the head (apply light pressure on both sides of the head with two q-tips), the wound will heal much faster and better with the patch. The skin will not be dry, flaky, and scabby as it heals. The healing time is also shorter.

If you apply the patch after 2) puncturing it or 3) as is, it will either do nothing but slightly reduce the size of the pimple, or it will absolutely suck out all the pus.

For pimples, it is best to leave the patch on at least overnight. A few hours will do nothing. Leaving it on for more than 24 hours may cause the patch to puncture your skin as it absorbs the pus, leaving you with an open wound as if you popped your pimple (this happened to me T_T). Overnight on pimples is your best option.


Acne and Spot Removal Wounds and Scars

-> 100% aids open, bleeding, infected, secreting wounds to heal faster than normal without dryness and scabbing, leaving the skin heal in much better condition
-> does NOT work on old acne scars — only fresh ones!

I’ve already posted pics in my age spot / mole laser removal post to show how well it worked for me.


-> clear or skin colored patch only noticeable up close
-> consider wearing a hat/cap or a pair of glasses (the funkier in color/pattern, or bigger in size, the better) to hide or divert attention away from the patch

Most people use the patches overnight and makeup on top of their acne during the day. I was not able to do that because I was instructed to keep it on for 5 days straight without taking it off after my laser removal.

When I changed to a new patch on the first morning, I was upset the clear patch didn’t hide the red wound. However, a white layer formed over the wound after an hour, hiding the red.

I wore a pair of big plastic rimmed glasses which slightly brought attention away from the patches near my eye area.

Some people complain that it’s SO visible from a MILE away, but that’s really an exaggeration. It’s just because you are so conscious of it.

It’s so common in Korea, no one even mentioned or asked about it. Thank goodness for me!


-> comes in a variety of sizes: 12mm, 10mm, 8mm

Unless you tend to get huge pimples, I recommend the 8mm in case you want something as discreet as possible to go out in public with.

They are offered by a variety of brands. I kind of think Nexcare might be better, but there’s probably no big difference.




$6-7 is not a bad price to pay for anything that has a chance of helping my break outs process and heal faster.

It’s a product I will keep buying and handy.



If you are still not convinced, I’ll let Taekyeon win you over.

NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, Taekyeon, 2pm

NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover, Taekyeon, 2pm

I wonder if he got freckle removal as well? It’s in like the exact same spot as mine was!

September 10th, 2011

Queen Elizabeth Park Trip

As I was surfing through Lookbook, my mom randomly walked by and started looking with me. I pointed out a pair of maxi pants and said I wanted a pair — and she said, “I have one for you!!”

“Is it black?”

“It’s black!”

And so, it was mine.

Haha. My mom is actually quite a shopaholic herself and buys so much clothes for me I don’t even know what she has. I don’t always like everything she buys because her taste is a bit different, but sometimes she’ll have a few things that I absolutely love. When there is something that I want, I usually ask if she has it before I buy it. She’s my clothing bank!

My mum even has a bulletin board of magazine outfit cutouts. I always said to her, she should’ve been a fashion designer. I would never be able to do it cuz I just don’t have that inclination for sewing and handiwork, but she can do all that type of stuff!

Please be generous with hyping, liking, and retweeting this look~! ^^ Thank you!



Slim fit tank top, maxi pants, flip flops, in all black with a yellow wallet as a stand out point. Just threw on a pair of big sunglasses and wood carving like ring for casual accessorizing.

Super comfy and easy!

I feel like this outfit would be perfect for a quick errand run down the streets of downtown Vancouver… except, well, I was at a park. Add a doggie on a leash or a cup of coffee in your hands if you fancy! XD ㅋ

Before I left Vancouver, we went on a family trip to the park especially for the purpose of taking pics with my new DSLR camera.


maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants

maxi pants



Some more pictures for fun XD

maxi pants

queen elizabeth park

Symbol of Canada — maple leaf.

maxi pants



A few pictures of similar pants on my mum’s bulletin board! I really love these outfits!!

maxi pants






P.S. On a totally off note, lately I’ve gotten super into watching Starcraft again. I’ve liked SC since I was in high school and I always go through these crazy phases with it, where I will either play or watch it on TV like crazy.

I mentioned this on Aheeyah already, but I used to sit in front of my computer watching it for 8 hours on the weekends and even went to the stadium to watch the games live. I also almost didn’t get into university because of SC >.<, which was also the main reason I stopped playing it after high school.

The scene for SC is still very strong in Korea. I could talk forever about it (and actually made an entire forum post for Aheeyah before which I was considering updating and posting here T_T), but lately, I like this new pro-gamer and I'm going crazy because I have no one to share my craze with. Like even for Kpop I could go online and fangirl to my online kpop fan friends, but I don't really know any SC fans I can fan-craze to T__T Arrgghh!

My favorite gamer actually used to be 이윤열. I still like him a lot, but he retired a while ago and I was left with a bit of a hole for a really long time. I wanted to follow another gamer, but I am more of an oldie fan and not so into any of the younger new gamers nowadays.

Only recently I started to like another semi old gamer, 허영무, and he just made it into the finals of Starleague yesterday, which is a HUGE achievement. No one is going to care or understand, but he is the last protoss in the league and every single protoss fan is cheering for him because it's been 3 years since any protoss has won the league in autumn. Autumn is the protoss 'autumn legend' as protoss gamers has had a history of winning the leagues especially in autumn (and it's autumn now!!!).

I can keep talking about how significant this is and how well he did going into the finals but I would just bore you T__T

I need a Korean SC buddy!!

Just to cheer him on in hopes of winning the finals and the much deserved Starleague champion title, I just felt like posting a pic from his very last quarter final game.

Everyone says my gamer boys aren't as good looking as I hype them to be, but I find them absolutely adorable. And yes, I find boys who play SC really well extremely hot. So sue me. Haha.


Name: Heo YoungMoo
Team: Samsung Khan
Race: Protoss

Heo Young Moo

허영무선수 우승 꼭꼭! 가을의 전설 한번 더 나타나게 해 주세요~! 화이팅~! <3

September 4th, 2011

Vancouver Trip + Sept 4th Bday

I’m back in Korea from my Vancouver trip. All I did was literally eat, sleep, and just spend time with family and friends, which was all exactly what I wanted to do.

I didn’t go anywhere special this time around, because last year when I went back I spent way too much money, so this year’s trip was very low budget. I actually spent LESS than I brought back and had extra cash left over — it’s literally a miracle!


I spent my high school and university years — around 10 years — in Vancouver. To be honest, I always really hated it and only wanted to be in Asia, especially Korea. I thought it was so boring and dull, and didn’t have any of the things I enjoyed doing and loved. I just never felt like I fit in. It just wasn’t me.

Only this time going back did I come to appreciate a lot of the things Vancouver has to offer — the multiculturalism, the relaxed pace of life, the variety of cuisines and restaurants, the feeling of grass under my feet, the beautiful and clear skies, and strangers smiling and saying hi to you on the streets.

I still haven’t changed my mind that Vancouver is not the place for me to spend my 20s in, but it’d be a great place to raise a family or retire in though! Vancouver also has great post-retirement senior financial support — there were so many seniors going to dimsum and hanging out w/ other elderlies! It’s not uncommon to see seniors selling stuff on the streets or subway stations in Korea, and picking up tin cans and cardboard paper in Hong Kong. In this sense, I’m really glad to be a Canadian ^^


And yes, it is my birthday today — Sept 4th. One year older! Eeek ㅠ.ㅠ

And yes, I appreciate all the virtual birthday hugs and kisses I can get, please and thank you! XDDD



Here and There

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

I went shopping at the mall with my brother, visited Chapters, and decided on some new books I was going to buy after returning to Korea. I bought some drugstore bleach and hairdye and bleached my hair just two days ago. You guys will see the color later! I also went to Waterfront Station for the first time and realized I liked it a lot more than the Granville or Burrard Stn areas, even though it’s all in downtown.

The rest of the time, I literally just stayed at home, ate out, or went to my friend’s house. Nothing too adventurous!


Eating at Home

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

Fruits are really expensive in Korea, so I loaded up in Vancouver. The strawberries were from our own little garden! My parents really spoiled me since I don’t go back often and saved all the nice, ripe and red ones for me XD

I ate so much my mom actually told me to watch out for my bulging stomach. Thanks mom for always being so… honest -_-

That’s why I started going back to the gym, hopefully more often T_T Even as I write this post, I am doing some pseudo chair crunches T__T

And yes, that is my birthday cake there with my Chinese name wiped out. Maxim Bakery in Vancouver makes the best Asian cakes!


frostedsnow Vancouver trip

We had a BBQ in our own little back yard. My mom kept buying lobster cuz she knew a store that sold it cheap and I kept complaining when I saw pictures of them eating it in Van. without me.


Eating Out

frostedsnow Vancouver trip

As you can see, I absolutely love dimsum and Chinese food!

My close friend took me to an Indian/Afghan restaurant as a coming-back treat. The food and service were absolutely splendid. I really recommend this place. My brother also took me out to a Greek restaurant for my bday. The food was great and plentiful. I wrote a quick review below!



Vancouver Restaurant Recommendations

Someone asked before for me to recommend places to go and eat out in Vancouver. I don’t have the names and addresses of all the restaurants I went to (especially the local Chinese ones I often went to for dimsum and dinner), but here are a few good places:

Congee Noodle King — Hong Kong Tea House — best wonton noodles ever with large wonton made with real shrimp, shrimp egg noodles where you can actually taste the shrimp eggs. The ‘yau ja gwai’ or ‘salty Chinese donut’ is fresh and great. Most of the stuff on their menu is quite good, although I find their congee a bit too salty for my tastes. Very popular with local Chinese.

East is East — Indian / Afghanistan — great food and service. I especially recommend the all-you-can-eat ‘feast’ for $20 per person. You get a salad, soup, 2 kinds of rice, 2 kinds of bread, and a dozen side dishes to choose from. You can refill any and all of these things until you are full. The waitresses are very nice and very ready to refill your dishes without making you feel bad for asking and asking for more. The interior is also very interesting, with tiny chairs and tables (though it may be a bit uncomfortable for taller guys). There are also live performances if you go during peak hours.

Aristos Greek Taverna — Greek — big portions, good food. The Souvlaki menu — choice of meat/seafood, rice, salad, potato, and bread — serves very generous portions for $17 and is two meals worth of food for me! The calamari appetizer was good and my favorite was their awesome sauce with the calamari and Souvlaki and the bread (with a coating of honey and garlic? not sure). My brother’s coworker’s husband is a butcher and said the store uses really good quality fresh meat and especially recommended the roasted lamb Souvlaki. My brother said it was a bit too tough/chewy for him, but it was pretty tender and good to me — the strange thing being my brother likes lamb and I don’t. I ordered the shrimp/scallop Souvlaki and enjoyed it.

Pho Hoa — Vietnamese — best pho I’ve had at reasonable price. The broth is good, soup is hot, and meat and is plenty. I like the sides of bean sprouts, basil, pepper, and lime. Service is poor but I go there for the pho. The special menu of large pho + spring roll for under $10 is a great deal. A few of my friends also prefer this place for pho.



PS. Lately, I’ve kinda gotten into Taeyang from BigBang. He’s not usually my style of boy, but I’ve been listening to my old music and heard his 나만 바라봐 again and realized how great it was. I really like the intro of this performance (after performance interview available as well).

His eyes are just absolutely shooting sexy lasers at me! I love the lyrics too — just so simply bad boy mixed with good — a lot like Taeyang’s gentle personality mixed with his black hip-hop style and dance. And he has such a cute, adorable, puppy-melt-me smile… *faints*

If you are a fan, I also recommend this 4 part special feature of his comeback — Real Sound by Taeyang! I know I’m a bit behind, but I’m always re-discovering and re-loving Kpop =p That’s what I love about it!