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July 20th, 2011

Giveaway Winners~! ^^

I’m so so so sorry this is coming so late T_T Regular summer classes are over now, and I only have the camp to teach, but somehow even though I’m only teaching 3 hours a day now, I’ve become even more busy and tired. Gosh!!

Like yesterday, I cooked lasagna, made a simple semi-Greek salad (minus the feta cheese) and baked some pre-made bread for an office dinner for 5 ppl. It was super stressful because I was really short for time and realized at the last minute I didn’t have enough mozzarella cheese and then started to panic. I wish I took some pictures of the food! Today, I went to a Korean dermatologist (for the first time ever!) to do laser removal for some spots/freckles on my face. I will blog about this experience later. Then went to pick up some groceries, came home and napped, and now I gotta write the final exam for camp class tomorrow! T_T Although I really like the camp students I’m teaching, I can’t wait for it to all end on Friday!

I actually did the draw a good few days ago, but didn’t have time to post up the Giveaway results and email the winners till now.

*drum rolls*


And the winner for the Kpop CD Giveaway (CD (+ possible poster) + Skin79 sample) is…

#1 Kori Nash (out of 17 entries)


And the winner for the Cosmetics Giveaway (Skinfood BB Cream + Skin79 Glow Powder / BB Pact + Skin79 sample) is…

#8 amz (out of 9 entries)



I will email the two winners and if I don’t get a reply from them in the next 3-4 days, I will do another random draw for a different winner. I will take pictures of the prizes before I send them off.

Thank you everyone for joining. I was real happy to do a small giveaway for the frequent visitors to thank you everyone for their support and subscription. It was also really fun to read everyone’s stories! I know some people missed the announcement because I purposely kept it more low profile. For the next giveaway, I may do something bigger and more public, and hopefully you won’t miss it next time around!

I hope to do another giveaway in the near future. Please watch out for it ^^



All prizes are purchased with my own money.

July 13th, 2011

Lookbook ‘우아’ Skirts Gallery

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I will take pictures of the exact prizes and announce the winner in the next few days!

For the giveaway, I asked to be fanned on Lookbook. Of course, everyone will think I just want another ‘fan’ on Lookbook, however, I also really wanted to introduce this really inspirational community to everyone. is an open community for anyone and everyone around the world to post up pictures of their outfits online.

When I first heard of Lookbook, I thought, I don’t care what other people are wearing. If I want to see nice outfits, I can just look at celebrities or models. However, I realized that the Lookbook community holds a much larger variety of styles and characters from all over the world. Because our full pictures are displayed, it is also a much more interactive community, where you can put a face to the users you talk to.

For example, I personally really like outfits with exposed lingerie. I left a comment to a girl in Sweden about her corset being worn exposed as a top, and she told me it was really common and popular in her country. Afterwards, I started to notice that most of the girls who did this were from Europe. I learned something new!

Lately, there are certain looks that I’m really in to, and one of them is this very elegant skirt/dress look, which are very simple and classy, yet with a bit of flare or romance that makes me think ‘우아‘ (‘Woo wah’ or ‘wow’). These are also the inspiration of one of my recent looks, Disney Princess:





I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for quite a while. This is a compilation of looks that I hyped myself. Now that you have an account, you can hype these looks too by clicking on the HYPE button~! ^^

(I’ve numbered the looks in case anyone wants to comment or refer to them)


















I can spend an hour easily just roaming around and hyping looks on Lookbook (looks you hype are saved in your history)!

It’s really easy to make an account. Give it a try ^^

Which ones are your favorite? Mine are the first and last one (#1 and 17).

July 4th, 2011

Kpop CD + Skin79 Giveaway Opened


July 12, 10pm, Korean Time

I’ve been teaching a TOEFL summer camp plus regular summer classes since last Monday and have really been super duper busy. Here’s how my everyday schedule is like.

7:40am: wake up and get ready for work
9-3am: teach classes non-stop with only 10 min break in between. No lunch break.
3-5pm: eat lunch; prep, print, photocopy material for class
6-7pm: go home, check facebook/email, shower
7-9pm: nap
9-12am: prep more for class
12-2am: watch some Korean dramas or variety shows (my only real ‘free’ time!!)
2am: sleep

It’s literally like this every single day. Then on weekends, I do a week’s worth of dishes, cleaning and laundry in 2 days. It’s totally gross but I’m like too dead after work to do any housework. By the end of the week, when I walked home from work, I was literally like a zombie.

The reason I’m working myself like crazy is because I get paid overtime for this camp, which helps pay for my super expensive ticket to go back home in Aug to Vancouver (ticket prices have gone up!! darnit! T_T)

During this time, I think it’ll be hard for me to make any significant update/posts. So, I’ve decided to open my giveaway or else my blog will collect dust in the corner! Originally, this giveaway was supposed to open when I had 100 Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube subscribers. I still haven’t reached it for Youtube. However, I realize it’s a bit unfair to expect subscription to an inactive account. Also, a while ago, I reached 100 subs on my Lookbook account, which I’m very happy about, so it can replace the Youtube account subbies I was supposed to have to open this giveaway ^^

This giveaway is to give a small thank you to all the people who have been supporting me in all the different platforms I’m on (my Blog here, Facebook, Twitter, Lookbook, Youtube, and Bloglovin’) by liking, fanning, subbing, tweeting, and leaving all the wonderful comments you guys do.

Also, I am announcing this on my blog first to give a little advantage to my regular blog readers and Bloglovin’ followers and make sure you have lots of time to enter. I will not publish this on Facebook (I’ll have to post the picture though for you guys to enter, but won’t publish it yet ^^) or Tweet about it for a few days, so I expect there will only be a few entries, which gives those who enter a very good chance of winning!


There will be TWO separate prizes.

1) Your choice of one Kpop CD (and possible poster for new releases) + one Skin79 travel size BB cream (#6 picture below) + variety of Korean cosmetic samples

Note: CD must be purchasable from Interpark. Maximum worth of 12,000won. Posters are included only if they come with your CD of choice. Posters are only accompanied with new releases while supplies last. CDs with posters will write “[선착순 일반판 포스터 + 무료 포스터 케이스 포함]” (poster + poster case included) at the top of the page, under the artist and album title (for example: “투피엠(2PM) 2집 – Hands Up [일반판]“). Posters will be sent to you folded with the CD. If you would like to have the poster sent unfolded in a tube, you must pay me for the extra shipping costs by Paypal (I will quote the price for you once you send me your address. Expect around $5-7). If you don’t know how to surf the Korean Interpark website, you may give me a list of your top 3 choices in order of preference and I will search for the album and tell you whether it comes with a poster or not.

2) one Skinfood Mushroom MultiCare BB Cream + one Skin79 travel size BB cream (#6 picture below) + Your choice of ONE of the Skin79 Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact (#4 picture below) OR Skin79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder (#5 picture below) + variety of Korean cosmetic samples and face masks



To enter, you must:

1) Read all the instructions carefully. If you ask me anything already written here, or fail to follow the instructions, I will disqualify you!

2) Be 18 years of age or above, OR email me written permission from your parents to give me your address and receive a package from me when you win


To enter the Kpop CD Giveaway, you must:

3) ‘Like’ my Facebook fan page (click the ‘Like’ button)

4) ‘Like’ my Facebook Giveaway post (click the ‘Like’ button)

5) Leave a comment here telling me your story of ‘How I Became a Kpop Fan” and your Email address so I can contact you if you win

(I will write an example entry as the first post on the Facebook Giveaway post)


To enter the Makeup Giveaway, you must:

7) Fan my Lookbook page

8 ) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me “The First Time I Started Wearing Makeup” and your Lookbook Account name + email address with your comment so I can contact you if you win

(I will write an example entry as the first comment to this blog post)


Prizes will ship internationally. You may enter both giveaways. Winners will be chosen by a random draw. If your name is chosen for both draws, you will receive the prizes for the first draw only. If your name is chosen and you did not follow the instructions (ex: I cannot find your name under my Facebook and/or Lookbook fans, etc), you will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen.


Giveaway closes on July 12, 10pm, Seoul, Korean time.



For those too lazy to click again, here is the picture of the cosmetic prizes from my previous Giveaway post. The products listed in orange are being given away.

skin 79 makeup, skin79 cosmetics
From left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Etude Pouch (silver sequin exterior under pink lining, silver interior)
  2. Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream (Full Size, 40g; SPF 37 PA+++)
  3. Skinfood Mushroom MultiCare BB Cream (Color #1, 50g; SPF 20 PA+)
  4. Skin79 Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact (13g; SPF 30 PA+++)
  5. Skin79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder (14g)
  6. Two Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm (Travel Size; SPF 25 PA++)
  7. Skin79 Diamond Prestige Beblesh Balm (Travel Size; SPF 25 PA++)
  8. Three Darkness False Eyelashes (ZO, VO, Under1 for lower lashline; includes 2 mini eyelash glues)
  9. +More Korean cosmetic samples and face masks (not in picture)


Here is a picture of #4 and 5 (above) opened (#5 and 11 below). Of course, they are my own. Yours will be brand new unopened ones!

makeup product listing


Good luck everyone, and enter away!

July 12, 10pm, Korean Time