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June 20th, 2011

Lookbook: Eight: White & Gold

I’ve been doing more feminine looks lately, which contain more pieces from my work wardrobe (ex: Lookbook Six (Pastel Blazer) and Seven (Disney Princess).

However, because I feel kind of forced to wear more plain clothes for work everyday (which I already really push the borders of, and sometimes wear things I probably shouldn’t =p), when I go out, I usually dress… more bold (ex: Lookbook One (Primary Colors), Two (Leopard Print), and Five (Joker))?


That’s the best word I can come up with for my go-out style. My brother once said I dress very ‘outrageous‘, many of my friends say ‘hip-hop‘, and I’ve even gotten ‘black‘ before. However, I don’t really think it’s exactly any of those! I’ve always thought about it, but have never been able to use a word to describe my go-out style. My outfits are not even really that outrageous, it’s just that most people, especially girls in Korea, dress so ‘conforming feminine’ (I call it the ‘office look‘ — they dress even more plain than I do for work!) so my outfits seem more ‘outrageous’

That is why I would love to live in or at least visit Japan. I feel like that is the only country where I can wear literally whatever I want and not look so strange. My dream is to buy an entire gothic lolita outfit complete with a top hat, black lace umbrella, black and white laced one piece dress, and huge platform shoes and just strut around Japan like it were perfectly normal — how wonderful that would be!! Even just talking about it makes me excited!



Anyways, back on track. So, here is a more sporty look I think more of my friends know me for.

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Friends who shop with me know that I love silver and gold shoes and bags. I don’t like all gold or silver t-shirts, pants, or anything else — just bags and shoes. That’s my bling~! XD

I realized that I’ve collected quite a few pieces of white and gold items, so decided to do a look on it. Normally, I don’t like all white outfits, but I think the gold works well with this. What do you guys think?


I love long and baggy shirts. This skull shirt is baggy, but not in an unflattering way where I look like I’m being swallowed by my T-shirt. I like how the sleeves even look a bit like from a blouse!



The bag is from EXR, a Korean sports brand you can find in most major shopping areas (ex: Myung Dong) and department stores (ex: Lotte Department Store).

I really love sports brand bags and shoes! My favorite sports brands are Adidas and Puma for bags, and Le Coq de Sportif for clothes and shoes (Lookbook: Two for Puma bag). I used to really like EXR for their bags, but the quality of their bags relative to price has been disappointing over the last few years, so I don’t really shop with them anymore. I bought this bag a few years ago for about $80-100 USD (can’t remember exactly!).

The NYX watch is from my April Accessories Shopping Haul.

Also, I love almost anything with skulls, hence the ring and t-shirt.

It’s really bad, but I will buy a piece of clothing that I normally wouldn’t just because it has a skull on it T_T I really liked this gold font skull pattern though!

I remembered one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model (I think it was Jay) said to one of the girls “You are wearing a skull T-shirt, and anything with a skull on it looks great to me!” and I thought, ‘wow, I’m not the only one!’

Shoes from FUBU, one of my favorite brands. I pointed it out once to a friend who used to be very into hip-hop fashion, and she said “That’s so you. Black.” I actually didn’t know this. It was just a brand I liked shopping at. After looking it up, FUBU is an African-American based clothing brand which Samsung invested in and opened in Korea, available in most major shopping areas (ex: Myungdong, COEX Mall, and AK Plaza).

They sell really funky looking snow suits and snowboards. If I ever decide to pick up snowboarding, I decided I must invest in one of their snow suits. Their clothes are quite pricey, but their shoes are relatively cheaper for what you get.

These shoes costed about $100-120 USD, which is really not much for a pair of shoes of this quality and details.



The Makeup

I’ve been wanting to do this look on Park Bom (2ne1) since forever. I would occasionally pull this picture up and just admire her makeup.

I had a lot of fun playing around with all the bright and vibrant colors, however, I didn’t draw my black eyeliner as heavily as she did, which I think I should’ve. So in the end, I’m not totally satisfied with this look.

I may re-do it again in the future!

I curled my hair with a straightener. I can’t use my curler that I lugged all the way from Canada because… I don’t have an adaptor for the plug T_T

I thought the vibrant colors and dark black eyeliner would go well with the all white and rather plain outfit. However, I think I was too light handed with the make-up! Instead, I should’ve lined my eyes more heavily like Lookbook: Three

Tip: The important thing with getting vibrant eye shadow colors is to use a good base of matching color underneath, the brighter the better.

No product listing today either T_T Sorry!



I’m actually going to be going back to Vancouver for a month in August for my vacation to spend some time with my family there and eat some real Chinese food (dim sum! my love!).

So, for the month of August, all I will be doing more product reviews, because while I can bring small cosmetics with me, I don’t want to lug any of my clothing there. I want to leave room in my suitcase to bring some stuff back.

It’s actually a really awkward suituation for me, because 70% of my wardrobe, accessories, and shoes are in Vancouver (plus my mom’s wardrobe, she has lots of nice clothes I want to steal for myself!). So often times, when I’m trying to put a look together, I will think, ‘Oh, this would go great with that… but it’s in Vancouver T_T’.

I’m not sure if I will be able to shoot any looks in Vancouver, so I will be doing mostly product reviews — makeup, skincare, and haircare, Korean culture + shopping posts, and a variety of other topics. That is why I haven’t been doing as many product listing and reviews and focusing more on Lookbook posts until I leave.

If you like product-related posts, look out for them, coming soon in August~! ^^

June 10th, 2011

Lookbook: Seven: Dreaming of Disney

I always plan out my looks at least a few days before shooting it. I’d think of what goes best together, from my hair, accessories, outfit, bags, and shoes, and whether I need all of those things or not.

I’m going to share all the thoughts that go through my head as I put these outfits together to make these Lookbook posts more useful for when others plan what to wear, how to accessorize, and do their hair/makeup as well.

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For this look, I was thinking of something both chic and elegant. However, it turned out totally different from what I had planned — it looked so feminine! As I was staring at it, trying to figure out a title for the Lookbook post, I realized this picture reminded me a lot of…

Okay, so I’m not trying to say I look like a princess. I’ve just always dreamt of being one since I was a little girl and first laid my hands on Cinderella, the book. Also remember in my Joker Lookbook post, that I said Disney princesses are one of my character obsessions?

So, even though this look didn’t turn out as I planned, I’m still happy with it ^^

Can I be a Disney princess, please?



What I love the most about the top is the puffy / ruffled shoulders. It looks really chic with a pair of high waist slim straight cut pants and heels (which I have and hoping to do a look on some time), but with the skirt, this shirt looks so princess-y! (just let me dream on, okay? XD)

I had 3 different brown belts to choose from. A regular buckle belt seemed too casual. A thin bow/ribbon belt seemed to feminine. So, I went with this big one for the ‘chic’ look I was going for (but totally failed on T_T).


I took some static photos of this outfit at first, however I realized that the reason long skirts are so pretty is because of the way they flow and swoosh around as you walk (esp going down the stairs!). I really like the movement in these photos. It really shows the skirt at its best!

I actually had a small handbag to go with this look, but I wanted the attention to be 100% on the outfit, so decided not to use those photos.


Outfit From…:
Shirt: Zara Women, $80~ USD (really pricey for a top but I just loved it so much T_T)
Skirt: Purchased Online; B_Accordian skirt in peach (B_아코디언스커트_피치); 19,810 won
Belt: MyungDong (명동) street stand

Side Note: The skirt was purchased from the same online seller as my red chiffon skirt in my Joker Lookbook post.



At first, as I was planning to do a ‘chic’ look, I was going to put my hair up in a bun. However, as I put the outfit together, I realized it was more feminine than chic, so I decided to just loosely tie my hair back for a softer look and to make my earrings more visible.


Brown crease, purple under eye line, false top lashes, contoured/bronzed face, nude beige lipstick.

I really love the lipstick! It looks like my natural lip color but less red and more natural. I bought it a while ago — Etude LUCIDarling Fantastic Rough #3 Nude Beige.

Sorry, no product listing or pictures, or else I’ll never get this post up! T_T



Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

I love all of them it’s so hard to choose, but if I really had to go with one, it would probably be Cinderella, just because she’s a classic. However, I love Ariel a lot too — how cool is being a mermaid and living in the sea with a beautiful voice and luscious red hair you comb with a fork?



PS. Sorry it’s been a little bit longer since I updated. This is the last week of the school semester, so there’s a lot of work at school.

Also, I’ve been hooked on a new Korean drama, Try Lying to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) so I’m always really tired because of my messed up sleeping schedule from drama watching! T_T lol

As I mentioned before, I really love Yoon EunHye, my favorite Korean actress, and I was so happy to see her in a new drama. I don’t think it’s as good as her previous ones, but it’s still a fun watch. I normally like the 꽃미남 (pretty/flower boy) style more than the 아저씨 (ajusshi/older man/uncle) style, but I started to fall more and more for the male lead, Kang JiHwan as well after a few episodes!

Anyone else also watching this drama?