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March 8th, 2013

Belated Xmas Haul Youtube Video

I went on a shopping spree for Christmas as a treat for myself, to buy gifts for others, and catch the winter sales. Here’s a video of the clothes, accessories, beauty products, and nail polishes I bought. I also included an Outfit of the Day to model and style what I bought for you guys ^^

I am also doing a mini giveaway of these super cute socks in the video as well. Please check out the video for details.

After a lot of thought on how I was going to 1) take beautiful pictures of all the many items I hauled, including the clothes and 2) how I was going to model all of them without making a big project out of turning it into a Look post instead of a Haul post, I finally decided it would be just much easier to make a haul video. Also, I have had requests from you guys to do haul videos from the comments you gave me in my last giveaway, so it works out nicely.

I found that I enjoyed making the video a lot more than I did shooting looks just because I don’t have to move the furniture around my tiny apartment to make room for a full body shoot and it seems a lot more dynamic and relatable to be talking in a video rather than just have you look at my pictures.

As a result, I decided to move more of what I do on my blog to the form of Youtube videos — hauls, reviews, beauty tips and advice, and of course, makeup tutorials. It doesn’t mean I won’t be updating my blog anymore, but more that the two will complement each other.

What do you guys think?


Here are some photos from my weekend, taken on my new phone. Ipod picture quality totally loses!

seoul shopping, shopping haul

01 Most people don’t realize I live in a city outside of Seoul. I stay at a hostel when I visit Seoul for the weekend 02 My total Christmas shopping haul bags 03 Back of my “new” vintage denim jacket (see video) 04 Club stamp from Club Cocoon in Hongdae (great club!)


seoul shopping, shopping haul

05 Outfit on display at Zara Men. Was debating whether to buy the vest or not for Gary 06 Sweat shirt on sale at Giordana 15,000 won ($15 USD) 07 Choosing a scarf for the little brother 08 Gary wearing his shirt and scarf Christmas gift

Check out the video for the rest of the haul.


Hope you guys enjoyed! The video came from a lot of hard work and late night editing T__T

February 13th, 2013

“Skinny Skin” Sticker Phone Covers

samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

My first smartphone ever!

Purchased as a result of the Korean drama 신사의 품격, A Gentleman’s Dignity, where I was wondering if the all the characters were not holding the biggest phone ever or what.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

Purchased from: Includes: front sticker, back sticker with customized name, star, and crystal deco, 2 screen protector films (low quality), a clear film sticker applicator, instructions sheet, etc. Also available at: (english + international shipping), search ‘skinny skin’ or

I don’t usually believe in covering my electronics, especially if I own a $700 phone, I’m going to flash it around! Unfortunately, I have buttery fingers (or so my unnie called it) as my hobby seems to be dropping my phone on the ground everyday, so I had to get some sort of cover.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

To Match your Screen & Border: Before removing the sticker skin, take pictures of it on your phone in various sizes and closeness. Set as your home and lock screen. Crop and adjust to fit your phone border. Play around!

Skinny Skins are custom made by order for most popular phones. They are not a clip on cover, just two sheets of stickers, stamp cut to fit the shape of your phone.


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover

Customizable option available on only. Available in three options: 1) writing, 2) various decorations, and 3) crystal. Details and screenshot below.

My order was name + deco + crystal with the instructions “Please write ‘Sharon’ in silver with star deco” (은색으로 영문 “Sharon” 별데코 부탁 드려요).

The writing is glossed over and the crystal applied with glue and heat. After 2 months of heavy usage, it still looks the same (in fact, I took these pictures all just yesterday, and the cover still looks new!).


samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover


  • lightweight
  • unique artwork designs
  • matching screen and border picture
  • customizable name, design, color, and crystal decoration
  • high quality, durable, and stays in place
  • Cons

  • very difficult and time consuming self application
  • doesn’t provide fall protection
  • sticker allows only 1-3 times of reapplication
  • regular film protectors need to be cut to match the front screen
  • My first reaction when I received the skinny skin was, “Wadda heck, I gotta stick it on myself??” It took, no joke, 1.5 hours of intense concentration, removal, reapplication, and lots of hair pulling before I finally got both sides on and gave up on the screen protector film (which I tried and failed). You do get a few tries if you mess up, but in the reviews on their website, some people said they had to throw theirs away after too many failed attempts. I wish this were sold at an on-site store where I can buy the skin and ask them to put it on for me.

    Once it was on, I was in love. The moment I had seen the unearthly, evil-ish, vampire-y looking, slightly Victorian dressed little girl with the cold expression, fiery red hair, and a freaky bunny peaking from behind (a rabbit is on my pet wish list!), I knew the design was for me. Whenever I’m teaching, I always check out my student’s phones and covers, and they are all the same stuff you see on the streets. So far, I’ve not had any clashing.

    There are many designs, suit for the boys as well. Here are other ones I like:

    samsung galaxy note 2 cover, note 2 phone cover, galaxy note 2 cover, skinny skin, slim phone cover



    Q & A

    Last time I posted about Those Animal Pajamas all the Kpop Idols Wear, lots of people asked me these questions…

    1) How do I place the order? Does it ship overseas?

  • Screenshot + Instructions to Order from English Gmarket
  • Screenshot + Instructions to Order from
  • If you live overseas, order it from Gmarket. To give you an idea of shipping costs, it’s $14 USD to ship to Canada. If you live in Korea or have a friend who can ship it to you, order it from

    I ordered from Skinny Skins are also available on (no custom deco option). You can also buy from other shopping sites by searching ‘skinny skin’ or the original

    2) How do I make an account with Gmarket or
    Gmarket has an English language option. You can make an account even as a foreigner living overseas and most of the registration is done in English.

    As for, I don’t think they ship overseas. If you are a registered foreigner living in Korea, but you have very little Korean language skills, I suggest asking a Korean friend to help you. Even if I translate the registration page for you, you need to type your information in Korean, and there are lots of picky glitches. Get a Korean to help you! Once you’ve made an account, ordering stuff by yourself is a lot easier.

    3) Can you buy it from a US dealer?
    I didn’t find any, but if you do, please share in the comments with us.

    Note: All products were purchased with my own money.



    PS. I keep apologizing for being so slow on updates. I’ve been working crazy overtime hours (to make up for this $700 phone I bought T_T), got the flu, had my parents over for a week, and studying Korean everyday like crazy to prepare for the TOPIK (I’m aim for level 5! >.<) in April. Thanks to my friend for finally one day calling me, investigating my schedule, asking me why I cannot both study Korean and blog as well, and demanding that I go make an update right away, that I am here... but really, these posts take a lot longer than you think! Anyways, I needed a break from studying.

    I made a huge haul for Christmas (old, I know!) that I've been meaning to post. I'll try my best to be back with that soon! <3

    July 26th, 2012

    Shopping for Men in Korea (part 2 of family visit to Korea)

    After our weekend trip to Soraksan in part 1, my family and I spent the rest of our time in Seoul. This post is partially to show how the rest of our trip went, and partially to show my brother’s shopping haul.

    Finally, something for the guys!

    Our goal was to buy him a new summer outfit and some other ‘stuff from Korea’. All his pants were long and too hot for the summer. He said “I don’t want to look like a preppy Korean, but I don’t want to look like a sloppy white guy either” (I’m just quoting him okay!). The dilemma of a Chinese-Canadian — not fully fresh off the boat, not fully on the white people’s ride either!

    Basically, what he meant was he didn’t want to wear the pastel blue above the knee tight short trousers as most Korean guys we saw were sporting nowadays, but he also didn’t want to wear basketball shorts all the Canadians wore back home.

    So, something in between preppy and sporty casual.


    shopping in seoul, travel in seoul, myungdong shopping in seoul, travel in seoul, myungdong

    What a mission!

    I became his personal stylist and shopping assistant for the next few days. Here’s what we bought.



    Shopping for Men


    Our main goal was men’s clothes. Obviously, there are always more women’s stores, but most shopping areas have clothes for men.

    In Korea, you can bargain prices down by about 5-10%, but rarely more than that, especially if you are speaking in English (just be happy they don’t quote a higher price!). Obviously, there is no bargaining at big department stores or brand names.

    Also, remember that in small Korean stores, you can only try on pants and outerwear, but not T-shirts! At the big brand names, you can try on anything.



    Myungdong (명동, subway blue line #4)


    For the guys, you will get the best of big brands here — Zara, H&M, Giordano, Uniqlo, etc. For shoes, there are major names like Adidas, Converse, ABC Mart, or small street shoe stalls where you can find cheap imitation styles. Higher end, especially suits and dress shirts can be found in the Lotte Department store. For unique and quirky styles, I took my brother to Aland, where you can find almost everything from accessories, clothes, socks, shoes in a variety of styles — punk, preppy, vintage, etc. However, our main purpose there was the huge variety of bags and backpacks ranging from sporty hiking backpacks, preppy canvas shoulder bags, vintage leather bags, and colorful studded hip hop backpacks. He needed a new schoolbag.


    things to do in seoul, shopping in seoul, travel in seoul, myungdong
    Street foods and pappingsoo (팥빙수),
    or shaved ice with red beans at Beans Bin (super yummy!)


    shopping in seoul for men, shopping in korea for men, men's clothes in korea, men's clothes in seoul, myungdong
    White and Blue Strip T-shirt: Giordano, 20,000~ won ($18 USD); Denim Blue Straw Rimmed Low Ankle Shoes: street shoe store, 20,000-25,000~ won ($18-23); Short Jeans: Zara, 49,000~ won ($45); Purple Studded Backpack: Aland, 125,000~ won ($115)


    At Giordana, I dressed Gary in this whole outfit (except for the shoes he was already wearing). He didn’t like the pants though!

    shopping in seoul for men, shopping in korea for men, men's clothes in korea, men's clothes in seoul, myungdong
    So hard understanding what this client wants!



    Eedae (이대, subway green line #2)


    Eedae is good for the little self merchant Korean stores to avoid the imported stuff. Although Ehwa is a women’s university, there are plenty of men’s store. You will find everything from regular T-shirts, hiphop style graphic print sweatshirts, sophisticated blazers, romantic style dress shirts, and the preppy blue and pink short trousers all the Korean guys wear.


    shopping in seoul for men, shopping in korea for men, men's clothes in korea, men's clothes in seoul, myungdong
    Gary sporting his new shirt, jeans, and bag on our second shopping day


    There is one thing you must eat at Eedae — the Herb Cup Chicken (허브 컵 치킨). There are imitations elsewhere, but the real thing is at Eedae. It’s just the combination of freshly fried chicken, the breading on the chicken, the herbs, the sticky gooey spicy and sweet sauce, the sticky chewy ddeok (rice cake) and the hashbrowns that makes my mouth water even as I type.

    I ended up going back for a second cup before we left.

    Some of you guys are into cafes, and there is a really nice, European style cafe called Migo (picture above and below). We tried the black oyster ink bread.


    things to do in seoul, shopping in seoul, travel in seoul, eedae, ehwa
    Do you see Gary outside of Ehwa and all the girls walking out of the university? XD


    I’ve gone shopping for Gary a lot before, either alone in Korea or with him in Vancouver, and with a lot of hits and misses, I’ve come to learn what his style is — casually dressed up. He likes simple and unique cutting, fitting not baggy, single neutral block colors with little color mixing or mismatching, and nothing too bright or flashy.

    I wish he would be more adventurous with the way he dresses, but he’s very set on what he will or will not wear. If I buy something for him that’s “not his style”, he will absolutely refuse to wear it -_-

    This time, I was real pro though. I would walk into a store and literally pinpoint within 0.25 seconds I look in one direction what would look good on him, is acceptable within his style, or on his wish list.

    Staring at Kpop boys all day pays off!

    Sharon: *walks straight up to the rack and pulls out targeted item*
    ………….“Try this on.”
    Gary: “Hmm… I dunno. It’s pretty blah blah *analysis here*”
    Sharon: “Just try it on.”
    Gary: *tries*
    ………“It looks pretty good… blah blah *analysis here*”
    Sharon: “Yeah, it does… blah blah *analysis here* You want it?”
    Gary: “Yeah.”


    Girls are a lot harder to dress though T_T


    shopping in seoul for men, shopping in korea for men, men's clothes in korea, men's clothes in seoul, myungdong
    Denim Rimmed Half Sleeve Checkered Dress Shirt: Eedae street store (name?), 35,000~ won ($32 USD); Half Sleeve Black Blazer (thin summer fabric): same Eedae street store, 65,000~ won ($59); Long Sleeve Navy Blue Blazer (thick autumn fabric): Morphine, 69,000~ won ($62); Bow Tie: Morphine, 8,000 won ($7); Orange Brown Asymmetrical Cardigan: Morphine, 30,000~ won ($27)


    We bought all of these at just two different stores so that we could get a bargain. He chose the black blazer and necktie. I chose the dress shirt, navy blue blazer, and cardigan.

    We got about 6-10% discount on those prices after my shameless bargaining.


    shopping in seoul for men, shopping in korea for men, men's clothes in korea, men's clothes in seoul, myungdong
    Gary styling the clothes for you guys back in Vancouver



    Hongdae, Express Bus Terminal, and Others


    We also did some shopping at Hongdae (홍대, subway green line #2) but only because we stayed at a hostel in the area. I wouldn’t take him shopping there otherwise. It’s a great place for female cosmetics and very quirky and unique accessories, bags, shoes, and clothing. However, the stores for men are few and overpriced. It’s more of a night life drinking and clubbing area (my favorite!).

    I also took Gary to the Express Bus Terminal (고속버스 터미널, subway orange line #3 and dark green line #7), but it was still closed for renovations. It’s been renovating for a year or two now! It used to be a great area for low priced, but also mostly lower quality stuff, so it’s more of a treasure hunt. It’s my second favorite shopping area to Myungdong. Most of the stores are for women, but there are the occasional ones for men (well, that’s pretty much how it’ll work wherever you shop in Korea). I’m not sure when and how it will be like when renovations are complete though.

    For very high end Korean designs, you can visit Apugujung (앞구정, orange line #3) where many of the celebs dwell. I’m not a high end girl so I’ve only been there a few times. A simple T-shirt can cost $200! You may also want to visit just to get a feel of what the rich and trendy neighborhood of Korea is like, and eat there for a much more reasonable price than the shopping.


    What other places would you suggest for shopping in Korea, especially men’s clothes?



    PS. This is my last post before leaving for Thailand for 5 weeks!!! Sooooo excited! But don’t worry, I will have a few posts pre-written during my break so the blog will still be active while I’m gone. I’ll also post some photos while I’m there, either on Facebook or a blog post, but I can’t post much because I’ll be super busy studying! However, I’ve been feeling really inspired lately with the blog and video ideas because of all your suggestions, so I’ll work extra hard on it all when I’m back from the trip! ^^

    PPS: I’m in a bit of a dilemma! What do you guys prefer?

    1) Hair Routine & Care Products Video
    2) What’s in My Travel Bag Video

    Please vote here or just comment! Thanks a bunch!

    February 27th, 2012

    Those Animal Pajamas all the Kpop Idols Wear

    So you know those crazy cute and ridiculous looking animal pajamas that all the Kpop idols are running around in? the ones that you always thought would be fun to have, but can’t find anywhere?

    I’m sure that if you are even faintly acquainted with Korean media, especially the Kpop idols, you will know what I mean by “animal pajamas”, but just in case…


    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
    Shinee members on Hello Baby

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
    Song JoongKi at a grocery store

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
    Z:ea members KwangHee and DongJun at a radio show
    Source & Photo: Star News via Nate

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol
    Infinite member Hoya on Sesame Player



    Online Sellers

    I’ve been wanting to buy one for myself since forever, but never saw them on the streets or stores of Korea. As I was doing some online shopping a while ago, I stumbled upon these and decided to buy one as a Christmas gift.


    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


    These animal pajamas sell for about 25,000 won ($23 USD) by Sweet Holic at Interpark. I’m sure Gmarket and other major online Korean shopping websites will carry them as well.

    Click on the specific animal pajama you want for more pictures and a sizing chart. I’m about 162 cm (5’4) and I just fit into a S (small). Medium will probably work for me but be a bit big. Expect these to be a little baggy, as they are PJs after all!


    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


    Be aware of buying something in the $10+ range, because those are very likely “fakes”. Although I don’t think there is a specific brand name for these pajamas, I would stick to the $20+ range for better quality.

    Sweet Holic claims that “fakes” are of lower quality, less durable, and forms fluffs/lint easily and can’t survive the washing machine. When I compare the photos of the cheaper and more expensive stuff, you can at least see that on the Sweet Holic pajamas, the eyes and facial features are actually sewn on, whereas the cheaper one looks glued on.

    Sweet Holic also boasts elastic strewn sleeves and ankle legging, a string/rope adjustable hoodie neckline, and pockets on all of their PJs.



    Quality + Review

    I bought the kangaroo one because the baby kangaroo in the big pocket is just too cute. I’ve seen a chicken one before (though not sold by Sweet Holic) with a little baby chicken in the breast pocket and thought it was absolutely adorable as well. The miniature matching babies are just too much fun!


    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


    As usual of Korean sellers, these arrived within a few days of payment. I was surprised how thick and heavy the material was, and had to scrap my original idea of sending it by post because of the size and weight. However, it is not that heavy that you would feel like it was dragging you down.

    The PJs are a one piece slip on to wear around the house, to sleep in, and keep warm (or wear out if you fancy!). If you are like the Kpop idols, you can wear the hoodie to hide your messy bed head =p

    The kangaroo has a pretty big tail, but I recommend you getting something without so you might actually be able to sleep in it. Lots of pajamas have something on the back (wings or tails) you should be aware of!


    Finally, instead of writing a normal letter, I wrote this instead for my friend =p

    animal pajama, animal pajamas, kpop idol


    If I ever get one for myself, I would get the black pig (top row, 4th in screenshot) because my nickname at home is ‘pig’ since I love sleeping and eating (and I’m pretty lazy too) XD

    Which one would you get for yourself?



    PS. I posted on Facebook recently my new hair color. I know it’s time for a look post, but I’m leaving Vancouver this Tuesday, so I’ll try to post it asap when I get back to Korea! I have a good few days to rest before I start work on Monday ^^ I’ll also post some pics of my trip back in Van. soon (it’ll mostly be a lot of food porn though, like last time XD).

    PPS. I wasn’t originally planning to make this animal pajama post, or else I would’ve screen capped all the many times I’ve seen idols in these PJs. However, I searched and searched for the episode and moment where they caught Hoya (from Infinite) sleeping in them in Sesame Player Episode 3 @ 34:50. It took forever cuz my player skips or rewinds in large chunks T_T, but I was soooo happy I could somehow find an excuse to include him in my blog post since he is my most recent bias =p Haha!!

    January 1st, 2012

    New Years Surprise + Black Jewelry Collection

    A few days ago, as I was in a very late rush (as usual) to choose an outfit for work, I pulled out from my drawers a pair of pants I haven’t touched for a long time and from it, this fell out onto my lap:


    black jewelry

    It was a ring I bought YEARS ago but lost immediately on the same day T_T

    I had tossed it into a huge shopping bag with a bunch of other things. Once I pulled all my clothes, I threw that plastic bag away.

    I thought that the ring was too small for me to see and went in the garbage with that bag.

    I never expected to see it again. I’ve been looking to re-purchase this ring but never found anything even close to this pretty little treasure.

    I was so surprised and delighted!

    I take this as a good omen for the coming new year. Great things are coming my way!! Yeay! =p



    But since this post can’t just be about one ring, I thought I’d share some of my other black jewelry.

    Instead of the regular gold and silver, consider black for your next jewelry purchase. It can be just as elegant, spunky, slightly goth, or all at the same time! ^^

    I mostly took pictures of the black ones, but I also like to buy a white/silver counterparts to my black accessories as well.

    black jewelry

    black jewelry

    black jewelry

    black jewelry

    Most of the above were purchased in Korea — the paradise for pretty and cheap jewelry. It’s sold everywhere from $1-$20.

    Any favorites? Please share! ^^


    I hope everyone will have as much of the same luck and fortune I am leading off the new year with.

    May great things be waiting ahead for you in the year 2012! <3

    December 26th, 2011

    Season’s Greetings + Mini Christmas Haul

    I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Holidays. May the year of 2012 be filled with whatever your heart may desire~ ^^


    I went on a quick day of shopping a few days before Christmas. It was literally a dash-and-run because I had only a day out in Seoul to 1) cut my hair, 2) shop and buy gifts, 3) meet people and friends.

    And yes, I cut my hair — REALLY SHORT!! Haha. Pics to come later ^^

    I think I’ll do a post on visiting the hair salon in Korea, because some people have asked me which salon I go to and how to say certain things in Korean…




    ssfw accessory

    Gold Studded Bangles: ssfw Accessories in Myungdong; 24,000 won ($22 USD)

    I have a thing for these kinda wrist strap bangles. You’ve seen 3 from ssfw Accessories before in the October Accessories Haul (part 1) and one used in my Dorky Rocker Chic look.

    The bangles are pricey, but ssfw has the best quality for the price.

    A friend pointed out that I like anything with studs. I guess it’s true. And, in gold? With a mini swinging hoop in the center?

    It was a sure buy.

    Merry Christmas to me! XDD



    Beauty Products


    Too Cool For School is a relatively new Korean makeup brand. They have a very urban city chic style to their packaging and store interior.


    Here’s a capture from their website:

    too cool for school


    I’ve always had my eyes on their makeup line, but was never impressed enough to buy anything, until I noticed their spoof of the Beauty Blender:

    beauty blender

    Beauty Blender: “the first ergonomically designed non-disposable sponge applicator that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup”; $20 USD (official site; Sephora)


    I’ve always been curious about the Beauty Blender, but $20 was just too much for a ball of sponge.

    I was happy to find a $5 version at Too Cool For School!


    too cool for school, marshmallow puff

    Marshmallow Puff: Too Cool For School in Myungdong; 5,000 won ($5 USD)


    This $5 version of the Beauty Blender comes in two sizes and colors — small and large, pink and white. Their sample of the white puff looked dirty and gross, so I went for the pink.

    I used it once (in an upcoming lookbook shoot) and wasn’t extremely impressed.

    The sponge is very dense and not very flexible. It doesn’t bend to your facial curves so you are doing a lot of dabbing to blend out your foundation.

    It does offer a pointed tip for the smaller curves of your face (around your nose, etc), but I don’t find myself wanting to use all parts of the sponge to apply my foundation, cuz it soaks up and wastes my product.

    It’s also annoying to clean it every time after use. I obviously thought about this before purchase, but when you are looking at the pretty pink ball in the store, you think that you will be diligent with cleaning it. Then you get home and are just too lazy to.

    In conclusion, I think I prefer the softer, more bendable, disposable sponges.



    royal nail polish, missha matte top coat

    Royal Polishes in #122 Neon Pink (현광핑크) and #702 Bikini Pink (비키니 핑크): general makeup store in Myungdong, 700 won (70 cents each)
    Missha Matte Top Coat: $2~


    I bought a nude Royal polish before and it was terrible — runny, muddy colored, didn’t go on smooth.

    These neon polishes are the exact opposite — very pigmented, applies smoothly, dries quickly, true to color.

    It also doesn’t chip for a good 4~ days without a top coat, unlike most Etude, Face Shop, or Missha polishes.

    Cheap polishes tend to give better quality with darker colors. I’m so looking for more next time!

    Also, everyone has been recommending me to buy a matte top coat to make a shiny colored polish become matte. I actually already own this exact top coat, and bought another one for my friend.

    In the picture above, the matte top coat is applied over the same neon pink on my middle finger.

    It works to make it matte, but not completely? It still has a bit of a lustre.

    I think original matte polishes are better, but it’s a good solution if you don’t wanna buy two sets of shiny and matte polishes!




    ssfw accessory

    Bought 2 pairs of black pantyhose — one thick for winter, one thin for summer and more Nexcare acne patches (my review here) for backup (I swear by this product now!!) because it’s cheaper at Olive Young in Myungdong than online.


    ssfw accessory

    Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’ album LP version: Youngpoong Book Store in Myungdong; 19,000 won ($17 USD)

    Okay, this is not a beauty/fashion product, but freakin heck I am proud of this CD — Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ album — in the LP sized version OF HEECHUL!!

    Heechul is not really my absolute fav in Suju (I keep switching back and forth because there’s just too many of them T_T), but I saw his version of the album cover sitting in the bookstore when it first came out and I just wanted it.

    I go home to buy it online because its cheaper, to find out it’s only shipped out randomly — you don’t get to choose the member on the cover!! So freaking heck, I had to wait to go back to the bookstore, pay more for it, and hope that Mr. Heechul was still there.

    I practically ran for the bookstore the moment I stepped into Myungdong. I’m so glad he was still there *fangirl moment*.



    I also bought some gifts for friends that I so want to share with you guys, but in case they stop by my blog, I won’t be able to until I give it to them when I return to Vancouver in a few weeks! I’m also picking up a few duty free items when I go back, so I’ll share those with you guys later too ^^


    How was everyone’s Christmas shopping? What did you get? What did you buy for others? Did you spoil yourself a little this year?

    October 25th, 2011

    October Etude House Haul (part 2) — many nail polishes

    A while ago, Etude House had an all-store 30% off!

    Since I actually live in Korea and am not in a rush, I always wait for sales and discounts before I buy these street brand cosmetics because most of them always eventually has some sales or promotion (big gifts w/ a certain amount of purchase), especially Missha and Etude.



    Beauty Tools + Cosmetics

    Etude eyelashes, eyeshadow, haul

    Etude House (에뛰드)
    1. Eyelash #13 Side end Long $2.50
    2. Hair Pin Set $0.70
    3. Look at My Eyes Sand Gold GD03 $2.50

    I super duper love these eyelashes. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but I saw them in the collection before but they never had them in stock.

    They are super dense and long side lashes, great for those dolly eyes.

    Will definitely try to use them for a look.

    I used the eyeshadow in my Work Outfit #1 look.



    Nail Polishes

    My unnie who came down to Seoul is the one who got me into nail art. I mentioned this before, but it’s because she showed me some of her nail art pictures that made me realize you can do it at home.

    Since I was with her, and we gloated over and discussed all nail related supplies we saw, I think I was feeling really inspired and bought a lot more polishes than I normally would.

    It’s so much more fun (and inspiring!) to have a physical nail art buddy! T_T


    Etude nail polish swatch review, Etude House Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling, Etude House Petit Darling Nails MATTE

    Etude House $1.50-$2.50
    Glitter Polishes
    Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling (에뛰드하우스 디어달링 네일즈 블링블링)
    1) WH020
    Lucid Darling Fantastic Nails (에뛰드하우스 루씨달링 파타스틱 네일스)
    2) 05 Dazzling Pink (스팽글 05 대즐링 핑크)
    3) 06 Dazzling Purple (스팽글 06 대즐링 핑크)
    4) 07 Dazzling Blue (스팽글 07 대즐링 블루)
    5) 09 Dazzling Gold (스팽글 09 대즐링 골드)
    6) 03 Silver Dia (스팽글 03 실버다이아)

    Matte Pastel Polishes
    Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
    7) 08 Mint Cookie (08 민트 쿠키)
    8 ) 09 Snow Flower Shaved Ice (09 눈꽃빙수)
    9) 11 Berry Bubble (11 베리버블)
    10) 10 Strawberry Yogurt (10 딸기요거트)
    11) 07 Lemon Cheese (07 레몬치즈)

    Royal Manicure (from a general beauty store)
    12) 515 Nail Top Shine (손톱빛)

    Matte Brown Polishes
    Petit Darling Nails MATTE (쁘띠달링네일즈 MATTE)
    13) 02 Latte Brown (02 라떼브라운)
    14) 03 Milky Way Purple (03 밀키웨이퍼플)
    15) 01 Ceylon? Tea (01 실몬티베이지)
    16) 06 Orange Muffin (오렌지머핀)



    Glitter Polishes (#1-6)

    Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

    – Very shiny, flashy, bright glitters
    – Can mix and match glitters to create your own color combo
    – Durable and lasts well over a week
    – Takes at least 5 coats to fully cover nails with glitter
    – Difficult to remove (needs a bit of scrapping and scratching)


    Etude glitter nail polish swatch, review

    I actually bought the glitter nails intending to apply them all as one color.

    I even applied a coat of each glitter on my nails, went around the store browsing, went back to apply a 2nd coat, and so on until I had all 5 coats on my nails =p

    I am seriously a shameless shopper. I had to make sure it looked good before buying, and I really liked it!


    I didn’t really realize that BIG glitter nails is the ‘in’ thing nowadays until I got this email from Urban Decay in my inbox and also realized lots of my female students were wearing glitter polishes as well:

    Urban Decay Ziggy

    I like how it says “Our fave: ZIGGY. Concentrated multi-colored glitter… not a wimpy clear coat,” and it’s totally true!

    Most BIG glitter nail polishes give very sparse glitters. However, now that I look at this Urban Decay Ziggy, it seems to be small, not BIG glitters (like #1).



    #1 polish (Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling WH020) gives very good dense coat of polish, as expected of a small glitter polish.

    However, #2-6, the bigger glitter polishes, is much more sparse.

    It’s okay though if you plan to mix and match all the colors anyways, because once you have all 5 coats of different colors on, your nails are fully covered.

    It’s a really pretty combination. More interesting than single colored glitter. Highly recommended! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it ^^


    Extra Tip: Use #6 on the bottom and top of the big glitter polish to finish up and fill in any left over gaps or spaces between the big glitters. It gives a nice final gloss.

    However, if you want to keep the original strong shine of the big glitters, you can skip this step.

    It’s hard to see but I didn’t do it on the index finger of both my hands and the shine is a lot stronger, while the others have a softer gloss.



    Matte Pastel Polishes (#7-11)

    Pictures go from 1 coat, 2 coats, to 3 coats.

    Etude matte pastel nail polish swatch, review

    – Pretty pastel colors in MATTE (hard to find)
    – Cheap
    – Lighter colors crack after application (it’s not a cracking polish!!)
    – Lighter and brighter colors don’t go on as smoothly as darker colors (even with a base)
    – Wears off easily (very chipped by 5th day)

    Even though the application is terrible, I don’t regret buying these.

    They look very pretty all together, and remind me of Barbie fingernails, because Barbie’s nails are usually matte =p

    Especially #10, the pastel pink, is SUCH a Barbie color!



    Matte Brown + Neutral Polishes (#12-16)

    Etude matte brown nail polish swatch, review

    I super love these colors — very unique matte browns. Matte colors are generally harder to find, and it’s not common to see such a range of matte browns.

    My unnie said the dark brown (#13 on my pinky) reminded her of chocolate, and I totally agree!

    When I was young, I used to have this thing for a yellow pencil crayon that looked super like lemon. It made me want to eat it. This dark brown polish is the same, except it’s like chocolate! It’d be great for drawing chocolate nail art designs. That is SO on my to-do list!


    All the pastel and brown matte polishes are from the same line, so the pros and cons are all the same except the browns don’t crack and go on as unevenly. This problem only seems to occur with the lighter colors.


    #12 was from a general beauty store. I used to have a friend who wanted to color her nails, but didn’t want anything too noticeable. I honestly couldn’t understand what the heck she was talking about, because I think if you don’t want your nails to stand out, then just don’t do them at all.

    When I saw #12, I thought it would be the perfect color for her — a very nude, skin colored polish.

    It looked like it would be real nice when I just tried on one coat. However, three coats gives it a kind of murky, dirty nude pink, which I don’t really like.

    I think it would be best to wear just one coat of #12 when your nails are short and you don’t need have that awkward look — colored nails with both the nail and nail bed difference still showing.



    OPI vs. the Cheap Stuff

    Another friend of mine and I were discussing whether OPI polishes are worth it or not.

    She said cheap polishes make her nails yellow. I suggested it may actually be her nail polish remover, which can dry and damage nails. It may also be due to the amount of breathing time you allow your nails to have without nail polish over it.

    I use a gel type remover from Faceshop which is supposed to be more gentle on the nails. I also usually wait at least 2 weeks in between nail jobs, because I’m usually too lazy to do it often. So, I haven’t had problems with my nails turning yellow.

    This may come as a surprise from someone who does quite a bit of nail art, but I don’t own any OPI polishes.

    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on my nail art supplies, but can’t justify it on OPI polishes. I’m always curious and contemplating it, but I can never end up spending $11 on one polish when I can buy 8-9 polishes with the same money.

    Unlike in North America, where even drugstore polishes cost $4-5 a bottle, many polishes cost $1-2 (#12 was just 70 cents!), in which case, I prefer having a larger collection of the cheap stuff than just a few OPI polishes.


    What do you guys think? Are OPI polishes worth it? Are they really that much better?

    October 23rd, 2011

    October Accessories Haul (part 1)

    I haven’t done a haul post for a long time!

    A few weeks ago I went shopping literally 4 days straight with my unnie who came to visit from Singapore with her family, bringing them around to all the good shopping areas. I told myself that in those 4 days, I am absolutely not allowed to buy any clothes, better not step into Zara, and even considered bringing no cash so that I’m limited to just using my debit card.

    Lo and behold, I did end up buying quite a few things here and there, but I didn’t buy even one piece of clothing (except for a few tank tops for my brother… so that doesn’t count!!).

    I bought mostly accessories and nail polishes and spent below $200ish on accessories, which is pretty good because that is how much I usually spend in Zara alone T_T

    Plus, a lot of the more expensive pieces were things on my ‘wish list’ for a long time, but couldn’t find. I really think shopping is like a long-term treasure hunt. Even if you know exactly what you want to buy, it could take up to a few years to find that item in the perfect color, style, and price. Then, once you find that item, it is like finding a little treasure.

    This is part 1 of the haul post. Part 2 is all the things I bought from Etude. This post was getting real long, so I’ll finish the rest next time!




    Korea accessories haul

    SSFW Accessories in Myeongdong (명동)
    1. Paper clip wristband bracelet $20
    2. Gold chain black wristband bracelet $12
    3. Silver and gold Star Earrings $6 each
    4. Gold bracelet $10

    I’ve been wanting some clip on wristbands for a long time but couldn’t find anything nice for a reasonable price.

    The paper clip ones also came in a black band with silver paperclips. My unnie pointed out that black paper clips were a lot more unique, so I got those ones.

    I saw the exact same ones before at Aland (in Myeongdong) for $40 before!

    I wore two of these in my Dorky Rocker Chic look.


    Korea accessories haul

    1. Black spots on translucent plastic glasses $10 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)
    2. White and blue polka dot ribbon hair tie $5 from Myeongdong (명동)
    3. Big hoop gold earrings $3 from Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널)
    4. Brown mini belt headband $5~ from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)

    I super love big hoop earrings. The bigger the better!

    You might not be able to tell, but these hoops are HUGE. They are like 3/4 the size of the headband!

    I also have 2 other huge ones — one silver, one crystal studded. They aren’t as popular nowadays, but I still love them anyways.


    Korea accessories haul

    Long plastic chain robot necklace $25 from Ewha Women’s University shopping street (이대)


    A Big Bang and 2ne1 style necklace — bright, colorful, flashy, and fun.

    AND it’s lightweight! The most important thing when buying long large size pendant necklaces is that it doesn’t feel like you are lugging metal chains around your neck.

    2ne1 necklace

    Big Bang necklace

    I’ve been wanting one for a loooong time but you don’t find these kinda things easily, at a reasonable prices.

    This necklace was from a little store on the streets of Eedae. They had a bunch of Superman, big kissing lips, mechanical looking big plastic pendant necklaces.

    A girl who walked into the store with her friend was like ‘Hey, this store is so YG!’ (Big Bang and 2ne1 are both from YG).

    The owner said he hand makes all of his pieces, though I’m sure that means he just assembles the pieces. I doubt he made that robot himself!

    This is my favorite item from my haul!


    Hopefully I’ll be able to use many of these in upcoming looks ^^




    Korea accessories haul

    I saw these hats in Myungdong and went totally crazy. They were in their own individual display cases at the window. There were only one, no price tags, and I was guessing it wasn’t even on sale, but I was drooling outside the window like a child looking into a candy store T__T

    If I could own both of these hats, I would put them up on a display case next to my bed and fall asleep admiring them every night T____T



    Seoul desserts

    I was roaming around the Lotte Department store food section and saw this yummy looking chocolate tart. It reminded me a lot of Chinese egg tarts — which I miss a lot! T_T

    Also had a cookies and cream cake from Paris Baguette with my unnie and her family for her bday ^^

    Just love sweets and desserts!



    PS. I really want to thank you those of you who leave comments for me, especially my regular readers.

    I’m used to working together with a staff team for Aheeyah, where it was very interactive with a lot of us, really like family and friends.

    Now that I’m doing this blog by myself now, it just gets kind of lonely sometimes T_T I’m sorry if I sound a bit like a needy child in my last post asking for comments T__T

    Your comments remind me there are people I’m doing this with, so thank you very much always for your read and support~!! <3

    August 5th, 2011

    Skincare + Cosmetics Samples Haul

    I just realized I’ve collected a good bunch of skincare and cosmetics samples lately, mostly from magazine or store purchases.

    I call this a ‘haul’ because I actually pay a bit extra ($1-2) and have a choice between which magazine and sample package I want to get (with varying prices). Every month, I usually order Sure Magazine, a Korean beauty/fashion magazine. To be honest, I mostly buy the magazine because of the samples ㅋ For just $6-7, I get a thick magazine and a bunch of really good samples!

    If anyone ever visits a bookstore in Korea, consider purchasing a copy for yourself (samples provided at check-out counter). I’ve looked through a few titles and this is the only fashion/beauty Korean magazine I ever purchase.

    I obviously haven’t had a chance to try all of these yet, so this is just a hauls + pictures and reviews-to-come post. I do hope to review many of them in August (as I’m back home in Vancouver on vacation for a month!), and hopefully all the rest in the near future. If you guys are especially curious about anything, let me know and I’ll try to get to that first!


    skincare, cosmetics, samples haul



    * All products are listed in number from left to right, top to bottom.
    * Click the picture to zoom in
    * All products are purchased with my own money or given as samples from purchases made with my own money


    Shu Uemura

    Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Phyto-Black Lift (radiance boosting lotion), Phyto-Black Lift (renewing firming night cream)

    1. Cleansing Beauty Oil (premium A/O, advanced formula) 2. Phyto-Black Lift (radiance boosting lotion) 3. Phyto-Black Lift (renewing firming night cream) 4. Makeup Travel Pouch

    Purchase: Free gift with $120+ USD duty free purchases from Lotte Department Store
    Review: coming soon




    Laneige emulsion, Laneige essence, Laneige eye gel

    1. Moisture Power Essential Skin Refiner 2. Moisture Balancing Emulsion 3. Water Bank (eye gel) 4. Water Bank (essence)

    Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
    Review: coming soon




    Bvlgari gem essence, Bvlgari cream, Bvlgari essence, Bvlgari eye cream

    1. Gem Essence (intensive regenerating day cream – rich) 2. Gem Essence (intensive regenerating concentrate serum) 3. Gen Essence (anti-puffiness/dark circles eye contour cream)
    Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
    Review: coming soon




    Clarins White Plus HP, Clarins UV Plus HP

    1. White Plus HP (sea lily enriched, intensive whitening smoothing serum) 2. UV Plus HP (multi-protection, SPF 40, UVA-UVB/PA+++/oil-free/anti-pollution, day screen high protection)

    Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
    Review: 1. coming soon 2. Clarins Day Screen review here



    Hanskin B.B Cream, etc

    Hanskin BB Cream

    1. Super 3 solution B.B 2. Glossy B.B 3. UV screen B.B 4. Acne Control B.B 5. Hyaluron Moisture B.B 6. Jelly Skins B.B 7. Collagen Lifting B.B 8. Smart Total B.B (#1 bright skin tone) 9. Super Perfect Man B.B (#1 bright skin tone) 10. Repair Contour B.B

    Purchase: 19,000 won ($17~ USD) promotional package purchase from Hanskin in Myungdong. These are more like travel size products than samples, and was an actual purchase, not a freebie! It’s a pretty good deal considering all the different products you get to try. I bought it last Friday, so you may still be able to get your hands on it!
    Review: coming in Dec (I need time to try out every single one!)




    1. Cosme Hanskin (super aqua moisture gel) 2. Cosme Hanskin (Hyaluron Skin Lotion) 3. Cosme HanSkin (B.B scalp liquid) 4. Super 3 Solution B.B Cream (natural skin tone)

    Purchase: Free with above purchase (I got two sets, so will probably give one set in the next giveaway)
    Review: coming soon




    Mamonde Total Solution BB, Mamonde Age Control Essence

    1. Total Solution BB (mineral watery BB cream, SPF 35) 2. Total Solution BB (mineral moisture BB cream, SPF 20) 3. Age Control Essence 4. Total Solution (moisture cream)

    Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
    Review: coming in Nov – Dec (saving the B.B cream for winter season)



    Pantene Clinicare

    Pantene Clinicare

    1.Hair Time Renewal (one wash treatment) 2. Hair Time Renewal (conditioner) 3. Hair Time Renewal (shampoo)

    Purchase: ‘Free’ Gift with Sure Magazine
    Review: Do you want one?



    NexCare / Blemish Clear Cover

    NexCare, Blemish Clear Cover

    1. NexCare Blemish Clear Cover (36: 12mm x12; 8mm x24) 2. Himom Band (36: 10mm x36)

    Purchase: 1. Olive Young in Myungdong 2. Pharmacy in Myungdong
    Review: Review here



    I’m still on major jet lag coming from Korea to Vancouver, but I’ll be updating much more often in the month of August, with more detailed reviews on the above products! Remember, if there’s anything you’d like to see, just leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it first.

    기대 해주세요 (Watch out for it)! ^^


    Also, a quick thank you to amz for posting pictures of the giveaway prizes she received on her blog, amz blog! I’m glad they came to you (generally) in one piece! >.<


    April 24th, 2011

    April 명동 Accessories Haul

    명동 (MyungDong, subway stn. blue line #4) is my favorite place to shop! It has everything you could want in one area — Korean street stores and brand names, cosmetic stores, boutiques, sports brands, major American brand names, street foods and restaurants — you name it!

    From March-April, I bought a few basic T-shirts for work from Zara, 4 Etude House lipsticks (planning to review these too), and a variety of things here and there from 명동.

    However, included in my April shopping haul, I ended up with more accessories than I expected, and here are my favorite four:

    (from left to right, top to bottom)

    1. New York Yankees New Era MLB Flat Brimmed Hologram Fitted Cap
    2. New York Yankees Watch with Gold Head and White Rubber Straps
    3. Vintage Boxed Shoulder (Camera) Bag
    4. Metal Spike Studded All Black Converse Shoes




    New York Yankees New Era MLB Flat Brimmed Hologram Fitted Cap
    Purcahsed Offline from: Hatson (MyungDong branch)
    Price: 59,000 won ($55 USD)
    Size: 7 1/4 (58)
    Availability: In stock (as of April 23)
    Online Store:; Product Link



    This cap is bad-ass. Hologram effect on brim, logo (front), button (top) and MLB logo (back). When you move around or go under different lighting, the hat’s color and brightness will change!

    I was debating between a variety of New Era and Yankees hats — all black, all black with gold embellished logo, or all black with hologram effect — and the hologram was just so unique I had to get it. This cap is so sick!!


    My size: 7 1/4 (58) // 7.25 inches (58 centimetres)


    Size Chart

    When choosing a hat size for yourself, your hat should fit snuggly on your head and not fall off even if you shake it lightly or lower your head. You should be able to fit one finger comfortably between the hat and your head. The brim of the hat should sit just above your eyebrows.


    In picture: T.O.P., TaeYang, and G-dragon of BigBang; Park JaeBum (former 2pm member)

    Sandra Park (2ne1)


    Hats On, offline store, Myungdong Branch

    Offline Store Addresses (click to enlarge; click Hat’s on Blog > Hat’s on STORE > page 2 > 약도보기 to view maps)
    MyungDong Branch: first floor, 14-55 Myungdong 2ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (near Myungdong and Eulji-ro 1ga subway stn. on green line #2)
    Hongdae Branch: first floor, 346-51 SeoGyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (near Hongdae subway stn. on green line #2)
    COEX Branch: #159, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul (inside COEX mall, Samsung subway stn. on green line #2)




    New York Yankees Watch with Gold Head and White Rubber Straps
    Purcahsed Online:; Product Link; or search keywords “금 시계” (gold watch) on
    Price: 24,700 won + 2,500 won shipping ($23 + $2.50 USD)
    Size: Unisex (I buckle it at the last hole and it’s still a bit big for me, so should fit men as well)
    Colors: Gold with White Strap, Silver with Black strap, all Silver, and all Gold
    Availability: In stock (as of April 23)


    With original packaging — great as a gift.

    You will see me say this over and over again, but I love unisex or men’s clothing/accessories. What’s even more weird is, I find it even more flattering when a guy truly compliments one of my clothing/accessory item in a way that they would want to wear it for themselves — how cool is it for a girl to wear something that even a guy would want to wear?

    I don’t get these kinds of compliments often. Actually, I can count them all on one hand, but a while ago, I wore this watch to class, and at the end of class, one of my male students said to me, “Sharon, I REALLY love your watch — gold and white — really good.”

    Success! ^^


    CL (2ne1)

    I’m actually trying to build a hip hop outfit — not 2ne1 style, but true original hip hop (I want to do a post of this eventually, because lots of people don’t know what this actually is!). I didn’t want to get a fully gold watch because that’s just too much for me, so I decided I want something that was gold and white — and found this perfect match!


    I would totally get the Superman watch, which comes in two sizes for Women and Men (or couple watch), but I can’t find one with a plastic strap. I don’t mind the gold steel strap but sizing is less flexible compared to a plastic strap with holes, and I’m afraid it might not fit T_T







    Vintage Boxed Shoulder (Camera) Bag
    Purcahsed Offline from: SSFW (Seoul Special Fashion Week)
    Price: 52,000 won ($48 USD)
    Colors: Brown and Black
    Availability: Out of Stock (as of April 23)
    Online Store:

    SSFW has sooo many nice bags. I finally settled on this one (also after my ‘go-and-come-back’ shopping tactic the next day) because I’ve been wanting a box-shaped bag (I know, everything I see is something I’ve ‘always been wanting’ T_T but it’s true! That’s also how I always end up spending so much money ㅠ.ㅠ).



    It’s a lot like camera bags for vintage box-shaped cameras.

    My bag wouldn’t be able to fit my DSLR though : / (unless I took it apart to carry)


    SSFW sells mostly vintage items. They also have a SSFW Accessories branch that sells only accessories.

    Offline Store Addresses (click picture to enlarge; > scroll to bottom of page > OFFLINE SHOP)
    Branches available in Myungdong (subway stn. blue line #4) and Shinsa (subway stn. orange line #3)




    Metal Spike Studded All Black Converse Shoes
    Brand: gunt (
    Purcahsed Offline from: Aland (MyungDong branch)
    Price: 159,000 won ($147 USD)
    Size: 140
    Colors: All Black, Classic Vintage Black and White (more colors available online than in stores)
    Availability: In Stock (as of April 23)
    gunt Online Store:, Product Link: click > shoes > Basic Stud Converse Hi All Black
    Aland Online Store:; Brand (gunt) Link

    I have been wanting a pair of shoes like these since FOREVER and forever — probably for 3 years — a pair of black, comfy, high ankle, Converse-style (but didn’t have to be) shoes with a twist and edge to it.

    However, any out of the ordinary Converse-style shoes (with sequins, extreme shoelaces, or whatever) are usually quite expensive. I could just never find a pair that was nice enough for me to justify the costs — until I saw these (and even then I still had to make myself leave the store and go back another day to buy it to make sure I really wanted it — that’s my shopping tactic now to make sure I don’t buy things I don’t really need or want that much T_T).


    I was hesitant to buy these shoes at first because I thought the studs were cheaply glued on, but my friend opened up the insides of the shoe and pointed out that they were actually stapled on.

    The next time I went to try the shoes on and they are CRAZY comfortable. You don’t even feel like you are wearing shoes!

    So all things considered, justified my purchase a lot more! XD


    The only colors available in store are the All Black and Black & White ones. I would’ve went with the all black silver studs either way.

    I only held up the Big Size Stud ones and they are REALLY heavy. I didn’t even try them on and wouldn’t recommend it to girls unless you don’t mind a lot of extra weight on your feet.

    The Black & White ones just looked too normal — it looked cheaper and more everyday (although it’s actually more expensive!).


    Lee Jung Shin (이정신) from CN Blue

    Seo InYoung (서인영) on Sunday Heroes (영웅호걸)


    Aland sells a lot of quirky and vintage items.

    Offline Store Addresses (click picture to enlarge; Aland Offline Stores available in Myungdong, Hongdae, Kangnam, COEX Mall, etc.


    Aland and SSFW are not stores I usually go into myself — I’m not so into the vintage scene. However, I was shopping with a girlfriend that day, and she loooves vintage.

    That’s one of the reasons why I like shopping with girlfriends — they always bring me into stores I would normally never step into myself, and even get me to appreciate different styles and items that I may not normally consider for myself! ^^



    PS. I added a product list to my Lookbook: Three makeup look. I had actually meant to do it but forgot T_T What’s the point of seeing a makeup look without at least knowing the products right?

    Next time, I’ll take a picture of all the products I used as well.


    FTC: All products in this post were purchased with my own money.